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Chapter 1744 - Search for the Third Soul!

Looking at the moon in the night, a gentle breeze blew by, causing Wang Lin’s white hair to flutter in the wind. This wind was very gentle, like Wan Er’s hand that caressed Wang Lin’s ancient face.

One gaze was like 1,000 years.

This night, the moon and the stars were scattered, and this night was sleepless. This night, with Li Muwan accompanying him, Wang Lin’s heart was calm as he was not alone.

The wind blew by, and as it blew, Wang Lin’s heart also blew into the coffin. It lifted Li Muwan’s black hair and gently blew past.

The black hair in the coffin seemed to want to fly into the sky as well, but in the end, it lacked the strength and drifted back down.

It wasn’t until the moonlight became thick that Wang Lin saw an old figure in the distance. This old figure was surrounded by a blue light, and beside him was a woman.

This woman was Li Qianmei.

The father and daughter seemed to have arrived a long time ago. They had watched Wang Lin enter the dream and had seen his tears fall on Li Muwan. Before Wang Lin’s eyes, the woman and her father turned around in the moonlight and gradually walked away.

However, their figures contained a hint of loneliness; this was especially true for the woman.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and didn’t say a sword. This night belonged to him and Li Muwan and no one else.

The night was scattered a bit by the sun that was rising. Another color beside the moonlight appeared. At this moment, Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at Li Muwan inside the coffin. One gaze was like 1,000 years!

“Wan Er, wait for me…” Wang Lin murmured as he waved his right hand. The coffin disappeared and Wang Lin carefully put it away. He faced the sky with the sun and the moon before letting out a deep breath.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he muttered to himself, “It is time to search for the third soul! The Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan should have all found some clues…” 

Outside the Celestial Realm, it was as Wang Lin expected. Even after experiencing the Heavenly Dao, they hadn’t given up on looking for the third soul. At this moment, they were in the Cloud Sea, moving in a formation, and the gourd above their heads was spraying out large amount of fog.

This fog was like a guide, and the four of them slowly followed it. They flew by stars and floating continent as they moved toward Allheaven.

Old Ghost Zhan followed with a gloomy expression. They maintained a certain balance and wouldn’t disturb each other.

After a long time, the gourd above the four generals suddenly sprayed out more fog. The fog rumbled and formed a giant figure.

This figure was not that of a human but a fierce beast that looked like a dog. It looked like a qilin but was different and made of fog. Iits nose moved as if it was sniffing something.

A moment later, the fierce beast suddenly looked up and revealed a ferocious gaze. It jumped out from above the four generals’ heads and charged forward.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and all four generals became excited as they followed. Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes lit up. It was difficult to hide his expectation as he followed.

The giant beast continued to sniff as it moved forward. Finally, it arrived before an abandoned continent and started to roar at it.

The four generals quickly closed in and landed on the continent. Their divine senses shrouded the continent and began carefully searching it.

Old Ghost Zhan also landed on the continent and his divine sense spread out. But he soon frowned.

This continent had been abandoned and was filled with ruins. A long time ago, there was life here, and a large amount of mortals lived here.

However, right now, everything had disappeared with time. There was no life on the continent; it was dead silent, and only the auras of a few fierce beasts remained.

The four generals’ eyes lit up and they looked at each other. When they did this, a destructive force surrounded the continent. In a flash, there was a series of miserable screams and a storm killed all the living things on this continent.

After destroying all life here, strands of smoke came out of the continent and entered the mouth of the beast. After absorbing it, the beast shook its head and flew off.

“Ah, this is not it either…”

“Although this not the place, the fact that the Celestial Sovereign’s life fog beast stayed here to sniff means that the third soul must have spent a reincarnation here…”

“The more the fog beast absorbs the third soul’s reincarnation aura, the better it can judge the location of the third soul. It has already devoured several times, so it’s almost time!”

The four generals looked at each other and then left this dead continent. They followed the fog beast to the edge of the Cloud Sea. This place led to Allheaven!

Old Ghost Zhan followed behind. As he stared at the fog beast, his eyes lit up.

“It looks like the third soul is in Allheaven!! I spent the most time in Allheaven. If the third soul is really in Allheaven, then it is a person or a beast…”

In the other side of Allheaven was the Brilliant Void. A seven-colored cloud rapidly moved through the star system. The Seven-Colored Daoist frowned as he looked at a drop of crystal blood in his hand.

