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Chapter 216 – Main Body, Appear!

Before Wang Lin entered the heaven defying bead, he set up some hidden restrictions to prevent people from coming into the room. Even if they were to get in, Wang Lin’s whole body would be gone, so they wouldn’t be able to find anything.

After all, not even the spirit severing Duanmu could find the existence of the heaven defying bead’s space. The Cloud Sky Sect only had Nascent Soul cultivators, so they won’t be able to find anything at all.

Wang Lin paid his respects to his parents and Situ Nan, then sat down to cultivate for a bit. Next, he took out the Foundation Building pills, put them to the side, and put one in his mouth.

The moment the Foundation Building pill entered his mouth, it turned into pure spiritual energy. Wang Lin calmly activated the ancient god tactic.

Under his control, the spiritual energy absorbed by the ancient god tactic didn’t enter his body, but formed a swirl in his abdomen.

After the last sliver of spiritual energy from the Foundation Building pill entered the swirl, it suddenly enlarged and started to move upwards.

The current Wang Lin wasn’t a rookie cultivator anymore. He knew that if this swirl could cycle through his entire body, then he would have succeeded in entering the Foundation Building stage. If he had enough talent, then the swirl would have no problems doing so.

But, if his talent wasn’t enough, then it would seem as if there were invisible blockades making the swirl’s path around the body more difficult to travel through.

The swirl in his body started to spin faster and faster. The swirl was like a large tree, quickly spreading its roots through Wang Lin’s body.

But Wang Lin had too many obstacles in his body. The swirl became like a wave hitting rocks on a shore. At first, it broke through many of the obstacles, but the swirl soon started to slow down and even felt like it was about to shrink.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. Without a word, he took another Foundation Building pill. The swirl suddenly got a surge of power and started to spread again.

Time slowly passed as Wang Lin was breaking through to the Foundation Building stage. After an unknown amount of time had passed, Wang Lin took the 8th Foundation Building pill and, with a boom, the swirl surged through his entire body. Surrounding his body were countless specks of glowing light as dark liquid started to come out of his pores.

After a long time, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes shined like lightning and he immediately found that his meridian was almost translucent and several times larger than before. Even his main body didn’t experience something like this when it reached the Foundation Building stage.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He wasn’t sure if all of this had anything to do with the ancient god tactic. After all, the ancient god tactic was a technique that absorbed spiritual energy, and a Foundation Building pill was just like a stronger pei yuan pill, only its effect was countless times stronger.

A burst of strong spiritual energy to wash the entire body so the body would be more suited for cultivation. That was the true meaning of Foundation Building.

But this type of change happened on the inside while the ancient god’s body reconstruction was a change on the outside. In fact, the two were really similar, only the ancient god used the spiritual energy to change the outer body to better absorb spiritual energy and become stronger.

The cultivator’s inner change was to better sense the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, but, in the end, was also to become stronger.

One was inner cultivation while the other was outer body refinement. The roads were different, but the destination was the same.

Wang Lin’s main body purposely prevented the avatar body from absorbing the spiritual energy and pushed it into his core, but after his body went through reconstruction once and the purple star appeared on his head, his main body was already on the path of outer body refinement.

He was very careful when his avatar formed, so it didn’t go through body reconstruction. He had been paying attention to it from the start, thus, his avatar walked the path of inner cultivation.

Wang Lin picked up the jade bottle. There were still 5 Foundation Building pills left. He pondered for a while, then tossed the pills into his body and started to cultivate again.

Time slowly passed by. The spiritual energy inside the 5 Foundation Building pills exploded outward. A normal person wouldn’t be able to contain that much spiritual energy. If it was a normal person, if they didn’t die, they would lose all of the spiritual energy in their body.

But Wang Lin had the ancient god tactic, one of the most overwhelming techniques out there. The one thing the ancient god tactic was least afraid of was spiritual energy, no matter how much of it there was. All of the spiritual energy created by the 5 Foundation Building pills was absorbed before it could cause the body any harm.

Wang Lin’s cultivation went from just reaching the Foundation Building stage to the peak of the early stage of Foundation Building.

