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Chapter 1771 - Do You Dare to Fight Me Head On?

Wang Lin stopped and looked at the third concubine. When he met her gaze, Wang Lin saw seriousness and persistence in her eyes. This was the feeling Wang Lin had.

Wang Lin’s cold expression relaxed a bit. With Wang Lin’s wisdom, he could see that she really wanted to help him. He recalled when they met in the Ancient Tomb. After silently pondering for a bit, Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the woman’s wrist.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and slowly said, “What is your request.”

The third concubine whispered, “There is no request. You’ve helped me, so I’ll help you once.”

Hearing her words Wang Lin’s expression became a bit strange. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin spoke softly.

“It was a simple matter back then, you don’t need to take it to heart.”

“You helped me, so I’ll help you!” The third concubine raised her head and looked at Wang Lin. Her beautiful face had a unique charm at this moment.

“However, right now I don’t plan on entering the mountain.” Wang Lin revealed a rare smile.

The third concubine was startled and didn’t know want to say.

“What is your real name?” Wang Lin looked at the sky in the distance. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

The third concubine hesitated for a bit and then softly said, “Tang Shan…” 

“Activate your seven golden doors and step back a bit!” Wang Lin’s voice suddenly became cold as he looked into the distance.

Tang Shan’s eyes narrowed. Her cultivation level was not low, so she immediately noticed the abnormality. She listened to Wang Lin without hesitation and golden light shined around her. Seven golden doors appeared around her.

A ray of light was charging toward this place from the distance. This ray of light contained a giant, stone platform. This platform shined and a young man wearing blue was standing on top of it.

Wang Lin’s gaze instantly met with the young man’s. After their gazes met, thunderous rumbles echoed in their minds. It was as if they had attacked each other with a spell when their gazes met.

Wang Lin’s body didn’t move at all and he let out a cold snort.

The young man’s body staggered a bit and he took half a step back. He looked at Wang Lin with powerful battle intent!

“Wang Lin! I have finally caught up to you. I’m Yun Yifeng from Planet Five Elements. Our last battle was rushed and not satisfying enough. Today, do you dare to fight me head-on without any schemes or the Li Guang Bow?” The light disappeared from the stone platform. The young man in blue looked at Wang Lin.

“If you can beat me, I’ll listen to all your orders while we are in the core of the cave world!” Yun Yifeng stepped forward off the platform and faced Wang Lin. In his eyes, the third concubine, Tang Shan, didn’t exist. Wang Lin was the only one in his eyes!

Staring at Yun Yifeng, the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger. He was missing the soul of a powerful cultivator, and this person had come by himself. This would save Wang Lin some time, but this person’s cultivation level wasn’t that high. Wang Lin felt that just his soul wasn’t enough.

Back then, on Planet Five Elements, he had matched Wang Lin’s strength, but Wang Lin had just broken through the formation and was injured. Also, Wang Lin’s Heaven Ripping spell wasn’t complete back then. Now Wang Lin was at the peak of his cultivation, and his Heaven Ripping spell was heaven-shattering.

Wang Lin didn’t consider Yun Yifeng a threat.

However, if this person followed through with his promise after losing, then Wang Lin would be moved.

 Wang Lin slowly said, “Your words are meaningless!”

Yun Yifeng’s eyes lit up and his right hand hit his forehead. A drop of oath of blood flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted the blood and carefully looked at it. Yun Yifeng’s eyes became cold and he raised his right hand. A giant blade appeared and he sliced at Wang Lin as he stepped forward!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. This blade seemed to split the heavens and formed a ray of blade energy. The power of the world seemed to gather on it as it closed in on Wang Lin.

The moment the blade descended, Wang Lin stepped forward with a cold snort. His right hand formed a fist and his Ancient Dao power gathered as he threw a punch at Yun Yifeng!

The world changed colors with this punch, and the entire world became distorted as if it was going to collapse. The Ancient Dao shadow appeared and punched the blade!

In an instant, the blade and punch connected. The blade collapsed into countless pieces. Wang Lin’s punch also dissipated.

Yun Yifeng’s body was pushed back 1,000 feet, and he raised his right hand with a laugh. He waved his right hand and black light appeared before him, forming black fog. He reached into the fog and took out a blade. He sliced at Wang Lin and then reached into the fog once more.

