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Chapter 1731 - Lord of Fire!

Inside the five intersecting rings, the scene was a complete blur. It was very difficult to see inside from the outside. One could only see the distorted ripples coming from the five rings.

Wang Lin was deep inside these five rings, and he was very calm. In his right hand was a small pile of dirt that was moving. It constantly changed to various different shapes.

It tried to break out of Wang Lin’s hand, but in the end, Wang Lin clenched his fist. The handful of dirt collapsed and was unable to reform. It dissipated from Wang Lin’s palm.

The dirt was formed by the earth element and contained a trace of earth essence. Now that Wang Lin had put it away, there were two piles of dirt in his storage space.

The other had been given to him by the All-Seer!

“They are worthy of being from the Immortal Astral Continent to put an earth spirit inside this formation. After tens of thousands of years, the spirit might have grown into a third step earth spirit body!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he looked at the Five Element Formation with passion in his eyes.

Wang Lin became very interested in this formation.

“I have the fire essence among the five elements. If I can obtain the other four, my cultivation level will increase greatly. If all five elements fuse into one, I wonder if it will give birth to a new essence!” Wang Lin smiled as he looked around at the Five Element Formation. His smile became even brighter.

Wang Lin would not talk about morals with enemies, especially with people not from the cave world. Strength was everything! If the other party had the power to keep Wang Lin here, he would give up.If not, then these people were mere robbers to Wang Lin. Wang Lin would be even more ruthless towards robbers!

After taking away the earth spirit, Wang Lin stepped forward. After this step, what appeared before Wang Lin was a world of fire.

This sea of fire filled the entire world. Wang Lin saw that the sky was red and the earth was red, and all this red was fire. The sky was burning and the earth was also burning. His vision distorted due to the ripples created by the terrifying heat.

There were no signs of life in this heat, only fire!

The monstrous fire roared and released popping sounds that entered Wang Lin’s ears. However, this had no effect on Wang Lin. In fact ,Wang Lin felt more comfortable here than outside.

In planet Five Elements, in the middle floors, the black-robed man and the middle-aged man’s group of four had just managed to suppress the horror in their hearts. They stared at the mirror and saw Wang Lin within the fire.

“Although the power of the fire spirit is similar to the earth spirit, fire itself has the power to burn the body and soul. Although this Wang Lin has taken away the earth spirit, he absolutely won’t have an easy time with the fire formation!” The black-robed old man naturally didn’t know about Wang Lin’s fire essence. He seemed to be talking to the three people around him or muttering to himself.

In truth, it wasn’t their fault that they didn’t know anything. Planet Five Elements had been closed off from the outside for a long time. Even Wang Lin’s identity and cultivation level were only known due to the Outer Realm cultivators that had accidentally broken in.

They didn’t know enough and had only sent a few people out after the fact to investigate a bit more. They had learned more, but they didn’t know about Wang Lin’s essences.

“That’s right, the earth spirit is gentler and not as fierce as the fire spirit. I’m sure he will be injured by the fire spirit!” The middle-aged woman’s eyes were vicious. She hated Situ Nan and hated anyone that knew Situ Nan.

The other two people silently pondered. They looked at the mirror with fear in their eyes. These two were still rational and no longer dared to speak.

Inside the fire formation, the fire raged. The moment Wang Lin entered, the sea of fire roared and a wave of fire rushed toward him.

It closed in on him in an instant and nine fire qilins appeared. These fire qilins were thousands of feet tall and were made of fire. There were also several balls of fire under their feet.

These nine qilins had fierce expressions and rushed at Wang Lin from nine different directions. This was a shocking scene! There was also a monstrous wave of fire behind the nine qilins, making them look even more fierce!

Every cultivator on planet Five Elements revealed a cruel smile. Aside from the mirror that the black-robed old man was using to watch, there was also a vortex in the sky. The vortex revealed everything that was happening inside the formation.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Wang Lin was being viewed by tens of thousands. All the cultivators that had come out of the tower were looking at him.

The black-robed old man clenched his fist as he looked at the mirror before him and said, “I want to see how he will resist! This time he will definitely be injured!”

However, just at this moment, the old man’s expression changed greatly. At the same time, the middle-aged woman let out a sharp cry.

“It’s impossible!! He.. He…”

Shortly after, all the Gui Yi Sect cultivators watching the vortex in the sky exclaimed loudly.

Inside the fire formation, Wang Lin calmly looked at the nine fire qilins charging at him. The qilins stopped 100 feet away from Wang Lin with doubt in their eyes, and they soon began to shake. They knelt down on the ground and began to whimper.

They no longer looked like qilins but like kittens. They even looked happy, as if they had met their master!

Even the fire behind it happily rotated around Wang Lin. The entire fire formation let out a thunderous roar as Wang Lin waved his right hand. 

Rumbles echoed and all the fire in the world gathered like crazy. In an instant, aside from the nine qilins and Wang Lin, all the fire gathered to form a giant tens of thousands of feet tall before Wang Lin!

This giant wore a suit of armor made of fire and had a cape of fire. Its body gave off a powerful feeling. It was made completely out of fire, even its hair 

After the fire giant appeared, it knelt down toward Wang Lin with one knee and its hands on its chest. Its expressionless face revealed a feverish amount of respect!

“What is the hell is going on… The fire spirit… The first spirit is actually kneeling before him!!!!” The black-robed old man in the tower turned pale as he looked at all of this, and his mind turned blank.

There was also the middle-aged woman. Her face directly turned pale. She opened her mouth but ended up saying nothing. As she looked at Wang Lin through the mirror, her eyes were already filled with lingering fear.

The two of them weren’t the only ones in a daze. All the cultivators from the Gui Yi Sect looked at the scene before them and were dead silent.

They were shocked when Wang Lin captured the earth spirit, but now they were seeing the fire spirit actually worshipping him. Wang Lin hadn’t even said a word since he entered, he had just stood there. He stood there like a king that had just returned to his own kingdom, and with just a gaze, all of the people of the land knelt before him.

This was beyond their imagination and was outside of their understanding, causing a powerful sense of fear and uneasiness.

Na Duo and the middle-aged man silently pondered in the 10th floor. Na Duo’s eyelids twitched and his expression gradually became gloomy. They looked at each other and saw the dread in each other’s eyes.

Others may not see the problem. but the two of them could.

Na Duo slowly said, “Fire essence!” 

“Also, it has already reached its peak, allowing him to become the lord of fire! Otherwise, the fire spirit wouldn’t worship him and reveal such a degree of reverence!”

“The Five Element Formation can’t hold him…”

“However, it doesn’t seem like he will come out himself. I see that his intention is to take away the five spirits!!” Na Duo’s gaze became cold.

“We should lure him out. We can’t afford to lose the other three spirits!” The middle-aged man took a deep breath and stood up. He looked outside the tower.

“I summon the ancestor’s battle armor!” the middle-aged man roared, then a ray of blue light shot out from the top of the 10th floor. The light condensed around him and formed a water blue armor around him.

“The next formation is the water formation. I’ll see if I can force him out from the formation into the Nine Cycles.” The middle-aged man raised his right hand and reached at the void. Water appeared and formed a lance in his hand.

“Help me suppress the formation, I’ll go first!” The middle-aged man armed with the lance moved and disappeared into a mist of water vapor in the 10th floor.

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