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Chapter 1772 - Xuan Luo Acts!

Various spells closed in as the Sovereign walked out. The Sovereign was extremely cautious. Although he didn’t know much about the Ancient Tomb, when he had the Seven-Colored Daoist save Miao Yin and company, he had learned some of the secrets here.

That was why he could arrive here so quickly. He had witnessed the fierce battle in the second flower and had seen Wang Lin use the bow three times. With his understanding of Wang Lin, and his own analysis, he was certain Wang Lin no longer had the power to draw the bow again!

Otherwise, with his understanding of Wang Lin, Wang Lin wouldn’t have let the Seven-Colored Daoist go and then let Old Ghost Zhan chase after the Seven-Colored Daoist.

In his mind, without absolute certainty, Wang Lin wouldn’t set up a plan to use the lion to devour the tiger. From his point of view, he couldn’t guess Wang Lin’s limits.

Because he had come to this conclusion, the Sovereign thought that this was a great opportunity since he had confirmed that Wang Lin was seriously injured. This was the best time for him to kill Wang Lin to get his revenge and take the third soul!

That’s why he had moved at full speed to chase Wang Lin into the fourth flower while Old Ghost Zhan was chasing down the Seven-Colored Daoist. He had used his understanding of the Ancient Tomb that he had learned from Miao Yin and company to rush toward the second to last floor before everyone else.

He expected that aside from Wang Lin, the third concubine would arrive before him. He hadn’t expected Yun Yifeng to be faster than him. Clearly, Yun Yifeng had his own methods and luck.

At this moment, the moment he appeared, he faced a spell that collided with his Law of Origin spell. The power of the attack was deflected and the Sovereign retreated three steps. When he looked around, his expression became gloomy.

Yun Yifeng stepped forward and the eight blades sliced down toward the Sovereign. Since he had lost to Wang Lin, he would not go back on his word. While they were in the core of the cave world, he would listen to Wang Lin’s orders.

At this moment, the seven golden doors surrounded his body and a warm feeling nourished him. Even his injuries recovered a bit, and the seven doors acted as a protective layer. It helped to offset the impact and allowed him to move even faster.

Tang Shan moved after forming the seven golden doors for Wang Lin and Yun Yifeng. Her right hand formed a seal and nine golden flying swords appeared. They formed a sword formation and flew toward the Sovereign!

The two of them attacked the Sovereign at the same time!

The Eight Blades Cut the Soul combined with Yun Yifeng’s cultivation had shocking power. The Sovereign waved his sleeve and seven-colored light flew toward Yun Yifeng.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Yun Yifeng had been injured by Wang Lin, and the seven golden doors collapsed. He coughed out blood and clenched his teeth as he sliced down with a roar. Seven of the blades shattered when they collided with the seven-colored light, but the eighth blade was about to penetrate the seven-colored light and land on the Sovereign.

The Sovereign’s body trembled and thunderous rumbles echoed as he retreated three steps. He suddenly looked up at Tang Shan’s nine golden flying swords filled with strong celestial bloodline closing in.

They were very fast; the moment the Sovereign retreated, they closed in. The Sovereign raised his hand and his thumb and index finger formed a circle. He faced Tang Shan.

Golden light came from the circles formed by his hand. The light seemed to form countless swords that flew forward. They collided with Tang Shan’s nine swords, and the nine swords shattered. The fragments were pushed back and endless rays of light closed in on Tang Shan.

The golden beads on Tang Shan’s wrist shined and seven golden doors appeared to resist the seven-colored light. Thunderous rumbles echoed as blood flowed out from the corner of Tang Shan’s mouth, and she quickly retreated.

“Even someone injured dares to sneak attack me!?” The Sovereign stepped forward, but at this moment, Wang Lin’s hand grabbed the void. He used the Heaven Ripping spell and the rift that connected the sky and earth appeared once more. It charged at the Sovereign!

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the Sovereign attacked to counter Tang Shan and Yun Yifeng’s attacks, the rift closed in.

The Sovereign could ignore the injured Yun Yifeng and the third concubine, but he couldn’t ignore Wang Lin’s spell. The power of the Heaven Ripping spell was terrifying. The Sovereign’s pupils shrank and the circles formed by his hands faced Wang Lin. His power of going through several Arcane Tribulants suddenly erupted.

