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Chapter 1776 - Group Against Old Ghost Zhan!

The powerful aura that had rushed into Wang Lin from the heart below rumbled inside his body like thunder. It washed over him and made him feel like he was inside a violent storm.

The stars of the three clans rotated rapidly and all showed signs of reaching nine stars.

The large heart’s heartbeat beat along with Wang Lin’s heartbeat. Wang Lin even had the illusion that this giant heart was his heart.

The giant heart followed the beat of his own heart. This feeling became stronger and stronger.

In the end, Wang Lin could not hear anything but the beating of the hearts. This sound made Wang Lin felt very comfortable. The warm feeling also caused the stabbing pain in his heart to slowly dissipate.

A sense of enlightenment entered Wang Lin’s mind. This insight came from the heartbeats. In the last layer of the Ancient Tomb, Wang Lin felt like his heart was being stabbed and was about to explode.

Wang Lin vaguely grasped this method of attacking, which wasn’t a spell, ability, or dao, as he calmed down.

“To affect the heartbeat of others with your own and change the rhythm of their heartbeast until their heart collapses… Or make their heartbeat beat in sync with yours to take control and then manipulate it to produce lethal force...

“These methods are very different to defend against. Perhaps I can borrow this insight to create another spell that belongs to me!” Wang Lin opened his eyes, they were shining brightly. As he absorbed the aura from the heart, he deduced the feasibility of this idea.

“The heartbeat is like a sound, but this sound needs some help to spread out… My thunder origin can produce loud rumbles and obtain similar effects. If I condense my thunder essence in my heart to help my heartbeat spread out from the body…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“It still requires my Dream Dao’s help. The sound from my heartbeat and the Dream Dao will enter at the same time. It will cause illusions to appear as their heartbeat changes, and certain effects could be achieved!” Wang Lin’s eyes became even brighter.

“If it is combined with my Ethereal Fire, then once the heartbeat causes an irritation in their heart, the Ethereal Fire would be able to burn…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and continued to deduce the possibilities.

Yi Si Puppet was sitting behind him, and its gaze became even more violent. It began to let out subconscious howls.

Just as Wang Lin’s heart and Ye Mo’s heart were fusing and Wang Lin was comprehending the new spell, the second to last layer of the Ancient Tomb rumbled. At this moment, a vicious battle was in progress.

There was a thunderous bang loud enough to make it feel as if the world was being torn apart. A gust of wind threw Tang Feng into the sky, and she fell onto the collapsed earth.

A large amount of dust was kicked into the air. Tang Feng’s face was pale as she struggled to get up. Blood was flowing from the corner of her mouth, her heart was trembling, and she was seriously injured.

Not far from her, Yun Yifeng’s eyes were closed shut. His injuries were very serious. When Old Ghost Zhan had waved his hand, his had injuries erupted and he had almost died.

There was also Tuo Sen, who was surrounded by three black “battle” words and was completely sealed inside.

The sky was dim and storms were raging. There were several figures inside this covered world.

The Black Tortoise General and the Vermillion Bird General where fighting the two middle-aged men from Planet Five Elements. Their battle raged, and it was difficult for a winner to be decided.

However, compared to them, the real battle was raging in the distance.

That was where Old Ghost Zhan was, and Dao Master Blue Dream and the old man named Ma were fighting against Old Ghost Zhan!

Dao Master Blue Dream’s expression was gloomy and his steps were a bit unsteady. Most of his spells were on the defensive, and he could not get close to Old Ghost Zhan. The old man named Ma had a helpless gaze, but his attacks caused the world to tremble.

He had to act; he had come here with the cultivators from Planet Five Elements due to Xuan Luo’s request. If he didn’t act, he might anger Xuan Luo, which would result in him being unable to leave this cave world.

Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes were filled with coldness. If it wasn’t for those two blocking him, he could have entered the last layer and killed Wang Lin to obtain the third soul. However, these two were very difficult to deal with. They were willing to suffer injuries to stall him.

As a result, even he was unable to rush into the last layer in a short period of time.

As the three battled, the old man named Ma took several steps backwards. His face was slightly pale and he quickly sent out a divine sense message. “Fellow Cultivator Blue Dream, I’m going to use a powerful spell!”

