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Chapter 1729 - Planet Five Elements

The Brilliant Void had existed for countless years. As for how long it had existed, no one knew. Maybe the original owner of the cave, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, knew.

From the moment Wang Lin was born to now, it had been more than 2,000 years, and the Brilliant Void had experienced two wars. The first was the war against Allheaven. There were many deaths and it was complete chaos.

However, compared to the second war, the first war was nothing. It was the war between the Inner and Outer Realms. The Brilliant Void had become a desolate ruin. Whether it was cultivators or mortals, they let out howls of despair.

Many planets filled with life collapsed into dust. This star system that was once bright was now silent. The star system was dim due to being covered in dust.

There weren’t many planets left, but some had managed to remain intact. They either didn’t participate in the war or weren’t destroyed by others.

Within the vast star system, there was a planet like this that was slowly rotating. This planet was green. The lush trees gave the planet a layer of shade.

This was a planet filled with spiritual energy. Not even planet Tian Yun could compare to it. There were no smaller planets around it, only five different colored rings.

These five rings intersected, looking like a blooming flower. The planet looked very beautiful from a distance.

There were many mortals on this planet; there were likely one billion mortals there. They lived a happy life not affected by war, which was rare in the Brilliant Void.

It seemed that because the spiritual energy here was so rich, the mortals were rarely sick. Most of them had healthy bodies and were very beautiful. Also, as the generations went on, more mortals that had talent for cultivation appeared.

This planet was planet Five Element!

There was only one sect on planet Five Elements, and it was called the Gui Yi Sect! The meaning of the sect’s name was likely fusing all five elements into one.

In the Brilliant Void, planet Five Elements was very strange. Although it was in the star system, it was difficult to find. If the Cultivation Alliance didn’t know its exact coordinates, it would be difficult to locate it. Even if one used their divine sense, they would just see the void, like with the Nether Beast.

It was because of this that this planet had not been caught in both wars. However, accidents still happen. During the war between the Inner and Outer Realms, a group of Outer Realm cultivators accidently entered the planet. They never came out.

This was planet Five Elements, mysterious and unfathomable.

Wang Lin had the location of planet Five Elements. Na Duo had given it to him back them and invited him to the planet. Wang Lin was holding the jade, carefully determining its location. 

“Na Duo’s invitation was more than 1,000 years ago. A lot can change in 1,000 years…” Wang Lin’s divine sense withdrew from the jade. The Nether Beast floated forward.

On the way to planet Five Elements, Wang Lin thought about the past. He had met Na Duo due to a bag of holding and was then hunted by Na Duo. The danger was only resolved once he revealed his Ji Realm.

“Na Duo has a five-colored Ji Realm…” Wang Lin murmured as the Nether Beast wandered into a very unfamiliar star domain.

This star domain was impossible to see with divine sense from the outside, no matter how high your cultivation level was. It was as if this place was separated from the Brilliant Void.

Wang Lin saw planet Five Elements, which was like a blooming flower, directly before him.

The moment he saw the planet, Wang Lin’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal a hint of intoxication. The rings around the planet were very beautiful. Wang Lin had seen a lot of planets, but this was the most beautiful.

“This planet doesn’t belong to the cave world…” Wang Lin closed his eyes. He was the master of the Heavenly Dao, so he could feel the thoughts of the Nether Beast below him.

The reason this planet could not be detected by divine sense and seemed like it was in a space separate from the Brilliant Void was because this planet did not belong in the cave world.

“After coming here, these foreign cultivators used some method I don’t know about to bring a planet from the Immortal Astral Continent.” Wang Lin closed his eyes and integrated with the Heavenly Dao. He then slowly opened his eyes, and they were now filled with clarity.

Wang Lin stood up and stepped forward, allowing the Nether Beast to float there while he walked toward the dazzling planet.

The moment he closed in, the five rings around the planet shined brightly and expanded outwards. The five rings rotated rapidly, creating a howling sound, and prevented Wang Lin from entering.

Wang Lin stopped and looked at the planet inside the rings. After pondering a bit, he spoke slowly.

