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Chapter 1775 - Ancient Tomb Inheritance!

Wang Lin felt no joy in taking the Sovereign’s soul. Instead, he felt somewhat sad. Wang Lin had heard the Sovereign’s name when he was only at the second step and then, once he had gone to the Ancient Star System, they had encountered each other many times.

This person could be considered the leader of a generation, but his life had been sad. He was but a slave to the madman. Then, after the madman had gone missing, he had been forced to worship the Seven-Colored Daoist as his teacher and listen to the Seven-Colored Daoist’s commands.

Now he had half his soul taken by Wang Lin and had fallen into such a state.

All of this was very similar to how the Sovereign had gathered the third step cultivators of the Outer Realm to attack the Lord of the Sealed Realm until the Lord of the Sealed Realm was only a sliver of a soul inside the Heaven Defying Bead. It was like a reincarnation cycle.

The killer had been killed!

Wang Lin let out a sigh and clasped his hands at Dao Master Blue Dream and company.

“Many thanks for this.”

Dao Master Blue Dream’s gaze swept past the dwarf and looked at Wang Lin. He slowly said, “I can’t help you much, but no matter what happens, I’ll do my best. This is my promise to you!” 

His tone on the last two words was quite heavy.

Tu Si or Tuo Sen returned to the size of a normal person and calmly said, “You’ve returned my inheritance to me and allowed my Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique to be complete. I’ll help you to return the favor.” 

Wang Lin could not tell if the person was Tuo Sen or Tu Si, but he vaguely understood what had happened to this person.

As for Yun Yifeng, he smiled bitterly and didn’t respond to Wang Lin’s thanks. He had lost so he must due to listening to Wang Lin’s orders. He still had courage, so even though there was no more oath blood, he wouldn’t take back his words.

Wang Lin looked at the third concubine, Tang Shan, and softly said, “I helped you leave this place and you helped me fight the Sovereign, so your debt is cleared. You don’t have to take this matter to heart anymore in the future.”

Tang Shan silently pondered for a while and nodded.

In the distance, the mountain the Yi Si Puppet came from collapsed and revealed a hole. Slivers of Ancient Dao aura spread out. This was the entrance to the last layer.

Once Wang Lin entered, he could reach the place where Ye Mo’s heart was located.

However, just at this moment, ripples echoed in the sky. In the distance, several rays of light closed in and a powerful divine sense spread out.

This change attracted Wang Lin’s attention. He looked up at the sky and his expression slowly became gloomy.

Old Ghost Zhan had caught up!

“You can go down. This old man has promised to help you, so I’ll keep doing so!” Dao Master Blue Dream let out a sigh and blue light spread across his body. He looked at the sky with battle intent in his eyes.

Tuo Sen silently pondered and looked at Wang Lin. He didn’t speak, but popping sounds echoed inside his body. He looked up and clenched his hands.

“Uncle Ma will act too and help you delay long enough.” Yun Yifeng revealed a bitter smile as he took out a large handful of pills to devour. He waved his right hand and his body gave off the light of the five elements. A suit of armor slowly began to appear.

Tang Shan waved her right hand without speaking. Seven golden doors appeared around everyone here. She took a deep breath and looked up at the sky.

Wang Lin opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t control the Yi Si Puppet unless he was here, and it had to follow him. Therefore, if he wasn’t here. the Yi Si Puppet would have no effect.

Wang Lin bowed deeply at everyone. He knew that this was not the time for words. He had to obtain the last of Ye Mo’s inheritance aside from the left eye. Then leave this fourth flower and find the real door in the fifth flower.

However, the condition was that it had to be done before Old Ghost Zhan caught up, but he was already closing in...

Wang Lin took a deep breath and no longer hesitated. He charged toward the collapsed mountain. After he disappeared, the sky rumbled and Old Ghost Zhan’s figure appeared in the air!

Seven-colored light surrounded his body. This was because he had devoured the Seven-Colored Daoist. Although the two souls hadn’t fused, the benefits to him were great. This allowed him to use even more of his cultivation!

He was also different from the Seven-Colored Daoist. He was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s soul and Old Ghost Zhan. Old Ghost Zhan already had a high cultivation level,  then he obtained the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s dao. Now that he had devoured the Seven-Colored Daoist, his cultivation level was infinitely close to that of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign of the past!

“You’re all ants, scram for this old man!” Old Ghost Zhan’s voice rumbled and spread through the layer. The earth collapsed and the sky was torn open.

