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Chapter 1783 - The Change of Su’s Memory Causes the World to Collapse

As Wang Lin walked within the plain, the grass around him parted ways, making a path for him. His pace was not fast because three days was enough for him to complete everything.

However, Wang Lin was still considering how to stimulate the third soul and cause its memories to become more confused.

“Then I should be able to do this.” Wang Lin took a step and looked at the dark sky. A ray light of flew through the sky and suddenly stopped when it passed Wang Lin. There was a flash of sword light and the ray of light charged at Wang Lin.

This was a young man wearing blue. His face was filled with killing intent, and he had a bloody aura around him. There was a flash of sword light as he closed in to take Wang Lin’s head.

However, as he closed in, Wang Lin slowly raised his right hand and pointed at the sword light. The light shined brightly and then shattered, revealing the shattered sword and the terrified young man.

The young man trembled and his body immediately exploded. He disappeared before Wang Lin’s fingers. Only the three tokens remained. They were surrounded by a gentle light and floated there, motionless.

“OK, I’ll just obtain first place in this trial.” Wang Lin waved his sleeve, and after putting away the three tokens, he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was beside a ray of light that was flying through the sky. The young man was on guard, carefully looking around. However, Wang Lin had appeared too suddenly, and he knocked the young man out of the sky.

Wang Lin didn’t carelessly kill people. He raised his palm and a token appeared. In a flash, he disappeared.

In the first trial, Wang Lin was like a wolf that entered a flock of sheep. No one could escape him, and he took the token of everyone he passed by.

Wang Lin gradually became famous in the first trial. When one saw Wang Lin, they would tremble and hand over their token. Wang Lin attacked very casually. He knew this was Seven-Colored’s memory. Every unreasonable thing would become reasonable as the memory became distorted.

For example, outside the Dong Lin Rift, the expressions and thoughts of all the people outside were made up by Seven-Colored’s memory. They would act depending on how Seven-Colored thought they would act.

“Who is this person!? In less than one day, he has obtained more than 300 tokens!!”

“His actions are decisive, but his cultivation level doesn’t seem much higher. Every attack contains cloud energy and looks extraordinary!”

“It is likely that no one will be his match in this competition. I didn’t expect a character like him in this generation.”

Among the golden figures, anyone who saw Wang Lin’s performance in the vortex was shocked. The teachers on the square all looked at Wang Lin with shock in their eyes.

Su Dao’s teacher’s face was filled with a proud smile. The better Wang Lin performed, the better his reward.

Inside the first trial, Wang Lin could clearly feel a large amount of distortions appear as he collected tokens and took down the geniuses from Su Dao’s memory. These distortions were due to the changes in the memory and signs of the third soul’s memories being changed.

“The simulation is not strong enough…” Wang Lin shook his head and his divine sense spread across the whole area. The moment his divine sense spread out, everyone here appeared in Wang Lin’s mind.

He was looking for the geniuses that had made Su Dao extremely jealous back then. These people had displayed dazzling performances and obtained high rankings in the following trials too.

One person was named Kun Peng. This person specialized in speed and left afterimages as he moved. In Seven-Colored’s memory, this person was ranked third in the first trial!

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he stepped through the void. He crossed a large distance with one step and arrived in another area. Here, he saw the cultivator named Kun Peng.

There were three people around this person, but the moment Wang Lin appeared, the three of them let out miserable screams and retreated. Kun Peng revealed a cold smile and was about to chase when he suddenly turned around. He glared at Wang Lin, who was floating 100 feet behind him.

The distortion was something only Wang Lin could see. As Wang Lin closed in on Kun Peng, the distortion became even more intense, as if the third soul was getting excited.

“Give me your token,” Wang Lin said slowly. He really didn’t want to have to act against a little cultivator like this.

Kun Peng’s pupils shrank and he retreated without hesitation. He was very fast and quickly retreated far away, but in Wang Lin’s eyes, he was too slow.

He let out a sigh and casually waved his right hand. Kun Peng let out a miserable scream and threw out more than a dozen jade tokens. As the tokens flew through the air, the distortion increased greatly.

The aura from the eight doors became more dense, but that was still not enough for them to completely reveal themselves.