“Na Duo, today I came to for our appointment from back then.”

Wang Lin’s voice was calm and spread out in all directions. It entered the planet and spread throughout it like thunder. His voice was like the might of heaven itself.

The moment his voice echoed, every living thing on the planet stopped, whether it was the mortals or the cultivators. Even the beasts in the jungle all trembled.

Wang Lin’s voice echoed in their ears.

Wang Lin still calmly stood outside the rings, waiting for a reply.

After a long time, a hoarse voice came from the planet. This voice revealed shock and horror along with a sense of hidden dread.

“Elder Na Duo has entered closed door cultivator and won’t come out. We have no way of awakening him. Why are you looking for him?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and shook his head. He then softly said, “Who are you?” 

“This old man is the Gui Yi Sect’s vice sect master, Yin Dongshen. When the sect master and elders are in closed door cultivation, I’m responsible for all matters. I know who you are, but Elder Na Duo can’t come out, so please leave!” The voice was very cautious, and it had only spoken a long time after Wang Lin spoke.

Wang Lin’s gaze penetrated the five rings and faintly saw the planet. After a long time, he spoke calmly.

“He knows I’m coming.” With that, Wang Lin stepped toward the rapidly rotating five rings.

As Wang Lin stepped forward, the hoarse voice became sharp and was filled with fear.

“Sir’s identity is noble, but my planet Five Elements is not something you can enter as you wish. If you try to break through, this old man will activate the Five Element Formation. The formation is ruthless…” Before the hoarse voice finished, an overbearing divine sense spread out and interrupted him. This divine sense was extremely arrogant.

“If you can break through the Five Element Formation, you can enter my planet Five Elements. What’s with all this nonsense? If you dare to break through, come in! If you don’t dare, then scram!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He didn’t care about the voice at all. He kept his pace and continued to walk forward. When he touched the intersecting rings, popping sounds echoed around him.

The sound was intense; it sounded as if countless spells were attacking Wang Lin at once. These spells came from the five rings and contained the power of the five elements. Sometimes it was fire, sometimes it was water, sometimes it was metal, sometimes it was earth, and sometimes it was wood.

Wang Lin stepped into the formation. On the eastern part of the planet, there were nine towering mountains that formed a ring. This was the location of the Gui Yi Sect!

The nine peaks pierced through the sky like nine swords that pierced the heavens. A powerful killing intent spread out for more than 1 million kilometers.

Within these 1 million kilometers, there were no mortals or living creatures. The ground was completely black.

There was a huge tower being surrounded by the nine mountains. This tower was higher than the mountains, and it had 99 floors. This tower was the Gui Yi Sect!

The entire Gui Yi Sect existed in this huge tower. This was completely different from all the other sects in the cave world!

At this moment, rays of light flew out from floor 30 and below and gathered around. Each ray of light was a cultivator, and their cultivation levels varied. Most of them were first step cultivators, and not many were second step cultivators.

At this moment, these cultivators all looked up at the sky with disdain in their eyes.

Just after they flew out from the lower 30 floors, nearly 100 cultivators flew out from the mid 30 floors. These cultivators were mostly old people, and most of them were at the second step. They looked calm as they occupied four of the nine peaks. They all looked up at the sky.

Their eyes were also filled with disdain.

They don’t believe anyone could easily walk out of the Gui Yi Sect’s planet guardian formation!

At the top 10 floors of the tower sat four people. One of them was wearing a black robe and had a mole under his right eye. He looked extremely arrogant and let out a cold snort.

“So what if he is Wang Lin? Aside from Seven-Colored’s soul, there is no one else we need to fear in the cave world! Even if I were to enter the Five Element Formation, I would only last for one incense stick of time and would be stopped at the fire trial. Even though his cultivation level is higher than mine, it is impossible for him to pass all five trials!”

Beside the old man was a middle aged woman. Her expression was vicious as she let out a sharp laugh. “I hope he can pass through all five trials and activate the full formation and trigger the Nine Cycle Five Elements. I want to see how many cycles he can last…”

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