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Chapter 1740 (2) - Double Elements Armor (2)

It was blurry inside the sandstorm as Wang Lin’s body curled up and the fist from the treeman arrived. The fist didn’t contain a strong force but carried a spell with the old man’s full cultivation using the armor. 

This wasn’t a punch of strength but a punch of spell!

The moment the punch fell, the sandstorm rapidly shrank toward Wang Lin as if it was going to tear him apart.

Thunderous rumbles echoed at this instant and spread across the entire planet. They even spread outside the planet and echoed across the void.

Wang Lin’s body was hit by the wood and earth element force. The Immortal Ancient Spell erupted, causing Wang Lin to continue to recover so he didn’t die!

The moment the two essences arrived, Wang Lin borrowed the force and strung out like an arrow. He pierced through the sandstorm and shot off into the distance!

His speed was far too fast. On top of his own Ancient Dao and cultivation, he had also utilized the old man’s attack at full power. If not for his Immortal Ancient Spell, even with his current Ancient Dao body, he would have died!

However, with the Immortal Ancient Spell protecting him, as long as it wasn’t for too long, his body wouldn’t be destroyed!

Borrowing the other party’s power, his speed had exceed that of an Arcane Void cultivator and reached the speed of someone who had passed several Arcane Tribulants. Planet Five Elements seemed like it was going to collapse, and the only thing that could be seen was the ray of light Wang Lin formed. It looked like he was going to charge out from the cave world!

This ray of light charged at the tower protected by the light barrier and smashed into it. Wang Lin had used himself as the strongest treasure to break the tower’s protection!

The light around the tower cracked and became distorted. However, because it could collapse completely, the part Wang Lin had collided with broke and he rushed inside!

It wasn’t until he charged in that the barrier collapse into fragments.

Wang Lin’s body broke through the barrier and didn’t stop at all. With the powerful force from the attack, and his Immortal Ancient Spell, he collided with the tower.

The tower trembled and a giant hole appeared due to Wang Lin’s collision. The fragments from the gap rapidly dissipated before Wang Lin.

Just as Wang Lin broke into the second floor, he immediately saw an old man filled with the power of the five elements inside.

Although the old man looked old, his hair was black! He was sitting there as if he was cultivating a spell, but he was shocked by Wang Lin’s sudden appearance and opened his eyes!

The moment Wang Lin saw this man, his heart rumbled!

If this old man was a bit younger, he would look exactly like Na Duo!! The old man’s eyes also contained the Nine Cycle Heart Wheel!

“Scram out of here!!” A shocking roar came from the second floor. It was filled with anger and spread across the planet. The old man from the second floor trembled and his eyes were filled with awe and fear.

Even Yun Yifeng’s lazy expression disappeared and was replaced with reverence.

Everyone who was awake trembled. They were obviously afraid of the owner of this voice.

When this voice entered Wang Lin’s body, his Immortal Ancient Body showed signs of collapsing. His mind rumbled and he coughed out blood, retreating like crazy. It seemed like he was going to be forced out of the second floor by this roar!

The gap between their cultivation levels was too big!

However, Wang Lin was not willing to be pushed out like this. He still hadn’t seen the person in the first floor yet. At this moment, his eyes were filled with decisiveness and viciousness.

Wang Lin was not only vicious to others but also to himself. As he was being pushed back, he waved his right hand and the blood sword appeared. Enduring the injuries in his body, he threw the blood sword forward just as he was about to be pushed out of the tower!

With this wave, the blood sword flew out toward the first floor! At the same time, Wang Lin coughed out blood as he raised his left hand and pointed at the second floor.

“What great guts!!” The old man in the second floor stood up, and his gaze was cold. He raised his right hand to reach for the blood sword.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s left hand, which he had pointed ahead of time, erupted with his spell!


Wang Lin was risking everything. He knew that with his immortal body, he wouldn’t die even if he got seriously injured. Since he wouldn’t die, he would risk it!

Even if he was seriously injured, he had methods of leaving this place!

Under the effect of the Stop spell, the old man’s right hand paused. It was only for a moment before the spell ended. Wang Lin was hit by the rebound and popping sounds came from his body. A large amount of blood mist sprayed out from his pores, but in his eyes, it was worth it!

