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Chapter 1749 - Void Extinction Appears!

In the eastern part of the vast Allheaven Star System, there was a planet. Although this planet had spiritual energy, it wasn’t dense; it was an ordinary cultivation planet.

After the two wars, not many cultivators were left on this planet. Only Foundation Establishment and Core Formation cultivators remained. Most sects were abandoned.

It was autumn. The autumn wind blew by, causing the dead, yellow leaves to fly through the sky. There was a valley between the mountains.

The valley was filled with autumn orchids. This kind of orchid only bloomed in autumn. The fragrance of the flowers wasn’t strong, and under the autumn wind, there was a sense of desolation.

Every autumn, the orchid in the valley was very beautiful, but they only bloomed for less than a season until winter came. All the orchids would wither until the snow covered them. They would disappear into the cold winter until the autumn wind of the next year awakened them once more.

Right now, it was not far away from late autumn. The orchids in the valley were blooming, revealing the last of their beauty for the year.

Deep inside the orchid, there was a house. This house was very dilapidated and had obviously been empty for a long time. Perhaps thousands of years ago, someone had lived here and died with the orchids.

Right now, there was an old man sitting outside the house. He wore blue and his face was filled with wrinkles. He silently looked at the orchids before him, and his eyes were melancholy.

Autumn wind blew through the valley, causing the orchids to sway. The winds landed on the old man’s body, causing his clothes to flutter and a few strands of his hair to drift.

A few yellow leaves silently floated toward the valley before the old man. At that instant, the leaves blocked the view of the orchids.

The old man let out a sigh and raised his head. He suddenly began to cough violently for a long time before he calmed down. He looked at the autumn leaves with a strange gaze, his eyes filled with reluctance.

“Autumn has arrived… These orchids don’t have much time left. Soon, they will wither and die… Only by this time next year they will bloom once more, but I will not be here to watch them bloom…” The old man shook his head and raised his hand. He looked at his hand and saw a strange, orchid-like mark that gave off bursts of light.

“Over the years, these three seals have been completed… This is the last thing I’ll do for my teacher…” the old man murmured.

“This day next year… Where will I be… I don’t want to reincarnate anymore, I just want to close my eyes… Teacher, are you coming…” The old man raised his head.

The old man didn’t look back, he sat there as he bitterly said, “I know you’re here.”

The autumn wind took those autumn leaves into the sky and far away from the valley. However, the figure that came with the wind stood behind the old man and looked ahead. It was unknown if the figure was looking at the old man or the orchids that were about to wither, perhaps it was all the same.

Wang Lin stood there in a white.

The old man lowered his head and slowly turned around. He looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze followed by bitterness and then calmness. However, there was respect hidden deep in his eyes. After a long time, he slowly knelt down and whispered.

“Disciple Xie Qing greets Teacher…”

Wang Lin looked at Xie Qing, and his heart ached as if all the blood had been drained from it. He saw Xie Qing’s current physical state...

Xie Qing knelt there and softly said, “The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s third soul is me… But I’m Xie Qing, not him.”

“Why is it you…” Wang Lin’s face was pale. He didn’t have much contact with Xie Qing, but like Thirteen, they were both his disciples!

“Teacher…” Xie Qing looked at Wang Lin, and his eyes slowly became moist.

“After a part of Disciple’s memories were awakened, I chose to escape. I struggled, I was unwilling… I came here to look at the orchids and think about my life. I finally understood that I’m Xie Qing… I’m not the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign Su Dao!” Xie Qing smiled.

“The third soul of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign contains memories of his life and is very useful to Teacher… I know that right now the first soul, the second soul, and the four generals are all looking for me...

“Although the four generals were servants of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, over the years, their thoughts have changed. They are looking for the third soul for their own purpose… No matter which of them find me, I can’t escape the fate of being devoured.

“Teacher, this is the fate of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. This is my fate, I can’t escape.

“Even entering the reincarnation cycle won’t work… The third soul has escaped for so many years, but now it is the end… The third soul only has memories, no divine sense, no origin soul, no spells. Although the soul is strong, it has no ability to protect itself.

