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Chapter 1745 - Location of the Seven Fragments!

It was similar to how he had entered the Seven-Colored Daoist’s illusion, but this time, Qing Shui was the guide. Wang Lin was using the Ghostly Sail to enter the illusion to find the truth of the ancient past.

Inside this illusion, the sky was blood red and the earth was also red, as if it was soaked in blood. The smell of blood was too thick, and right after Wang Lin appeared, he felt a suffocating feeling from his chest. It was as if a large rock was on his chest, making it difficult to breathe.

Looking around, Wang Lin saw pieces of bodies covering the ground. There were bodies everywhere, but very few were complete.

There were still eyes filled with fear before death. There was also the vague figure that had been imprinted into the eyes.

This was a mortal palace. Normally, this place would be bright, but now it was covered in blood, making it a palace of death.

A thunderous bang came from the distance. As large amounts of dust scattered, Wang Lin saw a palace collapse in the distance. There was a man covered in blood holding up a man in a royal robe. His gaze was cold and he was shrouded by a crazed killing intent.

“Your family destroyed my family before, today I’ll repay it!” The man squeezed his right hand and the old man in the royal robe exploded. Blood splattered on the man’s body and face.

At the same time, countless rays of sword energy closed in. It was hundreds of ancient cultivators closing in and arriving above the palace.

However, just as they closed in, the man suddenly looked up and his eyes revealed a demonic, red gaze. The red light flew out and turned into a bolt of red lightning. It flew into the sky and pierced through all the cultivators.

It only took a moment, and the hundreds of cultivators trembled before they collapsed.

“Ji Realm…” Wang Lin muttered as he looked around. He looked at the bloodstained man and his eyes revealed enlightenment.

“This is only the first illusion back in the country of Clear Water…” Wang Lin stepped through the blood on the ground and walked toward the man.

The blood dyed the earth red and the scattered blood carried Qing Shui’s hate. It was so dense, it couldn’t be washed away at all.

“If the heavens try to stop me, I’ll kill the heavens. If the celestials try to stop me, I’ll kill the celestials!!” Qing Shui looked up at the sky as the hundreds of cultivators collapsed. His face was filled with killing intent.

“I want the world to be covered with rivers of blood. I want the world to pay the price and suffer my slaughter calamity!” Qing Shui’s voice echoed across the world, revealing the madness in his heart.

When Wang Lin closed in, he looked at the back of Qing Shui covered in blood. His figure was very sad and lonely. Although the revenge was complete, there was no joy, only sadness and sorrow along with hatred and exhaustion from living!

Wang Lin softly said, “Senior Brother…”

The moment he spoke, Qing Shui suddenly turned around. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with killing intent as he looked at Wang Lin. If he was anyone else, the smell of blood and killing intent would have made him tremble in fear and retreat.

However, Wang Lin didn’t. Qing Shui’s killing intent was monstrous, but he, Wang Lin, was the same. In the end, they were the same kind of people!

The reason they could have such a deep friendship and be willing to die for each other was because of this!

Qing Lin’s eyes filled with killing intent could not shock Wang Lin. Wang Lin also didn’t only see killing intent in Qing Shui’s eyes. He saw pain, sorrow, and melancholy.

Just like when he got his revenge against the Teng family..

“This is an illusion; it is true and false, but it is not our destination. Senior Brother, sit down, we will enter the second illusion…” Wang Lin whispered as he walked toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui silently pondered until Wang Lin was next to him, then he slowly closed his eyes. However, two lines of tears flowed down and washed away the blood marks on his face. The tears flowed down along his neck and fell on the ground, mixing with the blood.

“Sit down, OK?” Wang Lin stood before Qing Shui and placed his hands on Qing Shui’s shoulders.

After a long time, Qing Shui nodded and sat down with a bitter expression. He let out a deep breath and opened his eyes.

