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Chapter 1717 - All-Seer

Wang Lin’s idea was to use the All-Seer’s avatar soul to divinate where the All-Seer was. He closed his eyes and he saw where he had confined the All-Seer’s avatar soul.

Over the years, Wang Lin had used the All-Seer’s avatar soul to divinate countless life and death situations, and it had been a great help to him. If not for the fact that he felt like  the All-Seer’s existence was a great threat to him, he wouldn’t want to provoke him.

After all, in Wang Lin’s heart, the All-Seer’s mysteriousness was something he never felt from another person.

“What the hell is he… And what kind of plan does he have…” Wang Lin frowned as his mind fused with the All-Seer’s avatar and slowly began to divinate.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin sat outside his house and didn’t move at all. His mind was fully integrated with the All-Seer and he had that illusion where he had become the All-Seer.

This was not the first time he felt this feeling. In fact, when he was facing danger from the All-Seer, he had already experienced this. As he integrated, Wang Lin gradually calmed down, and although his eyes were closed, the Celestial Realm was in his mind. Everything in the heavens was in his eyes; nothing could escape his divination.

This kind of feeling would make one expand infinitely.

Wang Lin seemed to have forgotten his name and had become part of the All-Seer. Under this integration, his divine sense spread out around his body.

With this method, Wang Lin wanted to find the All-Seer through the connection between the All-Seer’s avatar and original body. However, to do this, he had to fully integrate with the All-Seer’s avatar.

This was not his first time using this method. He had carefully thought about whether there would be any danger, but he couldn’t think of any issues.

Just as Wang Lin was fusing with the All-Seer’s avatar, there was a meteor slowly floating through the Summoned River. The All-Seer was sitting inside the meteor, and he revealed a strange smile.

His strange, white hair danced in a strange way, giving him the air of a celestial. However, his smile broke this whole image and made it look very grim.

His eyes slowly opened and shined brightly. The smile on the corner of his mouth became even wider and his gaze seemed to penetrate through the meteor, through the stars, and through the Celestial Realm to see the figure sitting there.

“You are worthy of being this old man’s disciple… You can’t escape my hands… The higher your cultivation level, the more you will help his old man. The more benefits I’ll obtain...

“Eh? Seven essences… Good, good, good!” The All-Seer smiled and clenched his right hand. The aura of the karma essence spread out from his fist.

It was the karma essence, the real karma essence!

“Left hand controls life and right hand controls death… This old man knows as well…” The All-Seer place his left hand on his knee. Aside from the karma essence, a second essence appeared in his hands. It was life and death!

“Eyes closed are false and eyes open are true…” As the All-Seer closed and opened his eyes, the true and false essence appeared.

What was even more shocking was that there was a flame raging in the All-Seer’s left eye and a bolt of thunder flashing across his right eye.

“These I know… This old man also has the slaughter essence…” Between the All-Seer’s eyebrow, a vague vortex appeared. There was another All-Seer inside in a grey robe!

“Very good… This old man has accepted all of this, now this seventh essence…” The All-Seer’s eyes lit up and his pupils became filled with blood lines. In a short period of time, these blood lines almost completely covered his eyes, and restrictions began to appear.

However, the restrictions inside his eyes would take some time to completely fuse with the blood lines. It wouldn’t take long for the All-Seer to comprehend the complete restriction essence.

“The blood lines in the eyes become the rules of the world and make yourself into the world… Disciple, you really surprise Teacher. No one has thought of this method before… Very good, you are indeed worthy of being the heaven-defying child I spent countless years divinating!

“My plan will be completed with you, it will be completed!” The All-Seer licked his lips and revealed a look of excitement. This kind of expression was extremely rare to see from the All-Seer! 

“I have a tree that I planted 2,000 years ago, and now it has bloomed… But it is not time to harvest the fruits yet, I have to send out more nourishment…”

The All-Seer’s eyes lit up and a large amount of restrictions fused with the blood lines in his eyes. In this short period of time, the restrictions fused with nearly 30% of the blood lines and were continuing to fuse.

However, just at this moment, the All-Seer’s expression suddenly narrowed and his smile disappeared. Even the restrictions that were rapidly fusing with his eyes stopped.

In the new Celestial Realm, Wang Lin had been sitting outside his house for five days. At this moment, he opened his eyes and forced himself to separate from his fusion with the All-Seer.

