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Chapter 233 – Stop

Slivers of dangerous aura came from the ground as more plants grew back from the liquid. This time, the plants were even larger and more colorful.

Wang Lin’s heart sank. He waved his hand and the flying sword came back. However, the flying sword now was very dim. It looked very drained.

Both of Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal. Suddenly, a gust of wind appeared around the sword, removing the liquid that was stuck to it. Once all of the liquid was removed, the sword returned to its normal state.

After taking a look, Wang Lin put away the flying sword. Staring at the endless ocean of plants, he slapped his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag. He shook his hand and the restriction flag immediately became large and started to cover the ground.

99 restrictions formed 99 dragons. The dragons crazily circled the ancient restriction. Each time the dragons circled the restriction, countless red plants would die and spew out endless amounts of red liquid.

Wang Lin’s hands quickly sent out a few seals and he shouted, “Open!”

Suddenly, the sea of red liquid split in the middle, as if there were giant hands pushing it apart. The red liquid moved to the side, revealing the ancient transfer array.

Wang Lin no longer hesitated as he landed and recorded the ancient transfer array onto a piece of jade. He flew back into the air and waved his hand to recover the restriction flag.

After the restriction flag returned to Wang Lin, the red liquid covered the transfer array once more. One by one, even larger plants started to cover the area.

Their height had already reached a dozen feet, which was three times taller than before.

Wang Lin floated in the air and looked at the jade with a serious expression. After a long time, he revealed a pondering expression and left without a word.

During the month it took for Wang Lin to get here, he had started studying the ancient transfer array construction manual that he got for 5 mid quality beast cores.

Although the concept of ancient transfer arrays was complicated, Wang Lin already had good knowledge of formations and transfer arrays. Adding on the fact that he only wanted to repair and not build, he was able to gain some insight about them.

However, with only with just his knowledge, he didn’t know if he could do it, but if he had to find someone in the Sea of Devils who specialized in ancient transfer arrays, that would be very difficult, unless Six Desire Devil Lord came back to life.

Wang Lin searched for seven days according to the description in the map before he finally found another ancient transfer array. The place was filled with wild beasts, but the mosquito beast quickly drove them all away.

What surprised Wang Lin the most was that this transfer array was completely intact. After studying it for a while, his eyes landed on a part of the transfer array.

This part was clearly different from the other parts. Wang Lin was stunned. He realized that this part was added in later by someone who had repaired this ancient transfer array.

Wang Lin pondered a bit. He couldn’t figure out why someone would want to fix this transfer array. Could they have also just wanted to transfer to another continent like him?

A moment later, Wang Lin removed some parts from the transfer array. He hesitated a bit and destroyed part of the array before leaving on the back of the mosquito beast.

Wang Lin had already taken apart three transfer arrays, but this left him feeling like there was a heavy rock weighing down his heart. Of the three transfer arrays he had visited, two of them were completely intact and both showed signs of being repaired by someone.

If only one transfer array was repaired, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but several transfer arrays were repaired, meaning there was something going on.

Wang Lin had a vague feeling that something big was about to happen in the Sea of Devils. Presumably, the reason the transfer array that he needed wasn’t repaired was because it was covered in plants, it didn’t transfer to the right location, or it was not found.

After taking the parts he needed from the complete transfer arrays, he would completely destroy them. Only by doing that would he feel a bit less pressured.

When Wang Lin finally gathered enough materials from the transfer arrays, his body suddenly disappeared from the spot. Just after he disappeared, a sword stabbed into the ground where Wang Lin was just standing.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he appeared in mid air, staring at the black clothed man in the distance. He always kept his divine sense spread out, but he didn’t notice that person until they were within 100 feet of him and threw that sword. It has to be said that Wang Lin’s divine sense was as powerful as a Spirit Severing cultivator’s. If it was a normal Nascent Soul cultivator, they wouldn’t have noticed anything until the sword pierced their body.

If this cultivator was in the Spirit Severing stage, then it wouldn’t be much of an issue, but Wang Lin checked and this person was only in the mid stage of Nascent Soul. This person must have some special technique to hide their presence from Wang Lin’s divine sense.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed killing intent. If he allowed someone like this to live, then he will have to live with the feeling of someone always ready to attack him at any time. Wang Lin decided that he must kill this person at any cost. He immediately activated his Ji Realm without any regard to the amount of Nascent Energy it would cost.

The black clothed man was middle aged, a bit thin, and had a very mean looking face.

After seeing that Wang Lin escaped his sneak attack, he took out a stone stamp from his bag of holding. He let out a roar and the stone stamp start to spin. It grew larger with every spin. Once it reached the size of a small mountain, it crashed down toward Wang Lin.

However, the moment he sent out the stone stamp, his face turned pale as he saw the red lightning in Wang Lin’s eyes and immediately turned around to escape.

He even abandoned his magic treasure to escape. The magic treasure, without anyone to control it, immediately shrunk back to the size of a palm and fell to the ground.

Wang Lin frowned. His Ji Realm shot out and immediately caught up to the person. The man revealed a horrified expression. He clenched his teeth, and just as the Ji Realm entered his body, his body exploded.

Suddenly, the power of the self explosion sent shock waves in all directions. At the center of the explosion, a rift appeared, and an extremely weak looking Nascent Soul disappeared into it. Wang Lin’s Ji Realm quickly followed it into the rift.

After a few breaths of time, the Ji Realm reappeared and returned to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. Although his Ji Realm killed the person, from the look of that person’s face, it seemed that they knew about the Ji Realm. The person even knew the power the Ji Realm possessed, so he was willing to blow up his body to try to escape through a rift in space.

