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Chapter 249 – Turning Mortal

After Wang Lin entered the rank 4 country, he no longer flew, but walked like a mortal. He looked around at this foreign place and signed.

No cultivation method can help one break through from the Nascent Soul stage to the Spirit Severing stage. Even pills are useless unless one can find rank 6 or higher pills.

In order to reach the Spirit Severing stage, one must study the heavens and gain their own Dao. That is the only way.

Wang Lin didn’t join any sect once he entered the rank 4 country because he knew about this. Afterall, joining a sect won’t help him much with reaching the Spirit Severing stage anyway.

If he wanted to join a sect and become its core member, it would take too much time. Time he didn’t want to waste.

From his 400 years of experience in cultivating and his experience with other Spirit Severing cultivators, he understood that an understanding of the heavens was very important for reaching the Spirit Severing stage.

Wang Lin had walked the path of blood for a long time and all that killing had nothing to do with understanding the heavens. He had a feeling that if he were to continue down this path, he would never be able to reach the Spirit Severing stage.

In reality, Wang Lin’s real cultivation level wasn’t Nascent Soul. His main body’s Ji Realm prevented his main body from reaching the Nascent Soul stage, so it was only his avatar that reached the Nascent Soul stage.

Walking on the road, Wang Lin’s body gradually changed as his main body went inside and fell into a deep sleep while his avatar came out.

Wang Lin had come to an understanding about his Ji Realm, so he won’t insist on trying to break through the bottleneck of his Ji Realm. He will also no longer rely on the Ji Realm so much. From now on, it will just be another magic treasure to him.

His current magic treasures were too weak to damage Spirit Severing cultivators. In order for this magic treasure to rise up in strength, he will need some very rare heavenly treasures, like a rank 6 cultivation country’s Cultivation Planet Crystal.

After giving up on the Ji Realm, Wang Lin decided to use his avatar to walk the path of a cultivator. If one day his avatar reaches the Soul Transformation stage, he might have a chance of obtaining the crystal. Then, once he refines it, he might have a chance to break through with his Ji Realm.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and took the Ji Realm out of his consciousness. He understood that the most important thing for him to do was to gain an understanding of the heavens, but he had spent most of his life on the path of killing, and this path was incomplete. If he wanted to understand the heavens then he must start from the beginning and become a mortal.

If one wants to turn into an immortal, one must turn into a mortal first.

Before he knew it, Wang Lin’s mentality changed and he gained a hint of understanding. However, that hint went by like lightning and Wang Lin wasn’t able to capture it.

He pondered for a while then smiled. His cultivation disappeared like melting snow. After a while, he looked no different than a mortal.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he grabbed a willow leaf. He put it in his mouth to savor the green taste as he walked along the road.

This rank 4 cultivation country was very large, several times larger than Zhao. There were a lot of cultivators and the amount of mortals had also reached an incredible number.

While Wang Lin was walking, he saw people passing by. All of them were carrying some sort of baggage, unlike him, so he attracted a lot of attention.

Wang Lin pondered for a little. He went to the side of the road and gathered some thin twigs and made a basket for himself. He then gathered various leaves and herbs to fill the basket.

Wang Lin had only walked on the road for a few hours and had already seen many martial artists from the mortal world pass by on horses. None of them paid any mind to Wang Lin.

Every time horses passed by, they would kick up a cloud of dust, however, Wang Lin didn’t mind. He dusted the dirt off his clothes and continued walking. But this time, he only walked a bit before a voice behind him shouted, “Make way!”

At the same time, a powerful wind came from behind him. Wang Lin quickly dodged to the side and saw a black horse almost touching his body as it passed by.

Shortly after, several more horses passed by.

One of them was about to bump into Wang Lin when the rider suddenly pull hard on the reins. The horse let out a loud noise. Its front legs rose up and it moved to the side.

Only after taking a few more steps forward did the horse stop. The man riding the horse stared at Wang Lin. He picked up his whip and swung it toward Wang Lin’s head while shouting, “Where did this blind person come from? Do you not have eyes?”

Wang Lin frowned. However, just as the whip was coming, a middle aged man came from the side, grabbed the whip, and shouted, “Zhang San, what are you doing?”

The man snorted. He put away the whip, shot Wang Lin a vicious stare, and left.

The middle aged man didn’t look the man as he turned toward Wang Lin and said, “Sorry, little brother, for scaring you. I still have an important matter to attend to, so please forgive me.”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “No problem.” With that, he dusted the dirt off his clothes.