“Wang Lin, is this only the first illusion…”

“Yes, this is only the first illusion.” Wang Lin also sat down and looked at Qing Shui’s eyes.

“A very realistic illusion…” Qing Shui murmured and looked around. In the end, his gaze fell on an intact tree in a palace in the distance. This tree seemed to have existed for a long time, struggling to survive.

Looking at the tree, the slaughter in his eyes gradually dissipated, and in the end, he let out a sigh.

“Let’s enter the second illusion.”

Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and his arm opened. He waved his sleeve and the world of the first illusion began to distort. A rumble echoed and strands of black gas came out of the blood on the ground, and the broken arms on the ground began to rotate.

In the end, everything in the first illusion gave off black gas and gathered above Wang Lin and Qing Shui to form a giant ghostly face.

The ghostly face gave off a silent roar and devoured the two.

The moment it devoured them, Wang Lin and Qing Shui’s hearts rumbled. A giant vortex appeared, pulling their souls and divine senses into the ancient past!

The world was in chaos, and this was the core of the cave. This was the center of the cave world and where the door leading out of the cave was located!

At this moment, in this core area, the Heavenly Dao opened its mouth and devoured Lian Daofei. Thunderous rumbles echoed, and it was at this moment that Wang Lin appeared.

This looked exactly the same as the illusion the Seven-Colored Daoist was in!

Lian Daofei’s angry roar echoed as the Heavenly Dao was split and suffered serious injuries. At the same time, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had a sorrowful expression as his body collapsed!

His body was completely torn apart and his origin soul and soul mixed before exploding into the three souls and seven fragments. They scattered in all directions!

This was different from when Wang Lin entered the Seven-Colored Daoist’s illusion. This time, he was the owner of the illusion, so what he saw was much more clear!

The first thing he saw were the seven fragments!

The seven fragments had the colors of the rainbow. The seven different-colored fragments scattered to be reincarnated!

One of them was bright red. This fragment controlled slaughter and contained the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s shocking slaughter. There were countless souls around the red fragment; they were all souls of people the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had killed. At this moment, the red fragment devoured them all and shined brightly as it flew into the distance.

Wang Lin felt Qing Shui’s aura from this fragment. The moment the red fragment disappeared into reincarnation, Wang Lin saw a figure condense inside. This figure was… Qing Shui!!

There was also a fragment that was blue, and this fragment contained the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s talent. To be able to reach Void Tribulant meant he must’ve had the talent of a heaven’s favored son!

This blue soul quickly flew away, but once again, Wang Lin felt an aura he was extremely familiar with! This aura caused his heart to rumble, and he almost gasped.

The moment the blue soul was about to disappear into reincarnation, Wang Lin saw a fuzzy figure inside the fragment. This figure was… Situ Nan!!

“No wonder Situ Nan’s progress is so shocking and his cultivation level is constantly changing. So he is the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s talent fragment!!”

The third fragment was orange. This orange light was soft but was filled with a righteous aura. As it flew, all evil doers would tremble under this orange light. This orange light was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s conscience!

The soul formed from the third fragment would be someone of integrity. In order to protect someone or something, he would do whatever it took, and no temptation would be able to move him!

The moment this fragment was about to disappear into the reincarnation cycle, Wang Lin was shocked to find that the figure was Qing Lin!

Qing Lin was the emperor of the Rain Celestial Realm. He had suffered temptation from the Sovereign and was almost killed. However, he had done all of that to guard the Rain Celestial Realm! All of this was because he was the third fragment!!

There was also the fourth fragment!

This fourth fragment was yellow and its light was bright enough to light up the star system and almost compete with the three souls. The yellow represented luck. This soul would become someone who would have heaven-defying luck that would make anyone jealous!

This person was like someone made by the heavens. Wherever he went, treasures would come to him. Whenever he encountered an enemy, they would likely kill themselves.

When the fourth soul fragment of luck was about to disappear into the reincarnation cycle, Wang Lin saw Greed’s vague figure...

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