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Chapter 232 – Sword Sheath

The old man heard Wang Lin’s words and was shocked. He turned around and saw rows of red lightning. They were the last things he saw in his life.

The Ji Realm shot out and instantly destroyed the old man’s body. Just as his Nascent Soul was about to escape, Wang Lin’s palm hit the old man’s chest. A wave of spiritual energy entered the old man’s body, trapping the Nascent Soul inside. The old man could only watch as Wang Lin took his Nascent Soul and devoured it.

In the eyes of the four people hiding in the basin, Wang Lin was now a demon. Killing someone for their Nascent Soul and then devouring it directly completely contradicted their normal beliefs.

It has to be said that all of these people were demonic cultivators. They had seen many people killed for their Nascent Souls, but never had they seen one being devoured directly. They felt that Wang Lin was the real demonic cultivator here.

The four people that were going to ambush Wang Lin were all shaken. They quickly left the basin and escaped in different directions.

But those four had decided to bother Wang Lin. Without Wang Lin even moving, his Ji Realm immediately caught up to the four of them and killed them.

Wang Lin used a lot of Nascent Energy in order for his Ji Realm to kill 5 people in a row. He quickly grabbed the Nascent Souls of the four cultivators and devoured them. The ancient god’s tactic quickly absorbed the Nascent Souls. Wang Lin was able to replenish all of the used up Nascent Energy and even increased his cultivation level a little.

After that, Wang Lin gathered all of their bags of holdings and opened them one by one. First, Wang Lin checked to make sure that the map jade was still intact and let out a breath. Although there were some magic treasures in the remaining bags, only one thing caught Wang Lin’s attention.

The moment he saw this item, his spiritual energy shook with his emotions. After a while, he calmed down as he stared at the object in his hand. It was a sword sheath.

A normal looking sword sheath!

A sword sheath emitting an ancient aura!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and took a few careful look. There was a weird expression on his face. This sword sheath looked exactly like the sword sheath from back then, but he knew that this wasn’t the same one.

The sword sheath from back then had been refined by Wang Lin’s cold core, so if he were to hold it once more, he would know. Although this sword sheath looked exactly same as the one from back then, Wang Lin knew it was not the same.

The other thing that made him sure that it was not the same was that because Wang Lin had used that sword sheath many times, he knew that there was a strange carving in the middle of the sheath.

Although this sheath also had a strange carving, it was not the same one.

After pondering for a little, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a normal flying sword and slowly put it into the sheath.

When it went in 3/5th of the way, he felt a powerful pressure preventing the sword from going in further. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He used some spiritual power and pushed the sword down ⅘ of the way.

Wang Lin’s expression changed as he felt a tremendous killing intent coming from the sheath. Almost without hesitation, he dropped the sword and the sheath. The sword was pushed out and shattered into pieces. Following that was a large amount of killing intent from the sword sheath.

At that moment, the sky suddenly darkened and a deep gully extending for hundreds of meters appeared on the basin below Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb. He looked at the sheath and took a deep breath. Then, he carefully put the sword sheath away in his bag of holding and didn’t dare to touch it anymore.

With his current cultivation level, he could easily see that a tremendous amount of killing intent was sealed inside the sword sheath. When he forced the sword in, it released a bit of it, but just that bit was already so powerful that Wang Lin couldn’t even imagine what power the sheath held.

As a result, he was even more sure that this sheath wasn’t the same as the one from back then.

The sheath back then had the ability to increase the strength of a flying sword. The difference in increase in power from 1/5th of the way in to 3/5th of the way in was huge.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin became curious about the sword sheath. He felt that there were more than just two of these sword sheaths.

Inside a volcano in the country of Hou Fen. The volcano had been turned from an active to a dead volcano by cultivators. It no longer contained any lava.

Inside it were many large and small rooms, and inside every room was a cultivator.

These people were the survivors of the destruction of the country of Hou Fen.

Back then, Hou Fen was attacked by Xuanwu along with several other countries. The four major sects were evicted and that was also when Li Muwan was forced to leave her home.

