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Chapter 241 – Wang Zhuo

After Wang Lin’s soul devourer soul killed the six Teng family core members, it quickly returned to his body.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and pondered for a while. When he was killing that middle aged man, he saw a figure that shook his heart.

If his eyes hadn’t fooled him, then that person was Wang Zhuo.

The woman beside him was the daughter of the middle aged man. There was clearly some relationship between them. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he put away the restriction flag, bronze mirror, and the devils. Then, he jumped onto the mosquito beast and quickly found the woman that was with Wang Zhuo through his divine sense.

The direction the woman was walking in wasn’t toward Teng Family City, but the country’s border.

Wang Lin pondered for a while, then chased after her.

Teng Xiu Xiu was filled with sadness. Although she was running away, she couldn’t stop the tears from coming out. She didn’t know what became of her father, but she had a feeling that was weighing down her heart so heavily that that she could barely breath.

The complex feelings in Wang Zhuo’s heart became even stronger. Although he felt very good when the Teng family members were killed, he was now feeling a deep sense of concern.

Wang Zhuo’s body shook. He stop moving and closed his eyes as he recalled his family being killed by the Teng family.

Teng Xiu Xiu saw that Wang Zhuo stopped, so she quickly stopped moving as well. She looked at him while biting her lower lip. Right now, this man, her husband, was the only one she could rely on.

After a while, Wang Zhuo opened his eyes and viciously slapped himself a few times. He wanted to slap himself away. He wanted to remind himself that the Teng family was his enemy and that he didn’t have any feelings for Teng Xiu Xiu.

As long as they were from the Teng family, they should die!

Teng Xiu Xiu quickly moved forward to stop Wang Zhuo. Her tears flowed endlessly.

Wang Zhuo steeled his heart. He waved his arm and threw Teng Xiu Xiu to the side. He said, “Leave! From now on, you and I have nothing to do with each other!”

Teng Xiu Xiu looked at Wang Zhuo with despair in her eyes. She didn’t even realize that she was biting her lip so hard that she was bleeding. She was overflowing with tears as she tried to grab Wang Zhuo.

But Wang Zhuo dodged again and coldly said, “You won’t leave? Then I’ll go!” With that, he started to fly toward the opposite direction.

Teng Xiu Xiu stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Zhuo’s back. The despair in her eyes grew even stronger. Her heart felt as if it was being cut by a knife. Her face became red in a sickly way and she coughed out a mouthful of blood. Her face became pale as she tried to steady herself.

The truth was, the moment Wang Zhuo turned around, he could feel his heart tear open, but thinking about the deaths of all of his family members, he forced himself to steel his heart. At this moment, the pain Wang Zhuo was feeling wasn’t any less painful than Teng Xiu Xiu’s.

Teng Xiu Xiu let out a pitiful smile as she softly called to Wang Zhuo. “Don’t go…”

Wang Zhuo’s body shook. He clenched his fist as he suddenly turned to Teng Xiu Xiu and shouted, “Scram!”

With that, he quickly sped up and in the blink of an eye, disappeared without a trace.

Blood leaked from Teng Xiu Xiu’s mouth again as she looked at the direction Wang Zhuo disappeared to. She let out a bitter smile and confusion filled her eyes.

Although the world was large, she didn’t know where to go. Of the two most important men in the world to her, she didn’t know if one was dead or alive and the other abandoned her. For a woman, this wasn’t any different than the sky collapsing.

Wang Zhuo flew more than 10 kilometers away. His hands were bleeding from clenching his fists so hard. Visions of the deaths of his family members filled his mind, but the sight of Teng Xiu Xiu’s sadness and despair slowly replaced them.

After a long time, Wang Zhuo landed on the ground. He kneeled facing the direction of his hometown, viciously kowtowed, and said, “Father, mother, your son is… unfilial!”

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and two streams of tears flowed down his cheeks. Then, he got up and quickly went to chase after Teng Xiu Xiu.

The moment he turned, he felt like he could see his family members, especially his parents, stare at him with painful gazes. They were all pointing at him and calling him a traitor, calling him the bastard son of the Wang family.

Wang Zhuo’s heart had been torn into two as he chased after Teng Xiu Xiu. Soon, he saw the confused Teng Xiu Xiu flying. She seemed to notice and turned around, revealing a gentle smile.

But the moment the two met, a powerful kill intent rushed toward their direction. They saw a youth with white hair that flowed with the wind riding a giant mosquito beast flying toward them.

Behind him were countless bodies of the Teng family. The intense smell of blood followed afterwards.

Teng Xiu Xiu’s face became pale. She subconsciously hid behind Wang Zhuo, her body shaking.

Wang Zhuo stared at the white haired youth. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief.