In an instant, seven blades were taken out of the fog and sliced at Wang Lin. The seven slices connected together to form a monstrous blade energy that flew toward Wang Lin.

“Eight Blades Cut the Soul!” Yun Yifeng roared, and seven overlapping shadows appeared. It was as if seven copies of him had appeared, all holding the blade. The seven of them attacked at the same time.

These seven blades connected together, and the vague signs of an eighth blade appeared!

Two blades for the handle, four blades for the body, and one blade for the tip!

The world became distorted and dim. It was as if Yun Yifeng’s most powerful spell was the only thing left in this world!

As the eight blades closed in, Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all. He raised his hands and ripped the sky!

A giant pair of hands appeared before Wang Lin. This pair of hands was rough and covered in countless scars. It was Ye Mo’s arms!

As Wang Lin moved, these two arms grabbed the void and mercilessly tore the sky. Thunderous rumbles echoed and a giant rift was ripped open. This rift connected the earth and the sky.

From afar, it looked as if the world before Wang Lin had collapsed. The rift contained an ancient aura and destructive force force that could destroy the world. Rumbles echoed as the eight blades collided with the rift. The blades collapsed along with Yun Yifeng’s body!

Shortly after, the second, third, and fourth bodies collapsed with the blade.

“You want to fight head-on, I won’t even use the Stop spell. You want a head-on fight, I’ll give you a head-on fight!!” Wang Lin’s voice was cold and echoed across the world.

The moment Wang Lin’s words echoed, his hands ripped at the sky once more and tore open the connection of the world before him. Thunderous rumble echoed as Yun Yifeng’s fifth, sixth, and seventh bodies all shattered. A muffled groan echoed as smoke came from the seven collapsed bodies and reformed into Yun Yifeng’s original body in the distance!

He coughed out blood and his face was deathly pale. He retreated a few steps and looked at Wang Lin with fear in his eyes. This fear was no less intense than when he saw the Li Guang Bow being drawn!

“Is this battle head-on!?” As Yun Yifeng retreated, the rift before Wang Lin slowly dissipated. Wang Lin stood there with his white hair fluttering. He held the oath of blood Yun Yifeng had sent out.

Yun Yifeng silently pondered. He felt bitterness in his heart as he nodded.

The moment he nodded, the oath of blood in Wang Lin’s hand gave off a dazzling, red light. It slowly dissipated into Wang Lin’s palm and became an oath.

Yun Yifeng was a gentleman, so he didn’t play any tricks with the oath of blood. Since he had lost, he had lost! He didn’t know that this had saved his life!

If he had tried anything, Wang Lin would have killed without hesitation, even if killing him would’ve wasted some time. However, at this moment, Wang Lin had a better choice. He looked into the distance and felt three familiar auras closing in.

“They came just on time… Perhaps I can borrow his power to probe that person…”

Just as this battle ended, the fog around the mountain began to move and formed that bold head. A thunderous roar echoed.

Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by his Ancient Dao aura and he retreated more than 1,000 feet to resist it. Tang Shan had witnessed the battle before and quickly retreated with Wang Lin.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the sky in the distance distorted. A blurry figure arrived.

“Yun Yifeng, kill this person!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. His right hand reached out and there was a flash of blood light. The blood sword appeared and flew toward the blurry figure.

A sun appeared before the blurry figure and gave off endless sunlight that collided with the blood sword. A thunderous rumble echoed as the blurry figure was forced to retreat, revealing the Sovereign!

The moment he appeared, Yun Yifeng clenched teeth and swallowed a few pills. He charged out and used the Eight Blades Cut the Soul. Eight illusory blades appeared and connected together as they flew toward the Sovereign!

There was also Tang Shan. She didn’t hesitate to form a seal as she waved her hand. Seven golden doors appeared before Yun Yifeng and seven more also appeared before Wang Lin!

“Protection spell!” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

Most spells were forced on attack, and even protections spells could only be used on oneself. Those that could be used on others were extremely rare. This was the first time Wang Lin had seen one that could be used on someone else!

The Heavenly Door Sect that Tang Shan belonged to was only a small sect and not one of the thirteen major sects, but it was still famous. The reason was that most of their spells were protection spells that could be used to protect others!

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