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Chapter 1747 - The Third Soul is Him!

The fisherman was a man about 30 years old. He was not big and looked somewhat weak. He didn’t look like a fisherman, more like a scholar.

He raised his hand and looked at the fish on his line. The sunlight shined off the stomach of the fish and made it look extraordinary.

The man smiled and put the fish into a canister filled with water. He then left with the canister.

Wang Lin looked at all of this and the speculation he had filled his mind. After a moment of daze, he followed the man. The man walked for a while and arrived at a simple house next to the river.

The house was surrounded by bamboo to form a courtyard. There were some poultry crying out as they fought for food around a pregnant woman.

The woman was wearing plain clothes, but they didn’t hide her good figure. She was holding a basket and was scattering the feed from inside the basket.

The woman seem tired as she held the basket with one hand while the other hand rested on her waist. She wiped the sweat from her forehead as she looked at the door, waiting for her man to return.

It was already the afternoon and the sunlight was dazzling. Shortly after, footsteps could be heard from the bamboo forest, and the woman’s smile became even wider.

“Su Er, I caught a fish for you.” The footsteps stopped outside the door and the bamboo door was pushed open. The man walked in holding the canister with a smile.

“I just suddenly wanted to eat fish. If I just endure it, the craving will pass. You, ah…” The woman’s gaze was gentle.

The man laughed and walked out to help his wife walk into the room.

A moment later, smoke rose high into the air. From a distance, the smoke looked like a picture and gave off a certain sense of beauty.

Wang Lin’s figure floated inside the bamboo forest as he watched all of this and silently pondered. He vaguely understood that this might be the third soul’s latest reincarnation.

Three days later, late at night, the world changed colors and thunder rumbled as rain fell. Large drops of rain hit the bamboos and the house.

The sky and earth seemed to be connected by the rain. The lightning from the sky lit up the bamboo forest below.

The pregnant woman was lying on a bed inside the house as she let out painful groans. Her hand clutched the quilt, and there was a midwife beside her.

Outside the room, the man was calm as he looked at the rain outside. However, his clenched fists revealed the anxiousness in his heart.

Time slowly passed. The woman’s voice became even more weak. This made his heart feel even more pain. However, his expression didn’t change; instead, his eyes lit up as he looked at the sky darkened by rain.

“I, Xie Dongming, have been studying since I was a child. I haved stayed truthful and focused on my studies. While I was in office, I worked to help the people, and when I left, I never made any grudges with anyone. In my measly 33 years of life, I have never done anything I’m ashamed about!

“God, now that my child is about to appear, why do you make it difficult for Nei Zi!?” The woman’s right hand hit the bamboo wall. Blood flowed down from his finger and dropped to the ground before it was washed away by the rain.

Just as the blood and water fused, thunder rumbled in the sky. At the same time, the cry of the baby suddenly came from the room, and the man’s entire body trembled. His calmness was replaced by excitement and he quickly turned around. The door to the room was opened as the midwife covered in sweat came out with a kind smile while holding a baby.

“Congratulations, Lord Xie, both mother and child are safe!”

The man excitedly walked up to the child and, after taking a look, immediately entered the room. Compared to the child, he was more worried about his wife. She was lying in bed looking very pale, but she had a gentle smile as she looked at her husband.

The woman softly said, “It’s a boy.”

“Su Er, rest a bit more, I have already thought of a name. Since its a boy, his name will be Xie Qing! I want him to grow up like the bamboo the be high off the ground and become a grand scholar!” The man laughed.

As he laughed, the baby held by the midwife seems to have stopped crying. He opened his eyes and there seemed to be a flash of mysterious light in them.

The warmth of the room, the thunder from the sky, and the laughter of the man mixed together to enter Wang Lin’s heart. Wang Lin trembled as everything seemed to condense into that one roar that caused his body to tremble. Wang Lin retreated a few steps as he stared at the house, and his eyes were filled with disbelief!!

He had a vague speculation earlier, and now it was confirmed, but it still set off a storm in his heart.

