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Chapter 1784 - The Fish Turns Into a Dragon Inside the Dong Lin Pool! 

The Dong Lin Pool, something the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had never entered before. Even after he was picked to be raised by his ancestor, he had never entered the Dong Lin Pool.

When he finally obtained the qualification to enter the Dong Lin Pool, he was expelled from the Dong Lin Sect due to an accident. This was something he regretted for the rest of this life.

At this moment, the world was collapsing, but only the Dong Lin Pool remained. This showed how much the third soul cared about this regret in his life.

The auras of the eight doors clearly appeared in the collapsing world. This loosened the restriction that made it so only Wang Lin could enter this world.

After all, Wang Lin had activated the fifth flower with the third soul, so once he entered, not even Old Ghost Zhan could enter.

However, as the memory became confused and collapsed, Old Ghost Zhan’s aura was circling this world. He was constantly trying to enter this world.

Right now, although the eight doors had appeared, the real one hadn’t revealed itself yet. If he tried to search them one by one, it would take a lot of time. After all, Wang Lin had made the eight doors appear by taking a shortcut. He had forced them to appear by confusing the third soul’s memories.

The world was being destroyed. It was likely that this place would collapse before he found the real door, then the eight doors would be hidden again. At that time, it would be even more difficult to find the door!

He had finally created this opportunity and would definitely not let it go to waste.

“Is the stimulation still not enough? Su Dao, you left the Dong Lin Sect, but I can help you fulfill your last wish to enter the Dong Lin Pool! Very well. I, Wang Lin, will help you fulfill your wish, but you have to tell me where the real door is!” Wang Lin knew that time was of the essence. Old Ghost Zhan could break the fragile barrier on this world at any moment.

Wang Lin no longer hesitated. He charged toward the Dong Lin Pool that hadn’t collapsed. He closed in on the pool in an instant. This pool was exactly the same as the pool in the second flower, only it wasn’t frozen. The pool was clear and a fragrance was flowing out of it.

He instantly sat inside the pool and sat down. The moment he sat down and touched the pool, the seven essences inside Wang Lin’s body moved.

This pool was very strange, and it contained an unimaginable essence energy. It rushed into his body and fused with his seven essences.

As they fused, Wang Lin’s seven essences grew and became several times stronger. After cycling inside his body, the seven essences rushed out.

The fire essence in Wang Lin’s left eye turned into a sea of fire and entered the Dong Lin Pool. It seemed to absorb endless power and turned into a fire body!

This body looked exactly the same as Wang Lin, but it was made of fire; it was formed by the fire essence! At this point, Wang Lin’s fire essence completely surpassed what it was before, and became complete!

The fire body was wearing clothes of fire, and a powerful aura erupted. Countless arcs of thunder moved inside the pool. A moment later, there was a thunderous rumble and a thunder dragon flew out from the pool and took human shape!

At the same time, thunder rushed out from Wang Lin’s right eye and turned into a thunder dragon that rushed into the pool. 

Just like the fire body, this thunder body also looked like Wang Lin. He looked like a thunder celestial!

Shortly after, the life and death, true and false, and karma essences silently appeared. The Dong Lin Pool suddenly lost more than half of its water and condensed the three ethereal essences. The life and death essence formed a body before Wang Lin!

This body opened its arms. Its left hand controlled life and its right hand controlled death. It looked like a celestial that controlled life and death. Its grey robe and long, fluttering hair was a shocking sight.

Beside the life and death true body, the karma and true and false essences formed two bodies as well!

For the karma true body, its open palm was karmic cause and its closed palm was karmic effect. This body gave off an otherworldly feeling, and its eyes were filled with endless wisdom, as if it had seen through all changes in the world.

The true and false true body’s eyes were half closed. It seemed to be alternating between true and false as if it were covered by fog. However, this body gave off a pressure that would make one’s heart tremble.

All five essences had formed true bodies, but this wasn’t the end. Wang Lin’s killing essence appeared and absorbed a large amount of water. When there was less than 30% of the pool remaining, the slaughter essence formed its true body!

This body was made of killing intent and was completely red. The moment it appeared, it gave off a killing intent that could destroy the world!

