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Chapter 1743 - The Joy in the Dream

However, right now, after everything had calmed down, he couldn’t make himself forget. 

“It’s this day of the year again…” Wang Lin lowered his head bitterly and sat down.

At this moment, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was standing on top of the mountain and silently watching Wang Lin.

After sitting down, Wang Lin let out a deep breath and his right hand reached out. The Ghostly Sail appeared and surrounded his body.

It seemed as if he wasn’t willing to allow anyone to see himself. He just wanted to quietly spend this day by himself.

The sky of the Celestial Realm was clear and the sunlight was coming from some unknown place. The sunlight shone on the earth, and it wasn’t hot but was warm.

The mountain Wang Lin was at was very quiet. He was inside the Ghostly Sail as he looked up at the sky for a long time...

“Wan Er… Soon, I’ll head to the Immortal Astral Continent… There, I will find a way to wake you up… Trust me, trust me… Just like what I promised you back then, even if heaven wants you to die, I’ll snatch you back!” Due to his quiet surroundings, his heart was calm and melancholy..

Wang Lin vaguely felt like he didn’t have much time left in the cave world. Soon, he was likely to leave this place and head to the foreign Immortal Astral Continent.

Wang Lin had gone to a lot of foreign places in his life, and loneliness had accompanied him all throughout his journeys. Although he had been lonely, Li Muwan had accompanied him, making his loneliness a bit lighter and bearable.

“Today is a special day… Wan Er, do you remember…” Wang Lin couldn’t remember his own age, his own birthday, but he remembered this day thousands of years ago!

This was a day he could not forget. Every year on this day, he would spend it by himself, whether he was slaughtering to make himself forget, escaping to bury it in the bottom of his heart, or in closed door cultivation where he silently passed the years.

However, most of the time, he would drink by himself. The spicy wine flowed down his throat, but he could not feel the spiciness because melancholy, loneliness, and loss filled his heart. No matter how strong the wine was, it wasn’t able to wash them away at all!

“Wan Er, I accepted Li Qianmei, I’m sorry…” Wang Lin silently pondered. He took out a jug of wine inside the Ghostly Sail and drank it.

“That amount of kindness is something I can’t repay… Wan Er… I don’t want to love in this life, because your departure let me know the price of love… I can’t bear it.”

More than 2,000 years ago on this day, a cry for help filled with thoughts for revenge entered Wang Lin’s heart. That voice was very soft, helpless, and would make one feel sorry for it...

That voice made Wang Lin stop and turn his head. He saw a figure he didn’t know but would remember for the rest of his life.

This figure was his woman...

Wang Lin’s heart felt pain, and he drank all the wine in the jug. He threw it aside and took out another jug.

Not far away, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was sitting there and looking at Wang Lin’s back. The sorrow and loneliness being given off by this figure moved even him.

“Wan Er, just wait, wait for me… It won’t be long before I can do it!!” Wang Lin drank a mouthful of wine and let it overflow from the corner of his mouth. He waved his sleeve and the Heaven Avoidance Coffin appeared before him.

Looking at the sleeping Li Muwan inside the coffin, he revealed a gentle smile. But it felt like a needle had pierced his heart.

Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan for a long time before he gently opened the lid of the coffin. His left hand trembled as he slowly reached into the coffin until he touched Li Muwan’s face.

He gently caressed Li Muwan’s face. The pain in Wang Lin’s heart turned into a tide of sorrow that ruthlessly drowned him.

“Wan Er…” Tears came from Wang Lin’s eyes. His tears fell on Li Muwan and wetted her clothes.

“Your sliver of soul is gone… It’s not in the divine retribution anymore, but no matter where it is, no matter who has it, I’ll take it back!!” Wang Lin murmured as he picked up the jug of wine and took a big gulp. His tears mixed with the wine and became bitter, but he drank it all!

Wang Lin threw away the wine jug and his right hand pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. His left hand pointed to the spot between Li Muwan’s eyebrows and he closed his eyes.

“Ghostly face illusion, dream for millennia!” Wang Lin muttered as the Ghostly Sail around him distorted. The ghostly face roared and flew out, then it disappeared in between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. The fog around Wang Lin became dense, making it impossible to see everything inside.

