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Chapter 1732 - So HisName is Wang Lin!

Inside the fire formation, as the fire giant bowed, Wang Lin calmly stepped forward. The giant allowed Wang Lin to step onto its hand and raised Wang Lin up to its head. Wang Lin walked off the hand and stood on the fire giant’s head. 

Wang Lin raised his hand and pointed ahead.

The giant suddenly stood up and let out a roar toward where Wang Lin pointed. As it roared, the nine fire qilins stood up and trembled. Their expression became fierce and they also roared.

The people on planet Five Elements felt their scalps go numb and their hearts started beating violently when they saw where Wang Lin had pointed. Because in their eyes, Wang Lin was pointing toward the vortex, at them!

As a result, the giant and the nine qilins were roaring at the hundreds of cultivators around the tower and the four people watching from the mirror inside the tower!

Under this sudden roar, many of the cultivators around the tower subconsciously retreated, their faces turning pale. Blood flowed out of the mouths of the low level cultivators. They retreated back far and sat down.

Before their panicked gazes, Wang Lin was standing on the giant’s head with the nine qilins following him. The giant stepped forward and waved its arm.

With this wave, the world of the fire formation suddenly collapsed!

Just as it collapsed, the image inside the vortex suddenly changed. What appeared before everyone was the sea. The sea was endless and its end could not be seen. The waves roared as if the heavens were roaring.

The sky in this world was dim and filled with clouds. There was no lightning or thunder, but heavy rain was falling. This was a shocking image!

Above the sea, there were monstrous waves roaring. A handsome middle-aged man with black hair holding a blue lance appeared from the waves. He slowly raised up with the waves!

“Five Element Celestial Water General!! It is our Gui Yi Sect’s Lord Water General!!”

“Lord Water General is in closed door cultivation most of the time. Now that he has appeared, the invader won’t be able to survive the water formation!!”

“Lord Water General has a complete water spirit body, and when he is inside the formation, his power increases greatly. That despicable invader will die for sure!”

When the middle-aged man appeared, the surrounding Gui Yi Sect cultivators felt new strength injected into them and became excited.

An old man who was at the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser let out a roar.

“Fellow sect members of the Gui Yi Sect, someone has now provoked us. We treated him with respect, but he was arrogant to the extreme! He broke into our formation and even stole two of the five spirits!

“He is an invader, how can we let him in!?” The old man’s voice was hoarse and his eyes were filled with hatred.

“That’s right, this person is named Wang Lin, and I know a bit about him. He is infamous outside planet Five Elements and is extremely cruel. Wherever he goes, all life is extinguished, and he leaves no one alive!

Another person walked out and roared, “Not long ago, I heard about a family named Teng on a cultivation planet. He caught the fancy of a treasure from their family and actually massacred the entire family, including the mortals. Not even the old or young were spared, and flood flowed like a river!” 

“I also know that our kind Elder Na Duo met this Wang Lin while he was massacring mortals and taking advantage of female cultivators. He acted to intervene but didn’t kill him, because it was difficult to cultivate. However, rather than being thankful after his cultivation level increased greatly, he is slaughtering his way to planet Five Elements. He says he is here to see Elder Na Duo but is in fact here to destroy our Gui Yi Sect!!”

“How can we let a shameless and despicable person like him enter planet Five Elements! This demonic cultivator should be killed by everyone. Killing him means saving countless people! Everyone, although our cultivation levels are low, we have more people and he is only one!”

Words like these became more and more common. Soon, people who didn’t know about Wang Lin at all began to believe these words. They looked at Wang Lin inside the vortex with anger and hatred!

Wang Lin couldn’t hear these words, but even if he could, he wouldn’t care at all. At this moment, as he stood on the head of the fire giant, it walked out from the fire formation. Before him was the vast sea and rain falling from the sky. The rain fell on the fire giant and the nine qilins, creating sizzling sounds.

Among the five elements, water and fire could never coexist. Inside the water formation, the nine qilins growled.

Directly before Wang Lin, the black-haired middle-aged man stood on top of the rolling waves. He held the blue lance and wore armor as he coldly looked at Wang Lin.

“Wang Lin!!” The moment Wang Lin looked over, the middle-aged man suddenly let out a roar. He jumped into the air and waves appeared under his feet. The wave came crashing in toward Wang Lin.

Roars came from the sea around Wang Lin. Then four tall walls of water appeared, completely sealing Wang Lin inside!

At the same time, the black haired middle-aged man let out  a roar and jumped into the air with his lance. He thrust this lance down at Wang Lin, who was trapped by the walls of water!

His body moved with the lance and turned into a ray of blue light. As the man moved forward, the clouds in the sky became even more dense and rain began to fall. The rain formed a lance of water that followed after him.

All of this happened too fast. The nine qilins behind Wang Lin roared and rushed out toward the lance, but they were immediately drowned by the monstrous waves.

Even Wang Lin’s body and the giant fire giant were drowned by the sea when the wall of water collapsed and the water lance swept by.

As Wang Lin was completely submerged by the sea, the lance formed by the rain also stabbed into the water.

The sea roared and thunderous rumbles echoed, setting off monstrous waves!

Wang Lin and the fire giant disappeared from the world. The only thing that remained was the handsome black-haired middle-aged man!

The middle-aged man looked cold and proud as he slowly said, “Just this mere cultivation level… I’m the water spirit, so inside the formation, I’m god! Your fire essence has no use here!” 

As his words echoed, all the Gui Yi Sect cultivators around the tower cheered.

“Now that Lord Water General has come out, who can resist!? No matter how powerful the vile one’s fire is, it will be extinguished before Lord Water General!!”

“Lord Water General has already entered the legendary third step. That damn invader, what qualification does he have to resist?”

Bursts of cheers came from the cultivators around the tower. The middle-aged man looked extremely smug as he held the lance in his hand and let out a roar. 

“Wang Lin, you’re only injured. Get out here for me!”

Just as he finished speaking, a violent rumble came from the sea below. The sea water erupted into the air and the curtains of water blocked the Water General’s vision. The Water General was about to descend.

However, at this moment, a cold voice came from behind him.

“I’m here.”

The Water General’s expression changed greatly and he turned around. Wang Lin stepped out from the water and his right hand hit the Water General. Wang Lin’s essences and ancient power rushed into the Water General’s body. His five organs collapsed, all his bones shattered, and his flesh and bones  were almost separated. The Water General coughed out blood and was thrown far away by the shockwave!

Popping sounds came from his body and cracks appeared on his armor. However, the armor didn’t collapse! Instead, a large amount of life force came out of the cracks and helped the Water General recover from the fatal injuries.

Wang Lin exclaimed softly and slowly walked out.

“Very strange armor… You haven’t reached the third step, but with this suit of armor, you can display the strength of a third step cultivator… However, the armor is filled with drawbacks… When you put it on, it is not you controlling the armor but the armor controlling you.” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with bloodlines as the restriction essence caused everything he saw to change. He was able to see through the secret of the armor.

His words were very casual, but they caused the Water General to be filled with fear.

At this moment, outside the five rings, the mysterious Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo stood there, watching everything.

When he heard Wang Lin’s words, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo revealed a happy smile.

“So this child is called Wang Lin. Very good, very good! The Gui Yi Sect’s armor is very famous even on the Immortal Astral Continent! For him to be able to see through it, he is very good!”

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