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Chapter 1782 - The First Trial of the Evil Power of the Universe

Half an hour later, Wang Lin left the jungle. He looked calm, but he let out a sigh. The python was indeed one of the eight doors, but it wasn’t the real door.

“Five flowers, eight doors. If I check the doors one by one, I will eventually find it. However, even if I completely cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art, it won’t cause enough change to the third soul’s memory… In that case, I won’t be able to look for the eight doors.

“Right now I can only wait for the competition in several months. The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had profound memories of this competition. If I can subvert the memory enough in the competition, it would confuse it enough to reveal the real door!” Wang Lin floated in the air and pondered.

His figure turned into a cloud and flew toward the Dong Lin Sect.

Time soon passed and three months went by.

To be more accurate, it was the fifth month since Wang Lin had learned the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art. This was when the Dong Lin Sect competition would begin!

The Dong Lin Sect was part of the Nine Sects Thirteen Factions. Every 30 years, the sect would hold an internal competition among the lower level disciples to find those excellent talents to be focused on.

In addition, the qualification to cultivate inside the Dong Lin Pool made every competition extremely fierce.

The world of cultivators was also the strong preying on the weak. Although the rule was to not kill, injuries and deaths still happened. As long as one didn’t go on a slaughter, the sect wouldn’t mind.

The Dong Lin Sect had 321 lineages, and every lineage would send out three to five people. The lineage that won would obtain great rewards. As a result, the competition was quite fierce.

The competition of more than 1,000 people would take some time. It was also the rare time when the sect would become lively. The Dong Lin Sect was too big, so many people didn’t know each other. The competition was a good time to get to know more people.

On this day, Su Dao’s teacher had come out of closed door cultivation. He summoned all disciples and selected three to enter the competition. Wang Lin and Zhou Liu were naturally selected. The other person was a woman, she looked very beautiful even though she didn’t smile,

This woman was called Qin Mei. Seven-Colored had profound memories of this woman, and even some admiration. However, after this competition, she would become a dao pair with Zhou Li, cutting off Su Dao’s thoughts.

Outsiders would find it difficult to believe that the Su Dao now would eventually become the decisive and cunning Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, but Wang Lin felt empathic. He remembered that 2,000 years ago, he was a completely different person from today.

The environment could change everything, and experience could change one’s personality. This was a type of fortune; it could be good or bad.

As Wang Lin pondered, a beautiful voice echoed in his ears. “Junior Brother Su, I haven’t congratulated you on obtaining the qualification to cultivate the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art. I couldn’t even find a shadow of you recently and have only seen you now.” 

It was Qin Mei, who smiled cleverly and looked at Wang Lin. Her words were gentle and her fragrance blew into Wang Lin’s face with the wind.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. He was very calm and didn’t speak.

However, his smile made Qin Mei’s heart tremble. In her memory, Su Dao had always been shy, if she talked to him, he would blush and not know what to do.

However, the feeling from his smile was very different from before, as if it contained a feeling that couldn’t be explained. Su Dao was very handsome, and combined with Wang Lin’s smile, it contained a unique charm.

Not far away, Zhou Li watched all of this, and his eyes were gloomy. Although he looked the same as five months ago, the blood lines and fatigue in his eyes revealed his inner turmoil.

Qin Mei was about to speak, but her teacher waved his hand and a cloud shrouded the three of them. It flew toward the main sect of the Dong Lin Sect.

The competition of the low level disciples was at the main square of the main sect. If it was other times, the disciples of each lineage were not allowed to enter without a summon.

It was only during the competition that the disciples of the various lineages could come here. For many people, this would be the only time in their life they could come here.

The square wasn’t large, but it was big enough to accommodate 1,000 cultivators. Though if the competition was here, it wouldn’t be large enough. However, the Dong Lin Sect was able to become one of the Nine Sects Thirteen Factions, so their methods were unpredictable.

The elders of the sect would constantly add restrictions to the square each generation. During each competition, a small amount of these restrictions would be activated, and a rift to the Dong Lin Rift that the sect had created would open.

That was the battlefield for the first trial of the competition.

At this moment, rays of light flew through the sky above the square. Every ray of light was the teacher of each lineage bring their disciples.

