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Chapter 240 – Teng Three

Teng Three didn’t look young. His hair was already white and he looked to be about 40 or 50 years old. If one looked closely, they could see that Wang Zhuo’s wife looked like him.

He was very handsome. On his flawless face was a pair of eyes that shone like black gems.

Teng Three softly said, “Xiu Xiu, right now, the Teng family is facing a powerful enemy and the ancestor won’t come out. This whole thing is too strange. Once you have safely reached Teng Family City, stay there with your younger sister and don’t come out.”

Teng Xiu Xiu was Teng Three’s daughter. The reason Teng Three left the hidden chamber was to guard his daughter on her way to Teng Family City.

Teng Xiu Xiu nodded.

Teng Three hesitated for a bit and said, “If… If I can’t escape death this time, then forget about going to Teng Family City to find your little sister. Leave the country of Zhao immediately. Go as far away as you can.”

Wang Zhuo listened to all of this silently on the side. Although his expression was calm, he was coldly laughing in his heart.

Teng Three’s eyes seemed to be able to see through one’s heart as he looked at Wang Zhuo. His expression didn’t change, so no one knew if he was happy or angry.

Waves of emotions surged in his heart as he rubbed Teng Xiu Xiu’s hair.

He knew that ever since he was forced by the ancestor to separate from his wife all those years ago, he will forever live under the shadow of the ancestor. All of this was because his wife was a mortal and because he was the great great grandson of the ancestor. An important Teng family member couldn’t take a mortal as his wife.

Because his descendants must have the qualifications to cultivate.

If he wanted to change things, then he must have power. He must reach a cultivation level that surpasses the ancestor.

Many years later, he succeed in his cultivation and was able to push his two daughters onto the path of cultivation, but his wife’s life span was already up. The pain in his heart had never diminished in all these years.

In these years, he focused purely on cultivation. Only by cultivating could he suppress the thoughts of his wife.

To a certain extent, Teng Xiu Xiu, who looked the most like Teng Three’s wife, not only was his daughter, but also received all of the love he had for his wife. That was why he wouldn’t let Teng Xiu Xiu receive any kind of harm or let anyone cause her any grievance.

He coldly looked at Wang Zhuo and said, “Wang Zhuo, because of Teng Xiu Xiu, I’ll let you live. Now scram! From now on, Teng Xiu Xiu has no relation with you.”

Wang Zhuo’s eyes lit up. He looked at Teng Three and said, “What a temper!” With that, he jumped back and was about to leave.

After Teng Xiu Xiu heard this, she quickly moved forward and grabbed Wang Zhuo’s arm. She turned around, look at her father with watery eyes, and bit her lower lips without a word.

Teng Three’s eyes were still cold, but he slowly let out a sigh and turned around. Teng Xiu Xiu’s expression right now was just like his wife’s. He didn’t want to kill Wang Zhuo because he didn’t want to cause Teng Xiu Xiu any pain.

“Wang Zhuo, even though the Teng family killed your family, I hope you won’t do anything to harm Xiu Xiu. You two… are a cultivation couple, after all. Although your parents can’t be with you, your wife will be with you for the rest of your life. Wang Zhuo, know what’s best.”

Wang Zhuo pondered for a while. He looked at Teng Xiu Xiu with a complex look. If that day were to ever come, even he didn’t know what he would do.

Teng Xiu Xiu looked at the two men that were the most important people in her life and said, “Father, Wang Zhuo won’t, he won’t!” At the end, her voice was filled with determination! This woman, even until the end, believed that Wang Zhuo wouldn’t hurt her.

Although Teng Three’s expression was the same, his urge to kill increased greatly. If it was when the Teng family was stable, whether Wang Zhuo lived or died wouldn’t matter, as he was confident that Wang Zhuo wouldn’t act rashly.

But right now, the Teng family was in danger, so it was very different. Teng Three made up his mind. Once they return to Teng Family City, he will find a chance to kill Wang Zhuo.

Because he still had a feeling that if Wang Zhuo didn’t die, Teng Xiu Xiu will still be in danger.

However, he won’t have this opportunity.

A dark cloud suddenly covered the sky. The dark cloud felt like it could fall down at any time.

Teng Three’s gaze suddenly became serious. Without any hesitation, he pointed at his abdomen and coughed out some of his essence blood. At the same time, a point of light flew out of his bag of holding and fused into the essence blood, forming an oval shaped light before him.