“Is the simulation still not enough… Then I’ll help you kill Zhou Li!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and his divine sense locked onto Zhou Li. Zhou Li was in a sorry state and was carefully hiding himself in a mountain. He had eight tokens with him.

“Damned Su Dao. If not for him, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art would have been mine and I wouldn’t be in such a sorry state in the first trial. All of this is because of Su Dao!! I’m going to kill him!” Zhou Li sat there with a fierce expression. He hated Su Dao to the bone.

“He entered the sect much later than me. What qualifications does he have to learn the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art? Why does Teacher value him so much!?!” Zhou Li’s heart was filled with resentment. He clenched his teeth and focused on healing himself, but the mountain he was in trembled.

After Zhou Li was startled for a moment, the mountain rumbled. His expression changed greatly and he rushed out. The moment he left the mountain, it collapsed, and a few of the rocks headed for Zhou Li. He tried to dodge them but was still hit by one. He coughed out blood as he retreated 1,000 feet away from the mountain.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s figure appeared behind Zhou Li.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Zhou Li.”

These two words were like thunder that entered Zhou Li’s mind. The moment he rushed forward to escape, Wang Lin’s right hand pressed down on Zhou Li’s forehead. At this moment, the rumble in Zhou Li’s head became eternal.

The moment Zhou Li died, Wang Lin clearly felt the distortion around him become even more crazy and rumble faintly. It was as if the world created by the fifth flower was on the edge of collapse.

The aura of the eight doors became clear in an instant. Wang Lin immediately felt the locations of three of the doors!

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. Without hesitation, he moved and his divine sense spread out to find the rest of the Dong Lin Sect disciples. They were filled with fear as Wang Lin took away their jade tokens.

The more jade tokens he took, the more intense the distortion became, and the third soul would tremble even more. Everything Wang Lin did was the opposite of the third soul’s memories. This powerful contrast was about to tear the memory apart, and Wang Lin could feel the auras of the eight doors even more clearly.

“The Dong Lin Sect’s competition will no longer have a second or third trial. If I take all the jade tokens in the first trial, there won’t be any more trials as I’ll be the only winner. This will completely subvert the memories of the third soul!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he quickly moved. All the Dong Lin Sect disciples lost their jade tokens to Wang Lin as he passed them.

If anyone dared to resist, Wang Lin would immediately knock them away. However, Wang Lin had no feud against them. Even though they were people from Seven-Colored’s memory, he didn’t carelessly kill them.

Only those that Seven-Colored was jealous of and had a vicious encounter with later on were killed by Wang Lin. Every time he killed one, the distortion behind him would increase greatly.

It was as if the third soul had become excited in this chaos!

The rapid wind swept by. On the square of the Dong Lin Sect outside, they all stood up. Their surroundings were distorted and some figures even showed signs of collapsing. However, they weren’t aware at all as their gazes were locked onto the vortex that had stopped rotating in the sky.

They saw Wang Lin’s actions and saw how he obtained almost all the jade tokens by himself. They saw a shocking moment that had never been seen before in the Dong Lin Sect!

Their shocked expressions and thoughts were all things imagined by Seven-Colored. At this moment, a huge wave was set off in the Dong Lin Sect!

In the first trial, when Wang Lin obtained the last jade token, the distortion here was shocking. The auras of the eight doors were very clear, but it felt like there was still a layer of fog in the way!

Wang Lin changed into the dim sky and his hands ripped at the sky. Wang Lin grabbed the sky and tore open a giant rift.

Outside the rift was the main square of the Dong Lin Sect!

Wang Lin walked out into the square before everyone’s shocked expressions. He floated in the sky above the Dong Lin Sect!

“I, Su Dao, am rank one in this competition!” After Wang Lin spoke, the sky and earth collapsed. All figures disappeared and everything in this world shattered.

The fifth flower trembled and crumbled inch by inch!

At the same time, the auras of the eight doors completely appeared as the third soul’s memories were subverted. Their auras shot into the air like pillars of smoke. 

The only thing that didn’t collapse was the back mountain of the Dong Lin Sect, the Dong Lin Pool!

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