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Chapter 228 – Receiving Favor

Wang Lin looked at Qiu Siping. He faintly smiled and said, “Those two juniors are from the Magic Enchanted Palace. Brother Qiu should be careful from now on.”

Qiu Siping bitterly smiled. That girl was fine, but the man was a core disciple of the Magic Enchanted Palace. If he really let them get away, it wouldn’t just be a bit of annoyance; he probably won’t be able to take a step into any city controlled by them.

But now was not the time to think about those two. Currently, the person before him was giving off an emourous pressure, causing him to be very cautious. Wang Lin’s current strength made his skin crawl.

Wang Lin slowly said, “However, with their late stage Core Formation speed, if brother Qiu quickly chases after them, you might still catch up.”

Qiu Siping sighed and clasped his hands. “Brother Wang, say what’s on your mind. Although our relation isn’t deep, we still have been a through a bit together.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. “Do you have a map of the Sea of Devils?” he asked.

Qiu Siping was stunned. After pondering for a while, he shook his head and said, “I don’t have a map of the Sea of Devils. If brother Wang wants one, you can try the treasure pavilions in the main cities. You might have some luck there.”

A cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. The reason Wang Lin didn’t kill Qiu Siping was because he was a schemeful person. It was very easy to kill him, but very hard to make him tell the truth.

If Wang Lin threatened him with death, the chances of receiving the truth was very low.

So when Wang Lin saw Qiu Siping, he decided to stop him from killing the two juniors to create a sense of urgency in him.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he calmly said, “Oh, really? Then brother Qiu should come with me to the city. It won’t be too late for you to search for them after I obtain a map.”

Qiu Siping pondered for a while and sighed. Wang Lin’s scheme was too deep. It all started the moment casually appeared and pointed out Qiu Siping’s cultivation level to allow the two juniors to escape.

All of this was within Wang Lin’s calculations and Qiu Siping unknowingly stepped into Wang Lin’s scheme. It looked like Wang Lin purposely forced Qiu Siping into a situation where he had to kill the two juniors, then saved them to force Qiu Siping to tell the truth. Also, the aura that Wang Lin was emitting hinted that if he decided to stay stubborn until the end, then Wang Lin wouldn’t mind killing him.

With this approach, it was much easier to make someone give in as opposed to threatening their life. Qiu Siping gave Wang Lin a complex look. Without a word, he took out an empty jade. He placed the jade on his forehead and began to imprint a map based on his memories.

After a short period of time, he handed the jade to Wang Lin and said, “This contains all of my map knowledge of the Sea of Devils from all of the years that I have traveled through the country. There might be some mistakes, but not too many. If there’s nothing else, brother Wang, I’m leaving.”

Wang Lin took the jade. He didn’t check it, but clasped his hands and smiled. “Many thanks!” He exclaimed.

Qiu Siping was stunned. He looked at Wang Lin and asked, “You’re not going to check it?”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and responded, “Is there a need?”

Qiu Siping pondered for a bit. He let out a laugh and said, “Brother Wang, goodbye.” With that, he clasped his hands and backed up. After backing away a distance, he shouted, “Brother Wang, I wouldn’t give you false information to cheat you. You can rest assured!” With that, he teleported away.

Wang Lin held the jade and scanned it with his divine sense. The jade contained a very detailed map of the inner sea, but not much about the outer sea. Within the area of the inner sea, there were even locations of ancient transfer arrays.

Wang Lin didn’t believe that there were no lies on this map, but he wasn’t going to rely solely on this map to travel the Sea of Devils. Wang Lin’s intent was to find a complete map if possible, but if that proves to be impossible, he will get as many of these incomplete maps as possible. Once he compares them, the lies will be easy to spot.

According to Wang Lin’s understanding of the Sea of Devils, Repeated Ink City was about 10 days north of his current location. Repeated Ink City was one of the 99 major cities of the Sea of Devils. The smaller cities in the outer sea just can’t compare.

Another reason Wang Lin decided to go to Repeated Ink City was that according to the map provided by Qiu Siping, there was an ancient transfer array 300,000 miles from the city.

During his flight toward the city, Wang Lin collected the core of every beast he passed by. If he met a high quality spirit beast though, he went around it.

