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Chapter 200 – Yun Fei

In the Sea of Devils, the chaotic broken stars.

It was a ring formed by many large, broken planets. There was a mysterious force in this place. No matter if it was entering or exiting, one must face many avatars with the same cultivation as one’s self. Only upon victory can one pass into or out of the mysterious ring. This place was also very dangerous, so as a result, not many people come here.

Two swords of light charged toward this place, one in front of the other. The sword of light in front was clearly dimmer. Inside the light was a young woman with her lips pursed and face pale. She was wearing greenish red clothes, her waist was slim, and she looked very pretty.

In the light behind, there was a middle aged man with a square face and thick brows. His eyes were as big as bells. He had a mocking smile on his face as his cold eyes stared at the young woman in front of him.

The sword under his feet was very stable. He was clearly not putting too much effort into this pursuit. As he stared at the woman, his eyes became more cold.

These two lights, one behind the other, quickly closed in from the distance. The young woman looked ahead at the chaotic broken stars and an idea came to her mind. She had been running for a months now, and for this past month, no matter where she ran, that person was always close behind her. If she hadn’t used her master’s secret technique to escape, she would have already been caught.

But using this secret technique required too much spiritual power. After using it a few times, she couldn’t afford to use it anymore. Under the stress, she panicked and didn’t pay attention to where she was going. Without realizing it, she came to the chaotic broken stars.

When she realized this, she wanted to change direction, but just then, that person caught up to her again. She was helpless, so she could only move forward. Soon, the two came closer and closer to the ring formed by broken stars.

She knew in her heart that the person behind her wasn’t using his full strength, but playing around with her, to pressure her to keep moving forward. She had to be careful to not enter the chaotic broken stars’ ring, but the distance to there was getting shorter and shorter.

Qian Kun was casually chasing her. He had his heart set on the item she possessed. If it were not for her suddenly using that escape technique a few times, he would have already caught her, but now, in panic, she ran herself toward the chaotic broken stars. It seemed as if even the heavens were helping him. Thinking about this, his smile widened and became even colder.

Qian Kun’s gloomy voice slowly said, “Yun Fei, in front of you is the chaotic broken stars. In the Sea of Devils, the chaotic broken stars is a very dangerous place. As of now, no one has ever passed through it by relying on luck. Do you want to give it a try?”

The woman’s face became more pale and the bitter feeling in her heart increased. When she was 5 feet away from the chaotic broken stars, she suddenly stopped and turned around. She looked at Qian Kun with a bleak face. Biting her lips, she said, “Senior, junior here escaped to here by chance. Why must you kill me?”

Qian Kun’s mouth twitched. The sword under his feet stopped 10 feet away from the woman. He shot one glance toward the chaotic broken stars behind her. He smirked and said, “I am only here on orders. You should blame yourself for taking something you shouldn’t have.”

The woman laughed. She tooked out a piece of jade from her bag of holding. Looking at Qian Kun, she whispered, “This is something that belongs to my master. How it is something I’m not supposed to take? Senior, within the Enchanted Palace, there is a replica. Even if I take this, it doesn’t affect the Enchanted Palace at all.”

Qian Kun’s gaze landed on the piece of jade. His expression was one filled with greed. His task was to kill this woman and take back the jade.

There was a seal placed by the Enchanted Palace on this piece of jade. Qian Kun knew that even if he were to get his hands on it, he couldn’t use it, only return it. And this woman named Yun Fei, although her identity was ambiguous, she could read this jade, otherwise, she won’t have had the chance to steal it.

Precisely because of this series of events, he didn’t just kill her, but followed her closely.

Qian Kun darkly said, “I don’t know if taking that jade would affect the Enchanted Palace or not, I just know that if I take it, it will benefit me greatly.”

The woman revealed a bold expression. She said, “Senior, if you have something to say, just say it, but do consider the importance of this piece of jade.”

Qian Kun didn’t say a word, but a hint of joy appeared in his eyes. He already knew that this Yun Fei was the successor of the famous Qi Huang Sect. Although the Qi Huang Sect was destroyed by a mysterious force, this woman somehow managed to escape unharmed.

