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Chapter 1778 - Ancient Dao, No Celestials!

“This was a battle between gods and celestials…” Wang Lin’s cultivation slowly disappeared and his essences hid themselves. Right now, his entire body gave off a dense Ancient Dao aura.

“Back then, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign battled Ye Mo, and in the end, Ye Mo died… It was a pity. Today, I’ll continue that battle with you!”

Wang Lin raised his right hand and mercilessly formed a fist. Popping sounds came from his hand. Wang Lin’s silver eyes shined as he waved his sleeve and walked toward Old Ghost Zhan.

While moving forward, the heartbeat in Wang Lin’s body rumbled, causing chaos in Old Ghost Zhan’s heart. Old Ghost Zhan felt pain in his chest, and his expression was gloomy.

In the sky, the Yi Si Puppet turned into black fog and rushed toward Old Ghost Zhan.

“Heartbeat, thunder echo!” Wang Lin spoke calmly, and as he spoke, the thunder-like heartbeat became even faster.

As the heartbeat violently raged, Old Ghost Zhan let out a roar. He ignored the pain in his heart as he charged at Wang Lin.

“Mind confused, collapse in one step!” Killing intent flashed in Wang Lin’s eyes and he let out a roar. All the sound in the world seemed to gather on Old Ghost Zhan. His heart began to show signs of collapse.

Old Ghost Zhan’s expression became fierce and he clenched his chest. His chest caved in as he used his power to control his heart by force, preventing it from beating.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he stepped forward. His right hand formed a fist and the Ancient Dao aura gathered in his right hand. The nine stars between his eyebrows and the 17 stars in his eyes rotated. All his Ancient Dao aura gathered in this punch that flew toward Old Ghost Zhan.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. The sky collapsed and the earth collapsed; it was like the end of the world. Old Ghost Zhan formed a seal and formed seven “battle” characters in a row!

They collided with Wang Lin’s punch.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and six of the seven “battle” characters collapsed, and Wang Lin’s punch also collapsed. Old Ghost Zhan trembled and was forced back a few steps. The last character flew toward Wang Lin and exploded. The force landed on Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin let out a muffled groan and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He looked up and saw the Yi Si Puppet close in on Old Ghost Zhan, and they began to battle.

“After he absorbed the Seven-Colored Daoist, he became a lot stronger… Even though I have obtained all of Ye Mo’s inheritances aside from the left eye, I’m still not his match… However, I can risk it once, regardless of whether I fail or not!” Wang Lin remained calm and thought about the strongest spell he had inherited from Ye Mo!

Ye Mo had learned this from the Ancient Dao Temple, and it was a secret spell of the Ancient Dao clan! When Wang Lin was immersed in the memory of the inheritance he saw this spell, so it was difficult to forget.

Right now, after he had obtained all the inheritances beside the left eye, he had gained great comprehension of this spell. He slowly raised his arm and formed a fist before punching at the void before him. What flew out along with his punch was his nine ancient god stars, which fused into his fist.

“God Tremble, Army Formation!”

The endless celestial soldiers didn’t appear like what happened in Ye Mo’s memory, but it didn’t stop Wang Lin’s spell. The moment his punch landed, the collapsed world trembled and became distorted as it were being sucked in toward the punch. It was as if Wang Lin’s punch had become the center of the world, and even if it was collapsing, it had to rotate with his fist as the center.

The world rotated, only Wang Lin remained unmoving.

This caused the expression of Old Ghost Zhan, who was fighting against the Yi Si Puppet, to change. His body trembled and he felt a sense of danger. He bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed out blood that tried to devour the Yi Si puppet in order to force it back. Old Ghost Zhan rushed toward Wang Lin.

Before he got close, Wang Lin pulled back his fist and opened his palm before pushing the air in front of him! At the same time, Wang Lin’s eight ancient demon stars in his left eye rotated and flew out with his palm.

“Demon Spell, Wind and Fire Mountain!”

As the world rotated and distorted, burning wind appeared, forming eight pillars around Wang Lin. Smoke and dense demonic energy spread out as miserable screams echoed.

At the same time, the vague shadow of eight ancient demons appeared between his pillars. The demons roared, and the pillars rotated around Wang Lin.

From afar, these eight smoking pillars of burning wind fused together seemed to form a storm!

Old Ghost Zhan’s body rushed into this storm of fire and wind. Thunderous rumble echoed and he was about to force his way inside.

