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Chapter 1752 - Hunting Ground!

The moment the third soul appeared, everyone’s gazes, beside Dao Master Blue Dream and the third concubine’s, gathered at Wang Lin’s right hand. In particular, the eyes of the Seven-Colored Daoist, Old Ghost Zhan, and the four generals were filled with obvious or hidden greed and desire.

“This is a hunt! You may be the hunter or I’m the hunter… You could kill me and get the third soul, but anyone who enters must be prepared to be killed by me...

“You all have the blood of the Immortal Astral Continent and consider yourselves immortals… But in this hunt, either you die or I live! I haven’t killed many of the celestials of the Immortal Celestial continent… I hope you all can become one of them. Now let this cruel game began…” Wang Lin’s calm voice was chilly as he looked around and revealed a cold smile.

His right hand clenched before everyone and the third soul disappeared back into his body. Wang Lin waved his sleeve at the door!

“Door to the cave, open!”

Whoever had the third soul could open the door to the core of the cave. Among the people here, only Wang Lin could do it! He was not worried about the killing intent from the people here. He didn’t intend to leave; he was at the center of the core of the cave, about to begin his final slaughter in the cave world!

Wang Lin would do everything it took in this slaughter!

After he waved his sleeve, a rumble came from inside the door. A top-to-bottom crack appeared at the center of the door, splitting it in half!

Even more rumbles echoed across the entire cave world. The door began to slowly move as if a pair of invisible hands was pushing it open!

As the door slowly opened, the storm became even stronger and endless cries of sorrow came out. The cries could startle anyone who heard them!

This was the first time this door had opened since it collapsed! The thunderous rumbles caused everyone’s ears to buzz and retreat.

Even the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan were forced to retreat when the door opened.

Only Wang Lin stood outside the door motionless.

At this moment, the door had opened thousands of feet. However, it had only opened 30%.

Wang Lin walked forward with a cold smile and stepped between the two large doors as everyone watched him. The moment he entered, his gaze swept at everyone around him and finally paused on the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan.

“I’ll wait for you all inside!” Wang Lin’s words echoed. He stepped in to the half-open door and disappeared.

The moment Wang Lin disappeared, the storm became even more intense and roared. The storm seemed to reach its peak, forcing everyone to retreat once more.

“Courting death!” The Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He had already made up his mind to kill Wang Lin!

There was also Old Ghost Zhan. The shadow around him stared at the door Wang Lin had disappeared into, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes!

The two of them didn’t take Wang Lin’s words to heart, but the rest felt a chill in their hearts. In particular, the four generals and the concubines silently pondered as they were forced to retreat.

Time slowly passed. Half an hour after Wang Lin entered, the door opened completely. The moment  it completely opened, the storm spread out like crazy, pushing everyone back tens of thousands of feet. However, just at this moment, the storm suddenly disappeared.

It was as if it had never appeared. The force blocking everyone no longer existed, and the door was revealed clearly before them!

The Seven-Colored Daoist was the first to rushed out. There was a flash of seven-colored light and then he appeared next to the gate and stepped inside!

Shortly after was Old Ghost Zhan. He would never allow the third soul to be obtained by the Seven-Colored Daoist. At this moment, they both entered the door one after the other.

The third person to enter was the Sovereign. He turned into a shadow and closed in on the door. He hesitated for a moment outside the door and clenched his teeth as he walked in.

After those three it was Dao Master Blue Dream. From the beginning, he had been calm. At this moment, he slowly arrived before the door, let out a sigh, and walked inside.

After a brief moment of silence, the rest of the people outside the door all made up their minds and entered. Each of them entered with a different purpose.

However, most of them didn’t think Wang Lin could keep the third soul. It was likely that a new Seven-Colored would appear between the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan!

They had come from this door, and now, after countless years, they were entering it again. It was like a reincarnation cycle, or point of origin!

As the various cultivators entered one by one, the last to enter were the people from planet Five Elements led by the old man named Ma. They had to go, and they entered with a sigh.

Only after everyone disappeared into the door did Xuan Luo appear from the void. He looked at the door and pondered a bit before he casually followed in.

“This child’s trial should end here.”

The cave world was still covered in fog, but the rumbles that had been echoing across the entire cave world gradually calm down until they disappeared.

In Allheaven, the door to the core of the cave world remained open as if it were waiting for everyone who was qualified to enter.

However, the door to the core of the cave could only be entered by people with the bloodline from the Immortal Astral Continent. If the rest of them wanted to enter, they could only borrow a soul like Dao Master Blue Dream!

All the cultivators that noticed this change silently waited for the first person to come out of the door. Both the Inner and Outer Realms were the same.

A few that knew the secret about this place, like Qing Shui and Situ, silently observed from the Celestial Realm.

They understood that the first person to come out would likely be the new Seven-Colored Celestial! If it was Wang Lin, then that meant everything had ended perfectly!

This was a matter that would determine the fate of the entire cave world; it was a matter of life and death. Either the cave world would belong to the new Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, or a change would occur.

However, no matter what, the mortals of the cave world continued with their daily lives, not knowing what was happening.

Inside the door, the world before Wang Lin was fuzzy. It was in complete ruin due to the war that had taken place here!

He looked over and saw a giant furnace floating among the ruins. There were strands of black gas surrounding furnace, and it seemed to connect with the world.

Wang Lin had the third soul inside him. It was sealed by Xia Qing, so it couldn’t enter reincarnation. Thanks to the third soul, Wang Lin had a better understanding of the core of the cave than everyone else.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked at the furnace with a hint of passion.

“That place is the core of the cave… It is also where the door to the Immortal Astral Continent is…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stepped forward. He moved very fast like a ray of light.

Below him, among the ruins, he could vaguely see that it used to be a beautiful realm. This place was the real cave, this was where he had gone into closed door cultivation.

Or it could be said that this was the center of the entire cave world!

However, everything was in ruins, and a sense of desolation appeared in Wang Lin’s heart. Wang Lin felt reminiscence from looking at all of this. He knew that this feeling was not coming from him but from the third soul.

Wang Lin silently pondered as he flew across the ruins here. All the restrictions here were broken and no longer existed. However, Wang Lin stopped shortly after he started flying. He looked down, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“Although the restrictions here have already collapsed, some fragments still remain. They can be used to form new restrictions…” Wang Lin looked down. His hands formed seals without hesitation and blood lines appeared in both his eyes.

As his hands formed seals, invisible restrictions landed on the ruins below. Large amounts of ghostly light came from the ruins below.

After one incense stick of time, the ghostly light shined brightly. The ghostly light shrouded Wang Lin, and even more blood lines appeared in his eyes. Then he closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, the blood lines appeared before him.

These blood lines immediately began to expand past Wang Lin and completely covered the ruins here.

From a distance, this was a shocking sight! The blood lines were almost as thick as an arm and were a shocking sight to behold.

Wang Lin’s breathing became a bit rough, and a moment later, he waved his hand. The blood lines silently disappeared without a trace. The restriction formation was complete.

The ghostly light from the ground slowly dissipated and returned to normal.

Wang Lin looked back at the entrance and sneered. He turned around and closed in on the furnace surrounded by black gas. He then disappeared into the furnace.

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