Teng Three reached out with his hand and grabbed. Teng Xiu Xiu shouted in surprise as Teng Three threw her into the oval ring of light. Teng Xiu Xiu looked at her father with a look of despair and shouted, “Father!”

When her voice reached him, Teng Three felt that he couldn’t be cruel, so he reached out again. This time, he grabbed Wang Zhuo and viciously threw him toward the oval light.

The two disappeared into the oval light.

All of this happened very quickly. The moment the black cloud appeared, Teng Three didn’t mind lowering his own cultivation and used a massive amount of essence blood to transport Teng Xiu Xiu and Wang Zhuo away.

After doing all that, he no longer had any regrets. He straightened his body and without a sound, an orange colored flying sword appeared next to him.

This flying sword was built by himself. It was named Dao Yun, because his wife’s name contained the word Yun.

Every day, he cleansed the sword with his own spiritual energy. He didn’t let anyone touch this sword, not even Teng Huayuan.

He also never used this sword when he fought with others.

The degree of adoration he had for this sword wasn’t any lower than what he had for Teng Xiu Xiu, because when this sword was made, his wife left a drop of her blood in it.

It was because of this drop of mortal blood that this sword’s power weakened drastically. But Teng Three didn’t care, because as long as this sword was here, his wife was present. If the sword was broken, his wife was dead.

At that moment, Teng Three’s heart was filled with the urge to battle, because he knew that he would die today.

If he was allowed to choose the way he would die, he would hope to die along with this sword.

He gently touched the flying sword. This was the last time he would cleanse the sword with his spiritual energy. He revealed a determined look and without a word, his sword let out a hum and flew toward the cloud in the sky.

Teng Three quickly jumped up and followed behind the flying sword. He used all of the spiritual energy in his body and moved like a shooting star with the flying sword toward the black cloud.

In the midst of his shooting star-like movement, he could see his wife smiling at him and calling him.

The shooting star flew across the sky, through the black cloud, and landed 100 kilometers away.

All of the black clouds gathered together and formed a shape that looked like Wang Lin. He looked thoughtfully in the direction the shooting star went toward.

The middle aged man charged toward Wang Lin without any fear in his eyes and died to Wang Lin’s Ji Realm. It was just that at the moment of his death, Wang Lin felt the feeling of mourning from Teng Three.

Wang Lin pondered for a long time, but he didn’t take out his soul even though this person would have made an excellent devil. He didn’t think that there would be someone who cared about his loved one so much in the Teng family. However, he still had to die. He shouldn’t have been born into the Teng family.

100 kilometers away, Teng Three landed. There were no injuries on his body at all, but he was dead.

In his hand, the sword named Dao Yun shone for the last time and shattered…

Teng Family City.

Teng Huayuan was at the top floor of the Teng family ancestral home as he stared at nine pieces of jade. Five of them were already broken, and just as Teng Huayuan sighed, the jade representing Teng Three split in half.

Teng Huayuan’s body shook. His face suddenly started to look a lot older. He slowly touched all of the broken jades and when his hand moved over the jade for Teng Three, his old eyes released tears that had never been released in the past 400 years.

Teng Huayuan whispered, “Hai Er.”

Teng Hai was Teng Three’s real name.

When someone become a core Teng family member, they would leave a trace of their soul in a special jade. In just two day’s time, many of those jades shattered, and each time, Teng Huayuan would feel pain in his heart.

Especially Teng Five. He basically saw Teng Five die before him. Even though they were only 100 feet apart, it felt like they were divided by a chasm that not even Teng Huayuan could traverse.

Teng Five, besides Teng One, was the one that looked the most like Teng Li, so he received a lot of care from Teng Huayuan.

Teng Nine’s bitter childhood caused his twisted personality, so he took the extreme path of stealing lives, but shortening his own. Teng Huayuan had prepared several top quality pills for him, but all those pills were now useless.

Teng Eight, Teng Six, and Teng Four all held positions in Teng Huayuan’s heart, however, Teng Three was still the most important.

Teng Huayuan had always considered Teng Three to be the disgrace of the Teng family. Born a core disciple, instead of properly cultivating, he went and became obsessed with a mortal woman. Teng Huayuan forcibly split them apart and allowed the ruthless flow of time to kill that woman.

Teng Huayuan knew that Teng Three hated him.

However, this didn’t affect how much Teng Huayuan cared for Teng Three. In fact, he felt regretful about splitting the two apart back then. But now, he would never have the chance to tell Teng Three about his regret, because Teng Three was already dead.

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