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Chapter 230 -Killing for a Token

The wind was blowing on his face as Wang Lin rode on the beast. On the way, all beasts that were above high quality had their cores taken and devoured by the mosquito beast.

While they were flying, Wang Lin spent a long time searching through the ancient god’s memories. In the end, he found an ancient beast called Mosquito Beast that kind of matched this one. However, no matter if it was size or power, the current beast was much weaker than the one in his memory, but the proboscises were very similar.

In the ancient god’s memories, the ancient god had only seen the mosquito once. It was at a deserted star system. There were no cultivators living in that system and it was surrounded by grey gas.

TuSi was there looking for materials for a treasure. Even with how powerful the ancient gods were, he almost lost his life there.

The reason was a mosquito with a very long proboscis. At first, there were only a few and only at the rank of top quality desolate beast. However, as he went deeper into the system, more and more mosquito beasts appeared, until they formed a sea of mosquito beasts.

If the beasts came one by one, then they weren’t that big of a deal, but when they started coming in hordes, they became a problem. The mosquito beasts seemed to have a mysterious link with all each other. This would even cause their abilities to increase. As a result, even the ancient god struggled to escape alive. After he escaped, he pondered for a while and decided not to go back.

The reason was, when he escaped, countless more mosquito beasts appeared from the nearby planets, making even TuSi’s scalp go numb when he looked at them all.

Wang Lin looked at the beast below him, especially at its proboscises. Even if this beast wasn’t the mosquito beast in the memory, it must be related in some way or how else could it have the same proboscis?

With this in mind, Wang Lin didn’t do much during this trip. He always watched coldly in the distance as the beast fought with other beasts. Only in moments of life and death did Wang Lin act to save the mosquito beast.

As a result, although there were some delays, the strength of the mosquito beast kept increasing.

Eight days later, Wang Lin finally arrived at the city.

There were large and small buildings covering the city, with countless cultivators inside them. Around the few transfer arrays inside the city, there are even more cultivators.

It has to be said that there were a lot of beasts inside the Sea of Devils right now. Only those that had reached a certain cultivation level or those traveling in small groups of 3 to 5 dared to go outside of the city.

Most of the cultivators decided to spend a few spirit stones to travel via transfer arrays. That way, at least their safety was assured.

As Wang Lin was closing in on the city while standing on top of the mosquito beast, the guards of the city saw them. They all sucked in a breath of cold air as they stared at the creepy mosquito beast that made the hairs on their bodies stand up.

Wang Lin stood on the beast and didn’t pause at all as he entered the city. The moment he entered the city, three divine senses reached toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned and he suddenly disappeared. The moment he reappeared, he was already inside the city and the mosquito beast was inside his bag of holding.

As for his cultivation, he deliberately disguised it as mid stage Foundation Establishment. With his powerful soul, unless someone was at the Spirit Severing stage, they couldn’t see through him.

The moment he disappeared, three figures appeared in the sky. The three were dressed exactly the same, the only difference was the color of their clothes, which were black, white, and red.

The black clothed man’s expression was serious as he looked over the city and said, “This Nascent Soul cultivator doesn’t seem to want to be known. Forget it, as long as he doesn’t cause any trouble, I don’t want to have any trouble with him either.”

The other two looked at each other and disappeared.

They didn’t know that this entire time, Wang Lin’s divine sense had been locked onto them. After they left, Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and walked within the city.

There were many shops inside the city, but after looking through many shops and stands, he couldn’t find one that had a map for sale. After walking for a while, he stopped before a three story building and smiled. The name of the building was: Treasure Refining Pavilion.

Wang Lin still remembered that old man from all those years ago. He thought that that old man must have found the small beast Wang Lin transferred the restriction to.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart and didn’t enter the building. He was confident that if he met the old man again, he would have the power to escape, unlike last time, where he couldn’t even run.

As he was walking, his eyes suddenly lit up as he saw a shop selling jades. On the plaque outside the shop, he noticed a faint trace of spiritual power.

