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Chapter 248 – The Cultivation Planet Crystal

The evil looking young man looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Divine retribution. I can’t believe that a waste of a planet like this could have such a magical treasure.”

Wang Lin stared at the person. Only after that person looked at the divine retribution and revealed a look of fear did he relax a bit.

If the youth was indifferent toward the divine retribution, then the only thing he could do hide was inside the heaven defying bead’s space, and that was not a good idea.

The evil looking young man was also feeling very frustrated. He never thought that he would meet the power of divine retribution here. If he was at full power, it would not a big deal. He would be confident that he could destroy this sliver of divine retribution.

But right now he had only recovered 30% of his strength. He was merely an early stage Soul Transformation level cultivator. As a result, although he could defend against the divine retribution, he would certainly be injured. If his cultivation falls below Soul Transformation, he won’t be able to leave and will have to find another place to heal up again.

All of this worrying was because the minimum cultivation level required to use the Star Disc was Soul Transformation.

However, these are not the main reasons. The main reason was that inside the transfer array, he felt a power that made his skin crawl. This was a power he was very familiar with.

The evil looking young man let out a snort. He no longer looked at the divine retribution and looked toward Wang Lin. “Junior, hand over the bag of holding and I’ll let this matter go,” he said.

“Is this what senior wants?” Wang Lin’s gaze was serious as he stared at the person and took out a bag of holding.

The evil looking young man’s gaze quickly shifted to the bag and he said, “That is correct. Toss it over here.”

Wang Lin hesitated a bit. The youth was simply too fast. Even if he were to ask him to go far away or to wait until he himself was far away, it would all be pointless. If this person really wanted to kill him, it would be very easy.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin decisively threw out the bag of holding.

The evil looking young man caught the bag of holding. After scanning it with his divine sense, his expression softened. He looked at Wang Lin. His face showed no expression, neither anger nor happiness.

Wang Lin stared at the young man. He placed the divine retribution lightning before him and said, “Senior, junior has already returned the bag of holding, so I’ll take my leave.” With that, he carefully backed up.

The evil looking young man looked at Wang Lin. His eyes suddenly started glowing. Two beams of colorful light suddenly shot out from his eyes toward Wang Lin at an unimaginable speed.

Wang Lin had remained cautious this whole time, so when he saw that the youth acted, his Ji Realm shot out without any hesitation and collided with the colorful light. Shortly after, Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood as the red lightning formed by the Ji Realm collapsed under the colorful light.

While Wang Lin retreated, he took out the restriction flag. The last restriction appeared in his hand and was about to land on the restriction flag.

The evil looking young man’s expression changed greatly and he shouted, “Stop! Little friend, don’t be rash!” With that, he backed up and stared at the restriction flag with fear.

He bitterly smiled. A sliver of divine retribution would only lower his cultivation level, not kill him. At most, it would force him to go into closed door cultivation for a few thousand years.

But after he saw the restriction flag, he understood why this junior would have a sliver of divine retribution. Although he didn’t know what the restriction flag was, he could immediately tell that it was a magic treasure that could bring out divine retribution.

He had a few of those weapons himself, so he knew of its power. If he let his kid continue then he would not come out of it with something as simple as needing to take more time to recover. He might forever lose the chance to recover his cultivation.

Wang Lin still had some blood at the corner of his mouth as he looked at the evil looking young man. Right now, with just one thought, the last restriction would land on the restriction flag. If he gave up the flag and then used the sliver of divine retribution as a guide, he was confident that he could direct part of the divine retribution’s power onto the evil looking young man.

Wang Lin stared at the young man and said, “I have already returned the bag of holding and didn’t touch it at all. Why did senior go back on his word?”

The evil looking young man pondered for a while then asked, “Was the red lightning you just used the Ji Realm?” His tone was uncertain.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal, but his heart was in turmoil as he silently stared at the young man.

The evil looking youth stared at Wang Lin and said, “I should be correct. What you used just now was the Ji Realm!” Right now, the youth’s feelings were very complicated. Wang Lin had brought him one surprise after another.

At this almost waste of a planet, not only did this kid have a sliver of divine retribution and a magic treasure to call the divine retribution, but he also had the Ji Realm.

It was this Ji Realm that caused his killing intent to completely disappear.

The evil looking young man took a deep breath and revealed a strange expression.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. After a moment of silence, he said, “If senior doesn’t have anything else then junior will take his leave.” With that, he carefully backed up.

If the youth were to move at all, he would activate the divine retribution without any hesitation.