Wang Lin pondered a little before quickly turning around and leaving. Since the person exploded, all of his bags of holding were gone too, leaving no trace. After a few days, Wang Lin returned to the transfer array covered by the red plants and began his repair.

During the restoration period, the restriction flag was constantly active. This was the only way to prevent the red plants from taking over again. After three days of careful restoration, Wang Lin finished fixing the array.

In three days, Wang Lin spent almost all of his energy to repair the transfer array. When he finished, he sat down cross legged to recover his lost spiritual energy. After he was fully recovered, he placed a top quality spirit stone into the socket of the transfer array.

After waiting for a long time, there was no reaction. Wang Lin was startled. He replaced the top quality spirit stone with another. However, even after changing spirit stones, there was still no reaction.

Wang Lin’s heart sank. After pondering for a bit, he placed his hand on the socket. He clenched his teeth and sent spiritual power from his body into the transfer array. As his spiritual energy entered the transfer array, it gradually started waking up. However, it was a bit too ambitious to try to open an ancient transfer array with only the spiritual power of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Shortly after, Wang Lin started to feel that the spiritual energy in his body was almost gone. He quickly took out a jade bottle and dumped what was inside into his mouth to keep his spiritual energy up.

After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his spiritual energy and started to cultivate. After recovering all of his spiritual energy, he walked to the northeast corner of the transfer array.

Before, when Wang Lin sent his spiritual energy into the transfer array, he wasn’t trying to activate it, but was checking if there was anything wrong with it. When his spiritual power reached the northeast corner, he felt a large amount of spiritual power dissipate there.

He understood what the problem was.

He took that part of the transfer array, jumped into the air, and retrieved the restriction flag. The nearby transfer arrays had already all been taken apart by him for parts, so he had to search wider for more ancient transfer arrays.

Wang Lin quickly charged toward an ancient transfer array that was about 8 days away. On the 4th day, he passed by a transfer array that he had taken apart earlier. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but just as he was about to leave, that transfer array suddenly lit up. Wang Lin stopped and his eyes lit up as he looked at the array. However, due to the heavy damage the transfer array had taken, the light slowly faded.

Wang Lin didn’t withdraw his gaze until the light completely faded. It was clear that the reason the transfer array lit up was because somewhere far away, someone activated a transfer array to teleport to here. However, due to the heavy damage the transfer array had taken, it wasn’t able to activate.

That feeling of danger in Wang Lin’s heart became even stronger. He took a deep breath and pushed it out of his mind. Although Wang Lin knew what was going to happen, it was not important right now because he didn’t have the ability to stop it. The only thing on his mind right now was to find an ancient transfer array to take apart for parts and to repair the one he needed to use.

He used his top speed and flew toward the transfer array.

On the 8th day, he arrived at the ancient transfer array indicated on the map. With one look, Wang Lin’s scalp tingled. This transfer array was also in perfect condition.

He didn’t hesitate, but just as he was about to take apart the ancient transfer array, it suddenly lit up. Pillars of light shot up into the sky and the blurry figures of people appeared in the transfer array.

A powerful killing intent appeared with those people as their figures were quickly becoming more solid.

Almost the same instant the transfer array lit up, Wang Lin grabbed the materials at the northeastern corner. Spiritual power surged inside his body to forcibly removed that piece.

The moment he was pulling the material out, an angry roar came from one of the figures. “Stop!”

Not only did Wang Lin not stop, but he worked faster and pulled out that piece of the array. Then, he raised his head and coldly stared at the figures as they slowly disappeared along with the light. If he had really stopped, then the moment those figures completely arrived, they would instantly try to kill him. Since the group dared to invade the Sea of Devils, there must be Spirit Severing cultivators among them.

In that moment, almost all of the ancient arrays in the Sea of Devils lit simultaneously. Not all of the ancient transfer arrays had a black clothed man guarding it, only a few of the important locations. The moment these people arrived in the Sea of Devils, they released a monstrous killing intent.

As for the transfer array Wang Lin was at, there was also a black clothed man, however, he had already been killed by Wang Lin.

The Sea of Devils went into a complete uproar. The tension building up in the air finally exploded. Four cultivation countries teamed up to attack the Sea of Devils and sent tens of thousands of cultivators in through the ancient transfer arrays. A huge battle had started in the Sea of Devils.

The 999 cities in the Sea of Devils quickly became bloody battlegrounds.

Wang Lin had already guessed what was happening the moment he saw the ancient transfer arrays completely repaired and the black clothed men guarding them. After he saw the figures in the transfer array, he was even more sure.

Wang Lin felt that he must quickly leave the Sea of Devils. As he flew, he touched the materials he needed and took a deep breath.

A few days later, Wang Lin returned to the transfer array and replaced the northeastern corner piece. He took a good look at the Sea of Devils and placed the top quality spirit stone into the socket.

Rings of light appeared. The moment the transfer array opened, Wang Lin sent out a seal, causing all of the restrictions on the restriction flag to explode outwards. The restriction flag quickly cleared out the area, leaving the ground covered in red liquid.

The transfer array was completely opened and Wang Lin’s figure started to slowly disappear. Right as he was about to disappear, he waved his hand and the restriction flag returned to him.

After he disappeared, the red liquid immediately covered the transfer array and plants dozens of feet tall started growing. There was simply too many plants. With cracking sounds, the transfer array broke and more plants grew in its cracks.

At this point, even with a map, it was hard to tell that this place contained an ancient transfer array.

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