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Chapter 1774 - The Sovereign’s Soul!

As the Sovereign spoke, ripples appeared on the earth of the second to last layer of the Ancient Tomb, and it instantly turned water-like!

The figures of Wang Lin and company appeared on the water. It was as if they were being drowned by the water in the well.

Unless it was absolutely needed, Wang Lin wouldn’t battle the Sovereign. His enemies were the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan; adding the Sovereign would make it extremely difficult. Although he didn’t want to fight, the Sovereign’s purpose was to kill Wang Lin.

Therefore, Wang Lin was forced to fight!

Wang Lin also held a great advantage. Yun Yifeng, Tang Shan, and Tuo Sen had helped him seriously injure the Sovereign. Coupled with Wang Lin’s previous deduction, he was able to deal a serious blow to the Sovereign’s mind.

Based on various conditions, this perfect situation to kill the Sovereign had appeared. The most important thing was the third person Wang Lin had sensed after Tuo Sen and the Sovereign!

This third person was Dao Master Blue Dream!

Wang Lin just didn’t believe that they couldn’t seal the Sovereign with the five of them!

At this moment, the Sovereign’s Fishing the Moon in the Well appeared. His red eyes were filled with killing intent. He no longer wanted to escape, because he clearly felt that Dao Master Blue Dream had arrived!

“So what if Blue Dream is here? If you want to kill me, you all have to pay the price! Also, time is limited; Old Ghost Zhan will arrive soon. They won’t be able to kill me before Old Ghost Zhan arrives!”

The earth that had turned into a well reflected Wang Lin and company’s figures. Then a flash of blue light appeared. This blue light spread across the well and the sky. In the distance, Dao Master Blue Dream walked out.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined. When Dao Master Blue Dream arrived, he sent out a divinses message. “Senior Blue Dream, can you seal the Sovereign for three breaths?”

Blue Dream closed in and nodded. He waved his sleeve and the earth that had turned into a well trembled. The earth collapsed and the well shattered!

Blue light entered the collapsed well and flew into the air as he waved his hand. It turned into a blue curtain that shrouded the world.

“I can do three breaths!” As Dao Master Blue Dream spoke, he walked into the blue light. At this instant, the surrounding blue light shot toward the Sovereign.

Three rays of blue light flew out toward Yun Yifeng and Tang Shan, pulling them into the blue light. The last ray of light wrapped around Tuo Sen and also pulled him into the blue light.

The four of them all fused with the blue light. The moment they disappeared into the blue light, they turned into four runes and flew toward the Sovereign.

The Sovereign’s expression changed. This all happened in an instant; the four runes were flying toward the Sovereign an instant after Blue Dream appeared. The Sovereign could not avoid this. This was, after all, formed by Blue Dream’s full cultivation. Although he hadn’t entered Arcane Tribulant, he could battle against Arcane Tribulant cultivators!

With him as the lead, and the help of the other three, these four runes broke through all barriers and landed on the Sovereign’s body.

The moment the four runes landed, the Sovereign staggered and was surrounded by blue light that sealed his whole body! Although his movements were sealed, he still had a lot of power. The moment the blue light surrounded him, a golden light covered his body. From a distance, the Sovereign looked completely golden!

This golden shield can protect him from serious injuries for a few breaths after he was sealed!

The first breath of the three breaths!

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate. The moment the Sovereign was sealed by the blue light, he walked forward and appeared before the Sovereign. He raised his right hand and the Ghostly Sail appeared. Wang Lin’s finger penetrated the blue light and landed between the eyebrows of the Sovereign.

“Dream Dao!!”

As Wang Lin’s voice echoed, the second breath arrived!

The Dream Dao and the ghostly face fused and rushed into the Sovereign. They didn’t injure the Sovereign at all but fused with his soul!

Borrowing the Dream Dao, Wang Lin entered the memories of the Sovereign, and a connection formed. Wang Lin didn’t try to change the Sovereign’s memory but pointed at the mountain surrounded by the black fog.

“I sacrifice this soul to Yi Si!” Wang Lin knew that he was no match for the Sovereign, but he could borrow a knife to kill, and that knife was Yi Si!

As his words echoed, the third breath arrived. The fog around the mountain churned and let out a heaven-shattering roar.