He had searched all of Brilliant Void aside from planet Five Elements. He had checked every inch of the star system, every planet, and every grain of dust, but in the end, he found no clue at all.

While pondering, the Seven-Colored Daoist raised his head.

He had seen the third soul fly to the Brilliant Void in the illusion within an illusion inside the rift in the Cloud Sea. He just didn’t know if the third soul had stopped at the Brilliant Void or gone through.

Because at the critical moment, Wang Lin had interrupted his illusion and was forced awake.

Thinking about this, the Seven-Colored Daoist became even more gloomy, and his hatred for Wang Lin became even stronger.

“Even without the illusion, with all the blood I collected during all the wars between the Inner and Outer Realms, I can still find the third soul! If he isn’t in the Brilliant Void, I’ll go search Summoned River! I’ll search all for star systems if I have to. I don’t believe the third soul can leave the cave world!” The Seven-Colored Daoist had a grim expression as he flew toward the Summoned River.

As he moved forward, he was still looking at the blood in his hand. The blood hadn’t changed this whole time, but the Seven-Colored Daoist knew that this blood contained the life of people from the cave world. If it encountered people from the cave world, it would do nothing, but if it encountered the reincarnation of something from outside the cave world, it would shine brightly.

However, the range of the drop of blood was not wide, and there was only one drop, so it would waste a large amount of time. However, he had already waited for so long, the time it took now was irrelevant.

As he stepped forward, the Seven-Colored Daoist arrived in the Summoned River and began searching carefully.

With this kind of search, the third soul couldn’t hide at all. It wouldn’t be long before the greatest secret in the cave world would be exposed!

Wang Lin was also searching for the third soul!

Wang Lin sat on the mountain and his divine sense shrouded the Celestial Realm. He found Qing Shui in a wooden pavilion on a mountain in the northwestern part of the Celestial Realm.

Red Butterfly was also there with Qing Shui. The father and daughter pair lived there in peace.

Right now, Qing Shui was smiling at Red Butterfly, giving pointers to some difficulties she had in her cultivation. She was already very talented and had learned a lot.

“Cultivation emphasizes on emotions and ideals. Ideals are everything… And…” Qing Shui’s eyes suddenly lit up and he looked up in the sky. There was a flash of complicated emotion in his gaze, and a moment later, he stood up.

“Butterfly, practice by yourself. Your father has something to do first.” With that, Qing Shui took a step and turned into a shadow that disappeared from the room.

Red Butterfly looked at where her father disappeared and revealed a trace of worry. After pondering for a moment, she let out a sigh, closed her eyes, and she began to calmly cultivate.

Ripples echoed on the mountain Wang Lin was on and Qing Shui walked out.

“Senior Brother Qing Shui, help me find a soul!” Wang Lin stood up and clasped his hands at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui silently pondered and then arrived next to Wang Lin. His expression was complicated, and after a long time, he softly said, “You know my identity…”

Wang Lin looked at Qing Shui and nodded.

“Back in the Seven-Colored Realm, you didn’t ask me if I had found the answer. In fact, I had found it. I knew I was only formed by a soul fragment… Forgive me for not telling you about this… I didn’t want to admit it myself.” Qing Shui closed his eyes and sat down before Wang Lin.

Qing Shui muttered, “Do it, I don’t know what method you will use, but I’ll do my best to help you!”

“I only know the Senior Brother Qing Shui is one of the seven fragments. As for the other six, I have no clue… But Senior Brother can rest assured. No matter what, I won’t allow the three souls to fuse and devour the seven fragments!

“When I find the third soul, I’ll kill it!” Wang Lin’s right hand pointed to the spot between his eyebrows and the Ghostly Sail flew out. It rapidly expanded into a giant ghostly face that floated above the two of them.

The ghostly face looked fierce and charged at Wang Lin and Qing Shui. It opened its mouth and instantly devoured the two of them!

The moment the two of them were devoured, their minds rumbled. It was as if thunder had exploded and brought their divine senses back to ancient times, when the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s soul split into the three souls and seven fragments!

Search for the third soul!!!

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