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Chapter 1770 - Yi Si Puppet!

Inside the Ancient Tomb, Wang Lin was rapidly falling through the fog. The wind howled in his ears as he moved down. His divine sense was spread out, carefully observing his surroundings.

There were many strange things inside the fog, Wang Lin understood this. He had seen most of the fierce beasts here as well. He changed his speed to avoid the nearby beasts and headed toward the second to last layer here.

The second to last layer was where Wang Lin had felt the terrifying aura. However, the more he thought about it now, the more he believed that that aura was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s most powerful ace!

The Yi Si Puppet!

After Wang Lin entered the core of the cave, he would sacrifice them based on the method the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign left behind. After each sacrifice, he would feel his connection with it strengthen.

He had killed a lot of people at this point, and thanks to that mysterious connection, Wang Lin was 80% certain that the terrifying aura belonged to Yi Si!

“The purpose of the Ancient Tomb is likely to nourish the puppet. After the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign killed Ye Mo, he used him to complete this puppet.” Wang Lin’s eyes shined. With the help of memories from the third soul, Wang Lin had guessed most of it.

As he moved forward, the fog gradually became thin. He was moving toward the entrance to the next layer. As he got closer, the fog became so thin, it could no longer block his vision, and black earth appeared below him.

This earth was endless and was covered in black, algae-like vegetation. As the plants swayed, they released strands of black gas. This was a strange scene.

There was no sun here, but there was ghostly light coming from the black algae. Wang Lin could clearly see everything around him due to this light.

This place was completely silent. Even after Wang Lin arrived, the black algae continued to sway and release black gas without any change.

His gaze swept past the vegetation on the ground, and he was wary. He was far too aware of the dangers of the Ancient Tomb. His divine sense was spread out as he carefully flew forward.

In his memory the map from back then showed the entrance was not far ahead.

Half an incense stick of time later, as Wang Lin moved forward, the scenary before him changed. More than 100,000 feet away, there was an open area of 10,000 feet with no vegetation. There was an ancient transfer array built at the center.

This formation had existed for an unknown amount of time and was still operational. However, it was silent, and flashes of ghostly light came from it, giving off a sense of power.

After seeing this transfer array, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. Just as he closed in, a heaven-shattering roar came from the transfer array. This roar contained a terrifying aura that made Wang Lin’s heart tremble, so he stopped.

The moment the roar echoed, the algae in the area began to sway more violently. Large amounts of black gas were forced out and flew into the air.

The earth began to tremble and move like waves.

The sound disappeared slowly after a long time. Wang Lin’s face was pale as he stood outside the formation and pondered for a long time. Then he looked up with determination in his eyes.

“If my deduction is correct, this shouldn’t be too dangerous. On the contrary, it might be a great fortune for me. Yi Si Puppet…” Wang Ln no longer hesitated and walked into the ancient transfer array.

The moment he entered the formation, it activated. Ghostly light scattered in all directions and spread out to cover tens of thousands of kilometers.

The third concubine was rapidly moving in the fog. She didn’t know the exact location but had a sense of where it was. However, she suddenly stopped when she saw the ghostly light that pierced through the fog.

Her eyes lit up and she immediately carefully moved toward the source of the ghostly light.

After one incense stick of time, she saw the ancient transfer array on the ground. The third concubine hesitated outside the formation for a long time before she clenched her teeth and walked into the formation.

In the second to last layer of the Ancient Tomb, the fog wasn’t as dense as it was in the upper layers. Wang Lin was carefully moving through here. Although there was light, it was red and looked like fresh blood.

Occasionally, roars would come from the surrounding fog and pairs of red eyes would stare at Wang Lin. However, with Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao aura, they didn’t dare to approach.

After all, the current Wang Lin was not the same as before. As long as he was cautious, there was no immediate danger.

As he quickly moved forward, the fog around him moved quickly and a roar that sound like it came from next to his ears echoed. This roar shook the entire world, and it felt like this layer was going to collapse.

Wang Lin suddenly stopped. It was as if a powerful force had hit him along with the roar. It pushed him back 1,000 feet before the roar dissipated.

Wang Lin’s face was pale and his eyes shined brightly. That roar had shaken his mind, and he was almost injured.

“What a powerful aura… If that thing is really the Yi Si Puppet and I can use it…” Wang Lin moved forward once more.

Wang Lin gradually got closer to the source of the roar until he saw a mountain!

This mountain wasn’t tall, but it was covered by red fog. When Wang Lin got close and saw it, the red fog around the mountain began to move. It formed a giant head.

This head had no hair and was bald. It was blurry, making it impossible to see its appearance. However, its mouth was open, letting out that shocking roar!

The moment the roar appeared, Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and waved. His essence appeared before him and his Ancient Dao power filled his body to resist the power of this roar.

At this moment, he was hundreds of thousands of feet away, but even at this distance, the roar hit him with a powerful force. Popping sounds echoed as Wang Lin’s essences were knocked back into his body. Wang Lin’s face was pale and he was pushed back 10,000 feet before the roar dissipated. Blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. The head formed by the red fog seemed to melt before returning to the mountain.

“It is Yi Si!” Wang Lin stared at the misty peak. Through the connection in his heart, he was very certain!

“Unfortunately, even though I have killed a lot of people as sacrifices, it is not enough… If I want to control this thing, I need to kill one more powerful cultivator!” Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the mountain before him. Just as he was pondering, he looked into the distance.

“It’s her…” Wang Lin’s body flickered and disappeared as he hid himself,

Shortly after, a golden light flashed and a giant, golden door floated over. Behind the door sat the third concubine. Her face was pale and blood was flowing out from the corner of her mouth.

She looked at the mountain before her with fear in her eyes. She didn’t expect this layer of the Ancient Tomb to have something this terrifying.

She clenched her teeth. Taking the moment when the mountain didn’t let out another roar, she sent out a message.

“Wang Lin, I know you’re here! I have no malice. I believe my power and spells can be of help to you. Please appear!”

The surroundings were completely silent. Only the churning of the fog in the distance gave off a muffled rumble.

The third concubine’s voice echoed. After seeing no reaction, her expression dimmed and she shook her head. The golden door slowly retreated and she was ready to move to another location to search for Wang Lin.

However, just at this moment, the fog on the mountain began to rumble and that faint shadow appeared to let out a roar.

Under the roar, the world changed colors and layers of invisible ripples echoed across the air. The earth trembled and the sky distorted. The expression of the third concubine changed. She bit the tip of her tongue and spat blood onto the golden door.

The door shined brightly to resist the roar, but it quickly collapsed. The third concubine’s face turned pale and she immediately retreated, then her hands formed a seal. There was a flash of golden light and four more golden doors appeared.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the four golden doors shattered one by one. The third concubine had borrowed this time to retreat more than 10,000 feet. She was about to use another spell to resist the residual shockwave when a cold voice choed.

“Why are you looking for me?” As the voice echoed, Wang Lin appeared before the woman. He waved his right hand behind him to block the shockwave. Wang Lin’s body was strong enough to resist this level of shockwave.

“Wang Lin!” The third concubine was startled and joy appeared in her eyes, but she soon hid it.

“You… You once helped me inside the Ancient Tomb. This time, I want to help you…”

“No need, it is dangerous here. Don’t stay here.” Wang Lin coldly stared at the third concubine and turned to leave to find the soul of a powerful cultivator to sacrifice.

“I… I can help you!” The third concubine bit her lip and raised her right hand. There was a string of golden beads on her wrist. The golden beads gave off a gentle glow.

“My teacher gifted me this. It can turn into seven golden doors. If you want to enter this mountain, this item can help you!”

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