However, he didn’t have the time. The Yi Si Puppet let out a roar and caught up to Old Ghost Zhan.

Wang Lin was inside the storm of fire and wind. After one punch and one wave, his right hand stopped in the air. Then he extended his index finger and pointed forward!

“Devil Dao, Life and Death Reverse!” Wang Lin spoke as he pointed at Old Ghost Zhan. The expression of Old Ghost Zhan changed rapidly as he felt the life force in his body quickly turn into a death aura!

As Wang Lin pointed, the Ancient Tomb began to show signs of collapse. Whether it was this layer, the layer below, or the layer above, they were all filled with endless death aura.

This death aura was formed by the large amount of life that had died here over the countless years. At this moment, they had all moved due to Wang Lin’s spell and all gathered toward Wang Lin.

In an instant, the death aura arrived, covering everything. There was so much death aura that it formed a sea. It had turned this rotating world into a dead sea!

Inside this death aura, the aura of the ancient devil spread out. One could vaguely hear the howls of ghosts.

“God, demon, devil, Ancient Dao, No Celestials!!” Wang Lin muttered as he opened his palms and gently pushed befored. The three ancient clan’s powers quickly merged inside his body.

9-star ancient god!

9-star ancient devil!

8-star ancient demon!

These powers fused together inside Wang Lin to from the Ancient Dao power. This was the strongest power Wang Lin possessed. They gathered in Wang Lin’s right hand, and as his hand moved forward, a giant shadow appeared before him!

This shadow was a head. This head was as large as the world, and it occupied most of the world. It gave off a gloomy and ancient aura. Its appearance was not Ye Mo or Wang Lin, but a stranger. Wang Lin didn’t know who it was, but he had a familiar feeling!

This feeling came from his bloodline, from the soul blood he had gotten from the Ancient Ancestor!

If Wang Lin were to go to the Ancient Dao clan in the Immortal Astral Continent and see the towering statue that viewed the world with contempt, he would realize that the head that had appeared was the same as that statue!

“Ancient Ancestor!” In the distance, Xuan Luo’s body trembled. He looked at the head with respect.

That head’s eyes were blurry and it was impossible to clearly see its eyes. At this moment, it opened its mouth and let out a breath. This breath was like a gust of wind that blew against the world, against Old Ghost Zhan, and against the entire Ancient Tomb!

The violent wind raged and the earth collapsed. Crackling sounds came from the sky of this layer of the Ancient Tomb. The sky became grey and turned to stone! The earth was covered by grey light and was completely petrified!

It was not not only this layer. When this aura spread out, the last layer that had no heart left was petrified. Even the layer above, which was covered in fog, and the entire Ancient Tomb became petrified as the breath spread!

Old Ghost Zhan’s pupils shrank, filled with shock. His face was pale and retreated like crazy; he even ignored the Yi Si Puppet that was chasing him. As he retreated, his hands formed a seal and seven-colored smoke came out from his body, forming the Seven-Colored Soul. At the same time, the second soul also came out, and it was shrouded by the cape. As the cape surrounded him, the Ancient Dao breath blew by.

The Seven-Colored Soul immediately turned to stone, followed by the second soul. In the end, Old Ghost Zhan’s body also petrified with a flash of grey light!

Everything seemed to end, but when Old Ghost Zhan and the two souls became petrified, large amounts of cracking sounds echoed. The stone collapsed and the two souls went back into Old Ghost Zhan’s body. His body trembled and he coughed out blood as he retreated with horror in his eyes. He was afraid, afraid like when Wang Lin held the Li Guang Bow.

As he retreated, the petrified sky collapsed and large amounts of spatial rifts appeared. Along with it, the entire Ancient Tomb collapsed!

The black fourth flower suddenly collapsed and turned into a storm as it shattered.

Blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth, and he couldn’t hold it back, so it sprayed out. He retreated more than 1,000 feet in the collapsed Ancient Tomb. There was pity and bitterness in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“I used the Ancient Dao, No Celestial by force, but he still escaped… I don’t have the power to use it again any time soon. If I had the left eye, and my ancient demon was also nine stars, this battle would not be so difficult!

“I’m still not his match… Forget, it I’ll go to the fifth flower and find the real door to the Immortal Astral Continent. Then I’ll open the door and borrow the power from the Immortal Astral Continent to seal him!” Wang Lin let out a sigh and disappeared from the collapsing Ancient Tomb.

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