At this instant, Wang Lin could no longer hear the thunder or the laughter from inside the house. The vision became blurry and he could only hear one voice echo in his ears.

“Xie Qing… Xie Qing… Xie Qing!!!”

“The third soul is Xie Qing!!!”

Wang Lin’s mouth opened as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what he should say. His mind was a mess.

When he started chasing the third soul, he had speculated on who the third soul was. He had thought of mortals, cultivators, and even fierce beasts, but he didn’t expect it to be Xie Qing!!

It was actually his disciple!!

Wang Lin’s face was deathly pale as he continued to retreat. He was the first person to know who the third soul was, but this knowledge left him with a difficult choice.

To kill or not to kill!!

The world rumbled and the thunder became even more violent. The rain fell like crazy and the wind swept the rain, causing it to dance in the sky.

Wang Lin could never forget that he lost himself here in confusion while searching for dao. He had inquired the grand scholar about what dao was!

He had asked everyone he could ask until he asked Xie Qing. It was also Xie Qing that had given him understanding and enlightenment.

He also couldn’t forget when he sat on the peak of the mountain to cultivate, that Xie Qing, who was already old, had climbed up the mountain and insisted on learning dao from him!

“I thought I understood everything about human relations and gained enlightenment in the world of academics. I gave myself the duty of civilizing the world. However, in my twilight years, I suddenly gained enlightenment. I am a fish in the water…”

This was what Xie Qing had said when he climbed up the mountain. When Wang Lin heard this, he only understood the first few lines, but he didn’t think too much about the last sentence.

At that time, he didn’t have any thoughts about pondering that last sentence, and even if he did, he wouldn’t have found any answers.

However, as he watched the reincarnation cycle of the third soul, he saw it reincarnate hundreds of times as a fish and then realized that the third soul was Xie Qing. How could he not understand what it meant now?

“So it turns out I was a fish in the water…” Wang Lin looked up bitterly at the warm light from the house. He remembered what Xie Qing had said, and he understood.

Why would he meet Su Dao and have Su Dao guide him to become the grand scholar of not only Zhao but the entire planet of Suzaku? This was all karma. Wang Lin had thought that he had completed his karma, but he still found that karma was something you could see but not touch!

“Back then, I inadvertently gave pointers to Xie Qing and took him as my disciple. He was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s third soul. This created karma between us, this is the karmic cause!

“It was also because of this that Su Dao appeared in my dream dao...

“In reality, he is my disciple, and in the dream dao, I was his disciple. This formed a cycle of karma! I should have thought of this…” Wang Lin took a step. When his foot landed, the world rumbled. The sky shattered into pieces and the earth collapsed as if there was a dragon moving below. Everything dissipated, leaving only the house and the warm and happy light that came from within.

Wang Lin retreated a second step. The moment his foot landed, the house became distorted and countless shadows appeared. It made it impossible to know if the house or the body was moving as they gradually became blurry and were devoured by the shadows.

Wang Lin’s figure was also blurry. When his figure became clear, he appeared in the first illusion.

Qing Shui opened his eyes and looked at Wang Lin, letting out a sigh.

The bitterness was still on his face. Wang Lin muttered something only he could hear and took a third step back. When his third step landed, the first illusion of the palace of Qing Shui’s country that was stained in blood suddenly collapsed.

This collapse shattered the palace, the earth and sky, and even all the blood stains on the ground, forming a giant vortex. The vortex rotated faster and faster before forming a giant ghostly face. The ghostly flace let out a silent roar and rushed to devour Wang Lin and Qing Shui.

In a flash, it devoured the two of them and they disappeared into the void. Everything disappeared into the flow of time, and the illusion collapsed!

Cave World.

Celestial Realm.

At the mountain peak, Wang Lin and Qing Shui both opened their eyes at the same time. What happened was like a dream that was so real, it was difficult to tell what was real and what was fake. Wang Lin’s face was pale as he looked up at the sky with struggle in his eyes.

“The third soul is him…”

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