Afterward, the woman who held the piece of jade containing the Qi Huang Sect’s most precious pill recipes was captured by the Enchanted Palace and was forced to be a concubine there. Now, after many years, she finally found the chance to run away with the piece of jade.

Qian Kun was at the mid Core Formation stage. Although the line to the late stage was thin, his cultivation technique was very limited. He was afraid that he would never be able to enter the late stage.

But if he could get his hands on this piece of jade and make pills with the recipes inside, then he would be able to enter the late Core Formation stage.

The woman let out a heavy sigh. Without a word, she took out a blank piece of jade. After imprinting information on the jade, she said, “Senior, I’m finished imprinting. If you let me escape, this jade is yours.”

Qian Kun laughed and said, “Good. First, hand over the jade. After I confirm the information inside, I’ll let you leave.” As he finished speaking, he started to move forward.

The woman quickly shouted, “Stop!” She held the jade in her right hand. With just a bit of spiritual power, she could crush this replica. At the same time, she backed up two feet. While staring at Qian Kun, she said, “Senior is already at the mid Core Formation stage and I have only just entered the Core Formation stage. I’m one stage below senior, so I can’t help but guard against senior not keeping his promise after getting the jade.”

Qian Kun slightly frowned. His cold eyes stared at the jade in her hand and said, “What do you mean?”

Yun Fei took a deep breath and plainly said, “I’d like to ask senior to back away 1000 feet. I’ll place the jade here. After I leave, senior can come here and collect this piece of jade, or else I’ll immediately crush it and commit suicide. Then, senior would have gained nothing.”

Qian Kun revealed a cold smile, “What a joke. How would I know if the jade you give me is real or not? What if you trick me?”

At this time, neither of them noticed that, within the chaotic broken stars, was a 3 foot long rift. Waves of black energy emitted from it.

Yun Fei’s face hardened and was about to speak, but Qian Kun continued to say, “I don’t have time to waste with you. Hand over the jade and I’ll let you live. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless. As for the jade, I’ll take my loss.” As he finished speaking, he slowly floated forward.

The distance of 10 feet could be traveled in a flash, but Qian Kun moved slowly, because he was afraid of her unconsciously crushing the jade, then he really would have gained nothing.

Yun Fei clenched her jaw. She threw the jade to the side and quickly escaped away from Qian Kun.

Qian Kun suddenly started to move like lightning and chased after the jade. After catching up to it, he held it in his hand and scanned it with his divine sense, then immediately became excited. After laughing madly a few times, he found Yun Fei, who was escaping. His eyes revealed malicious intent as he quickly chased after her.

This time, his speed was clearly different from before. It was several times faster..

Although Yun Fei was running away as fast as possible, she secretly kept tabs on Qian Kun’s movement with her divine sense. After seeing him catch the jade, she suddenly had a really bad feeling and started to move faster.

But soon, she started to despair. Qian Kun didn’t keep his promise, but chased after her.

Yun Fei sneered in her heart, “Qian Kun, even if I die, if you follow that jade to refine pills, you will die miserably. All of this is your own fault.” Then, she sighed. She stopped moving and decided to stop her own heart.

Qian Kun saw that Yun Fei stopped running and had given up on resisting. He let out a big laugh and quickly rushed forward. He said, “Since you gave me this piece of jade, I’ll let you die in pleasure. Let me have a good look at that body and see what’s so extraordinary about it that even enchanted master. If you properly serve me, I might even let you go…”

Just as Qian Kun finished talking, his eyes suddenly fiercely stared toward the chaotic broken stars. His eyes were filled with astonishment, but that quickly turned to fear.

Qian Kun suddenly stopped talking. Yun Fei stopped herself from stopping her own heart. She looked toward the chaotic broken stars. Her jaw dropped and she had a shocked expression on her face.

She only saw that, within the chaotic broken stars ring, a rift somehow appeared. The rift was rapidly expanding. In the blink of an eye, it was already more than 5 feet wide. The rift formed an arc, like the mount of a beast. This caused anyone who saw it to feel a chill in their heart.

Within the Sea of Devils, there were only red rifts that appeared between the inner and outer seas, so the meaning of a rift here was deep. This rift not only emitted black energy, but was quite large, while the rifts that appeared between the inner and outer seas were only small rifts.

