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Chapter 1730 - Earth essence!

Among the four of them, there was an old man in a daoist robe. His face had brown spots, and after hesitating for a bit, he spoke with a hoarse voice, “This matter… Should we tell Elder Na Duo?”

He was the one that dreaded Wang Lin a lot, Yin Dongshen.

The last to speak was the middle-aged man. He frowned and slowly said, “I also suggest not to provoke this Wang Lin before informing Elder Na Duo. He is very famous, and since came to visit, if we…” 

“When has our Gui Yi Sect ever been afraid of anyone? Even if this Wang Lin is famous, so what? Even if he was a dragon, he would still have to lie down before us!” the middle-aged woman shrieked.

The black-robed old man waved his sleeve and coldly said, “No need to argue, this old man has made up his mind. Also, it doesn’t mean Elder Na Duo is unaware of this. Since he didn’t come out, let’s see what kind of three-headed, six-armed demon this Wang Lin is!” 

As he waved his sleeve, the space between the four of them distorted and a mirror appeared. The mirror revealed Wang Lin, who was walking toward the intersecting five rings!

At the same time, two people were sitting in the ninth floor. Both of them were middle-aged and one of them wore a five-colored robe. He calmly looked at the sky outside the tower with a mysterious light in his eyes.

If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately recognize this person as Na Duo!!

The years left no trace on Na Duo’s body, he still looked the same as before. Looking at the sky, Na Duo revealed a smile.

“Back then, he was only a mere Nascent Soul cultivator. After just 1,000 years, he has grown to such heights… Even I’m not his match.”

“I’m also not his match, but so what? We are, after all, just their descendants; just guarding this place is enough.” The middle-aged man sitting opposite of Na Duo was dressed in purple. He was very handsome, and after hearing Na Duo’s words, he laughed.

“If a real enemy came, there would be no need for us to act. Any one of the ancestors above can awaken and resolve everything. However, do you think this Wang Lin can walk out of the Five Element Formation?”

“He should be able to able to walk out from the Five Element Formation, but as for the Nine Cycles, he should not walk past the third cycle! That formation was set by the nine ancestors long ago, but even after countless years have passed, it is not something ordinary people can break! I know a bit about this Wang Lin, he is only at the mid stage of Spirit Void!” Na Duo smiled.

The middle-aged man also smiled. He looked outside the tower and slowly said, “Let us watch this like a play.” 

Inside the five rings, Wang Lin calmly walked forward. The rings let out thunderous howls, but none of this was able to hurt Wang Lin at all.

His Ancient Dao body was very strong, not something these mere spells could injure. The five elements continued to appear. Sometimes it was monstrous fire, sometimes it was a sand storm, sometimes the angry sea covered the sky, sometimes thousands of pieces of metal howled, and sometimes trees came crashing down.

Wang Lin didn’t stop walking at all. He had come to planet Five Elements fully prepared. Even if this place was the tiger’s den, he was still going to try to break through!

The second variable aside from the All-Seer was hidden here. Wang Lin didn’t know how much force was hidden here and was thus at an extreme disadvantage at finding the third soul!

The purpose of him coming here was to unveil the variable here. He wanted to know exactly how powerful the force hiding here was!

Only by doing this could Wang Lin rest assured!

He wasn’t arrogant enough to crush this force himself, but he was confident that if he wanted to leave, no one would dare to stop him!

If he didn’t have this self-confidence, he wouldn’t have come here by himself!

As he stepped forward, the five element spells continued to collapse around Wang Lin. After taking 14 steps, Wang Lin entered the inner part of where the five rings intersected!

The light here was bright and dazzling. The five elements around Wang Lin suddenly changed. All of the elements around him turned into earth element!

Everything he had seen before was just the outer layer. What Wang Lin was facing now was the real first formation of the Five Element Formation: the Great Earth Formation!

After Wang Lin entered the five rings and the earth formation was activated, his vision became blurry. It was as if he had entered another world.

This world only had an earth and no sky! Below him was endless earth and above him was an upside down earth instead of the sky!