This spiritual power was very faint. Only people who had reached the Nascent Soul stage could see it. If someone was below the Nascent Soul stage, they wouldn’t be able to notice it at all.

With Wang Lin’s experience in the Sea of Devils, he had heard that besides the public shops, there were secret exchanges within large cities as well.

These secret exchanges often had a minimum requirement on one’s cultivation. Only after one had reached a certain level of cultivation could they join.

Wang Lin looked at the shop for a bit. Just as he was walking toward the shop, his expression changed as he noticed a youth running toward him. This youth was very handsome, but looked very nervous and as he ran. He kept looking behind him. Behind him was a middle aged man who quickly chased after the youth with an evil look on his face. The middle aged man quickly caught up and tried to grab the youth. The youth tried to dodge and ran into Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body flashed to the side and got out of the way.

The youth staggered a few steps and fell to the ground. After he fell, a purple jade fell from his hands. The jade was pure purple and was about the size of a fist.

The youth’s face revealed a horrified expression. He quickly grabbed the jade and clutched it in his hand.

At that moment, the middle aged man arrived, and because Wang Lin was in his way, he waved his hand to move Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned. He took a step back and got out of the way of the middle aged man’s hand.

The middle aged man revealed a surprised expression, but he still looked angry as he said, “You dare to block this grandpa’s path? Scram!”

Wang Lin calmly looked at this person. He could see that his cultivation level was only mid stage Foundation Establishment. This person’s spiritual power was very thin. Clearly, he was forcibly raised to this level via drugs.

After the middle aged man saw that Wang Lin didn’t respond, he let out a cold snort and looked at the youth. He viciously said, “Little brat, you sure are brave. You dare to steal your grandpa’s jade?”

The youth’s body quivered. Although his face was filled with horror, he still dared to say, “You’re lying! This is my family heirloom.”

The middle aged man let out a laugh. He stepped up and kicked the youth. He easily grabbed the jade from the youth and said, “So what if I have my eyes on it? What can you do? And I’m not stealing, I’m buying! Here!” With that, he threw a low quality spirit stone onto the ground.

The youth smashed into the ground under the middle aged man and coughed out a lot of blood. His face was pale as he stared at the middle aged man with hatred in his eyes.

At that moment, a few of the people passing by turned to look, but after they saw the middle aged man, they all quickly turned around and left.

Wang Lin took one look and ignored what was happening as he walked toward the shop. Wang Lin knew what the purple jade was. It was a refining material that could be sold for about a mid quality spirit stone.

As for that middle aged man’s foul language, if it was the Wang Lin from before, he wouldn’t have let the middle aged man go, but as his cultivation increased, Wang Lin couldn’t really be bothered to correct such an insignificant person.

However, although he didn’t want to cause trouble with the middle aged man, the middle aged man wanted to cause trouble with him. After taking the purple jade, the middle aged man was feeling even more arrogant. He turned around and saw Wang Lin leaving. He shouted, “Before, I told you to scram, not walk!”

As he was speaking, he walked forward and waved his right hand to slam against Wang Lin’s head.

Wang Lin paused for a step and turned around. He glared at the middle aged man. The middle age man’s hand immediately stopped as he saw the glare. His forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat.

“Scram!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm as he turned around to leave.

At that moment, an old man walked out of the shop. The old man looked at Wang Lin once and didn’t bother looking at him anymore as he started to wipe the plaque.

The middle aged man’s face was pale. He looked around and saw that there were many people gathered now. He clenched his teeth and slapped his bag of holding. A flying sword came out and he shouted, “Go!”

The flying sword was as fast as lightning and because the distance was very short, it instantly arrived before Wag Lin. However, just before the flying sword reached Wang Lin, it strangely broke in half and fell to the ground.

Wang Lin turned around. This time, he decided to kill. He waved his hand and a restriction quickly shot out and landed on the middle aged man’s forehead.

The middle aged man’s body shook as he let out a miserable cry. His body turned into a puddle of blood, leaving behind only his bag of holding and that purple jade, which he didn’t have time to put away.

