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Chapter 1773 - Struggle of the Trapped Beast!

Wang Lin vaguely guessed Yun Yifeng’s thoughts. This person was very cunning, so he wouldn’t do things for no reason. However, Wang Lin had no time to pay attention to it. He raised his right hand and the golden print landed in his grasp. A cold feeling cycled through Wang Lin, and he felt a connection with the golden print.

This item had just been created from the void and had no owner. Wang Lin’s cultivation was imprinted in it and he became this treasure’s first owner.

This golden print gave off a powerful aura and sealed the Sovereign’ god destruction dao spell. This spell had been used by the Sovereign at full power, so its strength was the same as the Sovereign using the spell himself.

And due to it being created by Xuan Luo, it contained a hint of the Nine Suns’ power. As a result, this treasure was indestructible!

The Sovereign was terrified as Wang Lin devoured the print and began refining it in his origin soul.

Xuan Luo stood before Wang Lin. He looked at Wang Lin profoundly and then suddenly smiled.

At this moment, the fear in the Sovereign’s heart reached a limit. He gave up on killing Wang Lin and retreated without hesitation. He was scared out of his mind, and his mind was buzzing.

He was very smart and cunning, but he could have never expected Xuan Luo to be here. He believed that his master’s big brother had found this place!

Thinking about how terrifying his master’s big brother was, the Sovereign was soaked in cold sweat. He almost lost his wits.

Just as he started retreating, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He stood up and took a step forward. Thunderous rumbles echoed as he chased after the Sovereign.

“Back then, you tried to kill me with the life and death calamity. Today, I’ll give you a life and death calamity as well! Tuo Sen, you have already arrived. Do you want to fight me or help me fight this person!?” Wang Lin’s voice echoed as he chased.

Just as his voice echoed, a laugh echoed across the world. The world distorted behind the Sovereign and a giant figure appeared.

His body was half naked and gave off an ancient aura. It also gave off an arrogant aura. It was Tuo Sen!

When his body appeared, his right hand formed a seal and punched toward the Sovereign. With this punch, the world rumbled. It was as if this punch had absorbed all the power here, and it landed on the Sovereign’s body.

The Sovereign suddenly turned around. His hands formed a seal and sunlight surrounded his body. He seemed to turn into a sun when he collided with the punch.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The Sovereign let out a muffled groan and retreated several steps. Tuo Sen’s body also trembled, and he retreated 1,000 feet. He revealed a fierce smile.

“Satisfying! Wang Lin, don’t fight with spells like these celestials; our clan must fight with our powerful bodies. Break the world and battle the celestials!” As Tuo Sen spoke, popping sounds echoed from his body. His body expanded to more than tens of thousands of feet tall, but he didn’t stop; he continued to expand. Soon, a giant ancient god hundreds of thousands of feet tall appeared in the second to last layer of the Ancient Tomb!

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he revealed a smile. Rumbles came from his body, and for the first time, he completely expanded his body. Wang Lin’s body instantly grew until he was the same size as Tuo Sen!

From afar, the two giants looked like two mountains sealing the Sovereign’s path.

At the same time, Yun Yifeng’s eyes flashed. He knew that the mysterious Xuan Luo was around, so he moved decisively. His hands formed a seal and his right hand pointed at the sky. There was a flash of purple light, and the purple light instantly formed a purple monkey. The monkey revealed a vicious gaze as it pounced toward the Sovereign.

“Wang Lin has no chance of failing in the core of the cave. My plan won’t go wrong!”

There was also the third concubine, Tang Shan. She clenched her teeth and the golden bead on her wrist shone. Golden doors appeared and overlapped with each other. The seven golden doors fused into one. Golden light shined as the door transformed into a golden dragon that rushed toward the Sovereign.

The four of them attacked at the same time, and their power was amazing!

Wang Lin and Tuo Sen each formed a fist,and their punches smashed down like two giant meteors.

The Sovereign’s face was deathly pale and he had no will to battle. He was completely shaken by what had happened to the golden print. He suspected his master’s big brother was hiding around here!

This thought made him tremble and made it impossible for him to use his full strength. The only thought in his mind was to escape. As Wang Lin and Tuo Sen’s fists descended, the Sovereign let out a roar as if he wanted to release all the fear in his body. He moved his hand as if he was holding two runs and collided with Wang Lin and Tuo Sen’s punches.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Tuo Sen’s arm trembled and he retreated several steps. Wang Lin also trembled and retreated a few steps.