Xuan Luo silently pondered, and his expression was complicated. He had some ideas, and with a sigh, he pointed at the fog around Wang Lin. His divine sense entered the fog.

“Wang Lin, it’s not that this old man can’t disturb you, but I need to understand everything about you. I’m not only choosing my only disciple, I need someone that will protect my reincarnation and guard my Ancient Dao clan, a very important person!!” Xuan Luo closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, his mind entered the dream world Wang Lin was in. He felt the sorrow that came from this world!

The sky was dark and there were monstrous flames in the distance, lighting up the sky. Sounds of slaughter and spells colliding could be heard in the distance.

Wang Lin was standing there, and the confusion in his eyes gradually dissipated. He looked back at the direction of the Sea of Devils and slowly waited.

After a long time, two rays of light flew by before Wang Lin’s eyes. It was a man and a woman. The woman in front looked pale and frightened, her body shaking. This woman was like a lotus fairy, gentle and elegant. She was Li Muwan.

The man behind her had a face filled with lust as he casually chased after her.

“Little girl, your team of thirteen people has been killed by me. Where can you run?” While he spoke, he waved right hand. A large part of Li Muwan’s clothes were torn off, revealing her skin.

As Li Muwan let out a cry, the man sniffed his right hand. The lust in his eyes became even more intense.

Just at this moment, Li Muwan saw Wang Lin. Her heart was weak right now after facing humiliation and danger. She recognized that Wang Lin looked familiar.

“It’s you! Senior Brother, save me!” As she spoke, she changed direction and instantly arrived beside Wang Lin. Her face was filled with anxiousness as she clenched her teeth and quickly said, “This person is the elder of the Double Cultivation Sect from the country of Xuan Wu. He found out that I have a Distant Heaven Pill. That’s why he didn’t hesitate…” She was very clever and immediately revealed the Distant Heaven Pill to make Wang Lin act.


However, before she finished speaking, she was startled because Wang Lin was looking at her with a gentle smile. This gaze made it seem as if he was looking at someone he had loved for thousands of years. This gaze caused Li Muwan to tremble.

“You…” Just as Li Muwan was about to speak, the young man in the distance smiled coldly. He naturally saw Wang Lin but didn’t care at all. He raised his right hand and eight flying swords appeared around him and shot toward Wang Lin like a whirlwind.

Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan and naturally caught her with his right hand. Li Muwan’s eyes were filled with shame as Wang Lin looked at the lustful youth behind the eight swords.

With one gaze, the eight flying swords immediately became distorted and collapsed. As for the young man, the moment he met Wang Lin’s eyes, his heart rumbled and he coughed out blood. Just as fear appeared in his eyes, his body was torn apart by an invisible force.

Everything suddenly became silent. Li Muwan looked stunned at all of this and forgot to struggle. She was being held in Wang Lin’s arms while his longing gaze fell on her.

“Senior… Senior Brother… You…” After a long time, Li Muwan recovered. Her face immediately turned pale as she looked at Wang Lin timidly with fear.

Seeing Li Muwan like this, Wang Lin felt a sting in his heart and gently loosened his hand.

“I’m called Wang Lin.” After Wang Lin muttered this, Li Muwan immediately retreated more than 1,000 feet. She paused for a moment and timidly looked at Wang Lin. She then bowed at Wang Lin and quickly left.

Watching Li Muwan’s obviously frightened figure, Wang Lin revealed a happy smile. However, the bitterness and sorrow hidden under the smile couldn’t be seen by others.

In the distance, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo silently watched all of this, and even his heart felt a sting of pain. He looked at Wang Lin, he looked at the smile on Wang Lin’s face and silently pondered.

“What kind of loneliness and sorrow could make one look for joy in a dream?” Xuan Luo let out a sigh.

Wang Lin stood there with a smile until Li Muwan’s figure disappeared. He then slowly closed his eyes and everything around him disappeared. When he opened his eyes, he was in the Celestial Realm, on the mountain looking at Li Muwan, who was sleeping inside the coffin.

The sky was no longer blue; it was now night. The night had a dreamlike full moon hanging in the sky. There seemed to be two figures slowly walking together in front of it.

These were the figures of a man and a woman.

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