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Chapter 247 – The Evil Looking Young Man

At that moment, a series of rumbles came from the sky and rays of golden light descended.

The golden giant appeared under the rays of the golden light. When he appeared, the entirety of Zhao seemed to tremble. The heavens and earth were completely covered by this golden light. All of the mortals, all of the cultivators, all of the trees, and all of the animals were covered in this golden light.

Although Wang Lin’s expression was normal, the spiritual energy in his body rapidly depleted. The moment the giant appeared, Wang Lin struggled to point at the middle aged man.

The giant nodded. Its gaze swept toward where Wang Lin pointed and he gently waved his hand.

The middle aged man’s expression suddenly changed as he felt a strong sense of danger, causing him to grab Punnan Zi, who was dumbfoundedly staring at the sky, and placed him in front of himself.

Punnan Zi’s body turned to dust along with the middle age man’s right hand.

The middle aged man let out a painful groan. His face was pale as he quickly retreated. At the same time, he reached into his bag of holding with his left hand and took out a jade. Without any hesitation, he crushed the jade. White light flooded out of the jade, surrounding him, and then he disappeared from the spot.

The moment the middle aged man disappeared, the giant also dissipated. Wang Lin’s body trembled. He quickly took out pills from his bag of holding. He spread out his divine sense to look for traces of the middle aged man.

After a long time, Wang Lin frowned. That middle aged man’s presence had disappeared from Zhao.

Thinking back to the jade that the middle aged man crushed, Wang Lin began to analyze what had happened. That jade must’ve contained some sort of transfer array that would allow him to move long distances.

“The magic treasures of a rank 4 cultivation country are really beyond my imagination,” Wang Lin muttered to himself. He then took a deep breath.

In truth, his guess was very accurate. What the middle aged man used was an escape jade given to all core disciples of his sect. As long as they were within a certain range, they could return to the sect in an instant.

The messenger was really terrified of Wang Lin. According to his knowledge, Wang Lin’s technique was the Giant Demon Sect’s technique. The power of this technique was terrifying. Not even he was sure if he could block it.

He had already seen the technique twice in Zhao, so he believed that Wang Lin could use it a 3rd time. For this kind of enemy, even though Wang Lin was only at the Nascent Soul stage, he still didn’t dare to mess with. That’s why he didn’t have any hesitation to use Punnan Zi as a shield to give him enough time to escape.

Wang Lin sat cross legged on the ground to recover his spiritual energy. After a long time, he stood up, waved his right hand, and picked up the tower made of Teng family members’ heads.

At a village at the foot of the Heng Yue Mountain, all of the villagers fell to the ground asleep after a strange wind blew by.

Shortly after, a tower of heads appeared before the Wang family’s house. Under the tower, Wang Lin knelt to the ground and kowtowed as tears flowed down his cheeks.

He just stared at his home like this until night came. Then Wang Lin sighed, hit the tower with his hand, and the tower of heads turned to dust.

“I have avenged our family. Mom, dad, your son is going to walk his own path now…” Wang Lin silently stood up and left the village.

After he left, all of the villagers woke up. After they noticed that it was already dark, they all knelt to the ground, praying to the immortals to protect them.

Wang Lin flew in the air. The mosquito beast had already been put away. He arrived at a valley. This is where he died before.

Looking at the valley, Wang Lin took a deep breath then stared at the sky.

He thought of many things as the scene from 400 years ago replayed over and over in his mind and wouldn’t go away.

Now that the Teng family was destroyed, he no longer had any weight on his shoulders. His mentality suddenly underwent a change. Wang Lin understood that he was no longer a mortal and had already walked onto the path of a cultivator. This road was tough and full of danger, but he had to be determined to keep walking down this road.

400 of years experience showed him that power was the only means to protect himself.

The dream he had as a child to become an immortal intensified infinitely at that moment.

And there was also Situ Nan. Only after his cultivation level has reached the Soul Transformation stage can Situ Nan can leave the heaven defying bead.

And there was also the vast universe from the ancient god’s memories, along with the countless powerful life forms that shocked Wang Lin greatly.

Wang Lin stood up as he looked into the distance. His eyes were filled with a fantastic light.