The youth from before stared at the purple jade. He quickly grabbed the jade from inside the pool of blood, then carefully looked at Wang Lin for a bit and quickly ran away.

The surrounding people revealed shocked expressions and quickly left the location. The old man also frowned as he saw Wang Lin calmly walk toward the shop. He said, “This shop is not opened to the public. I’d like to ask fellow cultivator to leave.”

Wang Lin’s face sank. He pointed at the faint spiritual energy on the plaque and asked, “If it’s not open to the public, why is this mark here?”

The old man was stunned. He quickly became respectful and said, “Please excuse me, senior. Please come inside and we will talk.”

After entering the shop, the old man made a strange expression. He sighed and said, “Senior, the exchange here will only open in three days. Junior suggests you leave the city as soon as possible.”

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Did the person I just killed have a strong background?”

The old man hesitated for a while. He nodded and didn’t say anymore.

At that moment, a powerful divine sense suddenly swept across the city from the eastern side and left a message saying: “The thug that killed my disciple, come out now!”

The expression on the old man’s face suddenly changed. He looked at Wang Lin with a pleading expression and begged, “Senior, please pity this old man and leave. If that person blames me, I really can’t withstand it. Also, all of the tokens for this exchange have been given out, so even if senior comes back in three days, you won’t be refused access to the exchange.”

Wang Lin stood up and calmly asked, “Does the person who just sent out that message have a token?”

The old man was stunned and subconsciously nodded. When he regained his senses, his expression changed, but when he looked at Wang Lin, Wang Lin was already gone.

In the sky above the city floated a towering bald man with a giant python wrapped around his body. He had thick eyebrows, big eyes, a fierce looking face, and wore a sullen expression.

On his body, he carried rows of bags of holding and each of them emitted waves of pressure from the spiritual power inside.

This person was one of the guardians of Lian Mo City. He was originally in closed door training, but after he saw his disciple’s soul blood dissipate, he became furious. Enraged, he came out of closed door training and sent out that message to try to find the killer.

In order to prevent the killer from running away, he sent people to block the gates of the city. He had also gotten the description of the killer from the witnesses, so he spread out his divine sense to search the entire city.

But the more he searched, the more doubtful he became. He had already searched the entire city multiple times, but that person seemed to have just disappeared into thin air.

He had even searched the secret shop, but still couldn’t find that person.

So, out of anger, he sent out that divine message. The way he saw it, that person must have used some secret technique to escape, so sending out that divine message was only to vent his anger.

However, what he didn’t expect was that almost the same moment he sent out the message, a youth appeared 10 feet away from him. This person had a head full of white hair and was very handsome. Exactly the same as the description of the killer.

The bald man’s pupils immediately shrank. He backed up and immediately suppressed his anger. Although he looked very rude, he was a very cautious person. How would he have reached his current cultivation level and status otherwise?

Seeing that the youth appeared by teleporting and the fact that he couldn’t find the youth after many scans of the city, he came to one conclusion: the youth not only was a Nascent Soul cultivator, but had a higher cultivation level than him.

After Wang Lin appeared, he didn’t say a word. He slapped his bag of holding and took out his restriction flag. A cold light flashed across his eyes as he shouted, “Scatter!”

The restriction immediately moved and and started to spread rapidly, covering the sky. In a few moments, the entire city was covered by the restriction flag and made the whole city very dark.

The bald man’s expression changed and he groaned on the inside. He quickly opened his bag of holding and released swarms of insects. The insects gathered and surrounded the bald man.

At the same time, he quickly said, “Fellow cultivator, this is a misunderstanding…”

Wang Lin interrupted him with a cold snort. He pointed his finger at the bald man and nine black dragons formed by the restriction flag charged toward the bald man.

At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the bronze mirror appeared in his hand. He raised the mirror and it shot out rays of green light.

The restrictions were very powerful. The nine dragons came from different directions and crashed down. The insects surrounding the bald man almost instantly disintegrated as they touched the dragons.

The bald man was horrified. With his early stage Nascent Soul cultivation, he felt like he was going to die. The youth’s strange magic treasure terrified him.

