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Chapter 199 – Land of the Ancient God (Final)

Wang Lin clearly remembered how many ice crystals he had absorbed.

After the 70th ice crystal, they took several times longer to absorb.

As Wang Lin absorbed more ice crystals, they contained more and more memories, and the first thing that Wang Lin would do after breaking out of the cocoon was check his body. As he absorbed more and more of the inheritance, his speculation was confirmed. The star on his forehead represented the amount of times that his body had undergone reconstruction.

After every ice crystal he absorbed, the color of the star on his forehead would become more clear, and at the same time, Wang Lin could clearly feel that with every ice crystal he absorbed, his body underwent an adjustment. After readjusting 70 times, Wang Lin could feel his body’s toughness. It was as if he was following the steps of the Ancient Gods.

Although, from the outside, his body looked completely normal, the inside had undergone tremendous change. After absorbing 70 ice crystals, his body was extremely robust.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He speculated that, in its current state, his body would be able to withstand blows from a spirit forming stage cultivator.

Time passed. Today, within the space that contained the ancient god’s inheritance of knowledge, there were no more blue ice crystals remaining. The only thing left was a giant dark blue cocoon

The cocoon was not normal. There were countless cracks on its surface. If one looked carefully, then they would say that they looked like the cracks on Tu Si’s skin.

This giant cocoon had been here for countless years with no sign of breaking. The entire surrounding area felt like it was silenced by some mysterious force. There had been no change in these countless years.

Wang Lin’s body laid inside the cocoon. His heart had long since stopped beating. His entire body lied in there, in a death-like state.

His soul was in complete chaos. The time that it was taking to absorb the last ice crystal had been much longer than the last 93 combined.

His soul was submerged in the ancient god’s memories. He experienced the events from the birth of the Ancient God Tu Si, to when he decided to practice the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique, as if he was there himself. After experiencing all that, Wang Lin even had a feeling that he himself was an Ancient God.

This type of confusion was something that Wang Lin had been avoiding, but now, on the last ice crystal, this feeling burst forth.

Because of of this, Wang Lin’s soul remained in a state of slumber. After an unknown amount of time, a cracking sound could be heard from the giant cocoon.

Shortly after, continuous cracking sounds emitted from the cocoon. The countless lines that covered it began to grow wider. Soon, with a pop, the entire cocoon broke open.

A body emerged from the cocoon. That person had black eyes and white hair, with a very ordinary face, but very tyrannical atmosphere. Currently, the person’s eyes were closed, and heart his was stopped. He presented no sign of life.

After a long time, his eyes opened. His eyes felt like they contained endless power.

Wang Lin slowly let out a breath, then he examined his body. After absorbing the 94th ice crystal, he could clearly feel how strong his body had become. Even though he hadn’t done any testing, he was confident that this body would help him reach his goal and bring him many benefits.

Recalling when he was absorbing the last ice crystal, his heart still felt shocked. If he didn’t take precautions before going into it, like when he absorbed the 50th ice crystal and slowed down the rate he was absorbing the ice crystals in order to create a solid foundation, then after absorbing the 94th ice crystal, he would have lost himself and would’ve ended up becoming a lunatic who thought he was Tu Si .

Because of the solid foundation that he had built, he was able withstand the storm and keep his identity.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The memories he obtained were almost complete, but his heart still felt a trace of doubt. According to the memories that he had received, they contained the moment of Tu Si’s birth to when Tu Si started practicing the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique, but not of when he was practicing the technique that lead to his death.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He carefully scanned the surroundings. He had a wild guess that there weren’t only 94 ice crystals, but not too much more.

It’s just that, why weren’t the remaining few here? Wang Lin frowned and pondered it for a while, but gave up thinking about it. Both his hands moved to form a seal, then he spoke in the Ancient God’s language and said, “Open!”

Immediately, a curved rift opened before him. Within it were three black, glowing stones.

Wang Lin grabbed the three stones with this right hand. As he stepped forward, ripples spread out from under his feet.

He took three steps and his body disappeared from this place.

Those three stones were the key material for making the restriction flag. Within a rift in the Ancient God’s meridian, there were countless restrictions placed in a way that formed a ring around a certain spot, releasing a dangerous scent. A figure with white hair suddenly appeared outside the ring.

After he appeared, he stared at the ring. After looking at it for a while, and confirming that there was no change, he walked forward. Those restrictions seemed as if they had lost their power, because none of them activated at all. With every step, the nearby restrictions disappeared. As he walked to the center of the ring, all of the restrictions on the way disappeared.

He was Wang Lin, and as for these restrictions, they were the ones that he himself had placed to protect his body and his bags of holding.

Although he believed this place to be safe because it was not really within the meridian, but in the special space created from the memories of the inheritance, Wang Lin’s personally was very careful, so he still left many safety measures.

After entering the restrictions, his eyes landed on his old body and the bags of holding. His eyes revealed a look of regret. The body before him had already rotten. There were traces of spiritual energy released from the body’s Core Formation.

Next to the body were some bags of holding.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. If he hadn’t reconstructed a body after he received the inheritance of memory, then he would have to obtain another body.

He placed his right hand on the chest of his old body. The lifeless body suddenly started to release thick spiritual energy. Soon, cracks appeared on the body’s hands and feet, and continued to spread. As the cracks grow wider, the fluctuations of spiritual energy grew larger. Eventually, the body completely shattered, and a fist sized core floated out of it.

There were countless specks of colored dots scattered among the shattered body.

Upon seeing the core, he felt a sense of familiarity. After all, this was the core that he had formed himself, and this connection wasn’t something that time would cut.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the core flew toward him. The moment the core reached his hand, it disappeared into his body and charged toward his dantain. Once it reached his dantain, it started to slowly rotate in place.

Waves of spiritual energy washed over Wang Lin’s body. He closed his eyes and felt his body. He reopened his eyes stared at the remains of his old body. He hand formed a seal as he growled, “Inferno Flame!”

As his words left his lips, the blue dots mixed in with the remains of the body came together to formed a blue flame.

Wang Lin opened his mouth and sucked the flame into his body. It disappeared into his dantain.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and made the bags of holding next to the body fly one by one into his hand. Shortly after, a white light emitted from his hand and a black cloak appeared. After putting on the cloak, Wang Lin grabbed at the void created a rift. Without any hesitation, he walked into it.

He appeared again at the place that held the inheritance of knowledge. Wang Lin took a deep breath and checked his surroundings. After making sure that everything was the same as before, he began to chant some very complex words in the ancient god’s language.

With the seal formed by his hand, a simmering light screen appeared before him. The words in his mouth acted like an invisible hand, expanding the light screen. Soon, the light screen became large enough, and the Ancient God’s image appeared on it.

Wang Lin was very familiar with the pressure that Ancient God Tu Si’s illusion had, so his heart remained calm.

After the image appeared, the eight stars on Tu Si’s forehead shot out eight beams of light, forming a octagon shaped whirlpool.

Wang Lin stared at Tu Si’s image and thought, “Land of the Ancient Gods, goodbye!”

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