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Chapter 215 – Lou Yue

The wine wasn’t spicy. It contained a bit of a dry sweetness, but different from the spirit liquid. However, the moment the wine entered his stomach, a feeling of warmth filled his body.

Wang Lin could clearly feel that the spiritual energy in his body increased, causing him to be startled.

Cheng Xian let out a laugh and said, “This is special water filled with spiritual energy my teacher prepared to refine pills with. There isn’t much of this in the entire state of Chu. I used fruits these two apes had stored for a while to make some wine. Brother, if it was anyone else, I wouldn’t let them drink something this good.”

The moment he said those words, the two apes let out a few angry growls. They were clearly very unhappy about what Cheng Xian did.

Shortly after, with the spirit apes’ speed, the already not far western courtyard appeared before them.

The western courtyard was very different from from the southern courtyard. The entire western courtyard was floating in the air and was surrounded by clouds. If one did not look carefully, one couldn’t even see the building made of white jade inside the clouds.

Cranes flew through the clouds and waves of crisp laugher emitted from the western courtyard. Within a certain range of the western courtyard, a pleasant fragrance filled the air.

Cheng Xian dreamily looked at the western courtyard. He let out a sigh and muttered, “Almost all of the female cultivators are in the western courtyard. Just think about all of the beauties inside. If I could just live in there for one year, I’d be satisfied.

Wang Lin’s eyes slightly lit up. He ignored what Cheng Xian was saying and focused his attention on the restriction placed under the western courtyard. The effect of the restriction was to keep the west courtyard afloat and it also had some effect that blocked vision from the outside.

A group of cranes flew out from the mist. There were 7 or 8 girls sitting on the cranes, each one of them was as pretty as a flower and had nice curves, especially the girl in front, who was a grade above the rest. She arrived before the two on the crane. After looking at them, she shouted, “The western courtyard is a restricted area!”

After she finished, she gave Cheng Xian a fierce stare and viciously said, “Cheng Xian, why are you here again? If you are here to bug sister Tong again, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Cheng Xian pouted his lips. While rubbing the spirit ape’s fur, he said, “Cheng Lin, we came from the same village, why be like this? I even held you when you were a baby. Do you still remember? I still remember that time when I was holding you and you took a piss on me.”

When Wang Lin heard that, he immediately patted the spirit ape’s head. The ape was also smart and quickly took a few steps back.

That girl’s face quickly turned red, then green. Her face was immediately filled with rage. She slapped her bag of holding, took out three flying swords, and shouted, “You’re still talking about that! This is not over!”

The three flying swords flew toward Cheng Xian like lightning.

Cheng Xian took a few steps to the side and dodged the flying swords. He took out a piece of jade and sent some spiritual power into it. Suddenly, a light screen formed, surrounding the area. He said, “Don’t be mad, you were only taking a piss. Brother Xian didn’t mind. Even now, if you want to take a piss…”

Before he even finished speaking, the girl’s rage had reached its limit. She waved her hand and three bells appeared. The bells were emitting a crisp sound.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. This time, the spirit ape backed up even more without his command. Wang Lin also quickly moved his hand and formed a restriction.

All of this happened almost instantly. The instant the girl rang the bell, Wang Lin finished the restriction.

Waves of crisp ringing sounds came from the bell. At first, it was soft, but it got louder and louder, until it crashed down like roaring thunder.

It was clear that the girl’s anger had reached its limit. She passed her anger onto Wang Lin as well. From her point of view, someone who was with Cheng Xian couldn’t be a good person.

Cheng Xian exclaimed loudly. He wrily smiled and thought that he went too far with the joke. He didn’t expect her to go all out because of a piss from their childhood.

The light screen before him shook a few times under the thunderous roar, then collapsed. Cheng Xian took a deep breath and spat out a yellow light. Waves of fragrant herbs appeared with the yellow light and immediately turned into a spirit ape.

The spirit ape’s body wasn’t large, but it emitted a ferocious aura. The moment the spirit ape appeared, the spirit ape Cheng Xian was riding let out an angry roar and threw Cheng Xian off. It kneeled on the ground and started kowtowing toward the spirit ape formed by the yellow light.

Meanwhile, the smaller spirit ape did the same, although Wang Lin wasn’t thrown off like Cheng Xian, but got off himself.

