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Chapter 1748 - Mutation!

The wind in the Celestial Realm carried dense celestial energy. If blown on your face when your mood was good, it would make you feel very comfortable.

However, if your mood was complicated, then no matter how much celestial energy was in the wind, it wouldn’t make you feel comfortable.

Qing Shui stood up and looked back at Wang Lin. After pondering for a moment, he didn’t speak but let out a sigh and left. He naturally knew who the third soul was and its relationship with Wang Lin. He understood Wang Lin’s struggle.

Even after Qing Shui left, Wang Lin still sat there, staring at the sky. The struggle in his eyes didn’t disappear.

If the third soul was irrelevant to Wang Lin, then he would not hesitate to do whatever it took to seal it or destroy it to prevent the seven fragments from being absorbed after the three souls fuse.

However, the third soul was Xie Qing, his disciple. If he was forced to kill his own disciple, his heart would ache.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and withdrew his gaze from the sky as night fell. He still couldn’t decide what he should do, but he vaguely had an answer in his heart.

However, aside from the identity of the third soul, there were still two questions plaguing Wang Lin. This made the originally clear truth blurry once more.

“The All-Seer was part of the Heavenly Dao. During the battle with the All-Seer, I entered his reincarnation and saw that during the beginning, he devoured the seventh fragment!

However, when I saw the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign collapse into the three souls and seven fragments, I saw the seventh fragment…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and began to ponder.

“I saw the seventh fragment disappear into reincarnation. Perhaps it did enter reincarnation, and after reincarnating a certain amount of times, it was devoured by the All-Seer.

“The seventh soul was purple and represented anger and madness. He was devoured by the All-Seer…. They should have integrated into one. However, when the Nether Beast devoured the All-Seer, I didn’t sense the seventh fragment at all!” Wang Lin opened his eyes and there was a glint of coldness.

“If my feeling is wrong, it doesn’t matter, but if I’m right and there is no seventh soul inside the Heavenly Dao, then where it is! Who is it?” Wang Lin frowned.

“Earlier, the Heavenly Dao couldn’t devour the four generals and Old Ghost Zhan, so I had my doubts that the Heavenly Dao was incomplete. If my guess is correct, then the Heavenly Dao really is incomplete!

“One part is still missing… Perhaps the missing part is the seventh fragment! Is there another All-Seer avatar that’s not dead?” Wang Lin’s pupils suddenly shrank.

“I almost forgot about the grey-robed All-Seer!!” Wang Lin took a deep breath.

“Perhaps it’s not him…”

On the mountain, Wang Lin pondered for a long time. The first question troubled him, and there was no answer. However, compared to the first question, the second question troubled Wang Lin even more and confused his thoughts.

“I know six of the seven fragments. Qing Shui, Situ, Greed, Qing Lin, Mu Bingmei, Daoist Scattered Spirit… I was not surprised about Qing Shui and Situ being fragments of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, because I didn’t find their fate souls inside the divine retribution!

“However, I found their fate souls inside the divine retribution. This… This was my method of finding who were the seven fragments, but now it seems to be contradicting!” Wang Lin rubbed his temples, he didn’t understand.

“To have one’s fate soul inside the divine retribution means they are people of the cave world. How can these people be the fragments of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign… There is a problem here!”

Wang Lin looked up at the night of the Celestial Realm and pondered. He pointed to between his eyebrows, at the Nether Beast that was inside him.

“I can’t figure it out… But I vaguely feel that this matter is very important. It might even be the solution to resolve the fusion of the three souls...

“If what I saw inside the illusion is not all true, then there is no explanation...

“If what I saw is true and Qing Lin and them are really the seven fragments, then finding their fate souls inside the divine retribution can’t be explained…” Wang Lin’s eyes slowly became bloodshot. He seemed to have entered a dead end he couldn’t understand or get out of.

Not far behind Wang Lin, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo opened his eyes. He had been observing Wang Lin. Whether it was the dream of planet Suzaku or the search for the third soul, he had observed it all.

