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Chapter 1746 - Three Souls Return!

The fifth fragment was green. This green light represented a tree with the intent of spreading out its branches. This fragment was formed by the instincts of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. If this soul was a mortal, then he would have many children. If this soul was a cultivator, his cultivation level wouldn’t be high, but he would be very good with avatars, like the branches on a tree!

This soul was covered in green light and was not bright. It faintly disappeared into the reincarnation cycle, but Wang Lin still saw the blurry figure that appeared the moment it disappeared.

“Daoist Scattered Spirit… It’s him…” Wang Lin muttered, the shock in his heart seemed to have been accumulating for over 2,000 years.

The sixth fragment was indigo. This indigo light gave off two feelings. One was gentle like water, and the other was cold like ice!

This indigo fragment was formed by the love the Celestial Sovereign had. Although he had many concubines, he only had one dao partner: Fang Shanmeng.

The sixth fragment contained his complicated feelings about love. He loved Fang Shanmen but also hated her. Because of this love and hate, this sixth soul was different from the others.

The sixth fragment was not a man, but a woman!

The aura that came from this woman caused Wang Lin’s heart to tremble violently. He suddenly looked up, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He never would’ve expected her to be one of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s soul fragments!!

When the sixth fragment dissipated, a blurry figure was revealed. This figure contained indifference and gentleness. Her complicated expression continued until the indifference covered up the gentleness so others would only feel the coldness!

Wang Lin’s face was pale. He recognized that figure. He didn’t dare to believe this was true! “Mu Bingmei…”

Mu Bingmei was an intersection between gentleness and indifference. Her life, no matter how many times she reincarnated, was the same! Her relationship with Wang Lin could only be described as complicated and… complicated!

The seven fragments separated into their individual souls. Although they had some links between each other, the connections were very weak. Unless the three souls fused, the seven fragments would remain separated and continue to reincarnate like everyone else.

The seventh fragment was purple, the extreme color. The seventh spirit was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s anger and madness when he collapsed, along with his unwillingness!

He hated the heavens, he hated the earth, and he hated the woman he loved. His life might have been beautiful, but he was a pitiful person until he collapsed. His anger wouldn’t dissipate, and it fused with the seventh fragment!!

This fragment was the first one to disappear, and it was clouded by the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s anger and madness. Wang Lin was unable to see who was inside the seventh soul!

However, he vaguely had a feeling that he had met the seventh fragment before!

All of this happened in an instant, and the seven fragments dissipated. The shock Wang Lin felt was no weaker than finding the real third soul.

The three souls appeared after the seven fragments scattered, and they split in three different directions. One of them gave off a powerful seven-colored light and seemed to be heading to what would become the Outer Realm after countless years!

There he became the Seven-Colored Daoist and inherited all of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s spells!

The second soul flew out into the opposite direction and entered reincarnation. After countless reincarnations, it become an ordinary-looking beast in Allheaven.

His memory slowly awakened, and the moment he completely awakened, a dying old man smashed into the planet he was on.

This old man was Old Ghost Zhan!

He had failed his Arcane Tribulant, so his body was rotting and his origin soul had collapsed. In his dying moment, he let out a miserable smile. He saw a strange beast with a strange gaze jump at him.

This was the celestial fortune Old Ghost Zhan had found!!

Wang Lin saw all of this!

He also saw the third soul. The third soul flew to the furthest place, away from the core of the cave world and into the horizon. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to immediately chase after it at full speed.

This was his second time pursuing it. This time, there was no Seven-Colored Daoist or anyone else to disturb him. He had to find out who the third soul was!

Wang Lin could feel that the identity and location of the third soul was about to be unveiled!

The third soul flew through the Summoned River and arrived in Brilliant Void. It slowed down in the Brilliant Void as if it was looking for a place to reincarnate.

Wang Lin followed it, using his full speed to barely keep up. He looked at the third soul, but it was cloudy without any shadow inside. It was obviously different from the other two souls; before it reincarnated, there was no appearance!