The old man’s pause allowed the blood sword to break into the first floor, creating a three-inch opening before flashing out from the other side of the tower!

Wang Lin retreated as he stared at the three-inch gap, and his eyes were filled with shock!

He saw that inside the first floor, there was no cultivator, only a set of black armor!! The black on the armor was like the night and could devour all light!

Wang Lin rapidly retreated and coughed out blood. The blood sword was about to return when a white hand caught it.

It was the old man from the second floor. He had walked out and grabbed the blood sword! No matter how much the blood sword struggled, it couldn’t break free.

Outside the tower, the old man in the wood and earth armor had an extremely respectfully expression as he clasped his hand and spoke, “Greetings, Senior Brother Ma.”

“Greetings, Uncle Ma.” The proud Yun Yifeng was also shocked. His eyes were filled with feverish reverence as he clasped his hands.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Ma.” The three people that were held back by the explosion of the Ancient Dao Shadow all respectfully clasped their hands.

Wang Lin retreated into the distance and saw all of this. He understood that he had forced out all the foreign cultivators here. The old man named Ma would look exactly like Na Duo if he was younger. It was obvious he was the person he saw back in the Scattered Thunder Clan, he was the leader of this group of foreign cultivators!

The nails had already been pulled out and nothing was hidden. Wang Lin had seen it all, so he wasn’t going to stick around!

He made up his mind. Although his injuries were serious, he didn’t panic. He pointed up at the sky.

The moment he pointed at the sky, there was a flash of coldness from the old man named Ma, who had walked out of the second floor. He stared at Wang Lin and rushed forward.

“You’ve disturbed this old man’s cultivation, you deserve death!”

“You take one more step, you deserve death!” As the old man stepped out, Wang Lin’s cold words echoed. Although blood was flowing out of the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth, his words were filled with determination!

The sky suddenly darkened as if a giant figure was hovering above. At the same time, a giant pair of eyes appeared in the sky!

This pair of eyes was completely ruthless, without any color in them. It was as if everything in the world was no different from a gain of dust.

The old man named Ma was shaken as he looked up at the eyes in the sky. His pupils shrank and his feet suddenly stopped. He no longer dared to take another step!

A wave was set off in the heart in the old man named Ma. There was disbelief and shock that could not be concealed, and this was clearly revealed by his expression.

Beside him, the old man with the wood and earth armor also didn’t dare to move. The moment he looked at the pair of eyes in the sky, his face immediately turned pale and his heart rumbled.

The other three also trembled as they were shocked by the gaze from the sky.

Yun Yifeng was startled for a moment, but that feeling was soon replaced by fear. He looked at the old man named Ma, and after seeing the old man’s expression, his face immediately turned pale.

“Heavenly Dao…” The old man named Ma silently pondered, and after a long time, he looked profoundly at Wang Lin. There was killing intent and greed hidden in his eyes, but he still didn’t dare to take that step.

He didn’t dare to bet!

“Return the sword to me!” Wang Lin slowly retreated and stepped into the sky. From the view of the people below, he was between the eyebrows of those ruthless eyes.

The old man named Man’s right hand held the blood sword. After pondering for a moment, he looked up at Wang Lin and slowly said,

“I’m shocked by the fact that the Heavenly Dao, but this old man doesn’t believe it has the power to devour me! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have ended up in such a state!” The old man named Ma rasied his right foot and slowly lowered it. However, his gaze was locked on to Wang Lin, looking for any change in Wang Lin’s expression.

Wang Lin smiled faintly and softly said, “It indeed can’t devour you, but you still have to return that sword to me.” 

His verbal admission caused the old man named Ma to frown and made him uncertain. His foot stopped and he stared at Wang Lin for a long time, but he still wasn’t able to find any clues from looking at Wang Lin’s expression.

“Since he dared, he must be prepared…”

“Return the sword in three breaths!” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes.

Three breaths passed in an instant. The old man, in the end, withdrew the last step and threw the blood sword at Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn’t pick it up but had the illusory Nether Beast devour it.

“Goodbye!” Wang Lin clasped his hands and retreated. With one step, he left planet Five Elements and dove into the void!

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