The evil looking young man hesitated for a while and asked, “Do you not want your Ji Realm to break through the bottleneck?”

Wang Lin’s body stopped moving and he stared at the youth.

The evil looking young man hesitated once more. He sighed and said, “Forget it. Kid, you better listen. The Ji Realm is a very extreme power. Breaking through the bottleneck is very difficult, but it’s not impossible.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained unimpressed as he silently looked at the person.

The evil looking young man revealed a look of appreciation and his eyes suddenly lit up as colorful light slowly appeared. The light turned into a ball of light and floated in his hand.

Wang Lin’s caution reached its extreme as he stared at the colorful light.

The evil looking young man looked at the colorful light with a complex expression. After a long time, he sighed and said, “Check the light with your divine sense.”

Wang Lin pondered for a little before scanning the light with his divine sense. His expression immediately became strange. He paused then asked, “This is…” Inside the colorful light, he detected a sliver of Ji Ream. This discovery shook his heart.

The evil looking young man took a deep breath and slowly said, “You found it? This colorful light on my home planet is called the five colored Ji Realm. This was originally not mine. It was gifted to me by a friend as he was dying.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. His eyes trembled as he looked at the colorful light.

The evil looking young man waved his hand and the colorful light disappeared. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “The Ji Realm is divided into many different kinds. As for how many there are, no one really knows. Cultivators with Ji Realm are rare in the cultivation union, so I am unable to see what property your Ji Realm contains. But I know that no matter what type of Ji Ream it is, they all have a bottleneck, and those bottlenecks are extremely difficult to break through.”

“I know of a method that allows the Ji Realm to break through the bottleneck: the Cultivation Planet Crystal. This crystal is given to every rank 6 cultivation country when it gets approved by the cultivation union. The old monsters of the cultivation union use their heaven defying powers to form the crystal. It is a rank 6 cultivation country’s national treasure.

If a Ji Realm cultivator obtains it and refines it, there is a chance of breaking through that Ji Realm bottleneck.”

Wang Lin’s expression was kind of ugly. A rank 6 cultivation country’s national treasure was not something he could obtain.

The evil looking young man looked at Wang Lin. He then slapped his bag of holding and took out a black disc. He casually hit the disc with his right hand and the disc suddenly grew larger while releasing a gentle light.

“If you manage to obtain the Cultivation Planet Crystal and obtain the qualification to leave this waste of a planet, you can come and find me at the Five Elements Planet. My name is Na Duo.” With that, he rose up in the air and disappeared into the flying disc. Shortly after, the disc began to spin rapidly, causing a hole to appear in the sky. Through the hole, Wang Lin could see the endless void filled with bright stars.

The disc moved and entered the hole. The hole rapidly shrunk and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin considered himself very lucky that this person didn’t pursue the matter about the bag of holding. Whether it was the restriction flag or the sliver of divine retribution, both were his ultimate weapons, especially the sliver of divine retribution. These were things that he didn’t want to use if he didn’t have to.

He looked at where the hole disappeared and a powerful urge appeared in his heart. When he was young, he dreamed of flying in the sky, but now he wished to fly among the stars.

He took a deep breath and turned around to leave.

The Cultivation Country Crystal of a rank 6 cultivation country was not something he could obtain at the moment. Whether what the evil looking young man said was true or not, it was still a clue. If he ever reaches a cultivation level high enough to obtain it then he wouldn’t mind trying it out.

The only thing he needed to worry about now was how to reach the Spirit Severing stage.

Producing a Spirit Severing cultivator is the requirement for a rank 3 cultivation country to reach rank 4. It is very difficult. It has to be said that on the entire planet, there are countless rank 3 cultivation countries, but less than 20 rank 4 cultivation countries.

This data clearly displays the difficulty of reaching the Spirit Severing stage.

If he wants to reach the Spirit Severing stage, the spiritual energy and environment of a rank 3 cultivation country isn’t enough. Wang Lin’s goal is to find a rank 4 cultivation country and reach the Spirit Severing stage there.

He took out the map. After looking at it for a while, he set his sights on the Five Sects Union. This rank 4 cultivation country was the closest one to his current location.

Half a month later, the border of the Five Sect Union appeared before Wang Lin. At the border, there was a light screen blocking the path. This was the difference between a rank 3 and rank 4 cultivation country. This light blocked outsiders from entering.

Wang Lin arrived before the light screen. After looking at it for a bit, he sent out a restriction. The restriction landed on the light screen and an opening appeared.

Without a word, Wang Lin went inside.

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