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Chapter 1779 - The Rain Falls to the East and the Smoke Rises!

In the core of the cave world, inside the furnace surrounded by black fog, was the Five Flowers Eight Doors formation.

The five flowers had bloomed and only the third flower had withered, but the eight doors were integrated inside the fifth flower. It could be anything in the world, whether it was a blade of grass, a tree, a person, a beast; anything in the world could be the door.

As a result, finding the real door among the eight in the fifth flower was simply too difficult!

Wang Lin had no clues, but he still had to enter the fifth flower, the last level of this cave.

The fifth flower required the third soul to bloom. The third soul contained all the memories, and once it was absorbed, the fifth flower would change. It would create a world using Seven-Colored’s memories.

The sky was not blue and seemed to be covered with dark clouds, and behind the dark clouds were nine suns hanging up in the sky. The suns gave off hot light, but the earth was simply too large. Even with nine suns, there seemed to be places where the sunlight wouldn’t reach.

Wind swept across the earth with a sense of humidity, kicking off layers of dust which flew off into the endless mountain range. As the wind howled, it caused large amounts of leaves to rustle.

There were many large pavilions and palaces made of jade built within the mountain range. There were over 1,000 building that overlapped with the mountains. From afar, it was difficult to tell if the palaces and pavilions were added to the mountains or carved from the mountains!

Every palace and pavilion was different. They were spread across the mountain range, like a sky temple in the mountains!

A thin layer of clouds shrouded the mountain range, making it appear and disappear, adding a layer of mystery. There were hundreds of cranes flying through the clouds as if they were playing around.

There seemed to be people sitting on the cranes, but it was impossible to see them clearly due to the clouds.

Inside the mountain range, there was water flowing. The water had flowed for countless years to form a long river that flowed down the mountains into a pool. The pool branched out into countless different branches.

Wang Lin sat on a rock beside the river. He looked at the river and frowned. The sound of a bell was echoing from a distant peak, but he didn’t care.

He had been in the fifth flower for more than two months, but he had found no clues about finding the real door.

The river was clear and his reflection could be seen. He wore a blue robe that gave off a faint, green light that contained a certain amount of protection. He also had a red string on his waist with a jade token hanging on it.

This jade was crystal clear, and it was not ordinary. As it flashed, it was very beautiful.

However, the reflection of Wang Lin inside the river was very different from the usual Wang Lin. His appearance: red lips and white teeth, sword-like brows and star-like eyes. In particular, his eyes were deep, as if they contained endless power. People of the same sex were bound to yield, and the opposite sex was bound to admire.

He had the appearance of someone around 18 or 19 years old. This was the most handsome person Wang Lin had seen in his life. However, if you were to add the passage of time and the helplessness of life to this face, it would become extremely similar to the statue Wang Lin had taken from Greed!

Looking at the reflection in the river, Wang Lin still had a strange expression even after he had already spent two months here.

“After entering the fifth flower, which is formed by the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s memories, I became him…” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze as he sat there and looked up at the sky. In his ears, the bells from the great hall began to echo again.

“Immortal Astral Continent… This place is the Immortal Astral Continent. I didn’t expect to step onto the Immortal Astral Continent first through Seven-Colored’s memory.” Wang Lin looked up at the nine suns in the sky and revealed a bitter smile.

This world belonged to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign; it was formed by his memories.  It could be said that everything here was an illusion, but they were things that existed.

“The sects of the Immortal Astral Continent are not something the cave world could compare to…” Wang Lin touched the dao robe he was wearing. The protection on it could block the full-power attack of an Ascendent cultivator.

“However, how can I find the real door… Perhaps only the third soul knows… My appearance now is due to the third soul as well. but I can tell that I haven’t integrated fully with the third soul...

“I also can’t fuse with it.” Wang Lin casually reached into the water and scattered some. However. at this moment. he frowned once more.

“Su Dao! You got guts. The bell has rung twice and you haven’t gone to pay your respects to Teacher, who just came out from closed door cultivation!” A sharp voice echoed behind Wang Lin. A young man about twenty years old walked down from the mountain wearing the same blue robe as Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin with a cold gaze.

