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Chapter 1716 - Scheme Again All-Seer!

Outside the spatial crack in the Cloud Sea, there were still a large amount of fierce beasts gathered around it. They still couldn’t forget the restriction storm that had driven them out from the spatial crack a few months ago.

However, the spatial crack was their home, so they had been hanging around it because they were unwilling to leave.

As time passed, these fierce beasts became irritated, but none of them dared to enter, so they could only let out low roars. On this day, a white figure slowly came out of the spatial crack, and his appearance immediately caused the beasts to retreat.

They could clearly feel a terrifying aura coming from Wang Lin’s body.

When Wang Lin walked out from the spatial crack, his gaze swept by the large amount of fierce beasts. But he didn’t pause; he took a step forward and disappeared.

It wasn’t until after Wang Lin had been gone for a long time that the surrounding beasts slowly closed in on the spatial rift. A few carefully went inside, and after they found no danger, a large amount of them returned back into the spatial crack.

Wang Lin walked through the stars as he pierced through the void. He would sometimes appear but disappear instantly. Soon, Wang Lin arrived at the edge of the Cloud Sea. This was where the new Celestial Realm was located.

The floating continent with the silver river surrounding it gave off a soft glow that lit up the surrounding area. Fluctuations of restrictions echoed as they protected the Celestial Realm.

Looking at this place, Wang Lin’s expression was no longer cold. This was a place he had created and the only other place he considered home in this cave world beside planet Suzaku.

There were many people he knew here, so he could not give up on this place.

“The silver river from the Summoned River contains a lot of restrictions, but it is not powerful enough…” Before, Wang Lin didn’t have the ability to make these restrictions stronger, but now he could.

Wang Lin didn’t enter the Celestial Realm but stood outside, staring at the silver river. After looking at it for a while, the horizontal blood lines that had disappeared from his eyes reappeared and gave off a ghostly, red glow.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved. The blood lines in his eyes silently appeared before him and flew toward the silver river.

At this instant, the blood lines in his eyes shined and the blood lines outside shined as if they were connected. They both flew toward the silver river.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin looked at the stars. The blurry lines of laws appeared before him. He moved his right hand and a large number of these lines gathered around the silver river.

“This should allow the Celestial Realm to remain safe during the search for the third soul!” Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment and then walked toward the silver river.

The moment he entered the Celestial Realm, Master Hong Shan and company noticed him. They all awakened from their cultivation and flew into the sky.

Qing Lin, Qing Shui, Situ Nan, Master South Cloud, and company all floated there, looking at the white figure in the distance, and smiled.

Even more people Wang Lin was familiar with noticed him. When they saw the white figure, they smiled.

Wang Lin looked at the familiar faces and heartwarming smile, and he also smiled. He saw Red Butterfly beside Qing Shui. It was obvious the father and daughter had gotten to know each other.

He saw Qing Shuang behind Qing Lin, and in the distance, there was a melancholy man. He silently looked at Qing Shuang. His expression was complicated and sad, but even more so, he was satisfied.

He was Zhou Yi.

Wang Lin also saw Zhou Ru. In his heart, although Zhou Ru was already an adult, she was still a child. The tiger still accompanied Zhou Ru.

His gaze swept by everyone and he gently smiled.

“I’ve returned home.”

These three words set off a burst of cheers in the Celestial Realm. The western part of the Celestial Realm was originally empty, but a clan from the Ancient Star System had settled here. This was the Blue Silk Clan.

Dao Master Blue Dream was sitting inside a hut he had built himself as he looked into the sky and revealed a smile. His daughter, Li Qianmei, was not beside him but instead had gone into closed door cultivation.

Dao Master Blue Dream felt that Li Qianmei’s cultivation was lacking, so when he brought the people of the Blue Silk Clan here, he made her go into closed door cultivation to comprehend his essence.

After simply conversing with many of his friends, Wang Lin left. Along with him were Situ Nan, Zhou Ru, Big Head, Thirteen, and others. They settled down in the mountains in the north.

During this period of time, Wang Lin had gone to see Blue Master Dao Dream. When he heard that Li Qianmei was in closed door cultivation, he let out a breath of relief for some unknown reason.

Perhaps it was because he didn’t know what he would say if he were to see Li Qianmei. Even he didn’t know whether the feeling behind him and Li Qianmei was just gratitude or love.

“Gratitude is not love…” Li Qianmei’s words still echoed in Wang Lin’s ears.

