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Chapter 1751 - People Gather

The fog in Allheaven around the planet Wang Lin was on churned as several stone slates gathered in a flash. They didn’t fuse together but connected to form an outline.

This outline was still incomplete, so its shape was unknown. However, the aura and pressure it gave off caused Wang Lin’s heart to rumble when he saw it.

He understood what it was. Although he was shocked, his expression remained unchanged. He just stood there and calmly looked at it.

Soon, several more slates appeared from the fog and were added to the outline. As more slates arrived, the outline slowly became complete.

What appeared before Wang Lin was a giant door!

This door wasn’t the door that led to the Immortal Astral Continent but the door to the core of the cave. Once this door was opened, one could enter the core of the cave!

Although it was Wang Lin’s first time seeing the door, he was not a stranger to it. On one of the slates that formed the door, Wang Lin felt the aura of the Foreign Battleground from planet Suzaku!

He had spread out his divine sense and saw the shocking scene there! It was a piece of a broken door!

Today, the cave door that was broken by the Heavenly Dao appeared once more, causing the cave world to change dramatically!

The door was endless in size. From a distance, it looked very majestic. Although it was mostly complete, there were still many cracks on its surface. However, soon, a large amount of gravel flew out from the fog.

This gravel that had disappeared into the void when the door shattered made up the missing bits!

When the door reformed, these missing pieces quickly arrived, filling the cracks on the door. When the door was completed, an aura that shook the entire star system erupted.

This aura formed a storm that was set off with the door at the center. The storm carried a powerful force as it suddenly spread out.

The fog in the distance became distorted, and the fog in the area suddenly became thinner. Seven-colored light flashed in the fog and the Seven-Colored Daoist walked out!

His expression was gloomy, and when he arrived, he immediately saw the door along with Wang Lin!

“So it’s you!” Killing intent appeared in the Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyes, and he felt relief. Compared to the third soul being found by Old Ghost Zhan, he preferred it to be Wang Lin.

“As long as it’s not Old Ghost Zhan, there is a chance to turn it around!” The Seven-Colored Daoist waved his sleeve and he walked toward the planet outside the door.

However, just as he raised his feet, the storm erupted from the door. The storm was extremely powerful, causing the figure of the Seven-Colored Daoist to distort. His expression changed and he was pushed back.

At the same time, Old Ghost Zhan appeared in another direction. Thunderous rumbles rang out after he appeared, and the fog around him scattered. Old Ghost Zhan stood there with his hair fluttering, and the gaze from the shadow around him revealed a strange light as it stared at the planet outside the door.

As one of the three souls, he also relaxed just like the Seven-Colored Daoist and revealed monstrous killing intent at the same time.

“It’s him! Even though he has the Heavenly Dao, he is seeking death since he obtained the third soul!” Old Ghost Zhan clenched his fist inside the shadow but didn’t charge forward. Instead, he waved his sleeve and resisted the push from the storm.

A thunderous rumble echoed as he was pushed back with the shadow around him, but the strange light in his eyes became brighter and brighter!

Wang Lin was not shocked by their appearance. The awakening of the third soul and opening of the core of the cave would naturally be detected by others.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the two of them. Instead, he looked down at Xie Qing’s body, which was kneeling before him. The sorrow in his eyes became even stronger.

“Since you liked this valley of autumn orchids, sleep here accompanied by the autumn orchids until the day I awaken you…” Wang Lin muttered as he raised his right hand.

The valley rumbled and the autumn orchids moved slowly, covering Xie Qing’s body, leaving a grave that was covered in autumn orchids.

With a sigh, Wang Lin plucked an orchid and looked at it. With one step, he left the valley and arrived in the sky.

He took another step and disappeared from the sky, charging into space. The orchid slowly fell from the sky, but it didn’t change directions; it slowly landed on the grave in the valley.

The orchid was very beautiful, as if it was filled with life force. After it landed, it gave off a burst of ghostly light and then crumbled to ashes.