The spirit ape formed by the yellow light wasn’t bothered by the incoming ringing sound at all. Its stomach bulged and he spat out a torrent of air. Suddenly, the ringing sound was blown back.

The girl’s face suddenly became pale and she coughed out a small amount of blood. She fiercely stared at Cheng Xian. All of the girls behind her had anger in their eyes and took out their treasures, ready to attack.

As for the ringing sound that went toward Wang Lin, it slightly paused before his body and strangely disappeared without a trace. Although Wang Lin’s cultivation was low, his keen instinct and knowledge of restrictions were still there. It was more than enough to stop the attack of a mere Core Formation junior. The restrictions landed on all of the weak points of the bell’s sound waves.

The ape formed by the yellow light suddenly turned its head and looked at Wang Lin with a strange expression. Then, its body dissipated and turned back into a yellow light, which was absorbed by Cheng Xian.

“Don’t attack. I’m not here to fight, but to accompany him to look for someone.” Cheng Xian’s face was bitter. He was thinking that he won’t be able to make it into the courtyard. It was all his fault. If he hadn’t offend that girl, Cheng Lin, he wouldn’t be having his problem right now.

“Looking for who? Could it be elder sister Tong!?” Cheng Lin took a pill from her bag of holding and swallowed it. Her face returned to normal as she looked at Wang Lin with a loathing stare.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he looked at the girl. He said, “The person I’m looking for is not elder sister Tong.”

Cheng Xian quickly said, “The person he is looking for is Lou Yue.”

The girl named Cheng Lin frowned. She looked at Wang Lin and fiercely asked, “What are you looking for junior sister Lou Yue for?”

Wang Lin chuckled and retorted. “What’s it to you?”

The anger grew in her eyes, but she suppressed it by force. She took out a piece of jade from her bag of holding. After holding it for a bit, she threw it behind her. The piece of jade quickly flew back into the western courtyard.

After doing that, the girl’s gaze turn to Cheng Xian and she said, “Cheng Xian, if you keep bringing those things up, I’ll go home and tell your dad that you’re bullying me!”

Cheng Xian was startled. His expression suddenly changed and he said, “Why be like this, cousin? Who is bullying who here? Is it because when we were little I…” At that point, he quickly shut up. He saw Cheng Ling’s expression change and quickly said, “I have been giving you special treatment all this time. I always bring you good food and fun stuff to play with. This time, I’m really here to help this guy look for Lou Yue and… I’m also here to see you, cousin.”

Cheng Lin let out a snort. She gave Cheng Xian a look and started talking to the girls that were with her. Their gazes would sometimes fall on Wang Lin.

Cheng Xian secretly sighed and walked next to Wang Lin. He wrily smiled and whispered, “Brother, its all my mouth’s fault. Ah, whenever I see that girl, I feel like teasing her. If I knew that today was her turn to be on duty, I would have come tomorrow.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He slowly said, “I have already helped with what I can. Whether Lou Yue comes out or not, I have fulfilled my promise.”

Cheng Xian sighed. He took out a voice transmission jade from his bag and handed it to Wang Lin. Before he could say anything, a crane flew out of the western courtyard, carrying a pretty girl on its back. Her eyes were wide open, staring at Wang Lin with disbelief.

After she got closer, she jumped off the crane and said to Wang Lin, “You came looking for me?”

The girl named Cheng Lin frowned and said, “Junior Sister Yue, you know his person?”

Lou Yue quickly turned around and said, “I know him, senior sister. He joined the sect at the same time as me.”

Cheng Lin looked at Wang Lin a few times, then used her eyes to warn Cheng Xian before leaving with everyone else, leaving just the three of them there.

Lou Yue blinked a few times. She completely ignored Cheng Xian and asked Wang Lin, “How do you know my name?”

Wang Lin pondered a little and blandly said, “If it isn’t inconvenient for you, please take this person into the western courtyard. If he could see elder sister Tong, that would be the best. If that is not possible, then don’t bother with it.” With that, he left without even turning his head, leaving Lou Yue and Cheng Xian dumbfounded. Both of them stood there for a long time, unable to say a word.

Lou Yue stomped her feet and shouted, “Come on! He called me out just for this!?” Unfortunately, Wang Lin didn’t turn around and his figure disappeared into the distance.

