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Chapter 217 – Meet Up

As his main body slowly appeared from the restriction, the room got even colder. Even though the room was made of jade, a layer of frost formed on the walls.

After his main body appeared, his avatar took a deep breath and walked forward. His avatar crossed with the main body and they fused into one.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s eyes released a very cold light and his body released very powerful killing intent. After all of the years he had been at the country of Chu, his killing intent hadn’t lessened at all. Right now, he was only releasing a small amount of his killing intent and as for his evil intent, he didn’t reveal any.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He moved his body and a mask appeared on his face and his clothes became like that of his avatar’s. Then, he quickly left the room. He could clearly feel that his body’s cultivation had increased a bit.

It has to be said that he has already reached the peak of Core Formation. The originally impossible to raise cultivation had increased a bit. Although it hadn’t gotten to the point of his core breaking to form his Nascent Soul, there was a sliver of purple energy in his core.

Wang Lin knew that when trying to break into Nascent Soul, purple energy would appear. This purple energy could be called Nascent Energy, which was key for breaking through to Nascent Soul.

When the entire core gets covered by this purple energy, that means that the day of forming a Nascent Soul will soon come.

In the past, no matter how much Wang Lin tried, this purple energy had never appeared. Even after Wang Lin swallowed the Nascent Soul, the energy was destroyed by his Ji Realm right as it appeared.

But now, this purple energy appeared and his Ji Realm didn’t attack it. This meant that Wang Lin’s theory was correct. If he were to continue through with this plan and fuse with his main body once his avatar reaches Nascent Soul, then his main body will be able to break through to Nascent Soul and he will be invincible in front of everyone below the Spirit Severing stage.

And adding on all of his various techniques, treasures, and the ancient god’s inheritance, he wouldn’t be afraid to fight a Spirit Severing cultivator, just like how he wasn’t afraid to fight a Nascent Soul cultivator right now.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He didn’t stay still, but moved like a ghost until he was next to the body of the spirit ape. He was just about to deal with the body when his eyes suddenly focused on the ape. He thought, “No wonder, it’s an upper spirit beast. With my avatar’s cultivation, I couldn’t see that its soul was still there.”

Wang Lin moved his right hand, pressed it above the ape’s head, and said, “Since I met you before, I’ll save you once. From today onward, you’re my third devil!”

A ray of black light appeared from Wang Lin’s hand. The light entered the spirit ape’s head. The black light flowed through the ape’s body and came back out of its head. This time, the soul of the spirit ape was inside the black light.

The moment the soul appeared, an aura that would make people shiver appeared. The fragrance emitted by the herbs around the garden disappeared. The herbs themselves began to tremble until they started to wilt, one by one.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slowly said, “There seems to be innate hostility in this soul. Very good. It seems that not only your body, but your soul also suffered a lot before you died.” Wang Lin felt the aura around him. This wasn’t the first time he had felt this aura. The first time he felt it was 400 years ago in the country of Zhao.

The owner of this aura back then was Wang Lin himself.

Now that he saw that this spirit ape’s soul had the same aura as him, he reached out, grabbed the soul, and put it into his soul flag.

After placing a few restrictions on the flag, he put it away and let it be. Inside the flag were several other powerful souls he had collected as backups for creating new devils.

If this spirit ape wasn’t devoured and instead devoured the other souls inside, then it had the right to become the third evil. If it isn’t able to do so, then the only path left was to be devoured.

After collecting the beast’s soul, Wang Lin left the yard and headed toward the southern courtyard.

At almost the same moment Wang Lin’s main body appeared, Li Muwan’s brow twitched. She was in the process of refining a very important pill when her body shivered. She ignored the important refining process that required all of her attention and threw away the furnace as she charged out of her room.

A batch of rank 4 pills was nothing compared to seeing the person in her mind right now.

In just that moment, the drop of blood in her brow with a sliver of that person’s divine sense suddenly fluctuated. It gave off the feeling of wanting to return to its owner.

As if there was a giant magnet in the distance pulling this sliver of divine sense, it almost burst out of her body and charged in that direction.

This kind of thing had never happened in the past 200 years. But, in her heart and mind, she felt like she understood something. Could it be that the person she had been waiting for for over 200 years was not far away?

Li Muwan took a deep breath and quickly charged out of her room. Just as she was about to leave the yard, a gentle voice asked, “Junior sister, where are you going?”

A cold light flashed across her eyes. She tried to move forward, but a white figure suddenly appeared in front of her, blocking her path. The white figure was the middle aged man from before.

He looked at Li Muwan, mildly surprised. He said, “Junior sister, you haven’t told me where you were going. Eh? Its rare to see you in such a rush.”

The coldness in Li Muwan’s eyes became even colder. She stared at the man while holding back the divine sense in her body from bursting out. She said, word for word, with a freezing tone, “Sun Zhenwei, do you really think that you, with your late stage Core Formation cultivation, could stop me? If you don’t step aside now, then don’t blame junior sister for being ruthless.”

The middle aged man let out a soft smile and said, “Junior sister, this is the Cloud Sky Sect. Why would I dare to stop junior sister? Junior sister, where are you going? I’ll be happy to accompany you.”

At that moment, Wang Lin arrived at the southern courtyard. He stared at the white fog around the southern courtyard with no emotion on his face.

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