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Chapter 242 – Punnan Zi

Heng Yue mountain range, Xuan Dao Sect.

The back mountain, where Wang Lin trained before, was dotted with countless man made caves. At the top of the mountain was the only natural cave on the mountain and Punnan Zi was cultivating inside it.

His appearance hadn’t changed a bit in the past 400 years.

Dripping sounds echoed inside the cave as water dripped from the ceiling.

For a long time, a strange light shone from Punnan Zi’s face that changed back and forth. Gradually, he opened his eyes. They shined as if they contained stars.

Punnan Zi raised his right hand and formed a seal, His expression remained neutral. Then, he waved his right hand forward and the stone before him suddenly began to shine.

Soon, ten points of light appeared on the rock wall.

However, the moment the ten points of light appeared, six of them immediately dimmed, then disappeared.

Punnan Zi’s face slightly twitched and his expression slightly darkened. The air around him suddenly slowed down and soon, even water stopped dripping from the ceiling.

If any Spirit Severing cultivators were around, their eyes would light up, because affecting the fluctuations of the surrounding spiritual energy to use certain techniques was something only spirit severing cultivators could do.

Punnan Zi was at the edge of the Spirit Severing stage. To him, it was not far away at all. The only thing that separated him from the Spirit Severing stage was a paper thin barrier and all he needed to do was find the right place to poke through.

Punnan Zi stared at the points of lights on the wall. After a long time, he sighed and said, “Teng Huayuan, who did you offend to bring such disaster upon yourself?”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that Lord Shi specifically wanted to use the Teng family as an experiment, this old man really wouldn’t want to deal with any of your Teng family affairs!” Punnan Zi’s face became gloomy. Even he didn’t know what it was about the Teng family that made Lord Shi pick them.

If it wasn’t so, then with just the Teng family’s resources, there was no way they would suddenly gain nine Nascent Soul cultivators and Teng Huayuan wouldn’t suddenly become almost as strong as Punnan Zi in merely 400 years.

He pondered a little, then stood up, waved his sleeves, and disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already at the peak of the Heng Yue mountain range. Punnan Zi got down on one knee, stared at the sky, and formed many different seals with his hand. As the seals formed, more and more clouds appeared and an invisible pressure slowly built up in the sky.

Punnan Zi then waved his hand and said, “I, Punnan Zi, from a lower cultivation country, would like to borrow a magic treasure.”

The moment he said those words, two beams of light, red and green, shot out from the Heng Yue mountain range. The lights became more and more intense and all of the spiritual energy in Zhao started to gather at the Heng Yue mountain range. The two lights landed next to Punnan Zi. They soon dimmed and revealed their true form.

Their true form was two magic discs. On the magic disk were 4 blades that emitted a cold light. There were even rifts in space around them.

It can easily be said that this wasn’t a Nascent Soul level magic treasure and was made by someone Spirit Severing or higher.

Punnan Zi respectfully kowtowed a few times before finally imprinting them with his divine sense and carefully placing them in his bag of holding. Only then did he finally relax. He started to emit a powerful killing intent and muttered, “Teng Huayuan, this is the last time I’ll help you. If within 100 years the Teng family still doesn’t have a Spirit Severing cultivator, don’t blame me for being ruthless toward the Teng family!”

With that, he disappeared without a trace.

The moment the spirit energy surged, Wang Li noticed it. Although his expression didn’t change, his heart sunk. However, he let out a cold snort and charged toward the direction of the last core Teng family member.

At the border of the country of Zhao was a very mysterious space. Every time a mortal brought this place up, it would cause fear. Even cultivators are extremely nervous about this place.

It was a huge pit of black mud.

This was a pit filled with black mud that emitted a smell that stung the nose. No one aside from a few people knew exactly how deep this mud pit really was.

Every 100 years, this mud pit would explode, and every explosion was a shocking sight.

Most of the time, this was a prohibited place. No matter whether it was mortals, cultivators, or beasts, when they got within certain range of the mud pit, they would be pulled in by a powerful suction force and be buried alive.

After a long time, a black fog quietly appeared and covered the whole area.

This was considered the most dangerous place in Zhao in the past 400 years, Black Mud Pit.

