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Chapter 1741 - Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo!

Wang Lin retreated into the sky and landed on the back of the giant Nether Beast with two steps. The Nether Beast was invisible when Wang Lin summoned it.

Now that it had appeared, Wang Lin painfully sat down on its back. He endured all the injuries in his body as he stared at planet Five Elements.

After seeing that there was no change to planet Five Elements, Wang Lin knew that the other party didn’t dare to gamble!

In truth, even if they had dared to gamble, Wang Lin still had other options. He still had the Li Guang Bow. Although he was not willing to use it now, if faced with a crisis, he would use it without hesitation.

Although Wang Lin had been injured on this trip to planet Five Elements, his gains were also great. He pressed several times on his body and suppressed the pain. The Nether Beast slowly retreated and left the space around planet Five Elements. It appeared back in the Brilliant Void.

“That old man named Ma’s cultivation level is even higher powerful than the Sovereign’s. Even if he hasn’t reached the Void Tribulant stage, he must have passed through several Arcane Tribulants...

“Also, the first floor of the tower contained a suit of armor instead of a person… This Gui Yi Sect’s cultivation is very strange, they actually rely on the armor… That armor in the first floor likely belongs to the old man named Ma...

“If it really belongs to him, what cultivation level would he reach upon wearing it?” Wang Lin pondered.

After Wang Lin left, the old man named Ma became gloomy and stared at the sky. He hesitated and couldn’t decide between holding back or attacking.

He wasn’t sure if Wang Lin really had backups prepared. However, since Wang Lin had dared to come to such a dangerous place and had even forced him to return the blood sword, Wang Lin must have come prepared!

While pondering, the old man named Ma’s eyes became cold. As he stood there, the surroundings were completely silent. The old man wearing the double element armor respectfully stood there and didn’t dare to make a sound.

There were also the three middle aged men from the fifth to seventh floors. They all respectfully stood there and seemed to be afraid of this old man named Ma.

After a long time, the old man named Ma suddenly said, “What do you think?” Although his words weren’t directed at anyone, only Yun Yifeng pondered and slowly answered.

“Junior doesn’t believe that the Heavenly Dao can devour us! Uncle found some clues about the Heavenly Dao, and I went looking for it over the years. Although I found nothing, I have some speculations.

“The Heavenly Dao has been split. Although that child became its master, it is incomplete! Although the incomplete Heavenly Dao can devour all living things, it can’t devour those with powerful cultivation!

“He must have come here because he found out we came from outside the cave world from somewhere. It is now the key moment to find the third soul, and he must be worried about this. Thus, he came here to force us out of hiding, and now that he knows everything about us, he can make his plans!

“Of course, this is only Junior’s guess. If this is really the reason he came, he is really something.”

“That should be it. Aside from the Heavenly Dao, he must have a backup plan if he dared to calmly come here!” The old man named Ma’s eyes lit up and he withdrew his gaze from the sky. He looked at everyone present with a gloomy expression and was about to return to the tower.

However, just at this moment, a calm voice echoed across planet Five Elements.

“Was it you all who said that the Ancient Dao clan were all mere barbarians?”

The moment the voice appeared, the expression of the old man named Ma changed, his pupils shrank, and cold sweat covered his forehead. Although this voice was calm, it could make one’s heart tremble.

The old man named Ma wasn’t the only one like this. Yun Yifeng’s expression changed greatly and he didn’t dare to move an inch.

There was also the other three. Their bodies trembled and their eyes were filled with fear.

As for the old man wearing the double element armor, his face immediately turned pale and his eyes were filled with disbelief. That voice entered everyone’s hearts, and a sense of fear erupted from their bodies.

This fear was intense enough to destroy their life force. The three middle-aged men coughed out blood and their bodies trembled as they retreated. It was as if an invisible person had closed in and pushed them away.

The world changed colors and the clouds scattered. As ripples echoed, a vague figure appeared and walked toward the planet.

The figure wasn’t tall, but his appearance caused the earth to tremble and caused planet Five Elements to almost collapse. Everyone was filled with fear; it was as if this figure held the power to destroy heaven itself.

After he appeared, the entire planet became dead silent. Even the sun in the sky disappeared.

“Was it you all who said that the Ancient Dao clan were all mere barbarians before your Gui Yi Sect?” The indifferent voice came from the vague figure. The figure walked forward, and no one dared to resist at all. The figure arrived before the old man wearing the double element armor and causally grabbed the old man’s neck!

All of this happened far too fast, and the shocking pressure never stopped. The old man in the armor couldn’t escape or resist. The moment he was grabbed by the figure, he began to struggle painfully.

The vague figure gently waved his right hand and thunderous rumbles echoed. The old man’s powerful Gui Yi Sect double element armor shattered like a piece of paper and dissipated.

“It was you who said it!” The vague figure pulled the old man close and coldly looked at him.

This scene caused the old man named Ma’s legs to tremble. Not only him, Yun Yifeng was also the same!

“Grand… Grand Empyrean…” The old man named Ma’s lip trembled. There was only one person who could casually destroy the Gui Yi Sect’s armor and question about disrespect to the Ancient Dao Clan.

“Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo!!” The old man named Ma coughed out blood and retreated a few steps. The fear in his eyes was monstrous.

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