The moment he sent out the divine sense message, Dao Master Blue Dream waved his hand and blue light surrounded him as he charged at Old Ghost Zhan. A thunderous rumble echoed as Old Ghost Zhan waved his right hand. The word “battle” appeared and rapidly expanded. A monstrous force spread out, and the blue light distorted before quickly collapsing.

“Even the firefly dares to compete with the bright moon!” Old Ghost Zhan let out a cold snort and waved his sleeve as he charged at the old man named Ma. He was not worried about Blue Dream. After all, Blue Dream hadn’t gone through Arcane Tribulants.

The old man named Ma was not the same. If Old Ghost Zhan didn’t want to be entangled, he would have to seriously injure the old man named Ma!

The old man named Ma retreated and pointed at the sky. He was about to use a spell when he saw Old Ghost Zhan fly past Blue Dream and head toward him. His expression immediately became gloomy.

“This Blue Dream can’t even block for a moment…”

However, whether it was him or Old Ghost Zhan, they had underestimated Blue Dream. He was one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System and someone even the Sovereign feared. Even though he hadn’t gone through Arcane Tribulants, he had his own methods!

At this moment, Dao Master Blue Dream bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood. The essence blood fused with the collapsed blue light and formed an ancient zither!

The ancient zither gave off an ancient aura as if it had existed for countless years. It was invisible and had been stored inside Dao Master Blue Dream’s blood for countless years. Now that it was revealed to the world once more, it revealed its power!

This ancient zither was Dao Master Blue Dream’s most powerful treasure and his ace. This was the real reason the Sovereign dreaded Dao Master Blue Dream. This zither had only been used once - during the battle that made Dao Master Blue Dream famous. The song from the zither had buried countless bodies.

Although he hadn’t gone through any Arcane Tribulants, the effort and sacrifice he had put into refining this zither was even more than going through the Arcane Tribulants. The zither also had a mysterious origin.

It felt like it didn’t belong to the cave world!

When the ancient zither appeared, Blue Dream’s eyes were filled with sorrow. He missed his wife. Although his wife was within his storage space, he was unable to make her recover. With a sigh, Blue Dream sat down behind the zither and gently plucked the strings.


The zither music echoed. Old Ghost Zhan, who had walked right past Blue Dream, suddenly retreated three steps to the side and turned his head.

The moment he turned his head, the zither music rippled. The sound from the zither came from Blue Dream and shrouded Old Ghost Zhan, sealing his path of retreat.

The old man named Ma’s eyes revealed a strange light. He looked at the Dao Master Blue Dream and his pupils shrank. He didn’t recognize the zither, but he could tell that it was extraordinary.

At this moment, he didn’t hesitate and pointed at the sky with his right hand.

“Five element golden celestial! Condense, golden sky!” Endless golden light came from the body of the old man named Ma and spread into the sky. The collapsed sky was covered by golden light!

Like the nine songs and three signs!

“Five element earth celestial! Condense, black earth!” The old man named Ma pointed at the earth with his left hand. The earth rumbled and turned black. This spread like crazy until everything was colored black!

After using two five element spells, the old man named Ma was very tired. He didn’t want to use more, and the hands he was pointing at the sky and earth with suddenly moved.

At this moment, Dao Master Blue Dream’s zither music became even more intense and was filled with killing intent as it completely sealed Old Ghost Zhan within. Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. A golden word “battle” appeared. The word collapsed and shook the seal around him.

The zither music suddenly became louder and ripples echoed as it resisted the collapse of the word “battle.” At the same time, the spell cast by the old man named Ma moved toward Old Ghost Zhan.

The golden sky rumbled and a golden hand reached out toward Old Ghost Zhan. Shortly after, a black hand came out of the black earth. Like the golden hand, it slowly closed in on Old Ghost Zhan.

There was a flash of coldness in Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes, and the moment the spells closed in, he touched his forehead. A vague shadow that looked like a soul appeared behind Old Ghost Zhan. The shadow was wearing a cape that covered everything below the eyes, revealing only a pair of gloomy eyes and long hair.

This was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s soul that had separated from Old Ghost Zhan’s body!

The soul that wore the cape opened his arms and his hair fluttered. His hands collided with the golden and black hands.

It was also at this moment that Ancient Dao aura spread out from the entrance to the last layer. The sound of a heart beating began to echo.

This was Wang Lin’s heartbeat!

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