Because it was the competition of low level disciples, and there was a good chance of finding the future genius of the sect, the Dong Lin Sect never invited outsiders. It was a completely internal affair.

However, the sect master, the elders, and all the various deacons would be present. They want to see which low level disciples were people worth raising.

When Wang Lin arrived at the square, most of the disciples participating were here. Although there were many people packed here, it was not messy. The entire place was orderly and there wasn’t much noise.

As a result, an invisible pressure naturally spread across everyone’s hearts. This pressure increased as more people appeared. This made their hearts beat faster and made them not dare to make any noise.

Half an hour later, the disciples of 321 lineages all arrived. They were all nervous and silent.

Wang Lin remained calm, but Qin Mei beside him was no longer smiling. She seemed a little nervous. Zhou Li was a bit better, but it was obvious that he was very nervous.

Wang Lin’s calmness shocked Qin Mei, but for some reason, she also slowly calmed down.

“My Dong Lin Sect has produced generations of talents until the Dong Lin Sect became one of the Nine Sects Thirteen Factions. This was obtained by the blood of your seniors and passed down to your generation.

“Today is the great competition of your generation. I hope to see the future of the Dong Lin Sect. I hope to see the indomitable spirit and decisiveness of a cultivator!

“The first trial of the competition is to enter the Dong Lin Rift, and the time limit is three days. During those three days, the goal is to steal the tokens from each other. The 30 with the most taken will pass!” A mighty voice echoed across the square. There was a flash of golden light and nearly 100 figures appeared. They were all powerful cultivators of the Dong Lin Sect. They sat in the sky and looked at the 1,000 disciples below.

Dozens of gazes fell on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had heard the same words in Seven-Colored’s memory. It was the same amount of participants, and even the golden figures in the sky were the same. The only difference was that those gazes were mostly looking at Zhou Li in the memory.

As for Su Dao, although there were a few gazes, Su Dao’s heart trembled under those gazes, and he lowered his head. He had a pitiful performance.

On the contrary, although Zhou Li trembled, he raised his chest and didn’t back down. With his talent and qualification to learn the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art, it was his time to shine.

However, everything had changed.

Gazes also swept past by Zhou Li, but no matter how much he struggled to hold on, it didn’t matter. Almost all those gazes swept past him and gathered on Wang Lin.

As for Wang Lin, he was calm as always, without any change. It was as if those gazes had no effect on him, and the truth was indeed so.

Zhou Li clenched his fist and lowered his head. His eyes were filled with jealousy and resentment. Over the last five months he couldn’t understand how this all happened, how did the cowardly Su Dao change so much. Everything that should belong to him in his mind was snatched by Su Dao.

“Enter!” At this moment, the mighty voice echoed once more and a five-colored light flashed above the square. A giant vortex appeared, and as the vortex rumbled, a foriegn world appeared inside.

The moment the vortex appeared, all the disciples were surrounded by a light. The light brought the disciples into the vortex.

More than 1,000 disciples and more than 1,000 rays of light entered the vortex. The square became quiet, leaving only the teachers of those disciples. They respectfully clasped their hands at the golden figures before sitting down to observe the competition.

After everyone entered, the vortex stopped rotating and turned into a mirror. It revealed everything inside. As long as one’s divine sense entered, they could clearly see everything inside.

This method allowed the powerful cultivators of the Dong Lin Sect to find the genius of the next generation!

This was an endless, dark land. The sky was dim, as if endless dust and fog had covered it. This was a spatial rift the Dong Lin Sect had created.

Everything imitated an area of the Immortal Astral Continent.

When Wang Lin appeared, he was on a plain covered in grass as tall as a person. The place he appeared in was exactly the same as Seven-Colored’s memory.

Back then, Su Dao eventually lost his token in the first trial and failed. He could only watch Zhou Li and several people from his lineage stand up and shine.

And Su Dao was just an insignificant grain of sand under that light.

This turn of events shocked Su Dao greatly. Su Dao had also suffered Zhou Li’s cruel abuse here. Although he wasn’t killed, it was something Su Dao could not forget. It was the point when his personality changed!

Wang Lin looked up at the dim sky as he muttered to himself, “I have arrived, and everything will change…”

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