The third soul paused outside an abandoned planet for a bit. However, in the end, it didn’t choose this place and flew past.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin was still following the third soul. After the third soul circled around the Brilliant Void, it suddenly sped up and shot toward the Cloud Sea!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. He estimated the time that had passed. Back then, the Seven-Colored Daoist must have only seen the third soul enter the Brilliant Void and never saw it fly toward Cloud Sea, because he had been awakened by Wang Lin!

However, when Wang Lin thought about this, he felt a sudden chill in his heart. This chill came from a thought that appeared in his mind.

“This third soul circled around the Brilliant Void as if it was looking for something… Or perhaps it knew that the Seven-Colored Daoist would look for it countless years later, so it purposely delayed in the Brilliant Void…” Wang Lin shook his head. He felt like this idea was simply too absurd. 

The third soul flew toward the back of the Cloud Sea and entered a wild planet! Wang Lin arrived and stared at the planet.

Time passed. On a certain day, the planet collapsed and scattered in all directions. Large amounts of dust spread out, surrounding the planet. On one fragment, a python died and a ray of light flew into the star system.

Wang Lin was shocked and moved at full speed, following that ray of light. He had found traces of the third soul’s reincarnation, and now he was going to find who the third soul had reincarnated into!

Was it a mortal, a cultivator, or a flower or tree? Perhaps still a fierce beast!

Wang Lin pursued the third soul for an unknown amount of time across the four star systems. He saw the third soul reincarnate time and time again. For one reincarnation, the third soul was a mortal scholar. 

This scholar was a nerd and only knew how to read books until he got a position as an official. After the scholar died of old age, the third soul flew out to the next reincarnation.

There were men and women...

That time, the third soul reincarnated into a towering tree. During those 1,000 years, it grew from a seedling until it withered and died.

One time, it reincarnated into a cultivator. This cultivator’s cultivation level wasn’t high; he had only managed to reach the Core Formation stage in his lifetime. He died when his lifespan ran out.

Time continued to pass until the third soul chose to reincarnate on a planet in the Brilliant Void. That planet was very familiar. Wang Lin was shocked to find that this place was planet Suzaku!

When Wang Lin saw this, his mind trembled. He didn’t know if this was the end, but when he saw planet Suzaku, he vaguely guessed something.

This third soul turned into a mortal on planet Suzaku. This mortal didn’t cultivate, but his life was extremely bright. He became the grand scholar of the country of Zhao!

His name was Su Dao!!

Wang Lin didn’t see himself, but the shock in his head was like a monstrous wave! He didn’t know why this person had appeared in his dream dao. He didn’t know why Su Dao had accepted him as a disciple in the dream dao.

It was as if there was a cycle of karma between them! However, Wang Lin couldn’t find the karmic cause, he could only see the karmic effect.

His karma was originally complete, but when he saw the third soul turn into Su Dao, he became confused.

In his confusion, he saw Su Dao die of old age with a smile. After he died, the third soul flew out and changed directions once more. This time, it went toward Allheaven!

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. Looking at how long had passed, it was getting close to the last reincarnation!

He followed the third soul deep into Allheaven, and the soul became a fish in a river on a planet. This planet was called planet Qing Ling!

This fish slowly grew up and swam through the rivers. It spent its entire life like this until it died.

However, what made Wang Lin focus was that unlike before, the third soul didn’t leave the planet like it did in the past. Instead, it reincarnated into another fish in the river.

Again and again, it chose to reincarnate into the same river! It seemed to be waiting for something. This strange phenomenon made Wang Lin look at the familiar planet with a strange expression, and he vaguely had a guess.

Wang Lin watched the third soul reincarnate hundreds of times. During the last reincarnation, there was a fisherman fishing, and the fish that was the third soul bit the bait on the hook. The fisherman pulled up the fish while laughing.

It was as if it had reincarnated hundreds of times waiting for this fisherman, waiting for this bait!

“Nei Zi is about to give birth. Today, I’ll just catch this one and go home!”

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