But before Qian Kun and Yun Fei was such a large rift. The moment the rift appeared, Qian Kun felt a tingling sensation on his head.

He almost immediately wanted to give up killing Yun Fei and escape from this place. Just as this thought surfaced, he immediately suppressed it. His eyes lit up as he stared at the chaotic broken stars’ ring. His heart calmed down. With the formation there, no matter how strong the thing that comes out of the rift is, it won’t be able to come out of the ring, so there was no need to flee.

At the same time, the rift suddenly started to grow. Waves of black light came out of it, along with many strange energies. Soon, a young man wearing a black cloak calmly walked out.

This person had a head of white hair that flowed behind him, giving him an ancient feel, but his eyes revealed a ruthless look.

The most eye catching part was the dark purple star on his forehead. This purple star gave of a purple light. It felt like it was filled with demonic energy. Along with the black light from the rift behind him, he looked like a demon that just walked out of hell.

The person didn’t even look back. He waved his right hand and that large rift behind him quickly started to close. In almost the blink of an eye, the rift disappeared completely, leaving only the demon-god-like youth.

He stood in mid air. His eyes showed signs of regret and looked through the chaotic broken stars’ ring and spotted Qian Kun and Yun Fei.

Qian Kun felt a sense of horror from the moment he saw the youth walk out of the rift. Because there was the ring between them, he couldn’t scan the youth with his divine sense. However, even if the ring didn’t exist, Qian Kun wouldn’t dare to scan that youth with his divine sense.

In his view, if that person could walk out of such a large rift, then that person’s cultivation level must have reached an unimaginable level. The youth should be at least nascent soul, or even the mythical Spirit Forming stage.

As a result, how could he dare to offend the youth?

More importantly, he felt like the scene before him, he had heard of it from somewhere before, but couldn’t remember where he had heard it from.

When the white haired youth looked at him, even though it was through the broken star, his legs grew weak and he wanted to run away, but he stopped himself.

Qian Kun knew that even if he ran, if the youth could get through the ring, then he would be able to catch up to him instantly, so running or not running was the same. In fact, running would just make the youth remember him more clearly.

Besides, if the youth couldn’t get out of the ring, then even if he didn’t run, he was still safe.

Thinking this in his heart, Qian Kun suddenly stopped and clasped his hands. He respectfully said, “This junior is the Poison King’s Enchanted Palace’s 5th generation disciple. Qian Kun greets senior.”

Yun Fei’s heart became weak because she had just had a near death experience and then witnessed such a scene. Her conclusion was about the same as Qian Kun, but in her mind, she thought that if she ran, then she would be killed by Qian Kun, but if she stays, there might be a chance for her to live.

After thinking about it, she respectfully said, “Junior is Qi Huang Sect’s Tu Mo Yun. Greetings, senior.”

The white haired youth withdrew his gaze after glancing at them coldly. He looked toward the chaotic broken stars’ ring. After pondering for while, he slammed his bag of holding and a small creature appeared in his hand.

The beast had three pairs of wings on its back. It’s clear eyes made it seem as if it were psychic. It immediately flew forward.

With its wings beating, it quickly charge at the ring. Soon, it arrived inside the ring.

Shortly after, a broken fragment released a white light. After the light faded, a copy of the beast appeared.

When the two beasts met, both released high pitch screeches and started to attack each other.

The white haired youth frowned. He waved his hand and the little beast’s body suddenly started to tremble. Its body formed a small toronado and flew out from the ring and landed on the youth’s shoulder. With a move of his hand, the beast disappeared.

This white haired youth was Wang Lin. He had used the method left in the Ancient God’s memory to open up a tunnel to leave the land of the Ancient God.

After exiting the tunnel, he appeared inside the ring of the chaotic broken stars. If he wanted to leave, then he must pass the ring. From what he had heard from Duanmu and others’ conversations, he had an idea of what the ring was like.

He planned to use the same method he entered before to leave, but that transfer array was too complicated, and among the memories of the Ancient God, for some reason, there was almost no information about transfer arrays.