At this moment, the wind blew by and the ashes were scattered across the valley.

From now on, this nameless planet would be covered in autumn orchids every autumn. The fragrance of the autumn orchids filled the planet and accompanied the sleeping Xie Qing.

The storm raged around the door and prevented everyone beside Wang Lin from getting close. Inside, he faced no danger at all!

This storm was created when the door was reformed, this door reformed when the third soul awakened, and the third soul was inside Wang Lin! Therefore, this storm had no effect on Wang Lin.

Before him was the gate, and behind him was the planet. Aside from the door, he also looked at the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan!

Old Ghost Zhan was braving the storm. When he saw Wang Lin, he clearly felt the existence of the third soul inside him. He immediately roared, “Wang Lin, give me the third soul and this old man will ensure the safety of you and the entire Celestial Realm. This old man will also open the door for you to head to the Immortal Astral Continent!”

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyes lit up and he spoke with a gloomy tone, “Wang Lin, if you give the third soul to this lord, I’ll resurrect your wife! I don’t want the Heavenly Dao, and I’ll give this cave world to you. As long as I have the third soul, I’ll leave and never return to this place.

“How about it?”

His words were even more alluring than Old Ghost Zhan’s. If not for his relationships with Xie Qing, Qing Shui, and Situ, Wang Lin would be tempted!

However, at this moment, Wang Lin acted like he didn’t hear anything. He stood outside the gate and closed his eyes as if he was waiting for something.

Wang Lin’s behavior caused Old Ghost Zhan and Seven-Colored Daoist to overflow with killing intent. However, they couldn’t move forward due to the storm. But they knew the storm would eventually dissipate!

It didn’t take long for a rumble to resound from the other side of the door, and the four generals arrived. They were pushed back by the storm and took a moment to stabilize themselves. When they looked over, their expressions changed.

They immediately saw that the third soul had been taken by Wang Lin! They also saw that Wang Lin was surrounded by the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan, there was no escape!

Their appearance didn’t surprise Wang Lin at all. His eyes were still closed as he calmly stood there.

A moment later, a howling sound echoed and the Sovereign appeared outside the door. His body was pushed back and he arrived next to the Seven-Colored Daoist. He stared at Wang Lin’s figure with suspicion in his eyes.

Shortly after the Sovereign arrived, several rays of light broke through the fog and arrived. Inside the rays of light were beautiful women; they were the celestial imperial concubines!

One of them looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression. She was the third concubine, the one who had interacted with Wang Lin in the Ancient Tomb!

The Seven Dao Sect disciples that had escaped from the Ancient Celestial Realm in the Outer Realm arrived with the concubines. They surrounded the area and stared at Wang Lin.

It didn’t take long before Zi Xia arrived from the Summoned River. After looking around, her gaze fell on Wang Lin, who was surrounded, and there was a flash of killing intent in her gaze.

She hated Wang Lin from the moment he refused to join forces with her. Killing intent had already appeared in her heart back then. If not for the fact that she knew she was no match against Wang Lin, she would have attacked long ago. When she saw that Wang Lin was surrounded, she sneered.

A moment later, there was a flash of blue light and Dao Master Blue Dream appeared. There was something different about him. The Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan immediately looked over.

Dao Master Blue Dream’s expression was calm as he stood there. He completely ignored the gazes of the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan!

The last to appear were the people from planet Five Elements, led by the old man named Ma. their appearance shocked everyone. The moment they appeared, Wang Lin opened his eyes.

His gaze was calm, and the moment he opened his eyes, everyone’s attention moved away from the people from planet Five Elements and gathered back on him. Everyone here had a high cultivation level, and an ordinary person would be startled by this gathering.

However, Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral, and his gaze swept by everyone here.

“Those that should come have all come… What you all want is merely this soul…” Wang Lin raised his right hand and the third soul appeared!

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