At that moment, Wang Lin’s mentality changed. He was once a kid that wanted to get revenge for his parents’ murder. Now that his revenge was complete, he would now pursuit the peak of cultivation and become a true immortal.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. His body moved and he jumped off the cliff. He arrived at the spot where he died before and suddenly disappeared from there.

Piao Miao Sect. Gao Qiming sat inside his own chamber with a bronze mirror before him. His expression was extremely ugly. 200 years ago, he foresaw that he was going to suffer a great disaster. However, that disaster was very uncertain, so he couldn’t get exact details with only his cultivation level.

As time passed, the impending sense of doom became even stronger. When the Teng family members started to die, he was suddenly able to calculate his remaining lifespan. He only had 10 days left. If he didn’t die in 10 days, then the disaster would affect the entire Piao Miao Sect.

Today was the 10th day. Gao Qiming had always believed in the heaven’s way because that was his cultivation path. He knew that he must die today, otherwise the Piao Miao sect would be in danger.

That was why he had already started planning for his death a few days ago. At this moment, he had no more regrets. He took a deep breath, looked at his surroundings with regret, and hit his forehead with his palm.

Blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth, his vision became blurry, and the light in his eyes faded. At that moment, he suddenly saw a scene from 400 years ago. It was when Teng Huayuan asked him to find the location of the family of a Foundation Establishment disciple.

He gained a hint of understanding, then he closed his eyes and died.

Wang Lin looked at Zhao from next to the ancient transfer array. He then opened up the array and disappeared from Zhao.

Ten days later, an evil looking youth appeared next to the transfer array. He looked at the transfer array and walked into it without any hesitation.

In a valley millions of miles away from Zhao, Wang Lin’s figure slowly appeared. The moment he appeared, he spread out his divine sense, then carefully checked out his map.

Then he quickly moved, seeking the next transfer array. Wang Lin knew that the owner of the bag of holding was closing in from behind. If he didn’t lose him then he couldn’t cultivate in peace.

Therefore, his goal was the ancient transfer arrays. He had quite a bit of top quality spirit stones, so he could use them several times.

Half a month later, Wang Lin arrived at an ancient transfer array. After he checked it out, he stood in the middle of it, took out a top quality spirit stone, and placed it on the array. But at that moment, a dark cloud suddenly appeared. The cloud gathered and formed the figure of the evil looking youth. The youth stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s heart sank. The youth’s speed was several times faster than what he originally thought. Wang Lin also wasn’t able to determine this person’s cultivation level with his divine sense. He felt an extreme sense of danger.

If one relied solely on the top quality spirit stone to start the array, then it would take 10 breaths of time to transfer them. However, in this crisis, Wang Lin desperately poured his spiritual energy into the transfer array to speed up the activation.

In the end, in the same moment the evil looking youth arrived, rings of light floated up from the transfer array and Wang Lin’s body disappeared.

The evil looking youth let out a roar. His hand formed a seal. The moment Wang Lin disappeared, he charged into the rings of light. After using an unknown technique, he caused the transfer array to activate again and disappeared among the rings of light.

Wang Lin felt a sense of extreme danger during the transfer process. He could clearly feel that a divine sense that was powerful beyond his imagination swept toward him like a tornado. Wang Lin felt terrified in his heart. Just as the divine sense swept toward him, his Ji Realm formed a never seen before thick red lightning bolt that charged toward the youth.

The impact of the Ji Realm made the divine sense pause for a bit. At that moment, a light appeared in the other end and Wang Lin quickly charged toward it.

After he came out, he violently coughed out several mouthfuls of blood. The Nascent Soul formed by his avatar shrunk and seemed to be ready to collapse at any moment. But Wang Lin didn’t pause as he quickly moved. He disappeared and reappeared 100 meters away. However, he didn’t continue to run, but took out a red thread from his bag of holding.

Wang Lin knew that no matter how hard he tries to escape, he won’t be able to escape from that person’s speed. Also, his Nascent Soul had taken too much damage. If he kept running, that person wouldn’t even have to act. He would die from his Nascent Soul collapsing.

This was the most powerful weapon he currently possessed.

The moment he took out the divine retribution lightning, he also took out a bottle of pills and dumped them into his mouth.

The evil looking youth appeared 10 feet away from Wang Lin. As he stared at the thread in Wang Lin’s hand, his expression became unsettled.

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