At the same time, Yun Yifeng’s spell that formed the monkey arrived, and it pounced on the Sovereign. It turned into purple gas and entered the Sovereign’s body. The shadow of a monkey appeared between the Sovereign’s eyebrows.

The Sovereign trembled. Wang Lin and Tuo Sen’s attacks had already caused his blood to boil. Then Yun Yifeng’s spell from the Immortal Astral Continent made it feel like his body was being torn apart. Then Tang Shan’s golden dragon smashed into the Sovereign’s body.

The Sovereign turned around and smashed the golden dragon with his right hand. As the golden dragon collapsed, the Sovereign coughed out a mouthful of blood for the first time. His expression became dim and the fear in his eyes became even stronger.

Wang Lin and Tuo Sen’s ancient god power was something the Sovereign’ dreaded. However, the difference between their cultivation levels were simply too wide. Although they were difficult to deal with, they had also paid a big price to seriously injure him!

What he feared the most was what had happened to the golden print. He had a feeling that there was a fifth pair of eyes calmly looking at him.

This feeling was very strong and almost made him go crazy. He also felt Dao Master Blue Dream’s aura closing in. If Blue Dream arrived, he would be in danger!

After coughing out blood, the Sovereign’s eyes were bloodshot. He suddenly looked up and ripples echoed under his feet as he tried to leave. However, at this moment, Wang Lin’s right hand reached toward the void and he opened his storage stpage. A dozen Ancient Leaves flew out.

As the ghostly light flickered, these dozen Ancient Leaves rushed toward the Sovereign and sealed his path of retreat!

When the Sovereign was sealed, there was a flash of killing inside Wang Lin’s eyes and he walked forward. He raised his hand to use his strongest spell, Heaven Ripping. The world was torn open and the rift flew toward the Sovereign.

The rift closed in on the Sovereign in an instant. The Sovereign formed a seal and slammed his hand toward the rift.

At the same time, Tuo Sen’s body moved and an overlapping shadow appeared. In a flash, the arrogant aura around him disappeared and was replaced by calmness and steadiness.

It was as if he had become another person, as if he had become the awakened Tu Si!

To be more accurate, the person that appeared was Tu Si. He raised his right hand and reached toward the void. Thunderous rumbles echoed and a giant spear appeared in his hand. Grabbing the spear, he stabbed toward the Sovereign.

Yun Yifeng and Tang Shan attacked once more. They all used their most powerful spells.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Yun Yifeng coughed out blood and was knocked into the ground. Blood started flowing from the corner of Tang Shan’s mouth. She staggered back more than 10,000 feet, looking extremely weak.

Tu Si’s spear was caught by the Sovereign. The Sovereign’s expression was fierce as his right palm slammed toward Tu Si.

Tu Si’s body trembled and he retreated 1,000 feet, but he was not injured!

After pushing back Tu Si, the Sovereign turned around. At this moment, the Heaven Ripping rift closed in and was less than 10 feet away. The Sovereign’s hair was a mess and he bit his tongue without hesitation to spit out some of his essence blood. This blood was golden, and it penetrated the rift toward Wang Lin.

If Wang Lin were hit by this blood, he would be in danger!

At the critical moment, Wang Lin was still calm. The moment the blood closed in, Wang Lin said one word.


Stop the heavens, stop the earth, stop all laws!

The blood stopped for a moment before Wang Lin, and he calmly avoided it. He waved his hand and the blood sword flew out. However, at this moment, the rebound erupted in his body. He suppressed the rebound, but his face turned slightly pale.

After an instant, the Stop spell stopped working and the blood sprayed past Wang Lin, landing on the ground. Sizzling sounds came from the ground, and that part of the earth began to sink.

The blood sword flashed and a muffled groan came from the Sovereign. The blood sword was too fast and shot toward the Sovereign the moment he had spat out the blood. The sword pierced through the Sovereign’s right shoulder.

Fresh blood sprayed out, and the Sovereign’s eyes became bloodshot. He raised his left hand and pointed at the sky.

“You’re all courting death! Fishing the Moon in the Well!”

The Sovereign’s dao spell. To use the earth as a well that reflected everything in the sky. Then extract the soul through the reflection and kill! Wang Lin had seen this spell several times, and each time, it had shocked him greatly.

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