“Rather than being devoured by others, I’d rather give it to Teacher…” Xie Qing muttered bitterly.

Wang Lin silently pondered, and his heart felt stinging pain. Although he was standing there, it felt like he had entered an area that was very cold. The coldness penetrated his bones and caused pain throughout his body.

Earlier, he had told Qing Shui that he would kill the third soul to keep Qing Shui safe, but now how could he do it? This was not keeping his promise but killing one’s own child!

His memory of Xie Qing appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. Although they had been buried in his mind, they were so clear right now; how could he forget?

Wang Lin cared about relationships!!

“Teacher, Disciple has made preparations… If I don’t die once I’m found, the other two souls will fuse and then the seven fragments will automatically return. Although I feel that five of the seven have been completely separated, the remaining two will return… I can also feel that those two are very important to Teacher. If I don’t die, the third soul won’t appear. If I don’t die, they will die...

“If I don’t die, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s three souls will return back to one and Teacher will die…” Xie Qing looked at Wang Lin, his eyes bright.

“Over the years, after the third soul awakened, I used my soul cultivation and formed three seals. The first seal requires no external force. Once I die, the third soul won’t enter reincarnation and can be taken by Teacher...

“At that time, the third soul will completely awaken after my death. It will open up the core of the cave world, go there, and open the door. Teacher will be able to leave the cave world...

“The remaining two seals are something I prepared for Teacher. Borrowing the force that will rush in once the door opens, Teacher can borrow that power and combine it with these two seals to seal the first and second souls!

“Then everything will calm down…” As Xie Qing spoke, he began to cough. As he coughed, he coughed out a mouthful of blood that sprinkled on the orchids before him. It dyed the flowers red, creating a shocking sight.

This was because his soul had been exhausted. For these three seals, he had given it his all.

Wang Lin looked at Xie Qing and couldn’t say a word. He listened to Xie Qing, and when he saw Xie Qing cough out blood, his heart ached even more.

At this moment, he suddenly looked up at the sky. His expression was fierce as he let out a roar.

“I, Wang Lin, took my own fate back from the heavenly fate and became the master of the Heavenly Dao. But why can I still not decide my own fate? Why am I forced to encounter such a decision!?

“Heaven, whether it is the heaven of the cave world or the heaven of the Immortal Astral Continent, do you see this!? If the heavens are so unkind, then I, Wang Lin, vow to destroy the heavens in my lifetime!!” The veins on Wang Lin’s face swelled and he looked crazy as he let out a roar. His body erupted with a powerful aura. This aura was like smoke and quickly gathered to form an illusionary sword. This sword gave off a shocking aura that could destroy the heavens!

At this moment, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s expression changed greatly for the first time since he entered the cave world! He stared at the illusory sword around Wang Lin that only he could see and was shocked.

“Void Extinction aura!! This is the Void Extinction aura!!! This kid’s words could create the Void Extinction aura, he… he…”

As Xie Qing looked at Wang Lin, tears began to flow. He knelt down and kowtowed once.

“My soul has been seriously injured while waited for Teacher to come. I also hesitated, but now I have no regrets… There’s no need for Teacher to act, I’m at death’s doorstep… This is the last time I’ll call… Teacher…” Xie Qing looked at the orchids before him and closed his eyes. The tears that were about to fall were stopped as he revealed a smile and took in his last breath… He was dead!

The moment he died, slivers of souls came out of his body. This was the third soul. This contained the memories of the third soul’s countless reincarnations, including Xie Qing’s life!

Due to Xie Qing’s seal, the third soul could not enter reincarnation. The memories rapidly dissipated, and once they completely dissipated, Xie Qing would be gone forever.

“This is not the last time!” Wang Lin, filled with anger,  suddenly lowered his head. This was anger at the world. He stepped forward and arrived next to Xie Qing. He waved his hand and caught the third soul.

The moment he grabbed the third soul, it completely awakened. The planet rumbled violently and the sky churned. The four great star systems trembled!

Even the Outer Realm faced a shocking change at this moment!

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