The new Celestial Realm was like a paradise. It was far away from the dispute that was happening outside as people looked for the third soul. Due to Wang Lin’s return, the cultivators here became even more confident and continued their peaceful lives.

Wang Lin lived on a mountain. There was a very simple house here. This place was Wang Lin’s home.

Zhou Ru would not leave; she accompanied Wang Lin like a daughter. She would occasionally look at Wang Lin with gaze full of attachment.

Looking at the grown-up Zhou Ru, aside from warmth, Wang Lin also felt pain. The pain was because he thought of Li Muwan and what had happened back on planet Suzaku.

He felt like he had wronged Wan Er. His pain was something only he knew, something only he could see. And 2,000 years was enough to hide everything.

There was also Thirteen and Big Head. They were cultivating here. With Wang Lin’s occasional pointer, they gained a lot of enlightenment. Wang Lin returned Big Head’s soul blood and released the servant seal, giving Big Head his freedom.

However, Big Head didn’t choose to leave, but sometimes he would looked at the sky, depressed. Wang Lin knew Big Head was homesick, only his home was no longer there.

The memories of his painful childhood had become precious to him, and he was unwilling to give them up.

Thirteen was a simple person; he didn’t think about much. He only wanted to cultivate so he could become his teacher’s strongest disciple. When his teacher needed him, he would give up everything, including his life.

As for Situ Nan, he would drink wine with Wang Lin all day and pat Wang Lin’s back. He looked very happy, and when they were drinking, it was as if he had forgotten all his worries.

Occasionally, he would be drunk and look at Wang Lin while feeling melancholy. He wasn’t feeling melancholy about Wang Lin’s growth but the fact that he hadn’t been a king for a long time.

Zhou Yi also came once. His melancholy expression became even more intense after he came to drink with Wang Lin. He never said a word and just began drinking with Wang Lin. He looked at Wang Lin profoundly and revealed the first smile before he left with a nod.

His back was bleak. He was still trying to make Qing Shui recognize his existence or remember him. No matter the outcome, he had chosen to wait even if it meant waiting for a lifetime.

Soon, Wang Lin had spent one month in the new Celestial Realm. During this time, he took out the celestial pavilion he had obtained in the Thunder Celestial Realm. He took out all the celestial spells inside and gave them to Qing Lin and company.

They would arrange for these celestial spells to be passed down, which would increase the overall strength of the Celestial Realm.

At the same time, outside the Celestial Realm, a giant mess was slowly unfolding. The four celestial generals had used a rather special method to look for the third soul. They had combined their power, and with the help of the celestial bloodline of many celestials, they formed a formation to look for the third soul.

Of course, there were some unknown special methods; this was something even Wang Lin didn’t know about.

Aside from the ancient celestials led by the four generals, Old Ghost Zhan didn’t move at all. His divine sense had been merely locked on to the four generals, watching them search.

He didn’t hide his thoughts at all, and the four generals naturally felt it, but they strangely didn’t care. It seemed like they had some relationship with Old Ghost Zhan and didn’t mind being monitored.

As for the Seven-Colored Daoist, after leaving the Cloud Sea, he summoned the Sovereign and the concubines. They rushed into the Inner Realm, headed toward the Brilliant Void, and began searching carefully.

They seemed to use a certain kind of spell. This was as spell created due to the battles between the Inner and Outer Realms. The deaths of these countless cultivators seemed to have created an opportunity for the Seven-Colored Daoist.

Wang Lin was also looking for the third soul. During this month of time, he spent most of his time studying how to use the Ghostly Sail and controlling the illusion spell inside.

This would take time, and even though he was anxious, there was no faster way. However, compared to searching for the third soul, there was another thorn in Wang Lin’s heart that he had to remove first!

Even if he couldn’t pull it out, he had to figure out where this thorn was and how it would be fatal!

This thorn was the All-Seer!

This was not the first time Wang Lin had schemed against the All-Seer, but it was the first time he was going to resolve this 1,000-year entanglement!

“All-Seer, where are you hiding…” Wang Lin was sitting outside his house when his eyes lit up. He closed his eyes and he immersed himself in the sliver of the All-Seer’s soul he had kept until now.

He was going to use this soul to find where the All-Seer’s original body was and kill him!

Without removing the All-Seer, Wang Lin could not be at ease. This person was the biggest variable beside the third soul!

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