His expression was gloomy and suspicion appeared in his eyes as he looked at his body. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

“Strange, when I fuse with the All-Seer’s soul, why do I feel like I lost some essence…” Wang Lin pondred and carefully observed his seven essences. However, no matter how he looked, his essences weren’t reduced, which made him feel a bit at ease. However, doubt still filled his heart.

“My essences didn’t decrease… But why do I feel this way… Was it an illusion…” Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and once again fused with the All-Seer’s soul. He slowly integrated, but just as he was about to fully fuse, he suddenly stopped the integration by force and suddenly stood up.

Wang Lin’s expression was as gloomy as the cold winter ice. He looked up at the sky with a cold gaze.

“Something’s wrong! This feeling can’t be an illusion! There is something weird about the All-Seer’s avatar!” Wang Lin’s right hand hit his forehead and pulled something out. Smoke came out of his forehead and turned into a soul that looked like the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s avatar’s soul sat there, motionless.

“What is the problem…” Wang Lin stared at the soul and his divine sense carefully searched it. However, he found nothing, which made him feel even more doubt.

“There is no clue, and my essences didn’t lessen. It is just my feeling. Could my feeling be wrong… This avatar has some connection with the All-Seer’s original body, and I want to use it to find the All-Seer. However, why do I feel like this avatar and the connection are all part of the All-Seer’s scheme…” Wang Lin’s heart trembled. He couldn’t believe his own speculations.

“Back in the Demon Spirit Land, I killed the All-Seer’s avatar with Sundered Night and took his avatar’s soul as my prize. Could it be that it was an intentional act by the All-Seer… This… This seems too unbelievable!” Wang Lin recalled what took place back then and couldn’t find any trace of it being deliberately manipulated by the All-Seer.

Looking at the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul, Wang Lin’s expression changed constantly and became even more gloomy. He didn’t understand. His eyes lit up and he immediately disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he was in the southern part of the Celestial Realm. He was beneath a towering mountain covered in snow.

Cold wind howled and there were specks of crystals in the wind. The wind contained snowflakes, and when they land on your body, they were extremely cold. Wang Lin jumped toward the mountain and flew toward the top. The cold wind blew on his face but was unable to stop him at all.

When he got close to the mountainside, Wang Lin saw Qing Shuang. She was dressed in white and looked at the world before her. She looked bleak, and her eyes were filled with struggle and reminiscence. 

Behind her, Zhou Yi seemed to be whispering something, and his gaze toward Qing Shuang was filled with gentleness and love. They didn’t notice Wang Lin’s arrival and he didn’t disturb them. He flew past them and arrived at the top of the mountain.

There was a white pavilion here filled with celestial energy that formed a giant vortex in the sky. It could clearly be seen from a distance.

Wang Lin stepped out of the void just outside the pavilion.

The door of the pavilion silently opened. Qing Lin appeared in a blue shirt, looking like a scholar. He smiled at Wang Lin.

“It is rare for Brother Wang to come. I wonder, why are you looking for me?”

Although Qing Lin had said he would take Wang Lin as his disciple, as time passed, this matter was never mentioned again. Wang Lin’s current cultivation level and identity naturally made Qing Lin change the way he addressed Wang Lin. This was to show respect to someone that was his equal.

“I heard that you were known for your divination, Senior Qing Lin. I want to ask Senior to help me divinate something!” Wang Lin clasped his hands at Qing Lin with a serious expression.

Qing Lin saw Wang Lin’s serious expression and immediately withdrew his smile. He said in a serious tone, “Good, I’ll do my best! Tell me what needs to be done.” 

“The soul in my hand belongs to an avatar of the All-Seer from the Brilliant Void. This All-Seer is known for his divination and now has hidden somewhere. I fear something unexpected will be caused by him, so I want to find him through his avatar’s soul… But…” Wang Lin spoke of what he felt. He waved his right hand and the All-Seer’s avatar soul appeared in his grasp.

After hearing Wang Lin’s words, Qing Lin’s face became serious. His eyes shined as he stared at the All-Seer’s soul.

“There is such a thing!! Let me see this soul!” Qing Lin raised his right hand and grabbed the All-Seer’s avatar’s soul to take a closer look.

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