“He has entered a loop and can’t figure it out in a short period. In truth, this matter is very simple…” Xuan Luo raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin.

With this, Wang Lin’s body trembled. He didn’t notice Xuan Luo’s existence, but at this moment, it was as if thunder had flashed across his mind. It gave him a strange thought!

“Mutation!! This is mutation!!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes became bright. At this moment, his mind was extremely clear, and it was as if nothing in the world could escape his thoughts.

“Whether it is Qing Lin, Greed, Mu Bingmei, or Daoist Scattered Spirit, at the start they were like Qing Shui and Situ, there was no fate soul!

“However, as they entered the reincarnation cycle again and again, a strange change occurred. They became real individuals and completely separated from the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. They might have the same origin, but after these mysterious changes, they become a true resident of the cave world.

“They reincarnated again and again, changed again and again, integrated with the world again and again. Now they were completely separated from the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

“This is the power of creation, this is the power closest to the core of the Heavenly Dao! This is mutation. The mutations that occurred on these four caused my thoughts to remain blurry!” Wang Lin muttered. The thought came to him suddenly and erased his confusion.

“As for Qing Shui and Situ, they haven't completely changed into independent individuals due to the mutation… Perhaps if tens of thousands of years passed and they went through the reincarnation cycle more times, they would one day be truly separated from the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign due to the mysterious power of the Heavenly Dao!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath. The clarity in his mind made everything surge toward him.

“If the power inside the Heavenly Dao can change the seven fragments, then it can change the three souls as well. If I can control this force, I can make the third soul independent. Once it becomes independent, the three souls won’t be able to use!

“If the three souls can’t fuse, then everything is solved!! However, what kind of force is this…” Even though Wang Lin’s mind was clear, he couldn’t imagine what the core power of the Heavenly Dao was.

His Heavenly Dao was incomplete, or better to say, he couldn’t understand the Heavenly Dao he controlled. Because of this Heavenly Dao life could appear and all the laws and rules of the world would form!

The clarity in his mind gradually dissipated as came appeared on the horizon. In the distance, Xuan Luo let out a sigh.

“Heavenly Dao… Forget him, even I couldn’t understand a lot of its mysteries. Only during that lucky moment when I became a Grand Empyrean did I understand a bit more… But to see through it completely would require my cultivation to take a step further…” Xuan Luo’s eyes revealed a mysterious light.

“Even the nine suns are searching for the path forward, but no one can find it. We can only use the time we are forced to reincarnate to ponder… The Heavenly Dao first came from the Immemorial God Realm. I don’t even know when the mysterious Immemorial God Realm first appeared or when people will fully understand it… Ah.” Xuan Luo raised his right hand and looked at this index finger. There was a black circle that slowly rotated and emitted the aura of the Heavenly Dao.

In the early morning, the light washed away the night. When the ray of light shined over the earth, Wang Lin stopped thinking and took a deep breath. He stood up and looked up with a complicated gaze. With one step, he disappeared into the distance.

At this moment, his figure seemed to be competing with the rising sun as he broke through the sky and rushed out of the silver river. He rushed toward Allheaven!

Ripples echoed as Wang Lin merged with the void and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in Allheaven.

One step to cross the star system!

After he appeared, he didn’t spread out his divine sense but closed his eyes. Xie Qing was his disciple, and they were connected by karma. With this connection, he could feel Xie Qing’s existence without his divine sense.

After a long time, Wang Lin opened his eyes and turned to the east, his gaze becoming even more complicated. He sensed that Xie Qing was on a planet deep to the east as if Xie Qing was waiting for him...

“Are you really waiting for me…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and walked toward the east. His body slowly fused into the void and disappeared.

At this moment in Allheaven, the four generals were flying forward. The giant fog beast shook its head and continued to search. Its eyes shined brightly as if it had already found a trace.

Old Ghost Zhan followed the four generals, and his eyes shined brightly. He understood what the gaze the fog beast had meant!

Also in Allheaven, the Seven-Colored Daoist entered from its border with Summoned River. He found nothing in Summoned River so he began to carefully search Allheaven.

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