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Chapter 201 – 200 Years

Wang Lin suddenly moved. At the same time, the two copies started to use their magical treasures. Wang Lin had already arrived before them. Meanwhile, his hand formed the seal from the memories of the Ancient God, then he shouted, “Break!”

Suddenly, a strong force came from the seal formed by Wang Lin’s hand. Under the pressure of the force, the treasures that the two copies tried to activate were suddenly paused for a bit.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s body charged like a meteor toward the two copies. The two copies’ expressions didn’t change and they started to active the same technique.

Wang Lin rammed into the one of the copies with no hesitation. When they collided, that copy immediately collapsed into dust. The copy Wang Lin targeted was the one who took out the scroll.

From his point of view, the scroll was very mysterious. He didn’t want to give the copy a chance to use it and cause unnecessary trouble.

The other copy controlled the black sword and attacked Wang Lin.

The moment the flying sword came toward him, Wang Lin stopped and moved his right hand in a circle. An illusionary circle appeared.

The restriction quickly grew larger and stood between Wang Lin and the flying sword.

Shortly after, Wang Lin charged toward the other copy. It realized something was wrong and quickly escaped. Wang Lin started to chase the copy.

However, the copy obviously couldn’t mimic the power Wang Lin gained from the body reconstruction from the Ancient God’s inheritance, so no matter if it was speed or physical power, the copy couldn’t compare with Wang Lin.

As a result, after a short while, the copy was rammed into by Wang Lin and collapsed.

Wang Lin’s charge didn’t stop. After checking his body and his Ji Realm, he didn’t want to waste any more time here and charged out like lightning.

Wang Lin continued to fly through the remaining 70 miles. Sonic booms could be heard as he flew. At the same time, copies appeared one after another before him, however, all of them were either smashed by his body, or, for the ones farther away, destroyed by his Ji Realm’s red lightning.

For more than 70 miles, none of the copies could slow Wang Lin down even a tiny bit. After a few short breaths, Wang Lin broke out of the chaotic broken stars’ ring.

To others, the chaotic broken stars might contain a lot of power, but to Wang Lin, if this place couldn’t copy his Ji Realm or the strength of his reconstructed body, then it was powerless against him.

This ring was formed by a large divine avatar technique, but Wang Lin’s Ji Realm was a heaven defying existence, so if the divine technique couldn’t copy it, then it was useless against him.

As for the Ancient God’s body, if this ring could copy it, then the Ancient Gods wouldn’t be so mysterious. The person that laid down this formation couldn’t possibly compare with the Ancient God’s power, so how could the formation copy it?

Wang Lin, with his Ji Realm and Ancient God’s body, charged out of the ring. He felt a ripple in his heart. When he went into the land of the Ancient God, he was only someone at the Core Formation stage.

Now, not only had he learned restrictions and obtained a body like the Ancient God, but his Ji Realm soul had also formed a core. As a result, although Wang Lin might not be able to beat a Nascent Soul expert, he was confident that he wouldn’t die in a fight against one.

In addition, Wang Lin felt that even against a Spirit Forming stage expert, he still stood a chance at winning. If he used all of these mysterious chants and techniques properly with his magical treasures, then he could defeat someone at the Spirit forming stage.

Before, if he met a Nascent Soul expert, even if he ran, his only road was death.

A Nascent Soul cultivator’s power came after the body formed a Nascent Soul. The spiritual power in the body undergoes a huge change. At the Nascent Soul stage, a sliver of spiritual power could match all of the spiritual power that someone at the Core Formation stage could muster. In addition, the most notable technique Nascent Soul experts could use is instant movement.

This instant movement technique was what allowed Nascent Soul experts to be the peak in a 3rd ranked country.

In addition, Nascent Soul cultivators could use many more techniques than Core Formation experts, and even if they used the same technique, a Nascent Soul cultivator’s power was hundreds to thousands of times more powerful.

It could be said that in the history of cultivation, only a few people at the Core Formation stage could beat people at the Nascent Soul stage. Even with some heaven defying treasure, at most, they could only protect themselves.

After all, the power of a magical treasure is closely related to the user’s cultivation level.

The Nascent Soul stage is a dividing line in the cultivation world. Only after forming a Nascent Soul can cultivators truly be considered strong. This shows how important forming a Nascent Soul is.

