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Chapter 234 – Teng Huayuan

A day later, a youth covered in an evil aura stared at the ground covered with plants with a cold gaze.

This person was the cultivator that rushed here from Hou Fen. If someone knew that this person had only spent a few months to travel from Hou Fen to the inner Sea of Devils, they would be horrified. The distance between Hou Fen and the Sea of Devils was enormous.

Even Duanmu had to use an ancient transfer array. He once said that if he were to fly, it would take him hundreds of years with his Spirit Severing cultivation level.

As a result, this youth’s speed was at an unimaginable level.

Actually, the reason this youth got here so quickly had nothing to do with his Soul Transformation cultivation level. This was mainly due to his family’s secret technique: the Ghost Search technique.

The technique used many avatars to walk in all different directions, then fused back together and gave all of the distances walked by each avatar to the main body. This way, his speed would be increased thousands fold and allowed him to arrive in just two months.

This person’s gaze was dark as he stared at the plants below him while slowly descending. All of the plants remained motionless, as if they were dead as he landed.

He looked at the broken transfer array. The transfer array was heavily damaged and couldn’t be repaired anymore. This could be considered a wasted transfer array.

The youth secretly sighed and muttered to himself, “There aren’t many people in this planet that can open my bag of holding. It’s just that with my current unstable cultivation, if I don’t return to my home planet soon, my cultivation will drop even more…” He slightly frowned and disappeared.

The Kong continent, one of the six main continents of planet Suzaku.

There were countless cultivation countries in the Kong continent, but most of them were rank 1 or 2 counties with some rank 3 and very few rank 4. After all, the resources on this continent were too poor.

At the border of the Kong continent and the Sea of Devils, there was a small border town. This town was not very large. The strongest person was only at the Core Formation stage. In this town, there was an ancient transfer array.

This transfer array suddenly lit up and soon, Wang Lin’s figure walked out of it.

After he appeared, he immediately spread out his divine sense and checked out the whole town. The moment he spread out his divine sense, everyone in the town felt a chill run down their spine, but this feeling left as quickly as it came.

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense, then disappeared from the spot. He moved according to the map in his mind. Once he was thousands of kilometers away from the town, he slapped his bag of holding and the mosquito beast appeared before him.

Wang Lin jumped onto its back. He sent out a message to the mosquito beast. It let out a roar and charged forward.

He moved very quickly. Before long, Wang Lin sensed many locations filled with strong cultivators. Clearly, those locations were where the local sects were.

Wang Lin didn’t stop, he quickly made his way through this country. After 10 days, he had passed countless rank 1 and 2 cultivation countries and arrived at his destination: the second transfer array.

Through this transfer array, he could quickly close the distance between him and Zhao. However, when he was 1000 kilometers away from the transfer array, he slowly started to frown.

According to the map, the transfer array was in a mountain, but Wang Lin could clearly feel that countless buildings had been built in the area. The area was also filled with spiritual energy. It was clearly a cultivation ground now.

During his scan with his divine sense, he saw some very determined youths outside of a main hall with a few Qi Condensation disciples. It was clear that they were holding an entrance ceremony.

At the same time, on the roads of the mountain, there were some youths painstakingly walking up the mountain.

Looking at the familiar scene before him, Wang Lin felt some regret in his heart. He didn’t know what the Heng Yue Sect was like nowadays. Although his feelings for the Heng Yue Sect weren’t deep, it was still the sect that brought him into the cultivation world.

Wang Lin rode the mosquito beast toward the sect with complex feelings in his heart. When he was about 100 kilometers away from the sect, a short white light appeared, preventing him from entering the sect.

Without him having to do anything, the mosquito beast let out a roar and pierced into the light with his sharp proboscis. Then, the beast inhaled and the pillar of light cracked and finally crumbled.

As a result, the expressions of the few Core Formation cultivators who were in closed door training suddenly changed as they quickly came out. They stared dumbfounded at Wang Lin and the mosquito beast under him. They quickly shouted at the disciples to stop the recruiting ceremony and quickly went to wait for Wang Lin’s arrival in front of the main hall.

