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Chapter 1777 - Heart-Pounding Thunder!

Old Ghost Zhan’s Seven-Colored Soul flew out. The cape wrapped around him and collided with the gold and black arms that came from the sky and earth.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Old Ghost Zhan was extremely powerful; even without the Seven-Colored Soul, he was a cultivator who was near the peak of Arcane Tribulant. He was half a step into the early stage of Void Tribulant.

What’s more, his soul had been chosen to be fused by the Seven-Colored Soul. As a result, his cultivation level was infinitely close to that of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

At this moment, his body and soul separated. The Seven-Colored Soul waved its arm and the gold arm from the sky collapsed! At the same time, the black arm from the earth trembled and disintegrated.

Even Dao Master Blue Dream’s zither seal disappeared without a trace under his impact.

Dao Master Blue Dream coughed out blood. The zither buzzed and he was seriously injured. However, he didn’t hesitate to play it again, and the two forces flew toward Old Ghost Zhan.

Even the old man named had Ma suffered a lot of rebound from the Seven-Colored Soul breaking his spell. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and he was pushed back more than 1,000 feet. However, he clenched his teeth and turned around to charge out once more.

At the same time as the Seven-Colored Soul and Old Ghost Zhan separated, Old Ghost Zhan flew toward the two middle-aged men from Planet Five Elements. They were battling the Black Tortoise General and the Vermillion Bird General.

The Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird had already reached an agreement with Old Ghost Zhan, or maybe were forced to help. They believed that listening to Old Ghost Zhan was the only choice here, and they even believed that Old Ghost Zhan would become the new Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

At this moment, Old Ghost Zhan closed in and waved his sleeve. Two “battle” characters flew out and exploded on the two middle-aged men from planet Five Elements. They were seriously injured and forced to retreat. 

A shocking battle intent erupted from Old Ghost Zhan. He was the creator of the Battle Scrolls and was the owner of the battle essence. If not for the fact that he had fused with the soul of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, which affected his personality, he wouldn’t be so hesitant.

Now that his body and soul had separated, a lot of the effects it had on him dissipated, returning him to his previous tyrannical ways!

The tyrannical ways of battle!

“The two of you, quickly go the entrance and kill Wang Lin!” Old Ghost Zhan waved his sleeve and the two generals rushed out borrowing this force. They rushed toward the entrance to the next layer that had formed after the mountain had collapsed.

As he finished speaking, he turned around and the old man named Ma arrived. The two looked at each other, and thunderous rumbles seemed to echo between them. As they stared at each other, they began to fight.

Compared to the old man named Ma, Dao Master Blue Dream was more anxious, but his entire focus was on playing the zither to seal the Seven-Colored Soul. He couldn’t spare any effort to stop the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird from disrupting Wang Lin.

Tang Shan hadn’t passed out. She clenched her teeth and leaped into the air to stop the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird.

Not far away, Tuo Sen was sealed by three “battle” characters. At this moment, he let out a roar and broke the characters he had weakened. When the seal collapsed, he rushed toward the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird.

However, he and Tang Shan were still slower than the two generals. Just as the two arrived at the collapsed mountain and were about to enter, a shocking change occurred.

The fastest person was the Black Tortoise; he was 30 feet ahead of the Vermillion Bird. When he got close, he heard a heartbeat that echoed like thunder. This caused his own heart to beat chaotically.

This sudden beat created a drilling pain in his heart. The Black Tortoise General’s expression changed and a thunderous rumble echoed in his ears. The intense pain coming from his chest felt like a giant hand had reached into his chest and was about to grab his heart!

When the intense pain arrived, the Black Tortoise General let out painful cry, and he stopped moving forward. Just as he was about to retreat, a black hand appeared from the void and pressed against his chest.

With a bang, the Black Tortoise General coughed out blood and was knocked back toward the Vermillion Bird behind him.

The Vermillion Bird General was startled for a moment and also heard the heartbeat. This caused his heartbeat to become chaotic, and he felt a sharp pain in his chest. His face turned pale and he retreated without hesitation.

However, just as he retreated, a sharp roar filled with ferociousness and violence along with bloodthirst came from the entrance. A shadow flew out and appeared before the Vermillion Bird General.

The Vermillion Bird General only saw the black figure before he coughed out blood. The black shadow smashed into him and he was thrown back in an arc.

However, the black shadow followed closely after the Vermillion Bird General and hugged him. The shadow revealed a fierce smile and bit the Vermillion Bird General’s neck.