Under this volcano, there was a complete building. This was the Battle God’s Temple. It took several Nascent Soul cultivators to move this when they were attacked.

The temple contained the remains of countless ancestors of the Battle God’s Temple and many of their techniques.

At this moment, among the many crystal rooms, one glowed. Immediately, a withered hand raised and a withered body walked out of the room.

After he walked out, he pressed the ground with this right hand. Suddenly, green energy gathered from the entire temple and entered his body. Slowly, his body started to regrow its muscles and skin.

Shortly after, a youth emitting an eerie atmosphere appeared.

This person looked very handsome, but also had a hint of evil. His eyes revealed an ancient light as he slowly became conscious.

He pondered for a while and muttered, “3,000 years of healing and I finally allowed my cultivation to recover to 30%.” He formed a fist with his right hand. He frowned and said to himself, “Almost the same as Soul Transformation. Although it is not enough, with the help of the star disc, it should be enough to escape from this planet. My recovery will go a lot faster if I return to my home planet.”

He took a deep breath and slapped his hand at his waist, but his expression suddenly turned strange as he hit nothing. He looked at this waist and was stunned for a moment before his face became dark.

Without a word, he waved his hand and a crystal screen appeared before him. The image on the screen constantly moved until it paused at one moment.

This scene clearly showed Wang Lin entering this room and taking the bag of holding.

The youth stared at the Wang Lin in the image. He closed his eyes and spread out his divine sense. As his divine sense spread, he could feel the fluctuations of spiritual energy from his bag of holding.

He opened his eyes and his body disappeared from the room. He reappeared in the sky above the Sea of Devils and shouted, “Ghost Soul Searching Technique!”

Suddenly, countless green lights came out from his body. Each of the green lights turned into the same shape as the youth and spread out.

The youth’s body disappeared in a flash.

As for Wang Lin, he was currently standing on top of the mosquito beast. He was holding a piece of jade in his hand. This jade was the one containing the map.

Wang Lin was very anxious. He wished he could increase his speed by 10x, 100x, 1000x! He wished he could just instantly return to the country of Zhao.

But reality was very cruel. After he got the map, he found that he was very far from the country of Zhao. If he relied on just flying, it would take him several years to reach his home country.

This was obviously not what Wang Lin wanted, so that meant that he had to use ancient transfer arrays. The good thing was that the map contained detailed information about the ancient transfer arrays, so after spending some time, Wang Lin mapped out a route for himself to return to Zhao.

On this route, he must pass through three ancient transfer arrays.

One in the Sea of Devils and two on the continent that Zhao was in.

The direction Wang Lin was heading toward was the direction of the ancient transfer array. The map said that the transfer array’s integrity was not high, but still useable. However, Wang Lin wasn’t sure how old the information on this map was or if the ancient transfer array was still there or if it was even still useable.

With these questions in mind, Wang Lin urged the mosquito beast below him to move faster.

This ancient transfer array was at the edge of the inner sea, so he came across a lot of beasts on the way. He had already encountered several high quality wild beasts and even a desolate beast.

It was a good thing that his divine sense was so powerful. He always detected them ahead of time and went around them.

A month after Wang Lin’s non stop travel, he finally arrived at the ancient transfer array. Below him was a plain covered by numerous underwater plants. After being nurtured by the black rain, the plants were evolving into beasts and their offensive powers had greatly increased.

They stretched out their red leaves and waved them back and forth. From above, it all looked very pretty, but Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found an ocean of bones below the plants. There were bones of both cultivators and wild beasts under them.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. When he spread out his divine sense, he found the transfer array. He jumped off the mosquito beast’s back and arrived at the ancient transfer array in the blink of an eye.

Wang Lin frowned. There were too many red leaves growing here. Not only did they cover part of the transfer array, there were some plants that had taken root in the transfer array. This meant that the transfer array must have taken some damage.

His eyes lit up. He waved his hand and a black sword flew out like black lightning toward the plants on the ground. Every time it cut one of the plants, the plant would spew out red, blood-like liquid. Soon, the entire ground was covered in it.

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