He thought for a moment, then quickly bit the tip of his tongue and spat out some blood. His body glowed blood red as he quickly backed away. He knew that if he stayed inside of this treasure, he would have no chance of winning. The only choice he had was to quickly leave the range of this treasure and fight outside of it.

Seeing that he was about to charge out of the darkness, he had a happy light in his eyes, but just at that moment, nine more dragons formed by the restriction came to him from all directions.

Wang Lin already knew that the bald man would do this, so the bronze mirror above his head instantly shot out a ray of green light that covered the bald man. The figure of the bald man couldn’t help but pause for a split second, and at that moment, the nine dragons landed on him.

In this moment of crisis, the bald man opened his mouth and took out a trident. He spun around with the trident and the nine dragons were destroyed.

However, because of this, he was immobile for a while. Although he finally broke free of the green light, there was green smoke coming from his body and he looked very weak.

Almost the instant he charged out of the green light, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and his Nascent Soul appeared above his head with a look of horror and quickly ran away. Below, a strange black sword pierced through the bald man’s body’s chest.

Wang Lin let out a cold smile while standing in the distance. He waved his hand and the black sword teleported back to him.

All of this happened in a very short period of time. From the moment Wang Lin appeared and the bald man’s Nascent Soul escaped from his body, it had only been a few breaths of time. At that moment, the expressions of all of the Nascent Soul cultivators who were watching this battle changed. The three other guardians of the city quickly flew out. However, they didn’t dare to enter the darkness, but stood outside of it, ready to give their friend’s Nascent Soul a hand.

The bald man’s Nascent Soul quickly ran away with a horrified expression. He saw his three friends and knew that if he could get to them, he would survive. He never thought that he would have angered a monster who would attack him without even listening to him. He forgot that he was trying to avenge his own disciple and became hesitant after finding out that Wang Lin was a Nascent Soul cultivator as well. If Wang Lin was any weaker, the bald man would have brutally killed him without a word.

Seeing that he was about to exit the darkness, he revealed a look of joy. However, the three friends suddenly revealed shocked expressions and charged towards him.

The bald man was stunned, but he suddenly felt a giant gust of wind. He subconsciously raised his head only to see that a beast had appeared above him, sending out gusts of wind. The most noticeable part of this beast was its creepy and dangerous looking proboscis.

At that moment, 99 restrictions came out of the restriction flag and blocked the path of the three Nascent Soul cultivators.

The three cultivators couldn’t help but pause for a moment. The restriction left as quickly as it came. After it disappeared, the scene before the three of them was something they could never forget.

They only saw that beast’s dangerous looking proboscis stab into the head of the bald man’s Nascent Soul. The bald man’s Nascent Soul started to become smaller and smaller until he was completely devoured by the mosquito beast.

A few strips of gold appeared on the beast’s original greenish, black body. After looking at the three Nascent Soul cultivators with a cold gaze, it beat its wings and quickly returned to Wang Lin’s side.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and put away the restriction flag and bronze mirror. The bald man’s bags of holding and trident all landed in his hand as well.

After he examined the bags with his divine sense, he took out a token with the word “Secret” on it. Then, he looked at the three Nascent Soul cultivators and disappeared without a word.

Many people in the city watched this fight, including many Nascent Soul cultivators who were here for the exchange. Because Wang Lin easily and cleanly killed the bald man, he left a deep impression in all of their minds, especially the restriction flag and the beast that devoured the Nascent Soul of the bald man. Even with their experience, they couldn’t recognize what the beast was.

Even the three guardians that were friends with the bald man didn’t dare to go argue with Wang Lin. After all, in the Sea of Devils, strength was everything. Also, they needed to report this to the duke of Lian Mo city.

However, the duke was almost always in closed door training and this matter might just be left as it was. After all, the youth’s strength didn’t seem any weaker than mid or late stage Nascent Soul.

The three of them looked at each other. After letting out a collective sigh, they left.

Wang Lin appeared back at the secret shop and he threw the token at the dumbfounded old man, then said, “Now I have a token.”

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