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Chapter 1742 - A Special Day

“You still recognize this old man?” The vague figure’s calm voice entered the ears of the old man named Ma. This caused his heart to tremble, and he continued to retreat.

The old man named Ma’s teeth trembled. He looked at the vague figure and clearly recognized what it was. This blur was not caused by a spell but a unique effect resulting from the pressure of the nine suns!

The legendary nine suns of the Immortal Astral Continent, unless it was someone from the same family or generation, it was rare to see their appearance. The giant difference in cultivation level and the pressure of the Grand Empyreans created a strange atmosphere that made their figures blurry. If they didn’t wish it, then it would be difficult even for another one of the nine suns to see their real appearance.

There was no need to talk about these people that were as weak as ants before Xuan Luo.

The moment his words echoed, Xuan Luo gently squeezed his hand and a rumble echoed across the world. The old man that had lost his armor collapsed into flesh and blood that disappeared in Xuan Luo’s hand.

Xuan Luo casually killed someone and then waved his hand as if he wanted to wave away the smell of death on his hand. He turned and looked at the rest of the people here.

As his gaze swept by, the hearts of everyone who was alive trembled. Aside from the old man named Ma and Yun Yifeng, everyone else’s legs went soft and they knelt down on the ground.

The old man named Ma clenched his teeth and forced himself to remain standing. However, his legs were trembling as he had reached his limit.

Yun Yifeng’s face was deathly pale and large beads of sweat rolled down, soaking his clothes. When Xuan Luo’s eyes swept by, it was as if the sky had collapsed on him, making him kneel and worship. However, the pride in his heart wouldn’t allow him to kneel!

At this moment, he trembled and popping sounds came from his body. It was as if his entire body was being squeezed.

“Child, you are not bad!” Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo had his hands behind his back. After his gaze swept by, his gaze returned to Yun Yifeng.

“It is very difficult to continue resisting under my pressure. Unfortunately, you are not of the Ancient Dao… Unfortunate…” Xuan Luo let out a sigh. When he withdrew his gaze, Yun Yifeng could no longer withstand the pressure. He coughed out blood and knelt down on the ground.

The old man named Ma withstood for a few more breaths. His face was pale and he smiled bitterly before he gave up resisting. He knew that if he continued to resist, he would without a doubt die. His expression became dim as he knelt down and remained motionless.

“Please give Gui Yi Sect’s head elder face and let us leave… We will leave this cave world immediately and never come again…”

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s right hand reached toward the first floor of the tower. The first floor collapsed, revealing what was inside completely!

The black armor gave off a strange light as the rubble fell.

“I’ll be taking this armor. When your Gui Yi Sect felt you have the qualifications to take it back, come take it  from his old man personally!” Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s words were calm, and the armor seemed to be caught by a force of the five elements. The armor flew toward Xuan Luo and disappeared before him. Then Xuan Luo let out a cold snort and disappeared into the distance.

After Xuan Luo left, his voice entered the hearts of everyone on planet Five Elements. “It’s not time for you all to leave, do what you have to do!”

Only after Xuan Luo had been gone for a long time did the old man named Ma stand up with a complicated expression. The rest also gradually stood up. Yun Yifeng clenched his teeth as he looked up at the sky toward where Xuan Luo had gone. His expression was extremely gloomy.

“Sooner or later, I’ll become a Grand Empyrean, become the tenth sun!” Yun Yifeng clenched his fist.

The surroundings were completely silent. After a long time, the old man named Ma let out a sigh. He looked around, and his expression was extremely bleak.

The old man named Ma slowly said, “Forget it. The plan we have been waiting for has no chance of success now… Even if we were certain to win, with him here… we can’t finish it…”

“That Wang Lin came from the same direction, but based on the fact that they didn’t appear at the same time, and Wang Lin’s expression from before, he doesn’t seem to know about Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo...

“With that in mind, the reason why Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo is not letting us leave becomes obvious,” Yun Yifeng spoke calmly. He was a core disciple of the Gui Yi Sect and someone even Xuan Luo found talented. He was naturally very cunning and similar to Wang Lin in this respect.

With such simple clues, he was able to get 80% or 90% of the story correct.

“What Feng Er said is correct, that should be it. Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo is obviously testing Wang Lin. He must have come from the Immortal Astral Continent for this Wang Lin.” The eyes of the old man named Ma lit up.