But Wang Lin wasn’t satisfied. He pondered for a while and took out a pill furnace. The pill furnace looked very normal. The only difference was that there was a yellow paper seal on it.

This pill furnace was the one Wang Lin got from Yun Fei, the one she tried to use to get someone to release the restriction on her. However, everything she did was seen through by the devil following her, ending in her demise.

This pill furnace naturally fell into Wang Lin’s hands.

He tried to analyze it before, but didn’t have much time. Right now, he was out of pills. He would have to go back outside to make more, so the only matter he had left to deal with in the bead’s space was this pill furnace.

While staring at the pill furnace, Wang Lin’s eyes slightly trembled. Wang Lin knew that this pill furnace wasn’t normal. Just the words on the seal made his skin crawl.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He took the pill furnace and shook it. Muffled sounds came from inside it. There was clearly something in there.

Based on the sound, there was only one thing inside. If it was placed inside a pill furnace, there was a high chance that it was a pill.

Why would someone put a yellow paper on a pill furnace? Also, what could the use of this yellow paper be? He hadn’t open up the pill furnace yet was because he didn’t know what the yellow paper was for. If the paper was a restriction and he opened it up by force, it could cause a chain of uncontrollable events.

After pondering for a while, he waved his hand and a sliver of spirit energy appeared on his finger. He let out a sigh and flicked his finger. The sliver of spiritual energy quickly landed on the paper.

At that moment, a strange scene unfolded before him. The moment the sliver of spiritual energy got close to the yellow paper, it suddenly increased in speed and disappeared without a trace into the yellow paper.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed. He put the pill furnace on the ground. His hands formed many seals and he shouted, “Scatter!”

Suddenly, countless specks of light floated around his body, forming slivers of spiritual energy that started to close in on the pill furnace. But before they got too close, all of the spiritual energy suddenly sped up and disappeared into the yellow paper.

Wang Lin frowned. This yellow paper was really strange, as if it was made to absorb spiritual energy.

He suddenly thought of something and lightly pressed his finger on the pill furnace. The moment he touched the yellow paper, nothing abnormal happened. He gently tried to rip the paper off, but an unimaginable suction for suddenly came from the paper. Wang Lin’s spiritual energy started to get sucked uncontrollably.

Good thing Wang Lin had already been on guard. The moment he felt the suction, he withdrew his hand.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin decided to not try anything else. He carefully picked up the pill furnace and put it back into the bag of holding. This furnace really was strange. When he first got the pill furnace, he couldn’t put it inside a bag of holding, but when he made his avatar, he was able to.

All of the strangeness of this pill furnace made Wang Lin very confused.

After putting away the pill furnace, Wang Lin stood up and left the heaven defying bead’s space.

The moment he appeared in the courtyard, he noticed that there was something off. He could smell a faint scent of blood. After looking around, his gaze locked onto the main gate. The smell of blood was coming from there.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he slowly walked over. At the gate, he saw the corpse of a spirit ape.

The spirit ape’s eyes were wide open and grey. There were many wounds on its body, including a bowl-sized hole in his abdomen. There was no longer any blood dripping out of the body, only a faint scent of blood in the air.

Wang Lin squatted down and touched its right leg. He found that all of the bones in the right leg were shattered. Clearly, this was the spirit ape that came several days ago to deliver the Foundation Building pill recipe.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The wound on the spirit ape’s abdomen was torn open by someone’s hand. Clearly, the goal was to get the spirit ape’s core.

Wang Lin had done this kind of thing as well. He pondered for a while and was able to arrive at a clear answer.

He didn’t know if Cheng Xian himself had anything to do with this. In this half a year, Cheng Xian had been very enthusiastic and seemed to have a very deep relationship with the spirit apes. When the spirit ape came to deliver the recipe instead of Cheng Xian, Wang Lin already thought something was up.

If nothing else, just because of the fact that he delivered the recipe for the Foundation Building pill to him, Wang Lin couldn’t just ignore this.

He secretly sighed. Without even looking at the spirit ape again, he walked back into his room. This time, he didn’t drink any spirit liquid and sent out one restriction circle.

The restriction circle landed on the ground and sent a ripple through the ground. Slowly, a white haired youth came out and, the moment he appeared, he released a burst of cold air.

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