Cheng Xian secretly sighed, thinking that brother Wang Lin really was a master. With a girl this pretty in front of him, he still wasn’t moved at all. Cheng Xian felt like he would never be able to reach that stage in his life.

Cheng Xian took a deep breath and said, “Lou Yue, junior sister…elder sister, does elder sister have time? I am very good friends with brother Wang Lin. I took care of him when he joined the sect, so could you help me with what he just said?”

Lou Yue glanced at Cheng Xian and disgruntledly said, “You’re the older one, hmph.” She fiercely stared at the direction Wang Lin went in. After muttering some stuff to herself, she shook the bell in her hand. A crane suddenly came out and landed next to her. She got on the crane and it flew into the air.

Cheng Xian sighed with a bitter face, but, just as he was about to leave, Lou Yue’s crisp voice came from above. “Follow me on your own. However, only this once and never again.”

Cheng Xian suddenly became excited. He quickly followed the crane to the western courtyard.

After Wang Lin left the western courtyard, he returned to his yard in the northern courtyard. He checked and there was no sign of anyone entering on the restrictions he left.

After returning home, he took out the pill furnace Li Muwan gave him and started to practice alchemy again.

He knew that he was short on time and that he must quickly raise his cultivation level. He didn’t reveal himself to Li Muwan because it had been a very long time. Wang Lin wasn’t sure how much of the passion from back then still remained.

Wang Lin didn’t plan on revealing his identity before reaching Nascent Soul. If there were any sudden changes, then his hard earned identity as a Cloud Sky Sect disciple would be wasted.

As a result, Wang Lin didn’t reveal himself and, from his view, 200 years was just too long and there was no need to force anything. He felt that he should just let things take their course.

As for how Li Muwan knew his previous body’s name, it’s very easy to explain. After all, 200 years of time was plenty to do many things, especially when a mere name wasn’t that important.

Of course, if Li Muwan had found out that his name was Wang Lin, then that would be strange.

Wang Lin had very complex feelings toward Li Muwan. From the time he stepped into the cultivation world, he had met many females, but Li Muwan was the only one that had lived with him for many years.

In fact, even Wang Lin had feelings for her, but, the moment they appeared, they were forcibly erased by him.

At the moment, Wang Lin’s heart felt very complicated after meeting an old friend. After a long time, Wang Lin put this matter aside and focused again.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, severals more months had passed.

Zhou Lin’s closed door training was still not over. Wang Lin’s skill in alchemy had increased a lot, but he felt that he really didn’t have much talent for alchemy. It was only after failing 93 times using the pill furnace Li Muwan gave him that he finally succeeded in mastering the control of the fire.

As a result, he started to refine pills using the information in the jade left by Zhou Ling.

Using the herbs in the garden, Wang Lin started to slowly try refining pills. However, the success rate was too low. In 10 tries, he only succeeded once, and sometimes, not even once.

If this continued, then, no matter how many herbs were in the garden, they couldn’t withstand this kind of useage.

Finally, because one of the herbs ran out, Wang Lin used the spirit liquid after pondering for a while. Surprisingly, the refining was successful.

And it was not only one success. As long as the liquid was used in the refining process, then the success rate would increase by an unimaginable degree. It would succeed 9 out of 10 times. After much testing, Wang Lin confirmed that another effect of the spirit liquid was to increase the success rate of pill refining.

As a result, with the help of the spirit liquid and the heaven defying bead, his cultivation climbed at an incredible rate. He had now reached the 15th layer and was getting close to Foundation Building.

Wang Lin clearly remembered when his main body tried to enter Foundation Building. No matter what he tried, he always failed. In the end, Situ Nan told him that there were only three ways to reach the Foundation Building stage. One was to obtain a Foundation Building pill, another was to steal someone else’s foundation, and the last one was to have a Nascent Soul cultivator help you reach Foundation Building.

Foundation Building pills were too rare and there was no Nascent Soul cultivator to help him, so the Wang Lin from back then decided to steal someone’s foundation.

His target for stealing their foundation ended up being Teng Huayuan’s grandson, Teng Li, due to many circumstances.

His avatar had also reached this stage, but he didn’t need to steal someone’s foundation or have a Nascent Soul cultivator help him, because he had learned alchemy.

But the recipe for the Foundation Building pill wasn’t easy to obtain. Normally, the teacher was supposed to make the pill and gift it to the disciple, but Zhou Lin was currently in closed door training. He would have never thought that Wang Lin, who was only at the 3rd layer, would have already reached the 15th layer.