The instant Wang Lin arrived, the three Core Formation cultivators quickly went up and respectfully said, “We greet senior.” The three of them were horrified. Although Wang Lin wasn’t emitting any spiritual energy, they felt a pressure from him that caused their hearts to tremble.

Especially the beast under Wang Lin’s feet. It made them afraid that it would make a big disaster to fall upon them.

Among the three Core Formation cultivators were two males and one female. Aside from one of the males who had white hair, the other two looked very young, especially the female cultivator. She looked very beautiful and graceful.

However, you can’t judge a cultivator by their appearance. Just look at Wang Lin. Although he looked like a youth, he was already more than 400 years old.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he scanned the three and asked, “What sect is this?”

The old man among the three quickly and respectfully answered, “Senior, our sect is call Zi Yun. If senior needs anything, we will do our best to help.”

Wang Lin looked at the person and calmly said, “There used be an ancient transfer array here. Does it still exist?”

The old man was stunned. He pondered a little and said, “Senior, there are no ancient transfer arrays here.” The moment he finished speaking, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Wang Lin’s whole aura suddenly turned cold as he slowly said, “Are you sure?”

The old man’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. After thinking for a bit, he was about to speak, but the graceful female cultivator cut him off and said, in a crisp voice, “Senior, was the location of the ancient transfer array on top of a mountain?”

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the female cultivator. Although her looks couldn’t compare to Li Muwan’s, she was still fairly pretty; especially her face, which was as white as jade.

Facing Wang Lin’s gaze, the female’s face slightly glowed red. She quickly said, “Senior, if that transfer array is on top of the mountain, then junior knows of it.”

“Lead the way!” Wang Lin flew toward the top of the mountain.

The woman quickly followed. The other two Core Formation cultivators hesitated for a bit, then followed as well.

Under the guidance of the woman, they soon arrived at the top of the mountain. There was a large loft built here with bells hanging on the corners of the building. The bells rang very crisp and beautiful tones.

After the female cultivator landed, her face reddened as she said, “Senior, this is junior’s home. This area was originally not of the Zi Yun Sect. That is why senior apprentice brother didn’t know about the ancient transfer array. Junior found a secret passage by luck and found that there was an ancient transfer array under the building.”

Wang Lin nodded. Before, when he scanned the area with his divine sense, he checked this area, but didn’t find anything.

Now, checking it at close range, he scanned with his divine sense and immediately found a small fluctuation of spiritual energy underground. Clearly, someone used a technique to hide the transfer array.

He was very shocked. It has to be said that according to the map, this was only a rank 2 cultivation country, yet there was a technique that could almost fool his divine sense.

Under the guidance of the female cultivator, they walked into the loft. The moment he walked in, there was a surge of fragrance. The inside looked very graceful and very feminine.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept through the room. His gaze fell on a screen for a bit, but he quickly withdrew it.

The female cultivator’s face reddened even more. She used the moment before her two senior apprentice brothers walked into the door to move close to the screen and put away the almost transparent inner wear that was hanging on the screen. She lowered her head, her face red, and didn’t dare to look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin pretended he didn’t see anything. Under the guidance of the female cultivator, they walked toward the transfer array. Although he looked very calm, Wang Lin was constantly on guard. If there was anything off, then he would act without any hesitation.

Under the loft, Wang Lin saw the ancient transfer array. The ancient transfer array seemed well maintained and was useable.

He took out two cores of low quality spirit beasts and threw them at the female cultivator. He said, “Refine pills with them. They will help you with your cultivation.”

The female cultivator looked at the cores and was shocked. She revealed a look of ecstasy as she felt the surge of spiritual energy within them. If she consumed the pill refined from them, she would be able to reach the late stage of Core Formation.

She carefully accepted them and put them inside her bag of holding.

The two Core Formation cultivators couldn’t help but reveal looks of envy.

Wang Lin glanced at the two, then walked into the transfer array. He waved his hand and a fog blocked the people outside from looking in. Then, he took out a top quality spirit stone and placed it into the socket.

The transfer array lit up and Wang Lin disappeared from the transfer array.

The female cultivator looked at the empty transfer array with a hint of sadness in her heart. Suddenly, she remembered something and her face reddened again.

Zhao was at the very edge of the Kong continent. It was not a large country. In fact, it was only half the size of Hou Fen.