After the six essences came the restriction essence formed by the blood lines in Wang Lin’s eyes! The blood lines flew out before Wang Lin, and they looked like a pair of eyes.

The water from the pool decreased once more until there was less than 20% left. The restriction essence was complete and formed a true body. It floated before him, becoming his seventh essence true body!

The shock in Wang Lin’s heart had reached the limit. He had forgotten that Old Ghost Zhan was ready to rush in and that the true door was still hidden among the eight doors.

He could have never expected the Dong Lin Pool to have such an amazing effect that could allow his essences to evolve into essence true bodies, which he had never seen or heard of before!!

This turn of events was outside of his expectations. He didn’t expect such a shocking change to occur.

However, he understood that all of this was an illusion. The Dong Lin Pool was formed by the third soul’s memories, and it was all based on the possibility of this happening. Once the world collapsed completely, he would return to the real world and all of this would disappear.

However, this gave Wang Lin hope; it allowed him to know the importance of the Dong Lin Pool!!

“If I can go to the Immortal Astral Continent, I need to head to the Dong Lin Pool!” Wang Lin could hear a voice echo like crazy in his heart. He knew that although the current him was an illusion, his cultivation level had increased several fold!

However, this was not over yet. An even more shocking change came from the pool with less than 20% of its water left. Wang Lin didn’t only have seven essences, he had an eighth one!

The eighth essence was the water essence he had obtained from the formation on Planet Five Elements. However, it had only reached small completion and was far from reaching major completion for his cultivation level to increase.

However, at this moment, the water inside the Dong Lin Pool entered Wang Lin’s body through his pores and fused with his water essence. Wang Lin’s heart pounded as he felt the eighth essence rapidly become stronger. When all the water disappeared from the Dong Lin Pool, the water essence was complete!

It also formed an essence true body. The true body wore a water wave shirt and its whole body was crystal clear like water. The moment it formed, Wang Lin’s late stage Spirit Void cultivation rapidly increased!

In an instant, he reached the peak of the Spirit Void stage and was only one step from Arcane Void!

If he could form the ninth essence, he would step into the Arcane Void stage. The nine essences would fuse into one and reach the peak of essences!

After the Dong Lin Pool lost all its water, countless cracks appeared. It collapsed into countless pieces and disappeared into the void.

The Dong Lin Pool, the only thing that remained in this destroyed world, collapsed completely. Wang Lin opened his eyes.

At this instant, the world created from Seven-Colored’s memory was completely destroyed. Old Ghost Zhan’s aura suddenly entered and flew toward Wang Lin.

At the same time as the world collapsed, the aura of one of the eight doors suddenly increased greatly and suppressed the remaining seven doors!

This was the real door, the one that led to the Immortal Astral Continent!

Wang Lin suddenly looked up. As Old Ghost Zhan closed in, Wang Lin leaped up. Popping sounds came from his body. Although this powerful feeling and high cultivation level were all fake, they had opened up the door to a bright future for Wang Lin!

As he stepped forward, the world collapsed completely under his feet. The world of Seven-Colored’s memory collapsed, but the aura of the real door became even stronger. It was straight ahead!

Old Ghost Zhan seemed to have gone crazy and quickly closed in. However, he could not catch up to Wang Lin, who had learned the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art and formed eight essence true bodies!

Wang Lin only took one step and appeared before the real door!

This place was originally a mountain that had long been destroyed. What replaced it was a door! This door gave off an ancient aura and was extremely large. Wang Lin was like an ant before it!

The moment Wang Lin closed in on the door, he didn’t hesitate at all to raise his right hand. All of his Ancient Dao power and cultivation gathered in his palm and pressed against the door.

“Door to the cave, open!” Wang Lin roared, and the eight essence true bodies appeared. They all raised their hands and pressed against the door.

The door trembled and a thunderous rumble echoed. A gap appeared and the door began to open!

Outside the gap was the Immortal Astral Continent, the vast real world!

Wang Lin was the first person from inside the cave to come here after the door had been sealed. It was impossible to describe his mood. Perhaps Daoist Scattered Spirit had the same feeling as him when he left the Seven Million Worlds and appeared in the Ancient Star System.

The moment the door opened, a surge of pure Immortal Astral Continent aura rushed out!

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