The middle aged man revealed a surprised expression. From his point of view, Wang Lin was only a normal person with no signs of a being a martial artist, but Wang Lin’s courage was far above an ordinary person’s.

The middle aged man carefully looked at Wang Lin. He smiled and said, “I’m Lu Xing. This road only heads toward the capital. I wonder what little brother is heading toward the capital for?” With that, he saw the basket on Wang Lin’s back and asked with a strange expression, “Is little brother a traveling doctor?”

Wang Lin didn’t make any excuse and nodded.

The middle aged man smiled. He clasped his hands and jumped on his horse. Suddenly, the horse let out a cry, but instead of going forward, he went back.

Wang Lin turned around and saw that 100 meters behind him, a carriage slowly moved forward.

Half an hour later, the carriage slowly appeared behind Wang Lin. There were more than 100 people on horses guarding the carriage. All of their eyes were shining, their heads straight. It was clear that they were all expert martial artists.

Lu Xing was on the side of the carriage. He was close to the carriage, talking to someone inside.

This road was not wide, so after seeing the carriage, Wang Lin stood on the side of the road.

As the carriage passed by him, four people on horses appeared in front of him to block him from the carriage.

Lu Xing turned to look at Wang Lin and his eyes lit up. He moved his horse next to Wang Lin, then clasped his hands and said, “Little brother, do you have any medication for the Evil Wind condition?”

Wang Lin knew that the other mistook him for a doctor. With his temper, he normally wouldn’t bother with this, but he suddenly had some insight. In order to reach the Spirit Severing stage, he must be able to understand the heavens. Maybe this was a chance to enter the mortal world.

Thinking about it, Wang Lin asked, “Is there someone sick?”

The middle aged man hesitated for a bit and said, “A servant girl is sick and we are still far from the city. The doctors around here tried giving her some medication, but none of them worked.”

Wang Lin glanced at the carriage and said, “Let me see the patient.”

Lu Xing wryly smiled and said, “Little brother, do you have medication that can help? If you don’t have any, then there is no need to see the patient.”

Just at that moment, an old voice came from the carriage. It said, “Lu Xing, this person has traveled a lot, so he might have a cure.”

Lu Xing quickly replied. He jumped down from the horse and said, “I’m going to have to trouble you, little brother.”

Wang Lin followed Lu Xing to the carriage and was about to go up when the old man inside coughed. Lu Xing quickly stopped Wang Lin and said, “Little brother, just look from here. There is no need to go inside.”

Wang Lin frowned. Thanks to his divine sense, he already knew that there were three people inside the carriage. Aside from the old man, there were two beautiful ladies. It was very clear that they were a master and her servant.

The person who was sick was not the servant, but the master. With his divine sense, Wang Lin could clearly see that the lady wasn’t sick due to evil wind entering her body, but from some green gas inside her body. She had clearly been poisoned.

Wang Lin said, “Stick our hand out.”

The lady inside the carriage hesitated for a bit before extending her hand. Wang Lin held her hand for a bit before letting go and reaching into his basket. He took out a leaf and ran his spiritual energy through it once.

He handed the leaf to Lu Xing and said, “Have her eat it raw and she will be cured by tomorrow.”

Lu Xing looked at the leaf in his hand with a strange expression. No matter how he looked at it, it was only the leaf of a willow tree. Lu Xing bitterly smiled as he thought that he was wrong about this young man. Clearly, this young man was not a doctor, but a madman.

Otherwise, who would use willow leaves as medication? If this leaf really was medication then anyone can grab a bunch from the side of the road.

He was about to throw away the leaf when the curtain on the carriage suddenly lifted. An old man filled with wrinkles came out and grabbed the leaf. After looking at it for a long time, his expression changed as he said, “A hundred year old willow leaf!”

He took a deep breath. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at Wang Lin and respectfully asked, “Is there any trick to using this leaf?”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “Eating it raw is fine.”

The old man quickly nodded. He made a expression toward Lu Xing and returned to the carriage.

Lu Xing looked at Wang Lin with a strange expression. He couldn’t help but wryly smile and said, “Little brother, since you’re going to the capital too, how about you travel with us?”

Wang Lin smiled and said, “I need a horse.”

After Lu Xing heard this, he immediately said, “Sun Laoer, hand over your horse.”

A 20 or so year old youth bitterly smiled. He got off the horse and brought it over. After muttering a few words, he turned around and left.

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