At the same time, the Sovereign’s soul started disappearing from his body rapidly as if it was being devoured. The Sovereign’s eyes struggled and he let out a violent roar as his body trembled. The three breaths passed and the four seals on his body immediately dissipated.

When the four seals disappeared, Dao Master Blue Dream, Yun Yifeng, Tang Shan, and Tuo Sen appeared from the surrounding blue light.

Miserable screams echoed as the Sovereign escaped from Dao Master Blue Dream’s seal. He held his head as he rapidly retreated. The miserable cries shook people’s hearts.

The Sovereign’s soul was rapidly dissipating and was being sacrificed. When Dao Master Blue Dream and company saw this, their pupils shrank. They were in shock.

Wang Lin coughed out blood and retreated more than 1,000 feet. He looked at the Sovereign, who was screaming in the sky, and his eyes revealed a cruel and cold gaze.

At this moment, the Sovereign’s eyes were bloodshot. The intense pain made him crazy as he looked at Wang Lin and charged at him as if he had gone crazy.

“It is you who made me suffer so much pain. I’m going to kill you, kill you…” the Sovereign roared as he rushed at Wang Lin. His consciousness was blurry, and the only thought in his mind was kill Wang Lin.

“Yi Si Puppet, I have sacrificed enough souls. I summon you!” Wang Lin retreated without even wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth. As the Sovereign closed in, Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and he let out a roar.

The moment his words echoed, the mountain in the distance collapsed and the fog rushed toward Wang Lin. It was very fast, instantly shrouding Wang Lin. It even shrouded the Sovereign that had charged over.

It covered everyone’s gazes, then two roars came from inside the fog. One was from the Sovereign; it was filled with endless pain. The other was filled with endless killing intent. 

The roars continued to echo inside the black fog. Aside from the people within the fog, no one knew what was happening inside. They could only hear the Sovereign’s roars become even more miserable.

A moment later, the fog churned violently and the Sovereign was thrown out. He landed on the ground with his eyes closed, and he was motionless.

Blue Dream and company carefully looked at the black fog around Wang Lin. They saw the fog slowly condense to reveal Wang Lin!

This fog was still gathering. It wasn’t gathering in Wang Lin but to his right. There was a shadow squatting there. When all the fog condensed, the shadow became clear to everyone.

Tang Shan’s face immediately turned pale and he immediately retreated several steps. Even Yun Yifeng gasped, his eyes filled with fear.

Dao Master Blue Dream and Tuo Sen were better, but their hearts trembled when they saw the shadow.

It was a dwarf with purple skin. He was naked as he crouched there. There was no hair on his head and his body was very thin.

His tongue stuck out seven feet and hung there, swaying. His eyes were dark, looking as if they could absorb the light around him, making his figure distort slightly

An indescribable ferocity was spreading out from his body!

This puppet was like an evil ghost that had climbed out of hell itself. Although it was only squatting there, it gave everyone a huge pressure in their hearts.

The surroundings were silent. Only the demon-like dwarf’s breathing could be heard.

Wang Lin looked calm, but his heart was also shocked. Inside the fog, he had seen the Yi Si Puppet’s crazed battle against the Sovereign.

It took a long time for Wang Lin to suppress the trembling in his heart. He knew that the connection he had with the puppet wasn’t strong, and controlling it was difficult. If he wanted full control, he would have to keep killing and sacrificing souls to it.

“This thing is somewhat different from the memory of the third soul… According to the memory, once it appears, it should have the power of a peak early stage Void Tribulant cultivator who has gone through all nine Arcane Tribulants.

“However, although the puppet is still very strong, it can’t reach the power of a real Void Tribulant cultivator. It is equal to someone who has gone through several Arcane Tribulants…” Although Wang Lin had doubts in his heart, he couldn’t find an answer.

In the distance, Xuan Luo had been looking at the Yi Si puppet since it appeared. He recognized what it was.

“I have already felt aura before. It is indeed a puppet spirit, and it has transformed twice… This Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign is indeed vicious!” Xuan Luo shook his head and sighed.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and walked toward the unconscious Sovereign. The dwarf silently followed. Its body changed between corporeal and fog.

Wang Lin looked at the unconscious Sovereign and felt complicated. The Sovereign, the Sovereign… After a long time, Wang Lin waved his sleeve and put the Sovereign inside his storage space.

“You still have half of your soul left, but I won’t kill you. You were once the madman’s slave. I’ll let him decide your fate once he awakens.”

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