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Chapter 1750 - The Cave Opens!

A thunderous rumble filled the entire Ancient Star System as fog flooded everything. This fog churned as if there were countless fierce beasts inside.

Every inch of the Outer Realm was shrouded in fog. A powerful pressure came from the distant Inner Realm and shrouded the entire cave world.

Under this pressure, all the Ancient Star System cultivators trembled violently. They were at a loss as to what had happened.

However, the roar from the sky was like the end of the world, creating a powerful pressure on people and giving them a suffocating feeling.

The countless fierce beasts were like this as well. No matter how strong they were, they all trembled. Although their inheritances had dissipated, the memories buried deep within their souls slowly emerged.

These memories were fear toward the heavens that had been left by their ancestors. This originally would never happen, but now they had no choice!

As the entire Ancient Star System changed drastically, the fog became more and more dense. Soon, it blocked everything and occupied the entire star system.

This fog had appeared too quickly, giving you no time to react.

Just at this moment, somewhere in the Ancient Star System, the star system trembled and a large amount of rocks appeared out of thin air. They looked like stone and quickly condensed into a slate. This slate’s shape was irregular, as if it was part of something that had collapsed.

It appeared from the void and was formed by dust. This large slate gave of an ancient aura. After the slate formed, it flew toward the Inner Realm!

At this moment, in the Outer Realm, the Sovereign suddenly opened his eyes. His expression was filled with fear. He quickly got up and took a step forward. He appeared in the star system filled with fog.

He looked into the distance, and the fear was slowly replaced with shock!

“The third soul has awakened!! The core of the cave world has reopened!!” The Sovereign’s face was pale, but he didn’t hesitate to charge toward the Inner Realm.

At the same time, in the various areas of the Outer Realm, the surviving concubines, including the one that Wang Lin had met in the Ancient Tomb, all awakened from their cultivation. They all looked into the stars with different expressions. There was excitement, complication, and fear.

“The core of the cave has opened!!” A moment later, the concubines flew out from various places in the Outer Realm toward the Inner Realm!

At the same time, in the Inner Realm, in the Brilliant Void, the area around planet Suzaku trembled. The fog churned and the void outside the planet was silently torn open!

The aura of the foreign battleground leaked out of the rift and fragments quickly flew out. They gathered to form another stone slate!

This slate was like a small continent, and it flew toward Allheaven after it appeared!

This wasn’t the only place. This same slate formed in the other three stars systems as well. There was an unknown amount of slates rushing toward Allheaven from all over the cave world!

As the slates flew forward, the expression of the Seven-Colored Daoist, who was searching in Allheaven, changed greatly. His body trembled as he stared straight ahead, and a monstrous rage surged in his heart!

“The third soul has been found!!! The core of the cave has been opened! Who? Who found the third soul first!?” The Seven-Colored Daoist seemed to have gone crazy as he charged forward.

There was also the four generals, they were also in Allheaven. The giant fog beast before them let out a sob and trembled, not daring to move forward. The rumble echoed across the star system and the fog suddenly appeared. The aura of the core opening filled every part of the cave world!

The four generals’ expressions changed greatly. They could hardly believe it, they thought they were the fastest, but they were shocked to find that someone had found the third soul before them!

“The cave has opened!”

“Who found the third soul? Could it be the Seven-Colored Daoist!?” The four of them didn’t hesitate to charge toward where the aura was coming from!

There was another figure that was faster than the four of them. As they moved forward, this figure flashed by the four of them.

The figure was Old Ghost Zhan. Right now, his expression was gloomy and contained a hidden sense of fear. If he didn’t find the third soul first and it was instead found by the Seven-Colored Daoist, what awaited him was a painful devouring and death.

Unfortunately, the cave world was in chaos, so even when he spread out his divine sense, he couldn’t see far. It could be Wang Lin or the Seven-Colored Daoist, he didn’t know exactly who!

However, it was because of this unknown that his fear had become even stronger. Under this fear, he rushed forward like crazy. At this moment, he could not choose to escape. Even if the Seven-Colored Daoist had found the third soul, he was going to fight back while the Seven-Colored Daoist was devouring the third soul!

As Old Ghost Zhan moved forward, a giant shadow appeared him. This huge shadow had a cloak made of fog that covered their face, revealing only the gloomy eyes. Its hair fluttered and its body was huge, covering most of the sky.

This figure surrounded Old Ghost Zhan. This was one of the three souls, the one that held all the dao comprehension!

It was also at this moment that the cave world went into an upheaval that had never been seen before. All life in the cave world began to panic!

At the same time, this force tore open the Ancient Celestial Realm in the Outer Realm that Wang Lin had sealed. Although most of it had collapsed, there were still some surviving Seven Dao Sect disciples within.

When the seal was torn open, they charged out. While shocked, they charged toward Allheaven without hesitation!

There was also the woman that hadn’t gone to the Celestial Realm and instead stayed on a planet in the Summoned River. This woman was called Zi Xia, and she was one of the concubines. She silently pondered for a moment before she clenched her teeth and stepped forward.

As the entire cave world changed, the large slates began to charge toward Allheaven. In the Brilliant Void, on the hidden planet Five Elements, the group of cultivators led by the old man named Ma hesitated for a bit. Then they let out a sigh and rushed toward Allheaven!

Yun Yifeng followed the old man named Ma and looked toward Allheaven. His eyes shined with a strange light.

“Wang Lin, our last battle had no conclusion. Perhaps we can determine a victor in the core of the cave!”

The cave world rumbled violently and the fog moved like the sea. If one looked from above, they would see that the entire cave world had turned into a fog sea, with only Allheaven, which was where Wang Lin was, being clear. It had become a shining light in the darkness!

At this moment, in the Celestial Realm, Qing Shui stood outside his house and looked at the cloudy sky. He felt a call in his head, and this call made him feel extremely irritated.

Also in the Celestial Realm, Situ Nan awakened from his cultivation. He gloomily looked ahead, but it was unknown what he was thinking about.

Just at this moment, a mighty voice echoed in the mind of Situ Nan and Qing Shui. This voice belonged to Dao Master Blue Dream!

“I promised Wang Lin to help him… That strange place has opened, but I don’t have the bloodline of a celestial, so I can’t enter. I need to borrow your souls… Do you two agree?”

The fog rushed in from all directions of the cave world and gathered in the sky!

At this moment, Wang Lin was standing in the valley on the planet in Allheaven. His eyes were filled with sorrow and anger as he watched his disciple Xie Qing call him “Teacher” one last time and die with a smile!

He was angry because the heavens were messing with him!

If the heavens don’t respect me, then I’ll destroy the heavens! Wang Lin looked at the dark sky with the third soul in his hand!

The moment the third soul appeared, Wang Lin formed a connection with it. He knew that the core of the cave had been opened!

He also knew that everyone was rushing here. Their goal was the third soul in his hand! However, at this moment, the third soul was different to Wang Lin This soul was no longer the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, it was his disciple Xie Qing!

“That was definitely not the last time you will call me ‘Teacher,’ I’ll not allow it!” There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he looked up at the sky. He suddenly began to laugh, and this laughter was filled with anger!

“With Teacher here, there will be a day when you can reform your soul and awaken your memories. When you awaken, you will still be my disciple!” Wang Lin closed his eyes, and when he reopened them, the third soul fused into his body.

Just at this instant, the dark sky rumbled violently. The fog in the sky surged like crazy and became dense. Wang Lin saw a giant, stone slate the size of a continent appear in the sky!

At the same time, the second stone slate came from another direction in the sea of fog!

The third slate!

The fourth slate!

The fifth slate….

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