After thinking about it, it made sense. With how strong the Ancient Gods were, there really was no need to use transfer arrays to travel. They could easily open up a black hole and travel through it.

Of course, this didn’t mean that there wasn’t supposed to be information on transfer arrays in the Ancient God’s memories. Otherwise, why would there be that mysterious array in the fourth realm?

If this was really true, then it was as Wang Lin had suspected. The inheritance that he absorbed wasn’t complete.

However, all of this was Wang Lin’s speculation. As for whether or not any of it was true, no one could really know.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. His eyes were filled with determination and he charged toward the ring.

The moment Wang Lin entered the ring, although Qian Kun’s expression was calm, his heart started to tense up. This was not the first time he had seen someone charge into the ring. Many years ago, he saw someone who was at the nascent soul from the Enchanted Place charge into the ring. He died so miserably that not even his nascent soul managed to escape and was swallowed by the mysterious force.

So when he saw Wang Lin charge into it, his eyes immediately focused.

Yun Fei was even more tense than Qian Kun. She had placed all of her hope of escaping death on that youth. She thought that if Wang Lin could make it out of the ring, then Qian Kun would not act rashly. With the jade as a gift, she might have a chance. Although all of this might not work, it was a chance Yun Fei decided to take.

The moment Wang Lin entered the ring, a few of the broken fragments quickly collided together. In a flash of white light, an exact copy of Wang Lin appeared in the ring.

When the copy appeared, it let out a cold smile. It slammed its bag of holding and a black sword appeared. This flying sword was weird, it had many thorns on it. It was clearly Wang Lin’s personal flying sword.

Wang Lin scanned the black sword and was really impressed by the power behind the mysterious force, that it could even copy magical treasures. Even the crack created by Hunchback Meng was on there.

This time, Wang Lin decided not to fight. He was just there to scout.

After the copy took out the black sword, it let out a loud laugh and the sword flew toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s mouth twitched. He slammed his bag of holding and took out the black sword as well.

Immediately, two identical swords started attacking each other.

Shortly after, Wang Lin let out a cold smile. His Ji Realm Divine Sense suddenly moved and formed red lightning. At the same time, the copy’s eyes also revealed red lightning.

Wang Lin stared at the copy with a dignified look. He saw that the red lightning flashed a few times in the copy’s eyes, then the copy’s eyes exploded and became fragments. At the same time, it seemed the copy couldn’t withstand the red lightning’s power either and exploded as well.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immediately began to ponder. Although he moved his Ji Realm Divine Sense, he didn’t attack with it, but only used it to test if the copy could even copy his Ji Realm Divine Sense.

Now he knew that although the ring’s power was mysterious, it couldn’t copy his Ji Realm. Wang Lin revealed cold smile and walked deeper into the ring.

According to what Wang Lin heard from Duanmu, this ring was 100 miles wide. After beating the first copy, one can travel 50 miles, then one must defeat two more copies, then one can travel 50 more miles and exit the ring.

Qian Kun’s heart almost collapsed when that copy exploded. Wang Lin’s ranking in his heart instantly soared to an unprecedented height. He could have never thought that the copy formed by the mysterious power would explode so quickly by itself. He could not imagine the technique behind it.

Yun Fei’s eyes became stronger. She stared at Wang Lin, who was inside the ring, thinking about how to ask him for help in a way that she wouldn’t be rejected.

Wang Lin easily moved forward, but only after he had moved ten feet did the fragment release a white light again. After the white light faded, two more copies appeared.

After the two copies appeared, one took out a flying sword and other took out a scroll.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but his heart sank. Unless Duanmu lied, then it was because he had destroyed the the first copy so quickly, that it caused a change.

But Wang Lin’s mood did not change at all. He still remained cold and calm. The moment the two copies appeared, red lightning appeared in his eyes again and his Ji Realm Divine Sense came out again.

This time, the two copies didn’t immediately follow and use their Ji Realm, but quickly started to use their treasures.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Without any hesitation, he charged toward the copies. Before, he experimented with with his Ji Realm. This time, he wanted to test how powerful his body had become after receiving the Ancient God’s inheritance and underwent reconstruction.

Will the body formed by reconstruction be as strong as his memories showed him?

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