Although there were spirit veins, the production was very little and just enough to support the country, so even when they were open to mining, there was a limitation on the mining.

Because of the scarcity of spirit veins, spirit herbs also became very rare. It could be said that Zhao was a very, very small border country.

Nowadays, the number one sect in Zhao was the Xuan Dao Sect and its ancestor, Punan Zi, had reached the late stage of Nascent Soul all those years ago. In these 400 years, although he hadn’t reached the Spirit Severing stage, his cultivation level had greatly increased and the other late stage Nascent Soul cultivators weren’t a match for him at all.

In addition to the Xuan Dao Sect, the orthodox sects of Zhao, like the Ethereal sect, had not done as well as before and gradually became a second class sect. At the same time, the Nirvana sect and Yuan Kui sect also suffered the same fate. Because of Punnan Zi’s existence, their sects had also been pushed to second class.

As for the demonic sects, Heaven’s Road Sect, He Huan Sect, and Wu Feng Sect; they had been doing better. Although they couldn’t compare with Punnan Zi, they were a head above the orthodox sects.

It was just that under the strong grip of Punnan Zi, the demonic and orthodox sects of Zhao stopped fighting each other as much. Although there were still some conflicts, they were all small conflicts that never became big engagements.

It could be said that the current Zhao was under Punnan Zi’s complete control, slowly heading toward a rank 4 cultivation country. Once Punnan Zi reaches the Spirit Severing stage, becoming a rank 4 will easily come true.

In addition to these sects, quite a few famous people had appeared in these 400 years.

Like Xuan Dao Sect’s genius, Wang Zhuo. This person only took 200 years to reach the Core Formation stage and another 400 years to reach the late stage of Core Formation. This type of cultivation speed was very rare in Zhao.

Beyond this, all of the other sects had geniuses that appeared, but compared to the Teng family, they weren’t up to par at all.

In the past 400 years, besides Punnan Zi becoming well known, the other notable person was from the Teng family.

Teng family’s ancestor, Teng Huayuan, was at the early stage of Nascent Soul 400 years ago. Then, with Punnan Zi’s help, he reached the late stage of Nascent Soul and became one of the top cultivators in Zhao.

In Zhao, as long as one reached the Nascent Soul stage, they would receive a lot of power and a high status. Of course, this was only if they listened to Punnan Zi’s orders.

Punnan Zi set a rule that everyone in Zhao must follow. They must not care about how much resources they used; they must create one Spirit Severing cultivator from the Nascent Soul cultivators to raise Zhao to a rank 4 country.

With the increase in Teng Huayuan’s cultivation level, the status of the Teng family also increased. The family’s prospects increased and had many descendents, making them the number one cultivation family in Zhao.

The descents of the family were disciples of almost every single sect and some of them even held a very high position in those sects.

At the same time, Teng Huayuan married off a lot of their daughters to geniuses in order to solidify the Teng family’s foundation. Wang Zhuo became one of the Teng family’s sons in law.

It could be said that the Teng family had already been deeply integrated into the country of Zhao. It was not like no one had any idea about the Teng family, but most of the time, Teng Huayuan didn’t even need to act. Those with ideas against the Teng family would disappear.

As for what Teng Huayuan was doing, Punnan Zi didn’t question it a bit. He was wholeheartedly invested in trying to break into the Spirit Severing stage.

Teng Family City had already been expanded six times in the past 400 years. It was now a huge city that was known throughout Zhao.

There was a secret chamber 100 feet under Teng family city. The chamber had 10 times the spiritual energy of the outside. The reason for this was that it was on top of a spirit vein.

Although this spirit vein wasn’t large, it was more than enough for cultivation. Because the Teng family ancestor found out about this spirit vein, he used each time the city expanded to slowly dig a chamber for himself.

This was something not even Punnan Zi knew about and only a few members of the Teng family knew about it. Only when someone was about to make breakthrough would they be allowed to use the chamber.

On this day, inside the underground secret chamber, an old man with a head full of white hair opened his eyes, revealing a sharp gaze.

This person’s brow knitted. When he was cultivating, he suddenly felt a sense of bloodlust. This feeling caused the spiritual energy in his body to go into chaos.