In the last layer of the Ancient Tomb, Wang Lin appeared. The moment he appeared, he vaguely heard the sound of a heart beating.

This sound entered his mind but didn’t cause his heart to beat with it. Instead, it caused his heart to become chaotic, as if there were two different beats echoing in his ears. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked around. This last layer had no earth or sky.

There were only blood vessel-like things that were thousands of feet thick. Every time he heard that heartbeat, these blood vessels would all move.

In Wang Lin’s divine sense, he clearly saw a giant heart where all the blood vessels connected to. Every time the heart beat, Wang Lin felt a stab of pain in his chest. It was like his heart was going to collapse.

Everything here was somewhat different from what he had seen when he first obtained the inheritance, but the general idea was the same. After all, back then, he had only caught a vague glimpse of this place, and this was the first time he had entered this place.

Wang Lin knew time was of the essence. He didn’t know how long Blue Dream and company above could delay Old Ghost Zhan. Every breath he delayed could mean Old Ghost Zhan catching up.

Right now, he couldn’t carefully observe behind him; he had to slowly move forward. He travelled at his fastest speed as he moved between the blood vessels.

Fortunately, there were no beasts here. Wang Lin didn’t encounter any obstacle as he traversed endless distances. However, the heart seemed to be able to detect Wang Lin arriving, and it was beating even faster. The beats from the heart were off sync with Wang Lin’s own heartbeat. This caused Wang Lin’s face to turn pale and created an unbearable pain in his chest.

The closer he got to the heart, the stronger the feeling became. In the end, the heartbeats were like roaring thunder. The sound was like a needle was drilling into Wang Lin’s heart. Words could not describe the pain!

However, this strange change had no effect on the Yi Si Puppet following Wang Lin. It still had its long tongue out, and its gaze became even more intense. There was a sense of irritation coming from it.

Although his pain was intense, Wang Lin didn’t stop at all; he moved like the wind. The pain almost reached the point of driving him insane when he arrived at the center of this layer.

He spotted the giant heart and saw the countless blood vessels connected to it, extending in all directions. The blood vessels moved along with the heartbeats.

Upon arriving here, Wang Lin’s heartbeat became even more desynced with the giant heart. He coughed out a mouthful of blood. This was a sign that his heart was going to explode.

Inside Wang Lin’s body, all the blood vessels were swollen and his blood flow was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Along with this erratic heartbeat, these were all signs that his heart was going to explode.

This was not a spell, ability, or dao spell; it was just that this heartbeat was extremely lethal. Even Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao body could not resist it unless he didn’t have a heart!

Wang Lin’s face was deathly pale and his right hand clenched his chest. He could feel his heart’s erratic heartbeats, and the vibrations even caused his hand to tremble!

Wang Lin staggered as he clenched his teeth and let out a roar. He coughed out blood and arrived next to the hurge heart. His body moved with the beating heart.

Wang Lin suppressed the pain and sat down on the heart. He closed his eyes and focused his mind on his heart.

“Ye Mo, I have inherited your origin soul, your bloodline, and your arms. I’m here to inherit your heart to make this inheritance complete!

“If you agree, then stop this disorderly heartbeat and beat in sync with me!” Wang Lin’s divine sense spread into the heart.

However, just as his divine sense spread out, the heart began to beat even faster and more violently. It didn’t want to be in sync with Wang Lin at all, and it produced a powerful rejection force.

“I have gone through most of the Three Trials Seven Calamities and won the approval of the Ancient Ancestor. I have obtained more than half of your inheritances, and now only the heart remains. I know you’re unwilling, but you are already dead!!

“You’re already dead, so give me your inheritance and I’ll complete your last wishes!! I’ll take care of your relatives on the Immortal Astral Continent and keep them safe!!

“You battled the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and lost. I, Wang Lin, will battle against the soul of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. Win or lose, I’ll continue that battle from back then!”

The heart below Wang Lin suddenly stopped and showed signs of calming down. However, it slowly began to beat violently once more.

At the same time, a miserable divine sense message filled with a monstrous resentment rushed into Wang Lin’s mind.

“Return my left eye to me!!!”

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and said, “I’ll help you find your left eye!!! This is my promise to you!!” 

When he said this, the heart below him no longer beat off sync with his own; it chose to beat in sync with Wang Lin instead.

A powerful Ancient Dao aura suddenly appeared and rushed into Wang Lin’s body as the heartbeat synced with his own. As the aura rush into Wang Lin, his clothes rapidly fluttered as if there was a powerful wind hitting him.

The eight ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly and showed signs of forming a ninth star!

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