“A long time ago, Ye Mo died in this cave world and scattered 3,000 drops of his blood. This Wang Lin must have obtained Ye Mo’s legacy and caught Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s attention…” Yun Yifeng’s eyes shined and he began to ponder.

“Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo won’t let us leave, because he wants us to become the stone to sharpen the knife, to test Wang Lin!! Before he left, he said we should do what we have to do. If we don’t understand his meaning, we will never be able to leave here… All of us will die here!” Yun Yifeng rubbed his temples.

As Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo walked through the stars, he looked back for a moment. Planet Five Elements appeared in his eyes, which glinted with a hint of admiration.

“That child is very cunning. Unfortunately… he is a celestial… I wonder who is more cunning between Wang Lin and him… It should be this person…” Xuan Luo shook his head and continued to walk forward.

As for Wang Lin, he was sitting on the back of the Nether Beast with his eyes closed and was rapidly healing. He had been seriously injured during this trip to planet Five Elements, but it was all worth it!

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he slowly spat out a mouthful of foul air.

“The Gui Yi Sect is a powerful force in the search for the third soul. Now that they have been forced out of the shadows by me… it’s time for me to get involved in the search for the third soul.

“The third soul, who are you?” Wang Lin’s right hand patted the back of the Nether Beast. The beast suddenly sped up and disappeared among the stars.

When it appeared, it was outside the silver river around the new Celestial Realm.

Wang Lin stood up and put the Nether Beast away. He pondered for a long time while floating there. His figure was lit up by the silver river but gave off a lonely feeling; it was as if his soul was feeling sorrow.

“Today is a special day…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and stepped forward. He turned into a ray of light and charged into the silver river. He rushed through the silver river and entered the Celestial Realm.

Just as Wang Lin entered the Celestial Realm, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo walked out. He looked at the Celestial Realm before he waved his sleeve and followed Wang Lin. His figure was blurry and invisible. Even if you were standing in front of him, you wouldn’t notice his presence.

However, just as he entered, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and turned around. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he stared at Xuan Luo.

Xuan Luo couldn’t help but be stunned by Wang Lin’s gaze!

“You have followed me the entire way. Since you already came here, why don’t you show yourself?” Wang Lin’s voice was cold and full of killing intent.

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s eyes revealed a strange light. He carefully looked at Wang Lin for a long time. He didn’t speak or reveal himself.

“Could it be that you really want me to force you out?” Wang Lin sneered and he waved his right hand. A storm formed by his seven essences flew out and swept the area before him.

As the storm swept by, Wang Lin stared at the void carefully, and after making sure there was nothing, he stepped into the Celestial Realm.

In truth, he hadn’t noticed Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo, but Wang Lin had always been cautious. If it was before, it would have been fine, but he had just left planet Five Elements. He was afraid the old man named Ma had secretly followed him, so he had decided to suddenly turn around. If someone had really followed him, they would have likely been fooled by him to reveal themselves!

It wasn’t until Wang Lin disappeared that Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo smiled and reveal admiration in his eyes.

“This little fellow sure is careful! His eyes contained some kind of spell that would have given people the illusion that he was staring at them...

“Although this method is simple and not every clever, it is very practical.” Xuan Luo smiled. He was indeed startled by Wang Lin words and action.

“Inside the Five Element Formation, I saw his domineering nature! In the Nine Cycle Heart Wheel, I saw his comprehension! Outside the tower on planet Five Elements, I saw his decisiveness and cunning!

“Here, I saw his caution! This Wang Lin is very good! However, the person I chose must value relationships! I wonder if he has it or not.” Xuan Luo pondered as he walked through the silver river and entered the beautiful Celestial Realm.

The sky of the Celestial Realm was blue with clouds that were like wisps of smoke. It was very pleasing to the eye.

The ground was a crisp green with mountains and rivers in the distance. The fragrance of the earth fused with the world, and breathing it in would penetrate one’s soul.

Wang Lin returned to the Celestial Realm. Aside from Dao Master Blue Dream, no one else noticed Wang Lin’s return. Wang Lin appeared before the mountain he had used for closed door cultivation before.

Looking at the sky, Wang Lin’s expression gradually became dim. His eyes were gradually filled with thoughts and sorrow. Every year on this day, he wanted to make himself forget something. Most of the time, he made himself busy so he couldn’t remember.

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