The old man pondered a little. His right hand formed a seal and shot out a white light that floated before him.

He quickly said a few complicated words and soon, the white light flickered and shook before him. Gradually, his expression became more and more serious as he looked at the light.

But just at that moment, the white light violently trembled. It went out of his control and dissipated without a trace. The old man’s face suddenly became gloomy. He muttered to himself, “Strange, not even Punnan Zi’s spirit detecting technique is able to tell where the bloodlust is coming from…”

He pondered a little and a cold light flashed through his eyes. He thought, “With my current cultivation level and connections in Zhao, even if the owner of this bloodlust comes here, I can easily get rid of them.”

This person was the Teng family ancestor that killed Wang Lin, Teng family’s symbol: Teng Huayuan.

Thanks to the passage of time, he looked older. Although his cultivation level was higher, he was clearly very different from the person who made Wang Lin explode.

His entire person felt much more subtle. This feeling was like someone who enjoyed to fight became a very sly and cunning person overnight. There was a very stark contrast.

He took a deep breath and disappeared from the secret chamber. When he reappeared, he was inside the Teng family’s ancestral home. The Teng Family’s ancestral home was three stories tall with a dragon carved onto it. Overall, it looked very majestic and emitted waves of spiritual energy.

When Teng Huayuan appeared, he arrived at the third floor. On the third floor were countless tablets with names carved onto them. All of these names were names of core Teng family members who had died.

Teng Huayuan’s gaze swept across the tablets and landed on one that was on the top shelf. That tablet clearly read: “Teng Li”

In the past 400 plus years, every time he felt disturbed or upset, he would come here and look at that tablet. This had basically become one of his habits. After a long time, he waved his hand and the tablet flew into his hand. He wiped the tablet and muttered to himself, “Li Er, you died too young. With your talent, if you were still alive, you would be at the Nascent Soul stage already…”

He sighed, put the tablet back, and turned around to leave.

At that moment, outside Teng Family City, two sword lights were flying toward the city. 100 feet away from Teng Family City, the two sword lights landed, revealing a man and a woman.

The man was middle aged and slightly older, but still looked very handsome. He was clearly handsome and stunning in his youth. This person was wearing a robe full of white and had the feel of a cultivator. The woman wasn’t stunning, but emanated a very elegant aura. She was also wearing a white robe. Her eyebrows were locked. Clearly, she had some trouble in her mind.

The middle aged man raised his head and looked at Teng Family City as a complex look flashed across his eyes.

The woman sighed and whispered, “Wang Zhuo, it has been many years since that happened. Can you still not just let go?”

The middle aged chuckled and blandly said, “Let go? If I can let go of the grudge of killing my mom, my dad, and my entire clan, then I, Wang Zhuo, am not human.”

The woman pondered a little and whispered, “I only came back to see my younger sister. In three days, we will leave. In these 3 days, please don’t be impulsive, okay?”

“You can relax. Before I have the strength to kill that old thief, I won’t act.” The middle aged man’s voice was bland and once he finished speaking, he walked forward.

The woman secretly sighed as she quickly followed and walked to Teng Family City with Wang Zhuo.

As the woman walked, she whispered, “Wang Zhuo, you really shouldn’t blame this matter on ancestor. The person you should hate is that Wang Lin. Even though he is dead, all of this was caused by him.”

The middle aged man suddenly stopped. He turned around and said, word for word, “Teng XiuXiu, I have already told you to never say the name Wang Lin in front of me. Today, I give you one last warning. If you dare to bring him up again, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

The woman pondered a bit and no longer spoke, but went into Teng Family City with Wang Zhuo.

At that moment, at the edge of Zhao, in an unknown valley, there were suddenly flashes of bright light. Slowly, the light faded.

A white haired youth walked out of the valley. On his forehead was a purple star. He looked at the land in the distance and then turned toward the east. He knelt down and mercilessly kowtowed a few times. A killing intent showing the 400 plus years of hatred flashed across his eyes as he muttered, “Father, mother, Tie Zhu came back. This time, I’ll make a river of blood flow in Zhao! If I break this oath, let my soul be destroyed!”

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky, sending out waves of thunder. In a wave of rushing rain drops, a layer of fog formed…

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