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Chapter 229 – Mosquito Beast

The ape devil turned into a blur and charged at the mosquito beast. The mosquito beast flapped its wings once and instantly got away from the devil.

Wang Lin clearly saw everything from a distance. He slapped his bag of holding and a bronze mirror came out. He threw out the bronze mirror and formed a seal. A ray of green light suddenly shot from the mirror and landed on the mosquito beast.

The mosquito beast’s body suddenly stopped, but a dark gas quickly started to come out of its body. The moment that green light touched the dark gas, the green light turned to stone.

Xu Liguo was shocked. He secretly thought that the beast was indeed strong and that he was lucky he didn’t go up himself. He secretly backed up when Wang Lin wasn’t paying attention and decided that unless Wang Lin forced him, he wouldn’t go after the beast.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he became even more interested in the beast. He changed to a different technique and shot it at the bronze mirror. The mirror suddenly started to turn until the back of the mirror faced the mosquito beast. Soon, an image of the mosquito beast quickly appeared on the back of the mirror. In just a few breaths, the image let out a few roars and charged out from inside the mirror.

The beast from inside the mirror unleashed a gust of wind and shot toward the mosquito beast. If you placed the two side by side, it would be hard to tell them apart.

This beast’s roar caught the attention of the mosquito beast. It turned around and saw the copy of itself created by the mirror and its mouth turned red. Instead of continuing to run away, it turned around and charged at the copy.

Soon, the two arrived near each other. Waves of grey dust flew out in all directions as the two flew around each other, trying to stab each other with their proboscises.

Wang Lin stood at a distance and carefully watched the battle between the two beasts. The gray dust seemed to be some sort of technique used by the beast and its proboscis was its weapon.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin’s hand moved across the bronze mirror and the beast formed by the bronze mirror suddenly slowed down. The mosquito beast caught the copy and mercilessly stabbed it with its proboscis, then started sucking it dry. The copy let out a roar before turning into a green light and returning to the mirror.

The animal was stunned, but quickly let out a few roars. The mosquito started at Wang Lin as its mouth turned red again. However, it didn’t attack Wang Lin. After bit, it turned around to escape.

Wang Lin’s eyes flickered and he said, “Going to run?” With that, he waved his right hand and a small flag appeared in it. There was strong killing intent coming from the flag. This was the single attribute restriction flag. This was Wang Lin’s most powerful treasure and even he didn’t dare to refine it to the first level of completion, because if the restriction flag were to reach the first level, divine retribution would strike, and without the protection of the clouds from the Sea of Devils, there was a high chance the flag would turn to dust.

As a result, he only reached 98 groups of restrictions before stopping.

The beast had already gained some knowledge. The moment it noticed the flag, it was horrified. It quickly moved its wings to fly faster.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he held the restriction flag in his right hand. He waved the flag and a restriction shot out. The restriction flew like a meteor toward the mosquito beast.

In almost the blink of an eye, the restriction caught up to the mosquito beast. The shock in the beast’s eyes turned to horror as it released dark gas to block the restriction. However, the gas couldn’t compare to the offensive ability of the restriction, so the restriction landed on the mosquito beast without any hindrance.

The beast immediately quivered and fell from the sky. Wang Lin caught the beast.

Wang Lin was already very careful with the restriction flag and only used 20% of its power. However, he still underestimated the power of a single attribute restriction flag. With just 20% of its power, it was able to injure a beast with power equal to that of a late stage Core Formation cultivator.

The mosquito lied on Wang Lin’s hand with multiple injuries on its body. It was bleeding purple blood, there were cracks on its proboscis, and its eyes were becoming cloudy. The mosquito beast was near death’s door.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He bit his finger and a drop of blood fell between the beast’s eyes. Then, he took out a few pills from the Cloud Sky Sect and fed them to the beast.

After the beast took the pills, its body suddenly shook and released waves of gray dust. Slowly, the injuries on its body healed and even the crack on its proboscis recovered. Shortly after, it made a full recovery and flew out of Wang Lin’s hand. It circled Wang Lin a few times and let out a few helpless hisses.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a core. The beast’s eyes suddenly lit up. It immediately pierced the core with its proboscis. The core shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye and quickly disappeared.

The beast’s body shook and swelled up quite a bit.

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and looked at the beast for a while. He took out a bag of holding and took out all of the cores that were inside it. He gave them to the mosquito beast.

The beast’s eyes contained a hint of frenzy as it quickly devoured the cores. Every time the beast devoured a core, it would increase in size. Compared to before the beast devoured the cores, it was twice as big.

After consuming dozens of cores, the mosquito beast’s body was about the size of a calf. As a result, the small hairs on its black body became even more visible. Its wings were more than ten feet long and created gusts of wind every time they moved.

Its proboscis was becoming even thinner and sharper, giving off a very eerie feeling. Even when Wang Lin looked at it, it made the hairs on his body stand.

Wang Lin could determine that in the entire trip so far, he hadn’t met a beast like this one yet.

When this beast was small, its main method of attack was releasing the grey dust, but once it became large, no matter how Wang Lin looked at it its proboscis, it was its real weapon.

Wang Lin jumped and landed on the beast’s back. He sent a message to the beast with his divine sense. The beast’s wings suddenly opened and it flew away as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from where they were.

Wang Lin could feel the strong wind blowing against his face. It was clear that after devouring all of the cores, not only had the mosquito beast’s body gotten larger, but its speed had also increased.

Wang Lin envied Qiu Siping’s boat. Although he could create tornadoes with small beasts, they were not as fast. But now that he had the mosquito beast as a mount, it was even faster than Qiu Siping’s boat. Even compared to his own flying speed, it was not far behind.

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