Meanwhile, the difference between the three realms is also very large. Each stage is at least 10 times stronger than the previous.

In other words, a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator is about 10 times stronger than a mid stage Nascent Soul cultivator, and 100 times stronger than an early stage Nascent Soul cultivator. This is a bit overly simplified though, because it doesn’t factor in magical treasures.

This was all a guess by Wang Lin. He wasn’t sure if he could really beat a Nascent Soul expert. After all, he was only at the late stage of Core Formation.

But since his Ji Realm Soul had increased greatly, his reconstructed body contained the power of the Ancient God, and factoring in the various magical treasures Wang Lin possessed, he hesitated in his uncertainty.

After Wang Lin broke out of the ring, he decided not to go find a Nascent Soul expert to try it out. He thought that would be extremely stupid.

Wang Lin gazed at Qian Kun and Yun Fei. He never really thought about Core Formation cultivators, even before he entered the Land of the Ancient God, and even less so now.

He didn’t have any interest in the problems between these two people, but he did need someone to answer his question, so he asked, “Where is the closest city?”

The moment Wang Lin walked out, Qian Kun revealed a very respectful expression, but his heart was very tense. When he heard Wang Lin’s question, he wanted to answer, but Yun Fei answered before him.

“Senior, there aren’t any cities within a 10,000 mile radius of this place. Although, more than 30,000 miles to the west, there is a city called Qi Lin.” As Yun Fei was talking, she moved a few strands of her hair behind her ear, revealing her feminine charm.

Unfortunately, this act didn’t attract Wang Lin at all. After Yun Fei noticed that Wang Lin’s gaze didn’t linger on her at all, she felt a bit disappointed, but wasn’t about to give up. Mo Yun knew that she wasn’t perfect, but she was very skilled in bed, otherwise, the master of the Enchanted Palace wouldn’t be so enchanted with her. She secretly clenched her jaw. Ever since Wang Lin broke through the ring, she never stopped trying to guess his cultivation level. If she could find someone to hide behind, then even if the enchanted palace came to chase after her, they’d be forced to withdraw.

She believed that if this person would be willing to help her, then even wiping out the Enchanted Palace would be possible, but all of this was her fantasy.

Wang Lin obviously didn’t know what she was thinking. He looked toward the west and asked, “Does this Qi Lin city have spirit forming stage cultivators?”

“No, Senior. There are no spirit forming stage cultivators in Qi Lin city. In fact, in this Sea of Devils, let alone Qi Lin city, even in the top 10 cities, there aren’t many spirit forming stage cultivators.” This time, Qian Kun answered before Yun Fei. Before, he regretted letting Yun Fei answer before him. If he didn’t say anything this time and made this senior angry, then it would be very bad for him.

Wang Lin’s eyes wavered. He muttered, “No spirit forming…”

“Senior, 200 years ago, some of the well known spirit forming experts in the Sea of Devils disappeared into the chaotic broken stars, so there aren’t many remaining.” Qian Kun quickly answered, but after he finished speaking his expression suddenly changed. His eyes grew wide as he looked at Wang Lin with a mystified look. But quickly, his forehead started to sweat and he lowered his head, but his heart was in complete chaos.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed. His eyes became cold. He spoke with a voice as cold as the icy wind from hell. “Which spirit forming cultivators disappeared into this chaotic broken stars ring 200 years ago?”

Yun Fei also revealed a surprised expression. She also remembered the rumor from 200 years ago. She tightened her red lips and said, “Senior, junior here knows some of what happened 200 years ago. The Poison King’s Enchanted Palace’s prince, Meng Qingfan, Qi Mei city’s head, Duanmu Ji, Xuan Tian Sect’s head, Six Desire Devil Lord, and Tianmo Dong’s old monster, Ancient Emperor. Those four met here and disappeared together. Many of their successors came here in these 200 years, but found no clues.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm, but his heart was stunned. 200 years … unexpectedly, he had already been in The Land of the Ancient God for 200 years.

Wang Lin put away his feelings of regret and placed his gaze on Qian Kun. This person acted a bit weird earlier and said that he was from the Poison King’s Enchanted Palace, so his senior must be Hunchback Meng.

Under Wang Lin’s gaze, Qian Kun’s legs grew weak and he fell kneeling on the ground. He said, with fear and respect, “Senior, this junior doesn’t know anything and won’t say anything. Senior, please spare me.”

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