Soil particles fell from above like rain. Storms appeared, connecting the two earths. It wasn’t just one storm, but nine. These nine storms released endless howls.

At the same time, the nine storms moved extremely fast and instantly closed in. They turned into nine human faces 10,000 feet away from Wang Lin. These nine faces were made of mud and sand, and they rushed toward Wang Lin.

The earth below Wang Lin trembled and moved like a wave as if there were fierce beasts hidden below.

Thunderous rumbles echoed in Wang Lin’s ears as he coldly and calmly looked at everything.

“A mere five element spirit, not worthy of being acknowledged!” Wang Lin stepped forward and closed in on a face. As it roared, Wang Lin threw a punch at it.

The face collapsed with a bang and a large amount of dirt flew by Wang Lin. Wang Lin suddenly moved and closed in on the second face, throwing another punch.

Then, Wang Lin took nine steps and threw nine punches. All nine faces collapsed, but at this moment, the strange earth that was hanging in the sky began to move and squeeze down.

At the same time, the earth below began to raise. All of this happened in an instant. In the blink of an eye, the two earths closed in and crushed Wang Lin.

Inside the tower, the four people saw this in the mirror. When this happened, the black-robed old man began to laugh.

“How can the earth formation be broken so easily? This Wang Lin seems to be too self-confident. Even though he is at the third step, breaking the earth formation would take some effort!”

“That’s right, this just the second change in the earth formation, and there are seven more. I think that even if this Wang Lin passed the first earth formation, he would be seriously injured,” the middle-aged woman spoke with a sharp voice. She stared at Wang Lin with hatred and joy.

“Wang Lin, you know Situ Nan, so today you can accept punishment in place of that heartless person!”

The other two people were startled and frowned. They looked at each other and felt like something was wrong. Everything seemed to have gone too well.

Just at this moment, the world inside the mirror changed drastically. This change was too sudden, and it interrupted the laughter of the black-robed old man and the middle-aged woman. When the two of them saw what happened, their expressions changed.

Inside the mirror, the two earths had already closed and Wang Lin was sealed in the middle, with no opening at all. However, at this moment, a very rhythmic rumble came from between the two earths, as if someone was casually punching something.

Cracks suddenly appeared on the earth. More and more cracks appeared until the earth suddenly shattered. Wang Lin, looking the same as before, walked out of the collapsed earth.

If that was all, it wouldn't be enough to shock the black-robed old man and the middle-aged woman. What shocked them was that Wang Lin waved his hand and used some unknown spell. The earth shattered, flew toward Wang Lin, and condensed in his right hand!

It turned into a pile of dirt!

This small pile of dirt gave off a powerful spirit aura. It was the formation spirit of the earth formation!

The four of them silently pondered and the black-robed old man gasped, his eyes filled with fear. He blankly watched as Wang Lin held the handful of dirt and pushed it away. He saw Wang Lin look up at him, and he subconsciously let out a cry.

He wasn’t the only one. The moment Wang Lin’s gaze swept by, the middle-aged woman and the other two felt their scalps tingle. They immediately backed up.

“He couldn’t have found us, we are outside the formation!!”

“He… He actually captured the earth spirit!!”

On the 10th floor, Na Duo’s gaze was still locked onto the sky outside the tower, and he gradually frowned.

The middle-aged man opposite of Na Duo softly said, “If he had just broken the earth formation, it would’ve been fine, but he took away the earth spirit… Sure enough, he is deserving of his reputation… He is very strong!”

“No problem, there are still four more formations. And after them, there are the Nine Cycles. I want to see how he will take them!!” Na Duo’s eyes revealed a cold gaze. He and Wang Lin couldn’t even be considered friends. At most they were acquaintances, and any relation they had had dissipated over the past thousand years.

At this moment, no one in the cave world noticed that a flash of blood-colored light had appeared in the Brilliant Void. This blood colored light turned into a black-haired youth.

The young man wore a black robe and looked into the distance. He revealed a happy smile.

“He is there… That’s fine. I don’t know this child’s personality, so I might as well follow him and take a look.”

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