“I came to catch you and bring you back under the orders of Senior Brother to be punished by the sect rules!” The young man sneered as he approached Wang Lin. He reached toward Wang Lin’s hair, apparently wanting to drag Wang Lin by the hair back to the hall.

Just as his hands got close, Wang Lin turned around and coldly looked at the young man. This gaze caused the young man to tremble. It was as if Wang Lin’s gaze was a pair of swords that stabbed into his soul.

This young man’s expression suddenly changed and he stood there like a wooden chicken. This only lasted for a moment, and when Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, he resumed breathing. He staggered back several steps and nearly fell. He looked at Wang Lin with fear for the first time.

“You… You…”

In the world of the fifth flower, Wang Lin had taken on the appearance of the young Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and also obtained the memories of his early years. He knew that the young Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had a weak character and wasn’t as ambitious and ruthless as he was later.

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign at this age was very talented and should have been protected by the sect. However, his teacher was always in closed door cultivation, and his talent attracted a lot of jealousy. His life in the sect was not good.

The young man before him was one that often bullied him. They never did it outright, always acting in secret. They often used the excuse of punishing him by the sect rules.

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign didn’t catch the attention of the ancestor until more than 10 years later, then he was slowly raised by the sect.

However, Wang Lin was not Su Dao, so he wouldn’t allow history to pass as usual. As the young man retreated in horror, Wang Lin stepped forward and stood beside the youth. The young man’s face turned place and his eyes were filled with fear. He still couldn’t imagine how this had happened.

He had been gone for a while and had just come back yesterday. He didn’t expect this Su Dao to suddenly become like a different person. Before, Su Dao would be bullied as he wished.

“You…” The young man was about to speak, but his voice was suddenly stopped. Wang Lin grabbed his neck and raised him into the air. His breathing was stopped. His face turned red and he grabbed Wang Lin’s arm in an attempt to struggle free.

But no matter how much he struggled, Wang Lin had an iron grip that didn’t loosen at all.

Wang Lin held the young man’s neck and pulled him closer. He looked at the young man and said, word for word, “Don’t provoke me, there is no next time.”

The young man’s vision was already turning blurry, and he was almost scared out of his mind. He wasn’t able to manage a nod, but his appearance showed that he would never dare to have a thought about provoking Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slowly loosened his hand and smiled. He patted the young man’s head and said, “Follow me up the mountain.” With that, he turned to walk toward the great hall on the top of the mountain.

The young man touched his neck and gasped for air. I took him a while to recover. His eyes were filled with fear and awe. At that moment, he had felt death and knew that this Su Dao would have really killed him. While trembling he quickly followed Wang Lin.

The mountain path was winding, and each step was like walking on clouds. Wang Lin walked toward the mountain top as the wind blew at him, causing his long hair to flutter. The smell of the earth entered his heart, and it was very comfortable.

“With celestial energy nourishing all life, more people are suitable to cultivate into celestials. Even the grass and trees would gain spirit. There are even ferocious beasts that turn human…” Although Wang Lin knew that this celestial energy and smell were all fake, that just meant that the real Immortal Astral Continent was truly like this.

It was completely different from the cave world.

There were o dark clouds in the sky, and as more dark clouds gathered, they began to collide. Thunderous rumbles echoed as lightning moved through the clouds like silver snakes.

“It’s about to rain…” Wang Lin arrived at the top of the mountain as he muttered and saw the magnificent hall at the top. The hall was more than 1,000 feet tall and stood there like a giant beast.

Outside the temple, there was a square more than 10,000 feet large, and in the middle was a huge furnace. There were nine arm-thick incense sticks burning, with green smoke flying into the air.

At this moment, there were nearly 100 cultivators standing on the square. They were in groups of two and three talking to each other.

The moment Wang Lin entered the square, the thunder in the sky rumbled and big drops of rain fell. The rain formed a curtain that even the figures of people became a blur.

The rain fell on the square, making the rain sound even louder. In an instant, the entire square was covered in flowing rain and the ripples created when the raindrops landed.

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