“You… you are Wang Lin!!”

“Wang Zhuo.”

Wang Lin jumped off the mosquito beast. He landed before Wang Zhuo and looked at the woman behind him.

Wang Zhuo subconsciously hid Teng Xiu Xiu and looked at Wang Lin with a complex look. After a long time, he slowly said, “I should have already guessed that only you would have the power to get revenge for our family.”

Wang Lin pondered for a while and softly said, “Wang Zhuo, I’m sorry.”

Wang Zhuo let out a bitter smile and said, “If you had said that to me back then, I wouldn’t have forgiven you, but right now, we only have one enemy, and that is Teng Huayuan.”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he slowly said, “Teng Huayuan won’t be able to run away, the entire Teng family won’t be able to run away!”

Teng Xiu Xiu’s body shook. Although she was terrified, she still asked, “My… my father he…”

“Shut up!” Wang Zhuo stopped Teng Xiu Xiu from speaking. He calmed himself and said to Wang Lin, “She is your sister-in-law…”

Before Wang Zhuo could finish speaking, Wang Lin blandly said, “Your father shouldn’t have been named Teng.”

Teng Xiu Xiu’s body shook. The gaze she directed at Wang Lin contained deep hatred.

The moment Wang Zhuo heard those words, he knew that Wang Lin already knew about Teng Xiu Xiu’s identity. The complex feelings in his heart became even stronger.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He looked at the horizon and asked, “Is Wang Hao still at the Xuan Dao Sect?”

Wang Zhuo shook his head and bitterly said, “He didn’t manage to form his core…he is already…dead.”

Wang Lin closed his eyes. He let out a sigh and said, “You and her should leave Zhao.” With that, he didn’t even look back and jumped onto the mosquito beast.

Wang Zhuo’s series of actions had clearly expressed that he didn’t want Teng Xiu Xiu to die.

Wang Zhuo looked at Wang Lin’s figure. His feelings became even more complicated. The death of his family and parents flashed before his eyes. All of them stared at him, calling him a traitor of the Wang family!

Wang Zhuo let out a bitter smile as he turned around to look at Teng Xiu Xiu. His heart sank as he saw a very deep, hidden feeling of hatred in her eyes.

Wang Zhou pondered for a bit. His eyes became soft as he gently said, “Xiu Xiu, let us go.” With that, his right handle gently touched her hair.

Teng Xiu Xiu was startled and then started to cry again. For all the time they had been together, this was the first time Wang Zhuo called her Xiu Xiu.

However, her smile at the next moment froze, because Wang Zhuo’s hand was on her Tian Lin. With a surge of his spiritual energy, he ended his wife’s life.

Teng Xiu Xiu died without any pain. She died in the arms of her lover…

Holding the corpse of his wife, Wang Zhuo’s eyes were filled with sorrow. He looked at the direction Wang Lin disappeared toward and said, “Wang Lin, I won’t become a traitor of the Wang family and I won’t allow a shred of the Teng family bloodline to remain.”

With that, he kneeled toward the direction of his home down and kowtowed a few times. He hit his forehead with his palm, ending all of the life in his body. Blood leaked from his mouth as he fell to the ground looking at his wife.

“Xiu Xiu, don’t be scared, I’ll accompany you…”

Wang Lin was standing on the mosquito beast as his body suddenly quivered. He could clearly feel the light representing Wang Zhuo in his divine sense disappear. He pondered for a bit, then his body disappeared from the top of the mosquito beast.

When he appeared, he was standing next to Wang Zhuo’s body. Wang Lin looked at Wang Zhuo’s body with a complex feeling in his heart. He understood that Wang Zhuo was torn between his family and lover, and in the end could only kill his lover with his own hands to end the guilt toward his family.

At the same time, after his wife died, he killed himself to fulfill his love for his wife.

Wang Lin pondered for a while, then pointed his finger at Wang Zhuo’s brow. Gradually, a weak soul fire that could be extinguished at any time appeared in Wang Lin’s hand.

He let out a sigh and disappeared from the spot.

In the northeastern part of the capital city, there was a large house that belonged to the Wang family. A white haired youth appeared inside the Wang family household. The youth walked through the house as if he was transparent. None of the servants seemed to notice him.

After the white haired youth walked inside the house for a while, he stopped before a building. Inside sat a woman whose stomach had a bulge. She was clearly pregnant.

The youth looked for a while, then took out a ball of white light. He let out a sigh as he threw out the white light. The white light entered the woman’s stomach.

The not completely formed baby that hadn’t produced its own soul yet gradually fused with the white light.

“This person will step into the cultivation world in the future. Maybe we will have another chance to meet in the future,” the youth muttered to himself as he left.

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