Seven days later, Wang Lin became more and more alarmed as he saw the situation in the Sea of Devils with his own eyes. He didn’t think that in just a few years, the wild beasts would become so rampant in the Sea of Devils. Just on his way here, he had already seen two high quality spirit beasts who were on par with Spirit Severing cultivators.

Fortunately, both beasts were cultivating inside their own territories. Unless Wang Lin purposely bothered them, they wouldn’t chase him.

Wang Lin’s harvest was very good on the road to the city. He obtained many cores on the way.

All of them were instantly devoured by the ancient god tactic and absorbed by his Nascent Soul.

Wang Lin arrived at the location of the ancient transfer array. His eyes lit up as he floated in the air and stared at the valley below him.

This place was very quiet. There wasn’t even any trace of beasts’ scent here. Wang Lin’s expression became serious as he spread out his divine sense. He didn’t find anything abnormal, but there was a weird feeling nagging him.

After pondering a little, he pointed his finger at his brow and an ape shaped devil came out. This was the devil he had refined from the soul of the spirit ape, his third devil.

In the last few days at the Cloud Sky Sect, Wang Lin had gained full control of this devil.

The ape was a low quality spirit beast. Now that it became a devil, it was even stronger. Although it couldn’t devour Nascent Soul cultivators yet, it could easily devour Core Formation cultivators.

The moment this devil appeared, it let out a roar. Its figure became blurry as it charged into the valley. It swept through the valley and found nothing strange. Just as it was about to return, a giant mouth opened on the side of a cliff. At the same time, a large suction force tried to pull the devil in, but it was not a solid existence, so it easily escaped.

The mouth on the cliff slowly closed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He waved his right hand and took out the poison sword he got from Hunchback Meng. He quickly charged toward the closing mouth on the cliff and slashed downward.

Sounds of rocks crumbling reverberated throughout the area. Wang Lin frowned. He quickly used his divine sense to control the sword to float around him as it hummed.

Wang Lin stared at the closed cliffside. After pondering for a while, he formed a seal and said, “Ice Flame, appear!”

A blue flame appeared from within Wang Lin. This flame was formed when Wang Lin completed the Underworld Ascension Method. When he reached the Nascent Soul stage, this flame was infused with his nascent energy and became even stronger.

The moment the flame appeared, the temperature in the area dropped. At the same time, the ice flame quickly moved and floated forward. The moment the flame touched the cliff, the cliff started to move strangely. It formed a human face and tried to swallow the flame.

But the moment it touched the ice flame, a thin layer of ice started to spread on the cliff. In a few breaths, the entire cliff was covered in ice and the face’s expression was frozen solid.

Wang Lin looked at it for a bit and was very surprised. This must be a beast that can live inside the cliff and can even turn into human form.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin suddenly moved and entered the valley. There was indeed an ancient transfer array inside the valley, but it was too damaged to use. He took out a piece of jade and record the ancient transfer array.

After doing all of this, his body disappeared and reappeared in front of the cliff. He waved his right hand and the ice condensed back into the ice flame and returned to his hand.

Shortly after, the face on the cliff started to move again. Its eyes were fixed on Wang Lin as it let out hostile growls.

The more Wang Lin looked at it, the most interested he got. The beast wasn’t very strong, only a low quality spirit beast, so about as strong as a late stage Core Formation cultivator, but its ability to hide itself was amazing. Wang Lin goes into close door cultivation a lot. If he could have a beast like this guarding him, it would be great. Sadly, this beast’s cultivation was limited.

But Wang Lin had a lot of cores inside his bag of holding. With them, he could push this beast’s cultivation quite a bit. With that, he formed a seal with his hand and started to chant.

He shouted, “Break!”

The moment the technique landed on the cliff, the cliff let out a rumbling sound as cracks appeared all over it. The cracks grew larger, until the cliff collapsed. The moment the cliff collapsed, a dark figure shot out to the south.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and locked onto the beast. He saw a strange beast with a very long beak.

This beast gave off a very creepy feeling, especially its mouth, which was at least as long as a person and looked very deadly.

Wang Lin rubbed his chin, then casually chased behind it. He pointed his finger to his brow and the devil Xu Liguo came out to chase it with him and the third devil.

Xu Liguo let out a few roars. The moment he came out, he looked very excited, but as soon as he saw the strange beast, he stopped and secretly thought, “Was there a mistake? What is this? How is it even uglier than number two? I should let that idiot, number three, go. If the beast is weak, then I’ll go and steal the credit.”

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