“Three Destructive Sovereign Dao! First spirit destruction dao!” The golden circle before the Sovereign shined and collided with the Heaven Ripping spell.

“Second ghost destruction dao!” The Sovereign’s robe expanded and a sun appeared before him. The law of origin spread out from his body, making him look like a celestial god!

“Third god destruction dao!” The Sovereign bit the tip of his tongue and spat out blood. It became a giant, golden print that smashed toward the rift Wang Lin had created!

Thunderous rumbles echoed when the endless golden light from the circles before him touched the rift. The circles suddenly collapsed and then the sun behind him flew toward the rift.

At the same time, the golden print closed in. Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin’s Heaven Ripping spell shattered.

However, the sun also dissipated before the Heaven Ripping spell. Only the golden print broke through everything and smashed toward Wang Lin.

“Without the Li Guang Bow, I want to see how you resist me!” The Sovereign’s breathing was rough as he charged at Wang Lin.

On the ground not far away from Wang Lin, Xuan Luo calmly watched everything. Along the way, he had witnessed Wang Lin’s methods, cunning, persistence, and decisiveness. He now admired Wang Lin greatly.

At this moment, he was eager to know how Wang Lin would resist this Arcane Tribulant cultivator’s spell.

“Will he take Lian Daozhen’s brother out to use the Immortal Celestial Body again?” Xuan Luo was very interested, but a moment later, his eyes narrowed.

He saw that there was no panic in Wang Lin’s eyes. When the golden print broke through the void, Wang Lin retreated three steps. The first step put Wang Lin 1,000 feet from Xuan Luo.

After the second step, he was less than 300 feet from Xuan Luo.

With the third step, Wang Lin appeared beside Xuan Luo. He wasn’t before Xuan Luo but behind Xuan Luo. After three steps, Wang Lin sat down. If he could see Xuan Luo, then this scene would look very strange.

Xuan Luo turned around to look at Wang Lin. At the same time, after Wang Lin sat down, he looked at the void before him.

Their gazes seem to meet.

Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin for a while until the golden light shined in the sky. The golden print was like a mountain as it descended, and it was less than 100 feet away. The ground around Wang Lin cracked and was pushed down.

“Interesting…” Xuan Luo suddenly smiled. He raised his right hand, casually raised his finger, and pointed at the golden print. The golden print stopped 30 feet above their heads.

After the golden print was stopped, it flashed violently and suddenly moved again. However, it rapidly shrank until it was only the size of a palm, and floated before Wang Lin.

The golden print buzzed. This sound seemed to contain intelligence; it seemed to be trembling in submission.

This thing now looked corporeal and had become a treasure!

This suddenly change startled Yun Yifeng, who was about to attack again. He hadn’t seen Wang Lin do anything. Wang Lin had just retreated 1,000 feet and sat down. The golden print had actually just stopped in the air.

Tang Shan was also startled and stopped the seal her hands were forming. She was going to do her best to protect Wang Lin, but this sudden change shocked her.

The two of them were only shocked, but the Sovereign was dumbfounded, and his eyes were filled with terror. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he subconsciously rubbed his eyes. The shock in his heart was even more intense than when he saw Wang Lin use the Li Guang Bow!

“How can this be… This… This is impossible… What I used was a spell, not a treasure. That golden print was formed by my spell, it is an illusion, it shouldn’t exist… It was formed by the power of my spell...

“How can it become corporeal and turn into a treasure? This kind of thing is impossible, impossible!!” The Sovereign trembled. Others might now know what it meant, but he knew.

“To turn an illusory spell into something corporeal. This kind of ability to change the world. This…” The Sovereigns’ face turned pale and he subconsciously took a few steps back. The shock bursting inside him was strong enough to break his mind.

He had never felt this much fear before. No matter how panicked he was before, it could not compare to now. He didn’t understand, couldn’t imagine, or to be more accurate, he didn’t dare to guess.

“This is something only Master’s big brother… one of the Nine Suns of the Immortal Astral Continent could do…” The Sovereign’s heart trembled. He was completely frightened by this.

In the distance, Yun Yifeng saw the Sovereign’s expression and looked at the golden print floating before Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with terror, as if he had thought of something, and he suddenly bowed his head.

However, his expression was clearly seen by Wang Lin, who was paying close attention.

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