The Vermillion Bird General’s miserable scream was terrifying, and his body quickly withered as a lot of blood was sucked out by the black shadow. All of this happened in an instant; it was too fast to imagine. While still in the air, the black shadow raised its feet and kicked off from the Vermillion Bird General. The Vermillion Bird General was knocked into the earth while the black shadow borrowed this force to fly into the air.

This was the Yi Si Puppet!

This sudden scene caused Tang Shan and Tuo Sen to stop. This also caught the attention of the old man named Ma, Dao Master Blue Dream, and Old Ghost Zhan, along with the Seven-Colored Soul!

As everyone’s gazes gathered, Wang Lin’s figure slowly appeared from the entrance to the last layer. Everyone who saw Wang Lin gasped because his appearance had changed greatly!

He was still wearing all white, but the fresh bloodstains on his clothes were shocking. His hair was still white, but it was a mess, and part of his hair was draped over his shoulder!

His white hair and clothes hadn’t changed, but the skin under his clothes was covered in shocking runes. These runes flickered on Wang Lin’s skin and gave off an ancient aura.

His face was covered in runes. It looked very rough, and his eyes gave off a silver glow. The aura he exuded made it seem as if he felt disdain toward the entire world.

His silver eyes revealed coldness and ruthlessness. There was also a sense of killing intent inside those silver eyes that made one’s heart chill.

What shocked Tuo Sen the most was that there were nine stars rotating between Wang Lin’s eyebrows! In his right eye, there were also nine ancient devil stars. Only his left eye had eight ancient demon stars!

Flesh blood flowed out from his left eye and fell onto his white shirt from his cheek.

“You… You have obtained all of Ye Mo’s inheritances!” Old Ghost Zhan’s expression changed. He felt a sense of danger from Wang Lin, and this feeling made his heart tremble.

Not only him, but everyone who saw Wang Lin’s silver eyes trembled. Dao Master Blue Dream fared better than others; after all, he was Wang Lin’s elder. However, the old man named Ma felt his heart tremble when he saw the silver eyes.

“Silver eyes!! Rumor has it that when the when the Celestial Ancestor descends, there will be nine songs and three signs. The golden sky is one of the signs! There is also a rumor that the nine songs and three signs are also what happens when the Ancient Ancestor descends. The nine songs are for the ancient ones, and the three signs are for the celestials!

“I once heard that two of the nine songs were silver eyes and golden body! This… This Wang Lin has only obtained Ye Mo’s heritance, how could he have silver eyes!? Even Ye Mo didn’t have that!”

While everyone was shocked, Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin from the entrance to the last layer with excitement in his eyes. When he saw the silver eyes in the last layer for the first time, a huge wave was set off in his heart.

When he saw it again now, he was still the same.

“The Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood… has allowed him to possess the first of the nine songs, Silver Eye!”

As everyone felt shocked, Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the ground and paused for a moment where Xuan Luo was. With his silver eyes, he vaguely saw something, but aside from himself, no one knew what he had seen.

After his gaze swept by, it landed on the Seven-Colored Soul that had separated from Old Ghost Zhan. Looking at the body covered by the cape, Wang Lin pointed at the soul!

The moment he pointed, the sound of a heart beating echoed like thunder. This sound came from Wang Lin’s heart, and it quickly shrouded the world.

Old Ghost Zhan’s expression changed and he immediately flew toward the Seven-Colored Soul. Before Wang Lin’s eyes, they fused into one.

Wang Lin didn’t stop him, and there was no need to stop him!

After fusing, the Seven-Colored Soul surrounded Old Ghost Zhan and covered the sky behind him. He sneered and charged at Wang Lin. Dao Master Blue Dream and the old man named Ma was about to help when Wang Lin’s words calmly echoed between the heartbeats.

“Two seniors, you have worked hard, I’ll finish this battle.” Wang Lin naturally saw that they were injured, and he wanted to know how strong he was after obtaining the inheritance. After he finished speaking, his heartbeat was monstrous!

The thunderous rumbles affected one’s heartbeat. As Old Ghost Zhan closed in, this monstrous rumble entered his body and affected his heart directly!

Old Ghost Zhan suddenly stopped and a stinging pain came from his heart. His heartbeat became chaotic as if his heart was going to collapse.

“What kind of spell is this?” Old Ghost Zhan’s expression changed. He raised his right hand and pressed it against his chest in an attempt to suppress the pain in his heart.

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