In the deepest part of this Black Mud Pit was a coffin made of black crystals. This black crystal coffin wasn’t covered by black mud. It could be said that there was a thick layer of white bones between the coffin and the black mud.

Among these bones were the bones of humans and beasts. These bones belonged to the people that were sucked in over the past 400 years.

This place was where the person Teng Eight feared the most cultivated. This was Teng One’s cultivating area.

Teng One was a legend in the Teng family.

This person wasn’t a descent of Teng Huayuan. To be exact, he was a younger brother of Teng Huayuan.

He was the only core Teng family member that no one dared to challenge and the only person that held the name Teng One for the past 400 years.

When Wang Lin got within 1000 kilometers of the mud pit, he noticed what was special about this place. After pondering a little, he decided not to let the mosquito beast continue and flew onward by himself.

Almost the moment Wang Lin entered the 1000 kilometer range of the mud pit, a withered hand reached out from the coffin. Slowly, a skeleton-like man sat up.

This person’s whole body was black and there were no muscles in his body at all. On his head were only a few patches of hair. The whole person looked very terrifying.

In his eyes, a ghostly light gradually lit up. He then slowly raised his head.

At the moment, Wang Lin was above the Black Mud Pit. His expression was more serious than it had been before and his restriction flag was already out and floating next to him. He looked at the mud pit. Without any hesitation, his eyes glowed red and a series of Ji Realm red lightning bolts shot into the black mud.

Deep inside the mud pit, the ghostly light in the eyes of the man in the coffin shined brightly as he watched the series of red lightning bolts land. The man raised his bony hand and touched one of the red lightning bolts.

Suddenly, with a loud bang, the red lightning disappeared without a trace and cracks appeared on the man’s finger.

The man licked his lips. In the ghostly light in his eyes, a powerful urge to fight appeared. He slowly stood up. At that moment, more red lightning bolts landed, but were blocked by his finger.

Eventually, all of the red lightning bolts were blocked, but his entire right arm was filled with cracks. He looked at his arm and shook it. It instantly turned to dust.

He didn’t seem to care at all. His body emitted a powerful will to fight. He let out a smile as he charged upwards.

Wang Lin’s face was very ugly. He could clearly feel that just now, the red lightning formed by the Ji Realm was blocked at the cost of only an arm.

Something like this has never happened before. Wang Lin could confirm that this person’s cultivation level was not Spirit Severing yet, but he could block the attack of the Ji Realm.

The moment the man started to dash upward, Wang Lin surrounded the area with the restriction flag without any hesitation. Then, his hand formed a seal and 90 restrictions turned into the shape of dragons and charged toward the mud pit.

The skinny man revealed a dumbfounded expression toward the restrictions. He didn’t dodge at all and allowed the restrictions to hit his body.

Suddenly, countless cracks appeared all over his body. After the last restriction landed, although his body was covered in cracks, he wasn’t even slowed down at all.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he quickly backed up. His hand formed a seal and pointed to the sky as 90 more restriction flew out.

The skinny man looked at the cracks on his body, then at Wang Lin. He licked his lips as he suddenly disappeared from the spot.

Without any hesitation, Wang Lin dodged to the side and, with a ripping sound, the edge of Wang Lin’s clothes were torn. Right where Wang Lin was before, the skinny man appeared, holding a piece of Wang Lin’s clothes. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Wang Lin’s scalp tingled as he stared at the skinny man. If he was a breath slower, he would have been hit by the skinny man.

His eyes darkened as the restrictions descended once more and charged toward the skinny man.

The skinny man once again revealed a dumbfounded expression. He didn’t dodge. He simply let the restrictions hit him, causing more cracks to appear on his body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Before all of the restrictions landed, he spent even more spiritual energy to summon more restrictions to attack. At the same time, his body never stopped as he constantly moved around. While he was controlling the restrictions, countless Ji Realm red lightning bolts were shot out.

That skinny man still didn’t move. Only when the Ji Realm lightning was about to land would he raise his left hand to block. Gradually, more and more cracks appeared on his body and his left arm started to turn to dust.

This was a very strange battle. Wang Lin’s battle experience can be said to be very rich, but he has never experience a battle this strange.

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