Wang Lin sat in the yard, pondering. He waved his hand and took out the voice transmission jade from Cheng Xian. In these past several months, Cheng Xian would often visit Wang Lin and talk a lot.

According to Cheng Xian, that time, with Lou Yue’s help, he was able to meet elder Sister Tong and they were getting along really well.

Wang Lin’s expression darkened. He sent out the voice transmission jade and it flew off into the distance. Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush and sat there, waiting for Cheng Xian.

Not long after, the roars of a beast could be heard from the distance. Soon, a spirit ape charged into the yard with Cheng Xian on its back. Cheng Xian smiled when he saw Wang Lin and said, “Brother, what were you looking for me for?”

Wang Lin looked up and slowly asked, “Do you have the recipe for the Foundation Building pill?”

Cheng Xian was startled and said, “That foundation building pill is a spirit pill, it is not something I can make. I don’t have recipes like that.”

Wang Lin slightly frowned. He secretly sighed and thought that he would have to find Li Muwan again.

“But, since brother asked, I have to at least try to help. Although I don’t have it, my teacher should definitely have it. Give me three days. I’ll definitely be able to steal it in three days.” Cheng Xian let out a proud smile, then talked with Wang Lin for a bit. He looked at the sky and said, “Today, elder sister Tong made arrangements with me to meet outside, so I won’t have time to talk more. As for the Foundation Building pill, don’t worry about it. I got you covered!” He excitedly left on the unwilling spirit ape.

It didn’t take three days like Cheng Xian said, but, after two days, it arrived. Cheng Xian didn’t come himself, but the slightly larger spirit ape came, dropped off the jade, and left.

When Wang Lin came out, he only saw the spirit ape’s back. His eyes suddenly focused on the spirit ape and he noticed that its right leg was clearly injured. The way it walked was a bit strange, as if it didn’t dare to put weight on its right leg.

Wang Lin lowered his head and took the jade. He pondered for a while, then returned to the yard.

In the next 10 days, Wang Lin almost exclusively worked on his alchemy. The Foundation Building pill was a spirit pill. With Wang Lin’s current skill in alchemy, his failure rate was extremely high.

But, after putting in the spirit liquid, the success rate had increased greatly, however, it still couldn’t compare to the pei yuan pill. After using the spirit liquid, making pei yuan pills would succeed 9 out of 10 times, but with Foundation Building pills, it was only 5 to 6 out of 10 times.

Wang Lin pondered a little. He figured that the spirit liquid was less effective on higher quality pills.

But the heaven defying bead was still incomplete. Wang Lin had tried looking for the missing elements, but these elements were just too hard to find. It has to be said that for the fire element to be filled, it completely absorbed a wild spirit beast to complete it.

As a result, filling the remaining earth, wood, and metal elements was simply too hard. At least for now, Wang Lin hadn’t found any good methods to do it.

Among the elements, only the water element was easy to get and the wood element was not too bad. Although the wood element wasn’t complete, 7 leaves had appeared on the heaven defying bead.

The metal and earth elements didn’t have any movements at all. Wang Lin had tried many things, but none of them had any effect.

Wang Lin already had a great deal of understanding of the liquid from the heaven defying bead. There was a huge difference in the quality of the spirit liquid before the heaven defying bead was filled with water element.

And after the fire element was complete, the quality of the spirit liquid increased one fold. It was much better than before.

As a result, as long as the five elements are complete, even ignoring what other effects the heaven defying bead will gain, just the spirit liquid would be able to have an effect on the refining of high rank pills.

Only two Foundation Building pills were in each batch and one batch took a whole today to refine. After ten days, Wang Lin had gathered almost all of the herbs in the garden that could be used for the Foundation Building pills. In the end, he was able to make 13 Foundation Building pills.

Wang Lin’s avatar’s talent wasn’t that much different from his main body’s. Both had pretty mediocre talent, nothing special. So Wang Lin knew that just one Foundation Building pill wasn’t enough. That’s why he made so many, in case he needed more.

After he finished everything, he let out a sigh. He pressed his hand on his forehead and entered the heaven defying bead’s space.Shortly after he entered the space, a spirit ape arrived outside his yard. The ape was covered in wounds. It stood outside, roaring for a while, before it left in disappointment.

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